Cash Robbing At Airports


Hunt for Cash – Vancouver Airport Seized $18.7 million from Travelers

Over the past 3 years, Vancouver has seized at its airport $18.7 million in undeclared cash of which 70% has been from Chinese. The hunt for money is really outrageous that it is all about taxes and our property rights have been lost. All governments are acting like common criminals robbing people of their property claiming they have no right to travel with their own money. There is no crime just failing to tell them you have money on you.

The amount of undeclared cash seized from Chinese travellers at Vancouver International Airport has spiked in recent years, according to documents released by the Canada Border Services Agency.

The hunt for money knows no bounds. All countries are now engaging in the practice of just confiscating your money saying you have no right to move with your money whatsoever. This trend is very disturbing for where is the crime? If you made money in one country and didn’t pay taxes to them but left, why is it a crime to take your money to another country to spend it? Any excuse will now serve as the reason to justify being a common criminal. It is a shame, but this is how governments are degenerating into the dominant totalitarian states eliminating the most basic element of freedom, property rights. That is the major component that distinguish communist states from capitalism – the right to property ownership in the latter which is denied in the former. So we are supposed to be a free society, yet we are nothing remotely free. Government are trying to be just a little pregnant with communism enough to justify robbing people in the name of justice (just us).


Cash Banned, Freedom Gone

It’s Really about Central Banks

The plan to restrict the use of cash, or to abolish it step by step, has nothing to do with the fight against crime. The real reason is that states (and their central banks) want to introduce negative interest rates. Read further



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