The Reality Of The Physical World Does Not Exist – And Here’s The Truth


As we grow up we learn that our existence in the physical world is for a reason and totally logical- this could not be further than the truth! The world around us is a complete virtual reality, and the first revelations regarding this were brought to life in the early 20s.

The Copenhagen Interpretation did an experiment where it proved that the physical substances would not exist, if their measurements are not set. For instance, an atom of carbon would not exist as a solid particle until measurement happens.


When a double-slit experiment was conducted it showed that the sub-atomic particles were presented in two states: A probability distribution or a particle.

Measurement represents criteria needed for the particle to behave like one. Conclusively, all worlds’ matter exists in two different states- probability and particles. The main question is though, what defines probability distribution? And here, we get acquainted with the state of superposition.

If we take an electron which is circling a hydrogen atom, it will be seen that it exists in several locations at once. Here, the process of measurement enables the location to be seen in only one place. To explain measurement better, we need to explain simulation theories. Simulation enables the probability to be seen as information.

Furthermore, probability distribution is going to become a real archive of data. To acquire all information at once would be simply impossible. That is why the simulator follows the Laws of Information Conservation and gives out data that can be accessed.

Basically, this means that we live in pure rendering. Then, a bunch of information processes the output as the reality we see. Humans, like everything else are also part of this virtual reality. Through experiences we live our virtual reality and demonstrate those experiences.

One example that confirms this theory is how we experience reality via sensory model. The human has five main senses, all working on collecting experiences and sending them to the brain so they can be processed. Then, the brain presents a reality based on those experiences.

If we take the sigh as one of our senses we could present a good example by using light. The light goes through our eyes, inverts itself there and becomes two-dimensional. The light stimulated the rods and cones and here the process stops.

What is surprising is that the light does not pass through the optic nerve to the brain. This is actually a composition of signals which activate the optic nerve. When it reaches the brain, the occipital lobe now has to process the data and create a visual image. This happens by inverting 2D data and placing them in a 3D space.

All senses work in this manner. All outer influences of energy cease at the sensory cells and are turned into electrical signals which the brain processes.

If we close our eyes, the data flow stops and everything is just blank. Our basic perception of reality depends on the information we receive. The way we see reality is by rendering of the sensory data by the brain.

However, the explanation for this still remains unclear. Some research tried to use Plato and the Allegory of the Cave to analyze this. This was done because Plato tried to explain that what we see, feel, hear and smell is just partial experience of what there actually is.

Another such explanation came from Rene Descartes in the 16th century and his ‘Seat of the Soul’. His theories relate the entire matter with the pineal gland.

Descartes’ theory imagines the data processing in the brain as a small theater of performance. On the other hand, Danniel Dennet describes this by using the Multiple Drafts model. Moreover, Charles Sanders Pierce described this as the Phaneron, showing that the reality is directly dependent on our senses.

Plenty of other modern definitions are also given by Anthony Peake’s Bohmian IMAX or BIMAX and Donald Hoffman, describing the happening as an interface. All aforementioned individuals rely on the idea that the brain turns sensory data into an output presented to us as a reality, on which we act on later.

Among all these, the most accurate model is Donald Hoffman’s interface model. It explains that the mind simplifies the data received and facilitates the rendering process of presenting reality.

For instance, you see a door in your mind. This door is actually a reflection of another door seen in real life. However, it is not a real door. It is only interpretation of a door created by your mind. If you think about opening the door, your brain will start doing so by suggestion, and you will actually do it too.

Your hand wants to physically touch and open the door. You imagine a virtual hand trying to open the actual, real door. This is how you navigate your mind to actually do so. Still, it is significant to remember that you will never be sure of what the door represents, because your senses give you just the information you need, acquired though years of adaptive survival based evolution.

This shows how your reality is. It is not really virtual- what it is virtual, is how you experience it.

For further clearance, we’ll give you a second example. Here the virtual world is described through your work and everyday life, by sleeping and DREAMING. Think about your most realistic dreams. They are not a result of actual experiences. What the brain does is it imitates the physical world through dreaming.

The mind simulates the actual senses, by using exact physical sensory models.

What separates the dream world from your actual world is your perception of the world and how you perceive these two information systems. Dreams are somehow easier for us, since we ‘recognize’ the virtuality of it. We know these are only thoughts. Plato managed to analyze dreams amazingly and here is where we agree with him. What it takes to create virtuality is an information processing.

Let’s try to understand the information process better. For that reason we must ask these questions: What is the information we observe? Where does it come from? What is running the simulator? How is it programmed? How does this involve you? Have you ever had deja vu?

