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If You’re Unhappy At Work, Perhaps A #Harvard MBA program Will Solve That.

Harvard is great for business but sucks at human resources.

As I was browsing through my Flipboard magazines, this particular story caught my attention:

Happiness Traps – Why Your Job Isn’t Making You Happier.

Interesting I thought and its habitual that I would only see the author and/or the organisation after reading an article. Ha! Before I could ROTFL, my mind almost seized and thought, wait a minute. This piece of shit was churned out by Harvard Business Review, and its owned by none other than ‘the’ Harvard Business School (HBS). I don’t think I need to explain who or what HBS is.

It is rated the second best business school by Forbes

Founded in 1908, Harvard is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world. Harvard emphasizes the case method in the classroom, and students all over the planet study cases written by Harvard faculty. HBS offers dual degrees with several Harvard schools, including the law school, medical school and Kennedy School of Government. The list of Harvard alums includes some of the most powerful people in America: Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase; Michael Bloomberg, billionaire former mayor of New York City; Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric; George W. Bush, former U.S. president; Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots; and Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO.

According to Wiki:

In 2017, HBS was tied for 1st by U.S. News & World Report, No. 1 in the U.S. by Bloomberg Businessweek[21] and 4th in the world by the Financial Times.

The school belongs to the M7 group of elite MBA programs which recognize each other as peers, consisting of Chicago Booth, Columbia, Kellogg, MIT Sloan, Stanford and Wharton.

Wow! If you’re a businessman, or a corporate sleuth, how could you not succeed if you’re a Harvard MBA alumni?

Now, where am I going with this?

Can’t you see?

Harvard is telling you dopey failures that if you’re not happy working with any company, or big successful corporations, its all your own fault! You have fallen into the “happiness traps”

Multiple factors account for this contemporary malaise. The American Psychological Association found early in 2017 that Americans are reporting more stress than ever owing to politics, the speed of change, and uncertainty in the world. But it’s not always outside forces that push us over the happiness line. Sometimes we do it to ourselves. Throughout my 30-year career advising leaders of major businesses, governments, and NGOs around the globe, I’ve discovered that far too many of us fall into common “happiness traps”—destructive mindsets and ways of working that keep us stuck, unhappy, and ultimately less successful. Three of the most common happiness traps—ambition, doing what’s expected of us, and working too hard—seem productive on the surface but are harmful when taken to the extreme.

The three happiness traps are:

a. The Ambition Trap

If coupled with a single-minded focus on winning, ambition gets us into trouble.

b. The “Should” Trap

Aww no!…you need to read this to see the crap!

c. The Overwork Trap

Overwork can slow down our brains and compromise our emotional intelligence.

The over glorified MBA was once the most oversold piece of paper, a mad paper chase by most graduates in the 90’s and what it is basically is just a crappy “How to be a General Manager” post-graduate program.

Elon Musk sums it very aptly .

“I wouldn’t recommend an MBA. I’d say no MBA needed. An MBA is a bad idea. […] It teaches people all sorts of wrong things. […] They don’t teach people to think in MBA schools. And the top MBA schools are the worst. Because they actually teach people that you must be special, and it causes people to close down their feedback loop and not rigorously examine when they are wrong. […] I hire people in spite of an MBA, not because of one. If you look at the senior managers of my companies, you’ll see very few MBAs there.”http://www.aps.org/publications/apsnews/201311/profiles.cfm

…and I concur with Mr. Musk 🙂

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You Don’t Read, You Don’t Know

Try to know something about everything, and try to
know everything about something.
 ~ anon

If you’re reading this know that you are either curious, eccentric or a busybody. Positively I mean. You’re the reading ones.

A wise man once said, information comes to you in two ways:

  1. To you, or
  2. Through you

The first one is the normal everyday process of how information gets to anyone. This comes in two forms:

Textual or Verbal

This medium will be in the form of books, mails, newspapers, TV, radio, Internet, and at times (most times for most people) through the grapevine.

The second is not capricious or abnormal in anyway, it is sort of a download of information from the ethers (if you like) consciously, sub-consciously or unconsciously. This medium is not fully realized and understood by most people and greatly ignored. This download process is commonly termed as intuition, inspiration, gut feeling, and channeling as popularly known in the spiritual circle.

Now that we’ve settled how one receives information (data) and those are the only ways (I can’t think of anymore), we can surmised that if one does none of the first, and ignore or totally disregard the second, one will not get any information and ends up having no knowledge.

Where am I getting to with all this gibberish?

Well, I’m amazed at the sleepers. You know, those who are not awaken to the current winds-of-change. Many have been kept busy and preoccupied in their little corner of their small world, just surviving hand-to-mouth and not have any time to know anything else. Okay I’m not being judgmental, a man has gotta do what a man has gotta do. So, that’s fine with me. I’m thinking out loud here and just wondering why any one would not want to know anything?

I observe that people I meet daily are unhappy, stressed out by the System and are yearning for “change” (whatever that means to them) and yet are not doing anything about it. Is it because they have no information? With the IoT™ I think ignorance is a choice.

Where I am, the people here are not the reading type. I know this for sure as I’ve given out many many books and articles to many people and I see that they don’t read them as they never talk about it. At times when I asked if they had read them, they’d answer the proverbial, “I’ve been busy lately and have no time!”

For me, its important for example that I read the Federal Constitution of my country. The Federal Constitution?? YES! And why not? I am a citizen and I must know everything about the government, especially my fundamental rights, which the constitution is supposed to safeguard. Oh, but you need to be a lawyer to understand all the legalities therein. Says who? I read and I understood everything I need to understand to the point that no one, yes no one could tread on me.

Okay, so the constitutional reading is a bit too tall an order. How about reading the holy scripture of your own faith? The clergyman warns of the do’s and don’ts, god’s retribution and the heaven and hell thingy. I know it scares the hell out of most of the devotees. Yet, very very few read their own scripture to find out if what they’ve been told is true.

Okay, that’s that I guess and to each his own.

I also know that if reading is the path to knowledge, it is unaffordable to many because you see, knowledge is not free. You have to pay attention

It all boils down to one thing…

You don’t read, you don’t know.

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Message from Heather To All of You- delivered Wednesday, August 2, 2017 9:35 PM  EST

There comes a moment when you move from Knowing to Experiencing.

Original comes out in so many different ways.

Feel who they are and recognize all they are doing.

This is the Moment You Stand Up.

This is the moment you stand up and you are Original.


Move from Knowing to BEING.

I Love You, I love you all so much.


~ Heather


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