You Have Lots Of Free Time, But You ARE NOT FREE.

The contrived lockdown designed to maim your senses

You are in lockdown, a HOUSE ARREST by any other name.

Humans are social beings and that is the way of Creation to place us on Earth touching and mingling with each other in this life. Take that social element away from the equation and life is hell.

That is definitely not the Creation program.

People shall overcome the evil schemes of the psychotic Slave Lords. By God, we will.

Meantime in the lockdown the apparent (unseen) danger is the “getting-used-to-it” as it is being extended gradually by design. Alongside the FEAR porn of the fake virus, comes the indoctrination in the guise of motivation and Dutch comforts.

“We’re all in this together”?

NO, Were not all in this together!

The notion that “we are going to get through this together” seems to be based in the assumption that the crisis is going to move quickly, and if we hold tight, our sacrifice will be minimal and all will go back to the way things were before. This is simply not so.

There is a gush of articles online, while some are well-meaning, most are psycho-designed to calm and tame tensed-up and distressed people who are going bonkers trapped indoors in their homes for the first time in their lives.

Amongst the literature disseminated on the Internet are writings to help people cope with the House Arrest. Some are good, especially educational stuff covering various interesting subjects of (new) learning to many. Most are craps especially ones on the faux positive thinking motivational stuff.

Learn by all means and take this opportunity to do so, instead of just binging on food, drinking, and smoking expanding your bodies sideways.

But…NEVER ever LEARN to get used to the lockdown.

Learn from this moment on that you shall not stop learning in freedom.

It will be to your own detriment when you’re finally released from the House Arrest as a phobic, trained anti-social being, and worst (if not) a miserable misanthrope.

Remind yourSelf that you are under HOUSE ARREST.


“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” — Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

YES, you have undoubtedly lots of free time, but you ARE NOT FREE.

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The People Shall Prevail

The Contrived Worldwide Lockdown

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How could it be possible or imaginable that 7 billion people could be controlled by a few (a thousand at most) psychopathic ⁉️

For how long will the virus hoax and/or their techy mind-control tools/devices last before the people get wiser, wake up and rise?

Its a very ambitious scheme, but a daunting task nevertheless to hold that many people in subjugation for long.

Their evil plan is not without resistance from the people, definitely not I assure you, and that itself presents a insurmountable problem for any would be slave lords.

Never underestimate the power of We The People

They will fail.


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A Microbe Shall Not Interfere With My God-given Freedom

This’ a message to Self

Every one has the freewill to decide to do what is right for one-self without doing any harm to another.

It is the right of each to be as he/she wishes including to be filthy, un-hygienic, stupid and/or fearful.

Be responsible. Not many comprehend this word, and that is not doing them or others any good.

It’s not my duty to teach any one and it surely isn’t my problem.

I am experiencing virus fatigue by the ongoing nonsense and surrounded by those who jump onto the FEAR wagon and ended becoming frightened of their own shadows. I offer no sympathy nor any advice for them.

But I state here for mySelf:

Strong, healthy, fearless and responsible people should go about doing their chores and businesses unhindered without having to ask permission from any one else, especially not from a group of morons who named themselves the govern-ment.

I AM a social being and I AM free to socialize with those who chose to do so with me and I SHALL NOT distance mySelf from any of them, even if they are not in their best of health.

I AM hygienic and shall maintain as such for no other reason than to be clean and healthy.

….think for yourself

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Seek Your Independence: Anything Else Will Destroy You


By Jeff Berwick

Many people think The Dollar Vigilante is a fear mongering, pessimistic blog.

If you only read our headlines, then I can see how you would feel that way.  But things are getting so bad that all we are doing is acknowledging the current state of affairs. The truth hurts.

After we began to analyze Shemitah and then Jubilee timelines, we became even more pessimistic because it was clear that even the deepest economic and military disasters were planned in advance.

Our lives are run  by a small group of psychopaths. At least to the degree that we react to world events. The only way out is to plan for ourselves.

But the world, certainly the West, offers us a plethora of solutions. And they get in our way.

Our society has been organized to take away your sociopolitical, economic and military choices. The latest manifestation of this deliberate promotion is the US presidential election.

Hillary is so obviously a tyrant-in-waiting that she is stampeding people toward Donald Trump who seems the lesser of two evils, even though when you examine his rhetoric, he’s no small-government candidate.

Trump is pro-police state, pro-tax (certain taxes), pro-war (certain wars) and generally pro-government. (That’s why he’s running for president after all.)

It’s true, Trump has been doing a courageous job of exposing some of Killary’s crimes and murderous approaches to utilizing political power.

He’s also mentioned how the Fed’s monetary policy decisions are predicated upon political expediency. He’s even suggested that Janet Yellen ought to step down because she is predicating her monetary decisions on boosting the stock market via low interest rates for the remainder or the election, and perhaps beyond.

Janet Yellen and her cohorts support the myth that the economy has recovered under Obama’s presidency – under which Hillary was secretary of state.

But government and central banks will always fail the people because that’s what they were meant to do. The word ‘Government‘ comes from the Latin verb gubernare which means: “to control,” and the Latin noun “mens” which means: “mind”.  In other words, the literal translation of the term is “mind-control”.

In order for the American people or any people for that matter to free their minds, they must first rid themselves of the notion that government is legitimate or in any sense useful. In fact, government never works, or certainly not above one layer.

There are literally millions of regulations and millions of enforcers in Western countries. The sheer size is impressive. But when you begin to examine actual operations, you find almost everything modern governments do is destructive, ruinous and even genocidal.

Anarchy works. Allowing the free-market to make decisions competitively about lifestyle and social solutions is both rational and useful. We live in societies that operate in exactly the opposite way.

Our controllers want that. They need government or they lose control. They put incredible effort into organizing society to remove our ability to control our own lives.

In fact, they don’t forbid it. They simply build a matrix around us that hinders our ability to think about our existence any other way.

Part of that is “voting” in a “democracy.” As if putting someone else in charge of decisions about the way WE ought to live is going to make our lives better. Invariably it doesn’t.

But  people will go to the voting booths this fall and vote for who they perceive to be the lesser of two evils… as if that’s how we are supposed to exist. Choosing one evil … or the other.

We’ve long said that Hillary has been preselected by the elites…  and therefore, barring a miracle, she will win. But, even if Trump were to win, hardly anything important would change.

The Federal Reserve, one of the biggest causes of today’s problems, will not be shuttered.  The War on Drugs, another of the biggest causes of problems in the US today will not end… in fact, it will likely be increased by either candidate.

The IRS will not be closed and all of its employees made examples of in the public square. It will continue its illegal reign of terror, extracting trillions from people who are already in debt because the economy has been destroyed by central bank monetary debasement.

The War of Terror will not end. Hillary wants to expand the war – which she helped start. If she has her way, she’ll position the US to confront Russia in short order.

Trump seems hell bent on “defeating ISIS”, but if he doesn’t know that ISIS is actually the CIA then he is stupider than he sounds.  And if he does know then he is just pushing forward the same militaristic aggression that has been going on for decades, destroying the world and bankrupting the US.

Just look back to 2008.  So many people thought Barack O’Bomber, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and first black President would solve all the racial issues in the US.  What has happened?  It is worse than ever as black people are basically shot for sport on the streets.

O’Bomber was championed as the one who would end war.  And what happened?  More wars than George Bush could even dream of, including additional conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya… plus new frontiers of genocide in Syria, Yemen and, of course, Ukraine.

So, even if Donald gets in, would anything major change?  Nope.

The reason is that it isn’t one person who conducts all this mayhem.  It is an entire, deeply imbedded system that is never elected nor voted on.  It just continues to impoverish the US, create wars and imprison more people than any other country in the history of the world.

But, here is the optimistic part.

After Ron Paul was robbed of any chance at the Presidency in 2012, a great swathe of people turned their back on the entire system.  The anarchist/voluntaryist movement grew exponentially.  This can be seen in the growth of the world’s largest anarcho-capitalist conference, Anarchapulco (to be held again in February 2017 – click here for more).

Even after “feel the Bern” Sanders sold out his massive, uneducated following, many of them turned their back on the system – and Hillary as an alternative too.

Listening to Trump’s ever-changing rhetoric, it’s become obvious he’s not a small-government libertarian. If he wins, most people will realize nothing important will change. They may turn their backs on him as well as Hillary.

This is our only hope. A deeply rooted repudiation of politicians and the political system.  The complete dismantling of the US federal government, in other words, returning power back to the 50 states, for a period, before dismantling those too.

It shouldn’t stop until it has reached the optimal level possible. If something someone wants to do has an impact on your life or prosperity, you should have a direct say in it.

Why is the US federal government at war in Syria? Is this something you deem important? Do you want your children dying in Damascus?

And what about monetary issues? Are you happy the Fed has debased the dollar to a mere two cents over its century of operations and bankrupted millions of seniors via ruinously low interest rates.

Get rid of government as much as is realistically possible. Just getting rid of modern, bloodsucking federal governments would immediately cause an economic boom of unheard of proportions as people throughout the West suddenly could keep most of the money they earned.

Hundreds of thousands of new job creating-companies would pop up – probably offering real goods and services instead of Barbie Dolls and velcro sneakers. Innovation would be tremendous. The entire citizenry would gradually recover from its current prostrate and bankrupt state.

Wars would cease. Peace would return. Money would become money again, with gold, silver and cryptocurrencies ensuring that price inflation would stop. We’d enter into a period of peace and prosperity that would forever be remembered as the beginning of a beautiful new era.

However, if that were to happen, the old, fasco-communist system in the US would have to completely collapse… and that will entail a massive collapse.

This collapse, in fact, is inevitable. It has been engineered via central bank interest rate destruction. It is only a matter of time until everything collapses around us except for wars which will rage more madly than ever.

Here at TDV, we are closely monitoring the madness that passes for our current civil society. We are tracking Shemitah Trends that persist even after the end date of the formal Shemitah and Jubilee.

Our research continues to show various optimal times when catastrophic collapses may occur, along with expanding wars that may lead to World War III.

We monitor Shemitah options on an ongoing basis and via our blogs and especially our newsletter where we alert you to the latest ruinous trends – and destructive possibilities. Not only do we alert you, but via the tremendous insights of our senior analyst Ed Bugos, we and our subscribers have profited tremendously.

If you want to subscribe, please do so HERE. Whether you subscribe or not, do whatever you can to increase your wealth and the resources you have access to including food, water, land and appropriate weapons for self defense.

Your entire society has been organized to take choices away from you. But don’t be lulled into thinking it is for your own good. Just look at where the world is today and imagine how much worse it is going to be tomorrow.