Have you ever had déjà vu of a dream? If you have, then you will understand that there is another form of dualism similar to particle-wave duality.

You are witnessing a relationship between dreams and the observable world through your personal experiences. This may be the answer of why some dreams come true.

You need to realize that dreams and the physical world are connected, since the both belong to the same system. What is programming reality is in fact the precognitive dream experience.

As unbelievable as it sounds, the data accepted by your brain later render out as an experience of reality. Your dreams somehow foresee the observable world’s outcome. In case you have experienced a dream-related déjà vu, you are actually remembering the tight relationship between dreams and reality.

What simulates the reality is actually the Universal Computer. Carl Jung managed to explain this even better through his collective unconscious.

Let’s now look the world for what it originally was, just a Universe, created by a big bang and brought to us as it is. Whether you believe in God or not, let’s just assume there IS an energy which created this all. This energy had the power to act and to think.

This energy and its thoughts formed a thinking feedback, which is today known to us as dreaming. This energy used dreaming to start self-evolution and create patterns. These dreams created thoughts which later reflected in, what we call the real world.

This demonstrates that a dream could not only be a dream, but that a part of its awareness is translated into the characters it dreams about. This language of dreaming self-awareness, used to communicate with its inner self, is known as OUR reality.

The thought of it manufactured the reality’s outlook and made immense number of virtual reality experiences for this energy. This is reason why some people who remember their dreams, can witness them being transferred into real future events.

All awareness is actually a thought. This thought turns into a lively dream simulation. As a conclusion, we are the energy, we are the dreamers and we are the makers of our reality. That is all there is to it.



Malaysia – Petronas posts RM7 billion quarterly loss, cuts spending on oil slump

The Malaysian Insider


State-owned oil firm Petronas reported on Friday a US$2 billion quarterly loss and a planned cut in spending over the next two years, hit by a slump in global oil prices.

Petronas posted a net loss of RM7.3 billion in October-December 2014 compared to a profit of RM12.8 billion in the same period in 2013. The loss, which Petronas’s CEO said was its first quarterly loss in at least five years, was also caused by impairment charges.

The company announced plans to cut capital expenditure by 10% and operating expenses by up to 30% this year. The 2016 capital expenditure would also be trimmed by 15%, it said.

“Since we began reporting our quarterly earnings five years ago, in my memory we have never reported a quarterly loss,” outgoing Petronas chief executive Shamsul Azhar Abbas said at a press conference to announce the results.

Malaysia, a net energy exporter, relies heavily on Petronas for most of its oil and gas revenue. But weaker global oil prices have dented its income, and left the Southeast Asian nation faced with a devalued currency and risk of a sovereign downgrade due to mounting debt from its struggling state fund 1MDB.

Unlisted Petronas said government payments in the form of dividends would be about RM26 billion in 2015. It had said in November that government dividend would be 37% lower in 2015 if oil stays at US$75 a barrel.

Brent rebounded to US$61 a barrel on Friday, on hopes of better oil demand, after slumping to as low as nearly US$45 in January. Between June and January, crude oil prices had crashed 60%.

Shamsul said the company sees crude oil prices averaging US$55 a barrel in 2015.

“This current scenario of $50-$60 band is going to be there over the next at least two years. We are going to do a midterm review of this budget and come up with a revised number in the month of May or early June to come up with what possible new numbers there are,” he said.

Petronas has appointed former chief operating officer Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin as its new president and chief executive effective April, replacing Shamsul.

Under the helm of Shamsul, the country’s only Fortune 500 company has expanded abroad to shore up future earnings as output slows at home. It bought Canada’s Progress Energy Resources in 2012 in a deal worth around US$5 billion that gave it shale gas properties in northeastern British Columbia. – Reuters, February 27, 2015.





Corporations struggling and losing grips against the energetics now on this planet


Some people say there is no change happening, well…let’s see. The days of the evil corporate giants are numbered. As the people awakened, we the people the doggone consumers let go off our support from which they thrive upon… they will fall one by one. Their harvesting on humanity begin to wain when WE say enough is enough! They can offer many excuses for their falling, like the climate change and what not, but its the energetics now present on this planet that the old ways have got to go. See below some reports of their struggles as reported by the Mainstream Media, which as we all know belongs to them.

