The 10 Most Hated Professions in the World

Personally I agree with top four on this list, and would replace the bottom six with Doctors, Teachers, MSM Chief-Editors, Economists and Religious Gurus/priests


There are some professions or occupations that just conjure up instant dislike.  Sometimes hate. These people make you jealous; they fleece you; they bully and humiliate you and yet despite this, they continue to exist and quite often, earn much more than you. So who are these unsavoury ones? Read on to find out.  The list is in reverse order… culminating in the most hated profession on the planet!

I skipped the bottom six  and you can read their details by clicking on each:

#4 – Lawyers

Some people would think that a lawyer or solicitor’s main role is to lubricate the wheels of justice and to ensure that equitable outcomes are acheived in human disagreement or conflict. Everyone should have rights, know their rights and have access to legal assistance when they need it. This statement may well be true in practice as well as in theory… but not always and we all know it. Lawyers are often hired by governments, corporations and individuals to ensure that their own interests and agendas are furthered. New laws are passed that help to realise these agendas and lawyers are paid handsomely in the process. And their smugness just adds to the ‘hate factor’.

#3 – Politicians


(Changed pic from original post 🙂)

Politicians have had quite a bit of bad press in recent years, from political expenses to accusations of war crimes. Trying to keep so many people happy must be stressful and for some of them it must feel like they’re being pulled from pillar to post.

So why are politicians as a whole disliked to much? Because they lie.  In fact, good liers and deceivers are sometimes told they would make good politicians. The reality is that many politicians, especially top level politicians, are bought and sold by wealthy and powerful businesses and individuals and while a majority of politicians start with good intentions to serve their communities or countries, these intentions are gradually perverted by subtle bribery and financial gain.

How do you know when a politician is lying? When their lips are moving.

#2 – Estate Agents

There’s not a great deal to like about estate agents. They’re as shark-like a sales people as you could wish to meet; they don’t seem to do much other than link up buyers and sellers of properties for their own financial gain; they hire and fire staff on a regular basis and they’re some of the most ostentatious people around.

They might like to think of themselves as professionals but the reality is, almost anyone with half a brain can become an estate agent and they often do. The over-inflated property industry may like to hand out so called qualifications and certifications to estate agents, but the fact is most of them are simply ruthless salesmen and women. All they’re interested in is a quick listing, sale and commission… and then the cycle repeats. Thank you very much.

#1 – Bankers

(Changed pic from original post 🙂)

There could only ever be one number one on this list couldn’t there? These individuals make money simply by moving it around. They might justify their role as being ‘lubricators’ of the economy, but no way will we let them off so lightly. They create money with taps of a keyboard; speculate on financial markets, making profit on the way down as well as up; create asset bubbles that can destabilise whole economies; mis-sell insurance and investment products; create and sell financial instruments that are not linked to any real value and perhaps worst of all, have become ‘too big to fail’ so that they are bailed out by tax payers when it all goes wrong.

Yes, it’s fair to say bankers are the most hated profession in the world.



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