Don’t  participate. Gather your resources and live as independently as possible. It is literally a matter of life and death.


Why Is Independence So Frightening To Some People?


By Brandon Smith

(Cognitive Dissonance – I feel it is far more important to do as you say rather than say what you should do. In other words, action speaks far louder than any words could or ever will. With this in mind, the following piece by Brandon Smith posted over two years ago on September 4, 2014 never grows old and bears repeating.)

In past articles I have examined the nature of power and division in our society and have always come to the same conclusion, that there are only two types of people: the people who want control over others and the people who just want to be left alone. However, there are also subgroups that swim within the boundaries of each end of the spectrum. Often, psychologists and self-help gurus attempt to promote the idea that the defining quality of the average person’s life is whether he is a follower or a leader. I have seen this spectrum applied to every political and social organization.

Ironically, I have heard so-called “leftists” argue that the nature of their ideology makes them more adept at leadership and that conservatives are more prone to become followers (ostensibly because conservatives tend to be more religious). I have heard the same argument from people on the so-called “right,” only in reverse. The problem is that very few people in our society understand anymore what it actually means to be a leader. Most Americans today are followers, whether they know it or not.  And sadly, followers tend to also seek out control over other people, if only to make up for the lack of control they feel in their own lives.  That is to say, most followers tend to pursue petty opportunities for leadership.

The concept of leadership has become ridiculously warped. Many people feel that to become a leader, one must clamor his way through the system — be it government or corporate — and achieve artificial status, which others are conditioned to recognize and respect. One cannot become a designated “doctor”, no matter how personally skilled the individual, without earning the correct accolades from the establishment, accolades that are essentially bought at the right price or given as a pat on the head to those who excel at parroting the mainstream consensus. The same goes for scientists, economists, political authorities, etc. This creates a professional class, a percentage of the population whose opinions are treated with immediate reverence simply because of their titles.

The reality often ignored in mainstream thought, however, is that many “professionals” are actually more clueless than laymen, if only because they have been subjected to far more complex indoctrination.  How many Ivy League economists, for instance, completely overlooked the inevitable collapse of the derivatives market and the housing bubble simply because they were taught by the mainstream system that such things do not happen in American finance anymore?  The truth is, a glossy diploma from the establishment does not necessarily make one intelligent, nor does it automatically make that person a leader to be blindly followed.

Others in our culture assume that leadership is measured by level of influence. Influence, however, can be stolen, rather than earned. The number of fans and worshipers a person retains is not a measure of the real man or woman. Some people lie about who they are to gain popularity, while other people devour such lies because they are desperate for an icon to show them the path to an imaginary promised land. Celebrity — whether by aid of media, finance or bureaucracy — is almost always superficial.

Still other men and women believe that leadership requires empty gestures of cultural rebellion. Do our style preferences, body art, sexual orientations, musical tastes, obscure philosophical hobbies and elitist attitudes really make us different or unique? No, they do not. These things are an expression of our orientation to others, not an expression of our inner selves. One can live a life immersed in what we believe to be the wildly eccentric and still be an empty follower, devoid of originality and independence.  My generation in particular has become so obsessed with superficial expressions of artificial individualism I think future historians will one day avidly study this era in stupified wonder.  How many times a day do we log on to our social media website of choice or walk outside our homes only to ask other people to love and adore our looks, our cynical but smarmy sense of nihilism, or our wit, carefully crafted to please as large a portion of the collective as possible?

This article from really says it all.  Even when putting on elaborate displays of their brilliant uniqueness through “selfies” and tweets, Americans today at their darker core are desperate for the approval of others.

Carl Jung, one of the few psychologists in history I actually find useful, once said that all human beings are in search of a particular treasure, a psychological or spiritual treasure that is unique to them and makes them whole. Many people spend the entirety of their lives searching for this treasure in the world around them, rather than looking within, and they end their days feeling mostly miserable and thwarted. They look for it in politics. They look for it in religious representatives (without ever understanding their true relation to the religion). They look for it in wealth and stature. And they always come up short. This is the life of the follower, a life of endless transference in which complete happiness is always outside of oneself, somewhere over the horizon or in the hands of others.


One might ask what any of this has to do with independence and liberty? But, consider the implications…

How many socialists and collectivists in the world think THEIR happiness is dependent on the taxation of YOUR savings and labor, YOUR acceptance, YOUR submission to their ideal society. How many collectivists seek to complete themselves by forcing others to participate in their philosophical fantasies? How many of them will call you a “narcissist” or a “terrorist” because you only wish to make your own decisions free from the social pressures of their arbitrary group? They do not look within; they look without. And if you happen to be standing in their field of vision, you might become a prop in their self-serving theater.

Also consider that such collectivists will never be satisfied with the control they find in the outside world because the perfection they seek does not exist.  Therefore, their efforts to force you to conform will only become more suffocating and demeaning to your humanity as time goes on.  Followers are a cancer that never stops growing.  They well eat up the Earth in order to diminish their fears.  They’ll say they are doing it for the greater good, but in the end, they are only self absorbed brats playing at being socially responsible adults.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are many within the Liberty Movement who also suffer from the follower’s disease. They are the relentless crybabies on message boards screaming: “We keep talking about the problem but when are YOU going to give us a solution!?” Or they ask: “When is EVERYONE going to stand up and do something about this!?”  Or, “When are all of you going to realize the magnificence of MY solution and follow ME?” Notice the inclusiveness of such statements.  What they should be asking is:  “What can I do myself to fix the problems I perceive?” These people are always waiting around for someone else to take action, while never taking action on their own. They are followers by default of their own apathy.

These are the folks looking for the next George Washington (or to become the next George Washington) on a white steed ready to charge into the center of D.C. like some ill fated Light Brigade.  They are the bitter pills that rage over the fact that movement activists didn’t support their favorite random silver bullet solution flavor of the week, be it Bitcoin to ‘Operation American Spring’.  They are livid because no one will march lockstep behind them into whatever halfhearted battle they envision.  They become indignant when activists move to support methods outside of their ideal. They want YOU to follow the plan and planners THEY follow, no matter how poorly conceived the plan is, and if you don’t, then you must be some kind of traitor.  They never consider that perhaps their ideal solution is actually destructive rather than practical, or that no one will rally behind them because no one has much faith in their abilities.

The point is, the fight for liberty is not a follower’s game.  It is a fight that begins with individuals taking individual measures first and foremost, and if anything, inspiring others through their actions, not demanding fealty for themselves, or their pet strategies.

What can be done to instill independence and legitimate leadership in Americans once again? The conundrum is that such values cannot be instilled; they can only be encouraged. Each individual must make the decision on his or her own to stop looking for the world to fix itself, or them. Each individual must take the first step toward the long journey of becoming a self-reliant and self-owned human being. When faced with this conundrum, I can do nothing but make suggestions:

Find a useful skill, something that you love, and master it completely. Try to become the foremost expert on just one thing — not to impress others, but to challenge yourself. When people assert the incredible effort required to master a skill, they grow their sense of self-worth instead of measuring their worth by the guidelines of hollow academia or the collective.

Never look for traditional leaders. Always look for teachers. A real teacher is someone who seeks to make each individual his own leader through knowledge and empowerment. A real teacher has no desire to rule others, only to help others so that they do not feel the need to be ruled.

Independence comes from self-leadership. As long as you are reliant on the system or its participating oligarchs to decide your future for you, you will never be anything more than a follower, even if the system has given you a “place at the table” and a title to make you feel special.  As long as you are vying for approval from the system or the collective, you will never be free.  When you can stand in front of a hostile crowd of people and give your viewpoint without fear of how they may respond, then you are on your way to self-leadership.

If you see a problem in the world, stop asking permission to fix it! Stop waiting for the establishment to police itself. Stop concerning yourself with the actions of others and take your own actions, however small they might be. Revolutions are sparked in the minds of individuals and implemented by the hands of the courageous few. There will be no mass awakening and there will be no grand march to glory, so stop holding your breath. If there is an unrelenting evil in the world, then you must fight it if you expect anything to change. If you are the only person who recognizes it, then you may have to fight it alone.  The potential for success or failure is irrelevant. It is the fight that matters.

If you are going to lead others, lead by example. Hopefully you have realized by now that true leadership has NOTHING to do with people actually following you.  Much more important is the ability to show people how to achieve something more by building something of your own. There are also far too many Americans who seek to falsely elevate themselves by attacking the achievements of others from the anonymous comfort of their computers, rather than doing anything constructive on their own merit. There was a time when Americans were respected as people of action, rather than talk. When you do talk, do so from a position of strength. Talk as someone who has actually done something worth talking about.

If you are going to join, do so with the intent to learn, and to teach. All organization must be voluntary if it is to succeed in the long term, and voluntary organization thrives when participants contribute their knowledge and skill sets without sacrificing their individual self determination.  The group does not outweigh the individual, because without the contributions of the individual, the group is meaningless.

Make a list of your dependencies. Do you have the skills to survive without a job? Without money? Without on-grid utilities? Without consistent aid from others? Can you live without modern comforts if you had to? Do you have the fortitude to endure great hardship? Have you ever endured great hardship, or have you avoided it your whole life? The more self-sufficient you are, the less you will need to look to the system or other people to make your decisions for you. You will become fearless, and fearless people cannot be ruled.

I believe independence terrifies some people because it requires a human being to challenge the unknown and take responsibility for the consequences if he fails. Followers trade in their mental and spiritual freedom to governments, oligarchs and gatekeepers so that they never have to face these difficulties. Sometimes, they are simply lazy. Sometimes, they lack confidence in their own abilities. Sometimes, they are just cowards. In any case, the result is the same: a life of relative ease riding the tides in a vast school of self-serving minnows but always prey to the ever circling sharks. I say don’t be a minnow; man-up, and build something of your own.

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The 4 Stages of Life According to Carl Jung


As we wander through this journey that is life, we go through fundamental changes. Some people use terms like “quarter-life crisis” or “middle age” to define where it is we think we are in our lives along the way. To me, there aren’t destinations in life. There are milestones for sure, but we can often come back to the same places that we were before. That is what I love about Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s 4 Stages of Life. As he described them, these stages have to do with who we are as people and our motivations. They have nothing to do with age or accomplishment, and throughout our lives we often move forward and backward from these stages. As Jung once said, “Thoroughly unprepared, we take the step into the afternoon of life. Worse still, we take this step with the false presupposition that our truths and our ideals will serve us as hitherto. But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning, for what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie.” These are the 4 stages of life, according to Carl Jung:

The Athlete

The athlete is the phase in our lives when we are at our most self-absorbed. There are people in our lives that have never made it out of this phase, or often revert back to it. Of the 4 stages, it tends to be the least mature. It is characterized by being obsessed with our physical bodies and appearance. For an example of the athlete phase, watch teenagers walk past a mirror. The athlete phase can be narcissistic, critical, or even both.

