British Press Gearing Up to Destroy Britain – #FakeNews Empidemic


Redwood John

John Redwood, a prominent and experienced Brexit MP, posted on his blog today ( about doing an interview on British Press:

The BBC wants to change the news, not report it

Yesterday I was phoned to be asked onto the BBC Radio 4 Today program this morning. They said they wanted me to answer questions about how the election would change the UK’s ability to negotiate a new, good relationship with the EU. I was happy to do so, and said I could make any time at their studio. It seemed like a good topic, and central to what the PM said about her reason for calling the election.

They then proceeded to ask me a series of questions all designed to get me to disagree with the UK negotiating position and Prime Minister. I explained that I supported the PM, agreed with her Brexit White Paper and stated aims, and suggested if all they wanted to do was to criticize her, they should approach the opposition parties. They continued to try to get me to disagree. They did not seem to have read the White Paper or the PM’s speech on the topic, so I had to tell them what was in them and why I agreed with them.

I explained again that their thesis that the leave supporting MPs were in disagreement with the PM and were “rebels” was simply untrue. We are not in disagreement with the PM and we have been strongly supporting the government’s statements and legislation on Brexit. She said she would get back to me about the invitation to go on, with the details.

She did not of course bother to, as it was clear I was unwilling to feed their view of what the news should be.

I then found that another Leave supporting Conservative MP had been given the same treatment, and he too had thought the BBC were trying to change the  news rather than report the position. When I came to do a live interview on some other BBC program, I was faced with the same stupid thesis and had to explain on air how wrong their idea was.

I do not know who is feeding the BBC this nonsense, but it is frustrating that they do not accept the truth from those whose views they claim to be reporting, and do not bother to get back and openly say they do not want you on because you won’t say what they want you to say.



Britain awash with dirt

…money is in and of itself dirty. Britain is in and of herself d i r t y …. and now its awash with d i r t. That’s fucking awesome let me tell you!


‘Britain awash with dirty money,’ says anti-corruption think tank


Criminals, tax evaders, human traffickers and drug dealers have laundered billions of pounds worth of dirty money purchasing British properties through anonymous offshore companies, Scotland Yard investigators suspect.

The Metropolitan Police say more than £180 million (US$276 million) worth of British property has been subject to criminal investigation since 2004 as potential proceeds from corruption.

Detectives say this figure is merely the tip of the iceberg.

While tax evasion and corruption are likely to be the most common sources of dirty money in Britain, drug dealing, human trafficking and black-marketeering where sanctions are in place are also possible origins, police say.

The sheer scale of the problem was uncovered on Wednesday by a report produced by anti-corruption think tank Transparency International (TI) UK. The group says the UK has become “a safe haven for corrupt capital stolen from around the world.”

Web of secrecy

In London, roughly 36,342 properties have been purchased through clandestine front companies in offshore tax havens.

Favored locations include the British Virgin Islands, the Isle of Man and Jersey.

Britain’s wealthiest borough, Westminster, has the highest proportion of properties held offshore (9.3 percent), while Kensington and Chelsea follow closely (7.3 percent).

Although many of these sales remain secret for legitimate privacy purposes, a large proportion are thought to have been purchased to stash ill-gotten gains.

Some 50 percent of the 144 properties subject to Met investigation are registered to firms in UK offshore territory Jersey. In such a case, the owner or benefactor’s identity remains obscured from public knowledge.

Meanwhile, £3.8 billion worth of UK property was purchased by British Virgin Island (BVI) registered firms in 2011.

TI UK says authorities’ response to Britain’s continued influx of ill-gotten gains is inadequate.

Suspicious Activity Reports (SRAs) are commonly submitted by executives in financial firms to state authorities to report suspicious financial activity.

The most recent official figures indicate estate agents only submitted 0.05 percent of SRAs tendered to the government in 2013-14. TI UK says this figure does not represent the risks money launderers pose to Britain’s property market.

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