Corporate Malaysia Scenario


News round up of corporate Malaysia.

“Everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects.” – Will Rogers


The local drama is being directed and played out by the unpopular ruling party United Malay National Organisation (UMNO), leading under the Barisan front and the getting-to-be-popular opposition front group Pakatan Rakyat consisting of strange bed-fellows DAP (socialist), PKR (ex-UMNO?), and PAS (Islamic).


Najib paying homage to the cabal grand master in July 2011

The political setup is akin to the two-party system in the US, and both sides are supported by the world elites cabal.

Just like Thailand, Malaysia has a King known as the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong (literally – The Supreme Master) as a figure head to sort of sort out serious political issues which threaten the formal religion of the country, which is Islam, . If that fails, of course the Emergency enactment will be enforced under Martial law. As Malaysia is multi-racial and multi-faiths, and the Muslim Malays under the privilege of being a slight majority according to the 2010 consensus (how accurate this is is debatable) enjoys the all important racial superiority it desperately needs. In this scenario the King, who is a Malay and a Muslim will uphold Islam and protect the Malays.

Under this setup, UMNO and the Malays will use racial, which naturally engage Islam to get the upper-hand, and so it is.

So you will find the current dramas are farcically purely racial and religious based, but politically motivated and for creating diversion from real issues and problems. This is old trick, but religion being what it is will blind the devotees to kingdom come.

…Malaysians, especially the Malays need to be awakened.

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Fragmented One Malaysia



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