The Warrior

Moving forward in our lives, we reach the warrior phase. This is where we begin to take on responsibilities and get the desire to conquer the world. Well, maybe not the world for some of us, but this is when we become more goal oriented. All of the sudden we can see objectives that we want to accomplish and the vanity of the athlete phase begins to fade. The warrior phase is really characterized by the struggles in our lives that early adulthood can throw at us. The warrior phase is also the most common pshase that people revert back to throughout their lives as they “re-invent” themselves.
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The Statement

When the warrior phase in our lives is coming to an end, we find ourselves asking: “what have I done for others?” Your focuses shift from your personal achievements to accomplishing goals based on forwarding other people’s lives. This stage is often correlated to parenting, because your focus becomes providing a better life for your children, and what it is you need to do that. The statement phase for many people is much more than a correlation to parenting, and more about leaving a legacy or a footprint in life. The statement phase is a time to reflect on what you have accomplished, and how you can continue moving forward – not just for you, but for the other people in your life. As far as maturity goes, the statement phase is a huge step forward from even the warrior phase.
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The Spirit

The final stage of life is the spirit stage. In this stage, we realize that we are more than what we have accumulated – be it money, friends, possessions, good deeds, or milestones in life. We are spiritual beings. We realize that we are divine beings in a journey of life that has no real beginning and no end. The spirit phase is characterized by a sense of “getting out of your own mind” and focusing on what is waiting for us beyond our physical beings. The philosopher Lao Tzu proposed a question over 2500 years ago that perfectly describes the spirit phase: ““Can you step back from your own mind and thus understand all things? Giving birth and nourishing, having without possessing, acting with no expectations, leading and not trying to control: this is the supreme virtue.”



Martial Law Rolls Out Across the US As Jubilee Nears


This is a continuation of last summer’s Jade Helm seven-state military exercise that many in the area saw as a prelude to military occupation. After Jade Helm  came the US Army Special Operations Command’s Unconventional Warfare Exercise 16 (UWEX 16) that ran in Texas through June.

And now, after yet another police shooting in Charlotte, the city’s bus and light rail services ceased after midnight.  New Yorkers would recognize this kind of action as they have been exposed to their own occupation following recent Manhattan bombings. Tanks, humvees and other kinds of military vehicles and equipment flooded the city, leaving behind shocking pictures of a city under siege..

Much was similar, though one difference between Manhattan and Charlotte was George Soros, who has made a habit of funding the provocations that the government then responds to. He obviously had a hand in the Charlotte riots that were precipitated by Soros-assisted Black Lives Matter.

Back in June, we covered Wikileaks exposure of the elite’s pre-planned “summer of chaos” when whistleblowers provided numerous documents illuminating Soros’ role with dedicated agitation from BLM.

Remember Deray Mckesson? He was the former BLM leader who had two of his email accounts hacked revealing that the Soros-backed social justice group was working with the Obama regime. The idea, he suggested, was to create so much chaos that martial law could be declared and elections canceled.

According to financial records and key players in the Ferguson Missouri protests, billionaire Soros donated $33 million to community organizers and organizations who helped turn the events there from a local protest into a politicized and televised race “crisis”.

Now there’s further evidence of George the puppet master along with his “open-borders” foundation, have been facilitating unrest.

Charlotte, North Carolina, is merely the latest riot-destination for his paid protesters, but one that comes with compelling evidence of his involvement.

About 70% of the rioters arrested had out of state IDs. No doubt they traveled to Charlotte in buses paid for by Soros.

In a CNN interview. Todd Walther, the spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police, told Erin Burnett, “This is not Charlotte that’s out here. These are outside entities that are coming in and causing these problems. These are not protestors, these are criminals.”

Yes, criminals – funded by a criminal. The most ridiculous aspect of these “peaceful protests” as CNN and MSNBC continue to call them, is that they are not protests. They are riots.

The rioting is obvious. “Protesters” broke into the Charlotte Hornets’ team store to steal basketball merchandise. “Protesters” looted the NASCAR Hall of Fame. “Protesters” vandalized and destroyed buses, stores and homes in poor black neighborhoods.

That’s probably how Soros lured them. He let it be known that looting would be the main “protest” in Charlotte.

When it comes to globalism and globalists, we don’t rule anything out. To the elites behind all of this – and Soros is just an employee –  this is all a sick game. They actually enjoy controlling the sheeple and then laughing at their inability to recognize who’s manipulating them.

This is not going away with the end of the Jubilee Year in October or even with the end of 2016. It’s just getting started – and the false flags are growing more numerous. They feed the growing militarization around the country.

After the false flag shooting that occurred in Dallas, for instance, where the assailant was supposedly bombed by a drone before any information could be extracted from him, the NYPD was compelled to purchased $7.5 million worth of military grade protection equipment and weapons for themselves.

The NYPD officer from what Bloomberg called “the world’s 7th largest army,” even took pride in his force’s purchasing of these weapons and armor, saying, “There’s not a police department in America that is spending as much money or as much thought and interest on this issue of officer safety.”

Just what kinds of scenarios are these officers envisioning? If it weren’t for the camouflage it would be nearly impossible to differentiate between them and the actual military.

None of this seems to matter to Americans who don’t even bat an eye at these “troops” on their streets.  Many, dumbed down by the fluoride in the water and in government schools, and propagandized by the mainstream media television programming, actually cheer when they see their very own forces of occupation.

Most of them are unaware of the existence of Posse Comitatus – the part of their constitution that used to prohibit troops on their streets in times of peace – let alone it’s nullification back in 2006, which made declaring martial law even easier in the event of a “terrorist attack” or “natural disaster”.

Americans are too busy watching sitcoms and fake news to figure out the disaster headed in their direction. And the ones that do figure it out are supposed to be discouraged by people like Soros.

That’s why there are so many news reports featuring Soros. And that’s why he’s never been arrested, by the way.

They want you to understand all the bad things he’s doing. And they want you to be clear on one thing: He can keep on doing it with impunity. No one is going to stop him. He’s going to continue his agitations until chaos rises up around the world.

The elites behind this world-shaping gambit want you to be thoroughly discouraged. They want to emotionally paralyze you.

There is violence and strife looming and it’s all being planned to control you. The elites intend to steal your wealth and livelihood by any means necessary. Stay one step ahead of them by getting your money out the financial system while you still can. To help your family and yourself survive and prosper through the collapse of the dollar, check out my book Shemitah Trends on Amazon or become a subscriber and receive the book free here.

We are now exactly one week from the end of the Jubilee year.  Will something else happen before or on that date?  Perhaps not. But, as we’ve described all year, all the pieces for continued chaos have been put in place.

And it won’t stop after October 2nd either. In fact, it looks like it is just getting started.


Control What You Can


Our society does not make it easy to control what you can control.
One of the aphorisms to live by here at Of Two Minds is control what you can. We don’t control the erosion of our money from inflation, the state’s vast criminalization machinery, the nation’s foreign policies or the central bank’s free money for financiers policies.
So what do we control? Amazingly enough, we still control a few things. We control what we eat (at least those of us who aren’t institutionalized do), what fitness/ stretching/ bodywork routine we do or don’t do, and we still control what we do with our surplus money: we can salt it away as savings rather than spend it, and we control where to invest our savings.
Here’s a couple of thoughts on productively controlling what we can control.
1. Don’t count on bailouts, debt forgiveness, debt jubilees, guaranteed minimum income or any other form of free money. The Federal Reserve, the Treasury and the Justice Department have made it very clear: free money is for financiers, banks and corporations, and bailouts are for too-big-to-fail banks and financial institutions.
As for debt forgiveness and debt jubilees: every $1 of debt that’s forgiven (i.e. written off) is $1 that’s removed from some investor’s balance sheet. If we jubilee $1 trillion in debt, that’s $1 trillion in assets that are destroyed.
As the saying goes, there’s no free lunch (except for friends of the Fed), and since every dollar of debt is someone else’s asset, don’t expect bailouts or debt forgiveness. If it happens, great, but there will will be catches–including Catch 22, 23 and 24.
2. It’s tough not to self-destruct in Our Impoverished, Pathological Society. We all know extra weight is hard on our bodies and health, even if we’re fit, and so the fact that 70.7% of Americans 20 and older are overweight or obese indicates just how difficult it is to remain healthy in our “salty, sugary, fatty treats are temptingly everywhere” culture.
Our diet, fitness and weight have enormous impacts on our health. The best estimates suggest no more than 1/3 of our health is the result of our genetic makeup; the rest is environmental/lifestyle.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that One in five U.S. adults meet overall physical activity guidelines, which includes both aerobic and muscle strengthening exercises:
“…at least 2½ hours a week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as walking, or one hour and 15 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, such as jogging, or a combination of both. The guidelines also recommend that adults do muscle-strengthening activities, such as push-ups, sit-ups, or activities using resistance bands or weights. These activities should involve all major muscle groups and be done on two or more days per week.”
Between a third and half of adult Americans are meeting one of the guidelines, but only 20% are meeting both aerobic and muscle-strengthening guidelines.
These statistics are self-reported, so we have no way of knowing the actual fitness level of the 20% who claim a high level of fitness. As a baseline, I use the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), which anyone can take themselves, as it measures sit-ups, push-ups and the time required to run two miles.
(NOTE: Do not attempt the test if you have not been training regularly for at least a year and have not had a thorough check-up by your personal physician recently.)
There may be other baselines of fitness that are less strenuous. The point is, choose an objective baseline and monitor your progress. Be patient and self-disciplined; overdoing it will result in injuries, not fitness.
I personally aim to do the minimum required to stay fit, because I’m basically lazy. As fitness guru Jack LaLanne said, “I hate exercise, but I like the results.”
Eating well is equally challenging, and Drew Sample and I discuss diet, fitness, weight and controlling what we can in this podcast: The Sample Hour with Charles Hugh Smith (1:30 hrs). (Drew is 31, I’m 62, so we cover quite a bit of ground in the podcast.)
3. If you want to invest wisely, invest in what the wealthy own: they own enterprises, which are assets that produce income–unlike McMansions or “stuff.”
Our society does not make it easy to control what you can control. Temptations abound, and we’re told we need expensive gym memberships, personal trainers, investment advisors, etc. to take control of what we can control. Various rules limit where we can invest our retirement savings, and reams of paperwork inhibit us from owning assets overseas.
If we set out to design a society in which people feel poorly (due to poor diet, fitness and mental health), feel poorly about themselves, and are emotionally, physically and financially impoverished, you’d end up with the society we have now.
It doesn’t have to be this way. Liberation starts by taking control of whatever we can control. Taking control of our health and finances is a darn good start.
Charles Hugh Smith
My new book is #6 on Kindle short reads -> politics and social science: Why Our Status Quo Failed and Is Beyond Reform ($3.95 Kindle ebook, $8.95 print edition)For more, please visit the book’s website.


