The state of man


Once Gautama Buddha was asked, ”Why don’t you teach your people to pray?” It was an obvious question – a religion without prayer is simply inconceivable to many people. And the answer Buddha gave is as fresh today as it was twenty-five centuries before, as new and as revolutionary. He said, “I don’t teach my people to pray because their prayers will harm them. Right now they are not conscious enough to ask for anything, and whatsoever they ask will be wrong. First, let them become conscious enough. I teach them how to become more conscious and then it is up to them.

“When they are fully conscious, if they want to pray, they are free. They are not my slaves. But I can say one thing: that anybody who is fully conscious has nothing to ask for. He has got everything that one can ever ask for.”Positive Thinking: Philosophy For Phonies

They still are not conscious and prefer to pray…and pray they do…a lot!

Here are some prayers:

Politicians: Oh Christ, make the people listen to me, please!

Corporate magnets: Oh Thor, I’ve paid the dumb politicians so much. Please make them stop asking for more, please!

Bank$ter: Oh Yahweh, the system is crashing. Please Help me!

Student: Oh God please help me with my economic paper!

Poor man: Oh god, I need some money, please!

Husband: Oh god, don’t tell my wife about this!

Wife: Oh god, please kill that bitch!!

Yemeni: Oh Allah, please protect us from the Saudis!

Saudi: Oh Allah, Help us to wipe out the Yemenis!

Sick man: Oh MY God, why do you give me cancer? Please heal me!

…and the list goes on and on.

GOD: Oh my gosh! Where did I go wrong?

…and GOD went in to the drawing room.

He is still there!




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