Black Moon Rising Deutsche Bank Dropping…

…and its the Islamic new year on October 02

A subscriber just sent me a note stating that there is a “Black Moon” tonight which is the second new moon in a calendar month. It’s supposed to be a time of “great awakening and clarity” for those who believe in that kind of stuff (which those that pull the strings of our monetary system surely do!)
Let’s just pile that on the heap of other things changing in our world at this moment in time!
The cat is out of the bag with Deutsche Bank. 100%. Anybody and everybody that is “in the know” is trying to get their capital OUT of DB. There are rumors that DB has shut that window for the big money as there is not enough capital left and they are waiting on a bailout this weekend.
Given that Germany and the United States WANT the system to crash – a bailout will not happen on an official level. They may try to orchestrate an internal bailout using Private Money (think Rothschilds) but that kind of news would open the flood gates to the Public and NO BANK can withstand a Bank Run…
Remember this???

It’s A Wonderful Life Bank Run

We are in the “End Days” for our un-backed Global Fiat Monetary System and the majority of the world has no idea what’s about to happen. The Fed Boston told us years ago what was going to happen and why.
It’s ALL laid out in the Road to Roota documents out of the Fed’s Archives.
This is the most important video I’ve ever made and you should pass it on and explain it to your friends and family as it will help them get their hands around the chaos that’s about to hit:
Discovering the Road to Roota by Bix Weir
My advise today – pull all your cash out of the bank, hang on tightly to your PHYSICAL gold, silver and Bitcoin (yes physical bitcoin!), do your Big Shopping for the weekend and buckle down.
Note: I am not pedaling “fear porn” here. I am showing you that this is a PLANNED EVENT that was put in motion in the early 1970’s by Alan Greenspan’s first computer programs. These programs created the world’s first electronic monetary system and ensured that it could, and would, all be destroyed in the end with a click of a mouse.
We are in for a wild ride!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir




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