Self Control or State Control, You Decide

Free people are not subservient, but neither are they uncontrolled. They control themselves. Taking control of your life is an act of both freedom and responsibility.




Self Control or State Control, You Decide



“They [the holders of authority] are so ready to spare us all sort of troubles, except those of obeying and paying! They will say to us: what, in the end, is the aim of your efforts, the motive of your labours, the object of all your hopes? Is it not happiness? Well, leave this happiness to us and we shall give it to you. No, Sirs, we must not leave it to them. No matter how touching such a tender commitment may be, let us ask the authorities to keep within their limits. Let them confine themselves to being just. We shall assume the responsibility of being happy for ourselves.”

– Benjamin Constant, Political Writings

Each of us faces a great choice. Shall I quietly accept the system of state control or shall I stand up for self-control? Self-control offers a life of freedom and responsibility. It enables us to realize our dignity in peace and harmony with others. It is a life worthy of a human being. It’s the foundation for prosperity and progress. State control offers a life of obedience, subservience, and fear. It promotes the war of all against all in the struggle for the power to control the lives of others. Self-control is a clear and simple principle applicable to all: every person gets one and only one life to live. State control has no clear and simple principle and invites conflict as individuals and groups struggle to control the state, and thus each other, or to evade control by others.

Free people are not subservient, but neither are they uncontrolled. They control themselves.


Free people are not subservient, but neither are they uncontrolled. They control themselves. Taking control of your life is an act of both freedom and responsibility. In fact, the two are so closely connected that one cannot hold onto one without the other.

Dependent children tend to seek freedom without responsibility; independent adults embrace both. The life of freedom and responsibility offers satisfactions only available to those who take control of their own lives. The life of freedom and responsibility is the life of an adult, rather than a child; of a citizen, rather than a subject; of a person, rather than an object. Our own well being, our happiness, is not something that we can expect from others or that is delivered to us by the state. Governments are properly instituted among men, after all, not to secure our happiness, but to secure our right to the pursuit of happiness. We are responsible for being happy ourselves.

Responsibility and Freedom

Responsibility: For some the word conjures up images of old people lecturing young people about sitting up straight, doing their homework, and writing thank-you notes to elderly aunts. Unsurprisingly, we’re expected to think it’s boring, tedious, a diversion from our enjoyment of our freedom. The goal of freedom, the images suggest, is to escape responsibilities.

In fact, embracing responsibility is neither boring, nor tedious, nor a diversion from freedom. Being responsible entails at times doing things that are unpleasant or even great sacrifices, but embracing responsibility provides the greatest of human satisfactions. Embracing one’s own responsibility is in fact an adventure and an act of daring. We deserve to be free because we can be held accountable for our acts; because we can make choices; because we can exercise self-control. Responsibility is not a burden we must bear to be free; the awareness that “I did that” is what makes freedom a prize worth fighting for. Responsibility is the key to the realization of freedom.

We do not deserve our freedom merely because we have desires or impulses. We deserve to be free – to control our own lives – because we are morally accountable: to each other, to God (for those who believe), and to our own consciences. As one of history’s most influential moral philosophers wrote hundreds of years ago,

A moral being is an accountable being. An accountable being, as the word expresses, is a being that must give an account of its actions to some other, and that consequently must regulate them according to the good-liking of this other.

– Adam Smith, The Theory of Moral Sentiments

Adam Smith went on to explain that the development of moral consciousness entails accountability, not only to others, but to ourselves, for what we seek is not merely to be praised, but to be praise-worthy, two goals that may resemble each other, but which “are yet, in many respects, distinct and independent of each other.”

As social creatures, Smith says, we seek to become praise-worthy, or “admirable,” but “in order to attain this satisfaction, we must become the impartial spectators of our own character and conduct. We must endeavor to view them with the eyes of other people, or as other people are likely to view them.”

Becoming impartial spectators of our own character and conduct enables us to earn our own self-esteem. As Smith noted, “The man who applauds us either for actions we did not perform, or for motives which had no sort of influence upon our conduct, applauds not us, but another person. We can derive no sort of satisfaction from his praises.” Such satisfaction is possible in no other way than by embracing responsibility.

Freedom: For some the word conjures up images of “anything goes,” of disorder, chaos, immorality, license. Unsurprisingly, they consider freedom frightening. As a consequence, many have believed that order and virtue must be imposed at the expense of freedom. They equate responsibility with submission to the commands of others. Some have even promised that such submission, although it may destroy what we ordinary people consider our freedom, promises a higher freedom, one far superior to what they dismiss as merely empirical or “bourgeois” freedom. They promise an ecstatic freedom that can only be found when our actions are directed by the wise and the good, or at least the powerful.

Freedom is not the same as license; responsibility closely connects freedom with virtue and self-command. The connection was made clear by one of history’s greatest champions of freedom, a man who was born a slave in Talbot County, Maryland: Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, a man who achieved freedom for himself and for millions of others. He is known by the name he chose for himself: Frederick Douglass. Douglass wrote in his autobiography in 1845 – as a former slave who liberated himself – of the “holidays” allowed to slaves by their captors. Such moments of seeming freedom were portrayed as acts of benevolence by the slaveholders, but were in fact deployed as “safety-valves, to carry off the rebellious spirit of enslaved humanity.” The slaveholders sought to sink their captives in depravity, rather than offer them a respite from slavery:

Their object seems to be, to disgust their slaves with freedom, by plunging them into the lowest depths of dissipation. For instance, the slaveholders not only like to see the slave drink of his own accord, but will adopt various plans to make him drunk. One plan is, to make bets on their slaves, as to who can drink the most whisky without getting drunk; and in this way they succeed in getting whole multitudes to drink to excess. Thus, when the slave asks for virtuous freedom, the cunning slaveholder, knowing his ignorance, cheats him with a dose of vicious dissipation, artfully labeled with the name of liberty. The most of us used to drink it down, and the result was just what might be supposed: many of us were led to think that there was little to choose between liberty and slavery. We felt, and very properly so, that we had almost as well be slaves to man as to rum. So, when the holidays ended, we staggered up from the filth of our wallowing, took a long breath, and marched to the field – feeling, upon the whole, rather glad to go, from what our master had deceived us into a belief was freedom, back to the arms of slavery

For Douglass, freedom was found not in the drunkenness and vice encouraged by the masters, but in the dignity of self-assumed responsibility. He learned the measure of freedom when he, as he put it, “got hold of a book entitled The Columbian Orator” and was captivated by a dialogue between a master and a slave in which the slave refutes the master’s arguments for slavery and persuades the master to emancipate him. The effect of those arguments on Douglass was powerful: “Freedom now appeared, to disappear no more forever. It was heard in every sound, and seen in every thing. It was ever present to torment me with a sense of my wretched condition. I saw nothing without seeing it, I heard nothing without hearing it, and felt nothing without feeling it.”

Excerpted from Tom Palmer’s new book: Self-Control or State Control? You Decide

Tom G. Palmer

Tom G. Palmer is executive vice president for international programs at the Atlas Network and a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and director of the Institute’s educational program, Cato University.


Malaysia the fragile federation

New Mandala


31 August marks Malaysia’s independence. But not everyone is celebrating the federation, writes James Chin.

Today Malaysia celebrates Hari Merdeka or Independence Day.

But, the 31 August anniversary again raises the old debate about the actual date of independence and what the Federation means to the peoples of Sabah and Sarawak. It’s a discussion that has happened this time every year for much of the past decade.

Most banners in Malaysia have ‘59’, marking when Malaya became independent in 1957. The ‘53’ comes from 1963 — the year when the Federation was formed.

For many years, the federal government in KL/Putrajaya did not take the difference in years seriously. The situation changed in 2010 with the creation of another public holiday — Malaysia Day — to be celebrated annually on 16 September and commemorating the formation of the Federation.

The sudden acknowledgment by Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was no doubt in part to the increasing assertiveness of leaders in Sabah and Sarawak. Before 2008 Sabah and Sarawak were seen as a reliable ‘fixed deposit’ for the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN). The number of BN MPs elected from the Bornean states gave the BN a two-thirds majority in parliament.

The situation is markedly different now. The current Najib administration is holding on to power with a wafer-thin majority of 18 seats (as at July 2016). There are 47 BN MPs from Sabah (22) and Sarawak (25).  Najib would be out of a job without the BN MPs from East Malaysia.

To show his appreciation and to reflect the rise of East Malaysia, he appointed more than 15 federal ministers and deputy ministers from the two state. In fact, the second largest party in the federal BN is Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) from Sarawak, not the uni-racial Malaysian Chinese Association as is widely believed.

Najib’s perilous political position is made worse by the fact that UMNO does not have single MP from Sarawak. In fact, under a deal made during former Prime Minister Mahathir’s tenure, UMNO is not allowed into Sarawak.

Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), the local Muslim party, is the defacto UMNO of Sarawak. It has ruled Sarawak since 1970 with a coalition that is beholden to it. PBB could easily rule Sarawak on its own, but the state’s diverse population requires it to keep a coalition government, the Sarawak BN, for political stability.

Unlike Sarawak, UMNO is in firm control of Sabah and UMNO Sabah’s boss, Musa Aman, is the state’s chief minister. His brother is Malaysia’s Foreign Minister.

The noisy debate in East Malaysia over ‘53-vs-59’ reflects the wider issue of Sabah and Sarawak’s status in the Malaysian Federation. Many Sabahans and Sarawakians are of the opinion that Malaya, Sabah, and Sarawak (and Singapore before its expulsion from Malaysia in 1963) were the original founders of the Federation. Hence the argument that Sabah and Sarawak should not be merely treated as one of the 13 states in the Federation but as one of the three founding states.

This distinction is important for Sabah and Sarawak nationalists as they like to argue that both states should enjoy more rights compared to others. These rights, as the argument goes, are part of the original promises made by Tunku Abdul Rahman and other Malayan leaders when they approached Sabah and Sarawak back in 1961 to establish the Malaysian Federation. They further argue that many of these rights, collectively called the ’20 Points’, have been watered down over the last half century.

Sarawak-YoutubeWith UMNO relying on East Malaysia to stay in power, Adenan Satem, the chief minister of Sarawak, has been especially vocal in demanding more autonomy for the state. Just in the past week, he met Najib to pressure Petronas, the national oil corporation, to implement a Sarawak-First policy in hiring its workers in Sarawak. Najib also promised to appoint a representative of the Sabah and Sarawak governments to the Petronas board.