Conoco and Shell outline billions in cuts
Fall in crude prices hits fourth-quarter results for both groups – Financial Times
Shell bows to shareholder climate demands
Company draws fire with plans to push on with Arctic drilling this summer – Financial Times
Former Sal Oppenheim bankers found guilty
Breach of trust by guilty, including two aristocrats, is ‘deserving of punishment’ says judge – FT
McDonald’s struggles to maintain empire
New chief inherits a wide range of pressing challenges worldwide – FT
Shell earnings hit by plunging oil price
Energy group outlines plans to reduce spending by $15bn – FT
Asian central bankers take the low road
From battling inflation many countries are now dealing with collapsing prices and slower growth – FT

Breaking Bad! WTI Crude Oil Falls Below $44, Inflation Keeps Dropping

West Texas Intermediate Crude oil just fell below $44. And The Fed’s 5 year forward breakeven inflation rate keeps falling with WTI crude oil prices. Is this Walter White? Or Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen? – CONTRA CORNER

P&G hit by currency devaluations
Consumer goods company misses forecasts with 31% earnings drop – FT


Singapore loosens monetary policy
City-state’s dollar suffers biggest one-day fall since 2010 as central bank takes action – FT

The Central Banks’ Cheap Money Deflation Cycle: Iron Ore Supply Soaring, China Demand Faltering, Prices &Profits Collapsing

Despite 2014’s around 50 percent decline in iron ore prices, the big four producers — Vale, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Fortescue – continue to expand production and other companies are also bringing projects on line this year, she said, forecasting Australian production will rise 6 percent this year, although that’s down from 2014’s 20 percent rise. – CONTRA CORNER

Record deflation in eurozone

Consumer prices in the eurozone fell by 0.6 percent in January due to lower energy prices and global uncertainty. It’s the biggest fall since the currency zone was established. – RT

…and there are many more where these came from






Amazing water and 24hz Sine Wave


This is What Happens When You Run Water Through a 24hz Sine Wave

by Christopher Jobson

water and 24hz sine wave effect


What!? How is this even possible? Because science, my friends. Brusspup’s (previously) latest video explores what happens when a stream of water is exposed to an audio speaker producing a loud 24hz sine wave. If I understand correctly the camera frame rate has been adjusted to the match the vibration of the air (so, 24fps) thus creating … magic zigzagging water. Or something. Here’s a little more detail:

Run the rubber hose down past the speaker so that the hose touches the speaker. Leave about 1 or 2 inches of the hose hanging past the bottom of the speaker. Secure the hose to the speaker with tape or whatever works best for you. The goal is to make sure the hose is touching the actual speaker so that when the speaker produces sound (vibrates) it will vibrate the hose.

Set up your camera and switch it to 24 fps. The higher the shutter speed the better the results. But also keep in the mind that the higher your shutter speed, the more light you need. Run an audio cable from your computer to the speaker. Set your tone generating software to 24hz and hit play. Turn on the water. Now look through the camera and watch the magic begin. If you want the water to look like it’s moving backward set the frequency to 23hz. If you want to look like it’s moving forward in slow motion set it to 25hz.

Brusspup did a similar experiment last year where it looked as if the water was flowing in reverse. Can somebody please make a water fountain that does this or would we all be deaf? (via stellar)





A short update on the energies

“Know simply that everything that happens now, does so for a reason, and the reason is all about completing everything that needs to be completed in the short time remaining before take off is announced.”

aisha north

The times they are a’changing, and for so many of you, these are no longer words devoid of meaning. For not only the time, but everything about you has started to change now at such a rapid rate, you would be hard pressed to keep up with it all. So again we say that no matter what happens in this upcoming period, try not to try at all when it comes to hanging on. In other words, allow the flow – or perhaps we should use the word flood – to take you with it, for the more you resist the harder the pressure will become. So once again the optimum option is to desist resisting and to allow the magic to unfold at its designated pace, no matter how fast paced it may be. And believe us when we say that at times, everything around you and indeed about…

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A short update on the energies

…this (to me) is an elaboration to Gaia Portal’s “Sterilizations” of lower energetics is now underway

aisha north

Once more the time seems to have speeded up, and rightly so, for now things have indeed been set into motion that will have an effect far and wide. Let us explain. As we have already mentioned, the last week’s events did indeed put into place a whole new set of coordinates into this gargantuan “machine”, and as such, we have been able to proceed at a much higher speed, and so, these events will continue to unfold in ways and in numbers that may take more than a few of you by surprise. You see, now there is no longer any reason for any of us to sit around and wait for any laggers, for now, so much has been set into motion it will indeed serve to pull the majority along with it in its wake.

Let us explain. As you may already be aware, there is…

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Are you feeling down? OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down

I promise you this will put a smile on your face and lift you up!


OK Go 2

The Interview

Published on 27 Oct 2014

Check out the interactive version of the video at
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From the album Hungry Ghosts, out now in North America on iTunes:

…AWESOME innit?