Adenan’s move was widely applauded in Sarawak, so much so that Netizens are asking why Musa Aman, Sabah’s chief minister, has been keeping quiet when it comes to state rights. It is not lost on Sabahans that Musa belongs to UMNO Sabah and Najib is his party chief.

The firm push for more autonomy for the two East Malaysian states comes at a time when various movements are actively seeking a referendum on the future position of Sabah and Sarawak in the Malaysian Federation. Many of these groups, active on the social media, and especially Facebook, harbour dreams that one day Sabah and Sarawak will be independent states.

In Sarawak, some of these groups are covertly supported by the Sarawak BN. The Sarawak BN sees these groups as useful in helping to split the opposition vote and, more importantly, help Sarawak BN contain the threat represented by the opposition DAP and PKR. These two parties have some support among the local population and labeling them as ‘Malayan’ parties out to ‘colonise’ Sarawak is attractive rhetoric if you claim to be a Sarawak nationalist.

All four parties that make up the Sarawak BN — PBB, Sarawak United Peoples Party (SUPP), Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS), Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) — are local. They all claim to be Sarawak nationalists, despite the fact that on the very day they were established all of them joined the federal BN. But as they say, facts are irrelevant in politics; it’s perception that counts.

Until the next general election, we can expect Adenan to take the lead in negotiating with Najib to ‘take back’ some of the bureaucratic powers lost to Putrajaya during Mahathir’s tenure. Sabah will take a back seat for the simple reason that any deals for Sarawak will have to apply to Sabah as well. Both Adenan and Najib are hoping that Adenan’s ‘victories’ in securing more powers will lead to a massive win for Sabah and Sarawak BN in the coming general election.

At the grassroots level, the nationalists will be given a lot of leeway in promoting ‘Sabah for Sabahans’ and ‘Sarawak for Sarawakians’ as long as they are useful in painting the federal opposition as ‘outsiders’. In any other states in the peninsula, they would be arrested immediately for sedition.

The debate over state rights in Sabah and Sarawak could have long-term consequences for the Malaysian Federation. It is instructive to note that in the 1980s, Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) used the state rights appeal to win several state elections in Sabah. This tactic directly led to the establishment of UMNO in Sabah, and the state’s politics were forever changed.

While the likelihood of UMNO entering Sarawak is remote now, this situation can change with the results of a single election. UMNO is playing ‘nice’ now because it needs Sarawak to stay in power. When UMNO is strong, it will behave in an entirely different manner. Any powers given back to Sarawak can easily be taken away as long as the centre (Putrajaya) in the Malaysian federation is all powerful under the federal constitution.

For lasting state rights, the leaders of Sabah and Sarawak must come together and insert autonomy into the Malaysian Constitution. Otherwise what we have is merely a bureaucratic maneuver that is only good until the next state or federal elections. 

Professor James Chin is Director, Asia Institute, University of Tasmania. Readers who are interested in exploring this issue further can read the author’s recent book (co-edited with Andrew Harding), 50 Years of Malaysia: Federation Revisited (2014).


No, We Are Not Mere Pawns


by T.K. Coleman

A person who values looking smart rather than being curious and humble will never fully realize their potential.


This → “We are powerless little pawns, helplessly manipulated and moved about by the hands of politicians,” is the kind of self-negating, liberty-hating nonsense I will never believe!

If you want to distance yourself from “the gullible ones,” use the above italicized statement as a mantra. It’s an easy way to sound smart, in-the-know, and well-informed about politics and conspiracies without having to feel the pressure of doing the hard work required to make the world a freer place.

The cynics and pessimists pride themselves in such a belief. They believe that by holding to such a defeatist and hopeless proposition they can somehow avoid the embarrassment of placing faith in false hope. More than the desire to be free, they desire to never be on the wrong side of “I told you so.”

So rather than fight for their possibilities, they choose to argue for their limitations. They respond to every proposed solution and any possible strategy as if it’s delusional fancy. Tell them not to lose heart and they’ll respond by citing a dozen examples of some politician who lies, cheats, and steals. Although they are fully aware of the fact that they can never be free simply by sitting around and griping about political corruption, they lack the courage, imagination, and creativity necessary to take the kinds of risk that make it possible to turn things around.

A person who values looking smart more than being open, curious, and humble will never realize the fullness of their potential. Interesting and liberating discoveries require a willingness to look foolish in relation to generally accepted sentiments. Fewer things are more antithetical to this willingness than an attitude which ignores the unfamiliar and uncertain in exchange for the right to say “well, they didn’t fool me.”

Fighting for freedom is noble, but for many it’s not worth the risk of putting their ego on the line. Many people can live with being unhappy and unfree, but they can’t live with the burden of being the person who tried something daring, failed at it, and was forced to admit miscalculation or misjudgement.

This is the world we live in, but, as in all worlds, creativity can and will thrive in spite of those who choose to hide behind the safety of being a naysayer.

Things don’t get accomplished because of the face-saving negative talk of people who do nothing more than make much ado about what can’t be done. Things get accomplished because of those who hope against hope, those who see failure as nothing more than an invitation to try something new.

Don’t waste your time around people who have nothing to offer to a conversation other than arguments about what’s impossible. Spend time around people who have a stake in the game, people who are willing to put their motor where their mouth is by getting up, going out, and getting things done, whether it’s easy or not.

The future will neither belong to those who coerce, nor to those who merely criticize. The future will belong to those who create, to those who sow the seeds of productivity, positivity, and possibility, in season and out of season.

This is why I will never believe that we are powerless pawns. I have too much respect for myself, for you, for critical thinking, for freedom, and for reality itself.

This first appeared at the author’s website.


Government is Always Dishonorable

Anyone who demands to be called “honorable” has never earned such a title.


Armstrong Economics

Blog/America’s Economic History
Posted Mar 25, 2016 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Marty; It seems like government always has some covert agenda. The exposure of the FBI lying about being unable to hack the iPhone Apple is just typical. The global warming issue clearly seems to be a tax agenda. They taxed cigarettes saying they were trying to help society. When revenues declined, they want to tax electronic cigarettes. These people are always after us one way or another. I suppose this will never change will it?

ANSWER: No. I think Tomas Paine, who inspired the American Revolution with his writing entitled “Common Sense,” says it all. Nothing that government does is ever honorable. Even the war on drugs was about targeting the anti-war movement in the 1970s. Government outlawed what was in common use (e.g. marijuana) so that they could lock up users under the drug laws when, in fact, it was for political reasons. John Ehrlichman served 18 months in prison after being convicted of conspiracy and perjury for his role in the Watergate scandal. Before he died, he gave an interview and stated bluntly that the war on drugs was really against political activists. We are still facing upheaval over marijuana and countless people are imprisoned for weed at a tremendous cost to society. These laws are a detriment to those people who try to move into the mainstream even for employment.

I have written about Coxley’s Army that marched on Washington following the Panic of 1893. How did they end the political march? They arrested Coxley for walking on the grass. This is government. They can arrest you for countless laws at any time. A friend was driving to Florida from New Jersey. In Virginia, the police pulled him over and gave him a ticket because the frame on his license plate had the dealer’s name, which 99% of new cars have. They have a law that nothing can obstruct the view of the plate. Of course, they do not arrest people for walking on the grass, but do something like exercise your First Amendment right to free speech or freedom of assembly and they will arrest you for some other reason and deny it is political.

There is no honor in government and no justice in federal court. It is impossible when former prosecutors become judges as politicians appoint them. Just look at the chaos over appointing a justice to the Supreme Court. Everyone wants someone who will interpret the Constitution unfairly and skew it to what they want it to mean. The legal professionals should be the only ones to nominate judges — not the government. Anyone who has been a former prosecutor should be disqualified. Further proof that government is always dishonorable is the fact that judges will throw you in prison on contempt if you do not bow to them and refer to them as “Your Honor.” Anyone who demands to be called “honorable” has never earned such a title.


‘Chilling Effect’ of Mass Surveillance Is Silencing Dissent Online


Thanks largely to whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations in 2013, most Americans now realize that the intelligence community monitors and archives all sorts of online behaviors of both foreign nationals and US citizens.

But did you know that the very fact that you know this could have subliminally stopped you from speaking out online on issues you care about?

Now research suggests that widespread awareness of such mass surveillance could undermine democracy by making citizens fearful of voicing dissenting opinions in public.

A paper published last week in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, the flagship peer-reviewed journal of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), found that “the government’s online surveillance programs may threaten the disclosure of minority views and contribute to the reinforcement of majority opinion.”

“What this research shows is that in the presence of surveillance, our country’s most vulnerable voices are unwilling to express their beliefs online.”


The NSA’s “ability to surreptitiously monitor the online activities of US citizens may make online opinion climates especially chilly” and “can contribute to the silencing of minority views that provide the bedrock of democratic discourse,” the researcher found.

The paper is based on responses to an online questionnaire from a random sample of 255 people, selected to mimic basic demographic distributions across the US population.

Participants were asked to answer questions relating to media use, political attitudes, and personality traits. Different subsets of the sample were exposed to different messaging on US government surveillance to test their responses to the same fictional Facebook post about the US decision to continue airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

They were then asked about their willingness to express their opinions about this publicly—including how they would respond on Facebook to the post; how strongly they personally supported or opposed continued airstrikes; their perceptions of the views of other Americans; and whether they supported or opposed online surveillance.

The study used a regression model—a statistical method to estimate the relationships between different variables—to test how well a person’s decisions to express their opinion could be predicted based on the nature of their opinion, their perceptions of prevailing viewpoints, and their attitude to surveillance.

This sort of model doesn’t produce simple percentages, but provides a statistical basis to explain variances in the factors being tested. In this case, the study found that “35% of the variance in an individuals’ willingness to self-censor” could be explained by their perceptions of whether surveillance is justified.

For the majority of respondents, the study concluded, being aware of government surveillance “significantly reduced the likelihood of speaking out in hostile opinion climates.”

Although more nuanced than a blanket silencing, the study still concluded that “knowing one’s online activities are subject to government interception and believing these surveillance practices are necessary for national security play important roles in influencing conformist behavior.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most significant conformist effect was from people who supported surveillance. They turned out to be more likely to conceal other dissenting opinions, which they felt strayed from the majority view.

When such individuals “perceive they are being monitored, they readily conform their behavior—expressing opinions when they are in the majority, and suppressing them when they’re not,” the paper concluded. These findings suggest that a person’s “fear of isolation from authority or government” adds new “chilling effects” to public discourse.

“What this research shows is that in the presence of surveillance, our country’s most vulnerable voices are unwilling to express their beliefs online,” said Elizabeth Stoycheff, associate professor of journalism and new media at the Department of Communication, Wayne State University, and lead author of the paper. “This finding is problematic because it may enable a domineering, majority opinion to take control of online deliberative spaces, thus negating deliberation.”

But, she added, the increasing complexity of surveillance, and its use in tandem with private industry, means that more research is essential to understand how surveillance is altering the way people interact online, with content, and with one another.

The study happens to confirm recent comments by Snowden himself last Saturday, during a live video address to a gathering of whistleblowers, journalists and technologists in Berlin.

“It’s the minorities who are most at risk” from the impact of mass surveillance, Snowden said. “Without privacy there is only society, only the collective, which makes them all be and think alike. You can’t have anything yourself, you can’t have your own opinions, unless you have a space that belongs only to you.”


“It’s nice. It’s nice to be free.”

Man released after 44 years in jail marvels at a changed world

The Daily Buzz – Thu, Nov 26, 2015


Imagine stepping out your door one morning and finding that the world you thought you knew had completely changed. That’s what happened to one man when he was released from prison after 44 years.

Otis Johnson went to jail in 1970 for assaulting a police officer. He was 25 years old, and he would spend the next 44 years in prison. Upon his release, a team from Al Jazeera English accompanied him as he adjusted, and made a moving six-minute documentary about Johnson’s re-entry into a world that at times he struggles to understand.

“My re-entry was a little bit hard at first, because things had changed,” says Johnson. We see him marvel at the lights and screens of New York’s Times Square.

“I saw that everybody, the majority of people was talking to themselves,” says Johnson. “Then I looked closer and they seemed to have things in their ears.”

Though he’s simply observing people talking on cellphones with earbuds, to him it looks like they must be CIA agents.

“That’s the only thing I can think of — somebody walking around with wires in their ears.”

Johnson is also impressed by humanity’s new ability to walk while looking at their phones instead of where they are going.

“That was amazing to me,” says Johnson.

What else impresses him? Peanut butter and jelly in the same jar — and the fact that Skippy is still around.

But while Johnson marvels at the changes, we see through his words and actions in this film that perhaps it is us who should be marvelling at him.
“Being in society is a good feeling,” says Johnson, sitting outside in the sunshine. “It’s nice. It’s nice to be free.”

Otis Johnson

Though he came out of jail without friends or family to call on, he seems to approach the world with an unlikely optimism.

“You gotta let things go. Holding on to anger will only stagnate your growth and development,” says Johnson, as we see him meditating in a park.

“I don’t feel that society owes me anything, so I let that go and deal with the future instead of dealing with the past. I try not to go backward, I try to go forward, and that’s how I survive in society.”

Find out more about Otis:


Malaysia – Telling the truth is a revolutionary act

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”Winston Churchill
“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. – George Orwell

The Malaysian Insider

Time to focus as Malaysia goes off the edge

The Edge

Before you think of another catchy hashtag, decide to wear black tomorrow or buy a candle for a vigil to protest against the three-month suspension order for The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily, consider extending your outrage to the original issue – the RM42 billion debt racked up by 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) and the unexplained RM2.67 billion that found its way to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s private bank accounts.

Reports on this two issues have cropped up and were also exposed elsewhere – The Sarawak Report blog, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), The New York Times and even Singapore’s Straits Times.

So why ban The Edge Weekly and The Edge Financial Daily for three months, on the excuse that both publications’ reporting of 1MDB were “prejudicial or likely to be prejudicial to public order, security or likely to alarm public opinion or is likely to be prejudicial to public and national interests”

How can a business weekly with a circulation of 25,000 or a business daily with a circulation of not more than 15,000 be “prejudicial or likely to be prejudicial to public order, security or likely alarm to public opinion or is likely to be prejudicial to public and national interests?”

Why is Putrajaya resorting to such an illogical ban when those named have not begun to clear their names through the legal process? The WSJ has yet to be sued. Neither has The Edge Weekly, The Edge Financial Daily or Sarawak Report been sued.

The only thing that has happened is to ban the two publications and to block Sarawak Report, which has not quite worked as well as the authorities would like Malaysians to believe.

A friendly reminder that the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 and a host of other laws governing online publications in respect of publishing misinformation have backfired when the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) basically admitted it has yet to verify if the Sarawak Report articles are actually false.

Which leaves us with the fact that the authorities are just bolting the stable doors after the horses have run off. The news is out there, still not denied, not refuted, except to stick to the playbook that it is all part of a political conspiracy to unseat the government of the day.

A conspiracy that involves – depending on who you listen to or to what some social political bloggers dream of – a former prime minister, politicians, media barons, foreign newspapers and bloggers.

But none of those who think up of such conspiracy theories has an answer to how 1MDB spent RM42 billion or the origin and destination of monies which found their way into the prime minister’s bank accounts in 2013.

All we know is what the government tells us. That 1MDB has some RM51 billion in assets – land, power and water plants – to cover its debts and that the prime minister did not gain personally from the private bank accounts.

Right. So why the need to restructure 1MDB? Why the need for others to pay off its bonds? Why can’t 1MDB redeem its “units” in Singapore?

Why doesn’t the prime minister explain if it is true nearly US$700 million, including RM42 million purportedly from the government-owned SRC International Sdn Bhd, went into his accounts? Where was most of the money from? Why is government money in an account under his name? Where did the money go?

How is it that Bank Negara Malaysia or the bank did not spot such a huge sum of money flowing into the accounts? Why are our graft-busters arresting a random set of people? Why are some people barred from leaving the country?

Read: Who owns Bank Negara

All this should be the major part of our outrage, not just The Edge Weekly or The Edge Financial Daily getting suspended for three months. That is just the symptom of a larger issue.

The issue of trust. Or the lack of it.

The government can ban newspapers and block websites. But it cannot ban thinking, it cannot ban the sharing of information and news reports about the issues of the day.

That is what we Malaysians must do now. To think it through, to discuss the issues that matter and share it as widely as possible among friends and foes.

Until the government explains and answers all the questions posed by The Edge Weekly, The Edge Financial Daily, journalists the world over, local politicians and the investigating authorities.

We need to focus on issues which ail our nation, or just like the powers that be, we will go off the edge. – July 26, 2015.

* Jahabar Sadiq runs The Malaysian Insider.


Malaysia – Dr M: Tell BN to scrap GST or lose GE14

…if the past is anything to go by….when the Tun targets on somebody, that person will fall. Without mentioning names, recent history validates this. Put on your seat belts and let’s ride the current scenario roller coaster….


Tun Mahathir Mohamad

Former Malaysian prime minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad – Reuters pic

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in an about- turn, has told the people to throw out the BN government if it persists in implementing the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The former prime minister said that if the GST causes the cost of medicines to go up and hardship, the people must reject BN.

Speaking at a press conference in Serdang, he said, ” It is for the people to respond. If this is a burden for them, they can tell the government, ‘Please don’t add any more taxes’.”

“If you charge taxes, we will not vote for you anymore,” Dr Mahathir added.

Malaysia’s longest-serving prime minister said that not all medicines, including essential ones, would be GST-exempt.

Only medicines under the National Essential Drug List would be zero-rated.

He added that health care and everything else would go up when the GST is implemented on Apr 1.




Wikipedia sues NSA, DoJ over mass surveillance



The nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia free online encyclopedia, is preparing a lawsuit against the US National Security Agency and US Department of justice over a mass surveillance program initiated by the government.

Wikimedia is heading to court to prove that NSA’s Upstream program gathers foreign intelligence information through capturing communications with “non-US persons,” reports Reuters.

“Our aim in filing this suit is to end this mass surveillance program in order to protect the rights of our users around the world,” Wikimedia said in a statement.

“We are asking the court to order an end to the NSA’s dragnet surveillance of internet traffic,” Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales outlined in an opinion piece published in the New York Times.

Wikimedia is filing the lawsuit along with eight other organizations, such as Amnesty International USA and Human Rights Watch, all represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

“Privacy is the bedrock of individual freedom,” Wikimedia’s statement maintains.

America’s IT giants have also suffered the consequences of the exposure of the NSA mass surveillance programs and are currently presenting a united front against government intrusion.

READ MORE: ‘The day we fight back’: 6,000 websites protest surveillance, honor Aaron Swartz

Wikimedia intends to prove that NSA internet surveillance activities have been violating the US Constitution: the First Amendment protecting the freedom of speech and association and the Fourth Amendment, which serves against unreasonable search and seizure.

Wikimedia also claims that current NSA practices go beyond the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments Act (FAA) granted by Congress in 2008.

“We believe that the NSA’s current practices far exceed the already broad authority granted by the US Congress through the FAA,” the statement goes on.

The previous challenge to the FAA (Amnesty v Clapper) was dismissed by the US Supreme Court in 2013 due to lack of “standing” an important legal concept requiring a party to prove it has suffered some kind of harm if it intends to file a lawsuit.

READ MORE: US court tosses out mass surveillance case against NSA, AT&T

For the current lawsuit Wikimedia has prepared a slide from a classified NSA mass surveillance presentation disclosed in 2013 that includes an explicit reference to Wikipedia and which uses the organization’s global trademark.

“Because these disclosures revealed that the government specifically targeted Wikipedia and its users, we believe we have more than sufficient evidence to establish standing,” the statement says.

READ MORE: ‘Encryption is a human right’: Wikipedia aims to lock out NSA

“By tapping the backbone of the internet, the NSA is straining the backbone of democracy,” Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Lila Tretikov wrote in a blog post.

“Wikipedia is founded on the freedoms of expression, inquiry and information. By violating our users’ privacy, the NSA is threatening the intellectual freedom that is central to people’s ability to create and understand knowledge,” Tretikov said.

READ MORE: New NSA reports show spy agency routinely collected intel on Americans

“Wikipedia is the largest collaborative free knowledge resource in human history,” the Wikimedia statement claims.

“It represents what we can achieve when we are open to possibility and unburdened by fear.”




Bare the naked truth…literally

…when people are awake, some creative, ingenious beautiful people simply and literally BARE the naked truth…and that’s fucking awesome let me tell you


‘Banks have left us butt-naked’: Siberian model stages naked protest at -40°C

baring it all

A model from the eastern Siberian city of Irkutsk has been photographed outside a bank and a petrol station wearing absolutely nothing, in protest against credit policies and high petrol prices in Russia’s crisis-stricken economy.

“If you fall ill or lose your job, the banks won’t care. They will take it all. We forgive other countries a lot of debt, but we leave our citizens butt-naked. That’s all we want to say with this photo,” says a post on Liana Klevtsova’s page in Russia’s VKontakte social network.

“We are not talking about buying smartphones, designer clothes or fast cars. We are talking about essentials such as a place to live. And the only chance is to take out a mortgage at 14 percent a year – with no special conditions.”

Lisa KlevtsovaThe provocative pic was made next to a large office belonging to Sberbank, Russia’s biggest majority state-owned bank. This week Sberbank announced an 84 percent drop in profits over the past year, after suffering a financial strength downgrade by international ratings agency Moody’s last month.

After the photo was widely shared on the Russian-speaking internet, the 19-year-old Klevtsova, who moonlights as a glamor model, and her photographer Aleksandra Timofeeva, decided to continue the campaign. In a second photo, Liana is pictured holding a petrol pump in protest against high fuel prices, while also wearing nothing.

“The idea to stage a naked protest was spontaneous, and we thought of it more as a joke. But then I received a lot of responses and messages of support, and now plan a series of these photo shoots, though their content will remain a secret for the moment,” Klevtsova told LifeNews website.

But one person is not getting on-board with the campaign.

“When my mother found out, she said that I shamed my family with this, and that the campaign was stupid and in bad taste. At first she cried, but now she has accepted what I am doing.”

Attracting attention to social issues with naked protests has occurred for at least a century, and is currently most visibly practiced by the Ukrainian-founded FEMEN movement, which combines it with situationist art performances to sabotage public events.




Malaysia – 8th worst in government curbs on religion, says study

The Malaysian Insider


Malaysia has been ranked among the top 10 countries with very high government restrictions on religion, according to the latest findings of US-based think tank Pew Research Center.

The findings, which cover 2013, put Malaysia at the eighth spot in the “very high” category among countries known for state interference or curbs on religion.

Topping the list was China, followed by Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Egypt and Afghanistan.

Malaysia was ranked just a spot lower than Saudi Arabia, while neighbouring Brunei and Singapore were placed at the 15th and 18th spots, respectively.

Malaysia increased its score on restrictions imposed by the state, climbing to 7.9 out of 10 in 2013, from 7.6 the year before.

Compared with six years ago, in June 2007, which was used as a baseline, Malaysia scored 6.4 in terms of government restrictions.

These restrictions were defined as laws, policies and actions restricting religions, as well as measures such as bans on changing one’s religion and preferential treatment accorded to a particular religious group in that country.

The Pew study also measured religious oppression in terms of social hostilities, which covered a range of actions against believers of another religion including vandalism of religious property, desecration of sacred books and violence.

Malaysia scored a decrease in this index, at 2.9 in 2013, down from 3.9 in 2012.

This was in line with an overall downward trend worldwide in social hostilities involving religion, Pew said.

However, Malaysia only scored 1.0 in the June 2007 baseline.

The increase in government restrictions on religion reflect the ongoing tensions in Malaysia over the last few years, involving several issues but notably the use of the word “Allah” by Bahasa Malaysia-speaking Christians as well as Sikhs, and accusations between Muslims and Christians of attempts to convert one another.

Propagation of non-Muslim religions is prohibited in Malaysia.

There are also concerns over issues arising from the conversion of minors to Islam by one parent without the other’s consent, and heightened intolerance of the practices and cultural aspects of non-Muslims.

Worldwide, while social hostilities declined for 2013, a quarter of the world’s countries still struggled with inter- or intra-religious hostility, the centre said.

Worldwide also, Christians and Muslims were the groups that faced the most harassment in the largest number of countries. – March 1, 2015.


Latest Trends in Religious Restrictions and Hostilities




Language, a tool of enslavement?

by Inelia Benz

altHave you wondered why we all spell things the same way, well not quite, as in England we spell things differently as in the States – same with Spanish from Spain and Spanish from South America, but generally it’s pretty uniform.
Also, did you know that the structuring of sentences (e.g. some people beLIEve that a sentence MUST have a subject, verb, and no more than one adjective… must all be in the same tense… and same “person”)… is a very recent invention?
It blocks the free flow of information and energy behind the words. Not only of writing it, but also of it being received. If the writing has “mistakes” or “errors”, a person stuck in the “grammar matrix” will not be able to understand it, or will get terribly distracted by these “errors in grammar” and miss the point, thought, or energy being carried in the piece they were reading. It creates minds that are barren (only in expression), restricted and overall unsure of how to express fully, without mistakes.
I had the good fortune of manifesting two amazing English teachers. One in high-school, and the other at University. They both taught that the best thing a person can do, is to forget all grammar, and any other kind of rule that dictates the free flow of energy and information while we write… including how many comas we can use in a sentence… how long the sentence needs to be… how many times we can use “and” or whatever… and even the rule that says we cannot invent new wordiethings. Also, they taught me that colons ( : ), dashes ( – ), semicolons ( ; ), slashes ( / ) and parenthesis (()), belong in mathematical formulas only and have no place in a free flow of expression (they divide and fracture). And… never have a “but” or “and” start a sentence, and especially not start a pragraph! And… to forget all that too and just do what we bloody well want.
Both gave the following example of one of the greatest chapters in English literature, which is a perfect example of free flow of energy (emotion, thoughts, information, visualization): James Joyce’s Penelope (Episode 18 of Ulysses)
Here is some historical data on the invention of grammar and spelling for the English language ~ look at the qualifications of the men who invented it to understand the real reason for it:
And it basically pretty much reflects why rules were invented for older languages and other modern languages too. Aristotle didn’t follow any grammatical rules 😉  What we think these days is the sentence’s subject (originally “the concept being looked at”) which is what the sentence “subject” was based on, has been totally misunderstood:
Anyways, I am sharing this with you because language is something that didn’t start being dogmatic and filled with rules and structures. A bit like religion… it was hijacked for a while so we could experience separation really well. Now we move on.
It’s not about blame, ever. Remember that we are the ones using language and subscribing to things, and giving our power away, and taking our power back… no one can force us to do anything. But I can see that we can easily fall into the victim aggressor thing here. My article is really aimed at making us aware of our choices, and how a divisive, unnatural, structure was introduced into our communication system. It also has really good bits to it, that help us in communicating better, like a standardized spelling system (one we can all understand)… I think is very useful. As we become aware, we have greater freedom to choose to keep aspects of it or discard them.
I invite you to step out of grammar and express as your heart desires! And I can say that because I have a 1st Class Honours Degree in Communication Studies from Dublin City University and got the highest scores ever achieved by anyone on Sociolinguistics… which was taught by the top linguist in the world at the time… how about that for a push on authority hehehehehehehehe :O 8) Did it make this post suddenly become more real and something to listen to for you? That’s about the programming that says we can only talk about language if we have a degree or two, or ten… or it means nothing. A whole subject in and of itself.
In joy/light/love,
  – Inelia




You chose your body…your body did not chose You!

Blossom Goodchild and The Federation of Light

Hello my friends. Well, this week has been a bit of a blue one for me, for one reason or another. Yet, today I feel ‘bright’ enough to channel and happy to do so.

With warmest of greetings … we welcome you and all who are drawn to our words. There are times for Each One when the spirit is low … yet, as you are aware … when the spirit bounces back … as it almost certainly will … there is a freshness in the steps … which One would not encounter, should they not have experienced the lesser energetic times.

Yes. I am aware of that … and always happy to be FEELING more in alignment with myself, that’s for sure. So, today’s topic will be?

Anything you would like it to be … within reason.

And that reason being?

The fact that there are certain topics that we do not care to discuss. For we FEEL it our desire to only uplift …

Rather than confuse …

We are indeed in sync with one another.

Ok … seeing as you offered … I have been thinking a lot lately about our Planet … about other Planets … in fact, about ‘The Whole Thing’. You say, that we were created as an experiment … who actually ‘devised’ us? How did it come about that these bodies of ours work as they do … and … how does the soul then enter into these bodies? Go for gold.

We are expecting you to hear our answer.

Do you mean you would like to speak? That now familiar feeling of dropping of my perch has come upon me.

If this … and ONLY if this is appropriate for you.

I’ll certainly give it a go … It’s not raining … which is amazing since we are on the tail end of a passing cyclone! Ok let’s see shall we?

Transcript below.

Well. Thank you. Interesting how your chat turned out to be about something I REALLY needed to hear … and I am sure it will assist many.

This is our desire.  We continue to be in such Joy regarding this new way. It was always our next step.

Which I must have known about … but didn’t … until I did! Happy to do so, although still getting used to it. Anything more you would like to say?

Only that we Love you. Yet, this you know. This you can FEEL.

This I DO know.This I DO FEEL. Thank you.

The Body


Transcript. Feb 21st.

Welcome Dearest Ones.

Once again we are delighted beyond delight to have this opportunity to speak through sound … so that your hearts may resonate with the Vibration in which these words are offered.

Questions … Questions … Questions. So much that the human mind desires to know, and is One not told over and over … that all answers lie within?

Many understand … many accept of this reply … and yet, they do not necessarily know fully … of the answer … to the answer.

Where within do those answers lie? Is it at your fingertips?  Is it on the tip of your tongue? Is it within your heart space?

Remove physicality from thought … and then … remove thought. In this vast expanse … of nothingness … here then, is where all answers reside. Ready for you to pick at your will … as an apple from a tree.

All answers can be known by you … when the soul is ready to rediscover them.

You have asked of us this day … regarding the creation of the physical body. We smile … for in a similar fashion … is it not that scientists and indeed, professors … build in your world … out of many types of materials … what you name a robot? And its functioning … functions … by a certain programme.

Therefore, when a particular button is pressed … the arm knows to move to the right … and on and on … We could continue explaining … yet, we understand that you understand of that which we speak.

It was therefore, greatly assessed … how a physical momentum could be accessed via thought … so that … if you like… your thought … the thought coming from the FEELING of the human, is therefore, the programme, the button that is pressed , should one’s arm desire to move to the right. It is very similar and yet as you know … far more complex … due to the billions of workings within.

The Power House that is your physical body is a Miracle within itself. It is a living organism that is a world within itself. For when something breaks down … much takes place in order to have that particular place up and working again … as soon as possible.

Much is understood by your physicians and researchers about the body. Yet, we would also add the thought … that the basic maintenance for the body … is through the FEELING of Well-Being.

When One does not FEEL so Bright in thought and physical movement … of physical FEELING within … it is far harder for … shall we say … the Beings within your body … (You would perhaps call them the mechanisms) … yet, we would call them ‘The Beings’ within your body … are not fully functioning on Love.

All things within your body function 100% when they are in Love with one another … And indeed, the soul … that is the computer programme … if you like … of that physical body.

Therefore … when there is FEELINGS of Joy and Happiness … FEELINGS of Oneness … the body reacts.

This is the body’s finest medicine. And we understand … we accept … how hard it must be … when your physical body is not functioning as it should … that One is able to remain in Joy …  in Happiness … in full Energy.

Yet, through the power of the mind … the power of the soul controlling the minds pattern … this then, is how Well-Being is brought about.

Even when scanners upon your Earth are saying otherwise. You may see of a scan of something that is taking place within your body … which is proof to you why you are receiving a certain ailment or a certain pain. Yet, your thought pattern … your FEELING of Well-Being … can control the visions you see upon those X-rays.

Your FEELINGS can be used as an eraser … to literally, rub out the images that were once there.

We do not enter upon this subject in a fashion of ‘It is as simple as that’ … and yet … it is.

When we explain to you that it is your FEELING … through thought … that animates your entire physical Being … that is its programme … Then do you see Dearest souls? By accepting and adopting this attitude …  knowing it as your Truth … then all one needs do is FEEL that which they desire to FEEL … to be well.

Blossom is speaking to us and she is saying that indeed, as we mentioned when One is ‘sick’ … and yet, we do not agree with this word ‘sick’ … but, we will continue forth. When One has great struggle within the physical body … the last thing that is on their mind is being able to FEEL well. They know they want to FEEL well, but are unable to do so … because they are not.

We say … that to overcome FEELINGS of negativity … need not be the struggle in which many make it.

Go to the playground inside your head. Take yourself away from that which you assume to be your reality … and go and play … with children in the fields of Golden corn. Take yourself to places that you dream of visiting. You do not require your physical Being … to do so.

You do not require your physical Being to be with you … to tag along.

All that you are … is Love

It is the essence of your soulself.

This soulself of yours … as an individual aspect of The Whole …  has the right to visit anywhere it so chooses … with or without the body … and if it is that the body be a hindrance … then leave it behind.

When you return from your visit … you will find that your FEELINGS are in a much stronger disposition. Therefore, this can be applied  to allowing the FEELING of the body to uplift itself … little by little.

You programme your body. It is not programmed by another, by pushing buttons … and turning levers.

This Miracle that you have chosen to reside in upon the Earth plane is the most proficient multi, bulti,(?) billion, trillion dollar residence that you could come across.

And yet, is it not so … that many choose to let the house keeping slip? It does not matter they say ‘if I leave that room full of dust or if there is a leak in that room … I’ll see to it later.’ We suggest that One should always keep their house in order … so that it may function to its Highest ability.

You may look at another who may run many miles in a race … or climb the Highest mountain … and you may think ‘I would never be able to accomplish that’ … and you will not … because that is what you think.

When you fully understand the power of your FEELINGS and your thought patterns … you would carefully choose that which you FEEL and that which you think … instead of allowing thoughts and FEELINGS to run in gay abandon … therefore, causing much mayhem along your pathway.


To serve you … in so many ways. Oh! How your body serves you … and yet, it is taken for granted day after day.

Breath after breath.

We say to you Dearest friends, the more you choose to acknowledge the wonder that your body is … the more you will discover the greatness of what it is.

The more you treat your body as you would a friend … the more your body reciprocates back to you … the LOVE that you offer to it.

That circle of Energy that is ONE.


Therefore, make the most of why you chose it.

Do all you can with it …

Laugh with it … Move with it …

For the Energy that is YOU … for your time upon Earth … is shared by your physical expression.

You are married … if you like … to One another.

What vows ? What promises are you now prepared to make to that partner that is with you … for your time … your entire time …. upon Planet Earth?

Is it not best to have an outstanding relationship? To Love and to cherish … so long as we both shall live?

Dearest friends … we Thank You for listening to that which we choose to impart this day … and we Trust that we have assisted your growth … assisted your understanding regarding the bond you have with your physical house … your physical partner.

We now retract our Energy in this fashion from our Dear friend Blossom. In Love and thanks to all.




Nunn the wiser

Old Holborn


As readers will know, I am an avid supporter of both Liberty and Free Speech, something others have laid down their lives to ensure we are free to enjoy. As a somewhat regular visitor to Twitter (my 36th account is @holbornlolz), the case of Peter Nunn’s arrest interested me. He’s just been sent down for 18 weeks at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for a series of retweets, account changes and loosely veiled “threats” against both Stella Creasy MP and the hysterical moonbat, Caroline Criado-Perez. Coupled with other various outpourings on youtube videos and general ranting, it is quite clear to me that Peter Nunn has a problem with women.

Firstly, I am free to spout my nonsense because I stay within what is a quite well defined legal space – it has always been the case that you cannot threaten or incite violence upon anyone and not expect a knock on the door – but also because (as I was told by the Police) I run a successful blog and half of Fleet Street follows me on twitter.

I certainly don’t condone the rantings of Peter Nunn and the law is quite clear that you may not target individuals (harassment) but I do wonder just how political a sentence of 18 weeks in our overcrowded Prison can be justified. Had Peter Nunn had the right to a trial by Jury (as was once the basis of a free and fair judicial system), I am in no doubt he would have been found not guilty by his peers. As it was, a Magistrate decided his fate and in my opinion, hung him out to dry – for words on a screen – and most intriguingly, simply retweeting another user – something also done with the same “rogue” tweets by both of the Claimants.

So the show trial to define what may and may not be said on social media has alas been postponed, and today, yet another authoritarian Home Secretary has decided that people can also be prosecuted for “extremist” views, even if they haven’t broken any law. Designed to save us all from head chopping terrorists under our beds, it won’t be long before the usual Political mission creep sets in and er… the likes of Peter Nunn find themselves in er…prison. Interesting times, indeed.


Malaysia – Nothing in the Constitution to prevent a Chinese to be the Prime Minister

…I’ve ALWAYS known this…but Malaysians being lazy and ignorant think this Malaysia is a Malay country and only a Malay can be the PM…hahaha!

In fact… ANYBODY can be the PM regardless he/she is a politician or not! What is being currently practiced (Malay PM) is simply a ‘convention‘…an unwritten law…


Dr M: Even Kit Siang can be PM

If people want Kit Siang to be the prime minister, the constitution
does not prevent him, even though he is a Chinese, 
says ex-prime minister.

Mahathir - Kit Siang

BANGI: Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it is not against the Federal Constitution for a non-Malay to become prime minister.

Mahathir said even DAP national adviser Lim Kit Siang could assume the top post in the country.

“This is a democratic country… if people want Lim to be the prime minister, the constitution does not prevent him, even though he is a Chinese,” The Sun daily quoted the former prime minister as saying at an event marking the 40th year of bilateral relations between Cuba and Malaysia yesterday.

However, Mahathir said it would not be a good idea for DAP to run the country because the party was more inclined to be authoritative.

“If the people want him, they will get him, but then they will have to pay the price later,” he said.

Mahathir said Lim wants his son Guan Eng to succeed him.

“I do not believe in a system where the family counts more than the country,” he said during the event held at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) here yesterday.

Commenting on Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy verdict, Mahathir said it was up to the country’s legal system to determine.

“I have no say in this thing. Whatever they decide we have to accept it,” he said.

He said people who committed such crimes should be punished regardless of their background.

“We are all equal before the law, regardless if one is a prime minister, deputy prime minister or a businessman with influence. When you have done something wrong, you will be punished in the same way,” he said.




The Flat earth and the birds tale.

BYE-BYE dollar !!


Moscow & Cairo to drop USD, use national currencies in bilateral trade – Putin

Putin and Al-Sisi

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (R) shakes hands with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (Reuters / STR)


Russia and Egypt might soon exclude the US dollar and use their national currencies in the settlement of accounts in bilateral trade, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview to Egyptian media ahead of his Monday visit to the country.

READ MORE: Iran moves away from US dollar in foreign trade

The issue of abandoning the dollar in trade is “being actively discussed,” Putin told Al-Ahram daily newspaper ahead of his two-day trip to Egypt. The Russian president was invited for a bilateral meeting by his Egyptian counterpart Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.

“This measure will open up new prospects for trade and investment cooperation between our countries, reduce its dependence on the current trends in the world markets,” Putin said.

“I should note that we already use national currencies for trade with a number of the CIS [Commonwealth of Independent States] states, and China. This practice proves its worth; we are ready to adopt it in our relations with Egypt as well. This issue is being discussed in substance by relevant agencies of both countries.”

Egypt is a long-time and trusted partner of Russia and the relationship between the two countries has been rapidly developing, the Russian president said.

“The volume of bilateral trade has increased significantly over the past years: In 2014, it increased by almost half compared to the previous year and amounted to more than $4.5 billion,” he said urging for this trend to be strengthened.

READ MORE: Big investor interest in Russia, despite pressure – president of world’s largest aluminium producer

He also praised the development of “mutually beneficial and effective” cooperation in the sector of agriculture. “Egypt is the major buyer of Russian wheat, Russia provides about 40 percent of grain consumed in the country; as for us, we import fruits and vegetables.”

Moscow imposed a full ban of EU, US, Australian, Canadian, and Norwegian food exports to Russia on August 7 for one year. Amid Russian sanctions, Egypt said in August that it was ready to boost agricultural deliveries to Russia by 30 percent.

During 2013, Egypt’s deliveries of agricultural products to Russia amounted $440 million, while during the first half of 2014, Cairo supplied $460 million, said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Nikolay Fedorov in August 2014.

Moscow and Cairo are also engaged in energy, automobile manufacturing and transport cooperation, developing the intergovernmental trade, economic and scientific-technical cooperation commission as well.

During Sisi’s last visit to Russia in August 2014, the two leaders agreed to look at a possibility of creating a free trade zone between Egypt and the countries of the Customs Union. Meeting in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, the presidents also agreed upon the creation of a Russian industrial zone in Egypt, which will be part of a new Suez Canal project.

Egypt launched a Suez Canal development project worth $4 billion in August 2014. The project envisages the digging of a new canal parallel to the original built 145 years ago with the aim of speeding up traffic along the existing waterway and boosting the country’s economy.

READ MORE: Russia-China trading settlements in yuan increases 800%




Corporations struggling and losing grips against the energetics now on this planet


Some people say there is no change happening, well…let’s see. The days of the evil corporate giants are numbered. As the people awakened, we the people the doggone consumers let go off our support from which they thrive upon… they will fall one by one. Their harvesting on humanity begin to wain when WE say enough is enough! They can offer many excuses for their falling, like the climate change and what not, but its the energetics now present on this planet that the old ways have got to go. See below some reports of their struggles as reported by the Mainstream Media, which as we all know belongs to them.

Conoco and Shell outline billions in cuts
Fall in crude prices hits fourth-quarter results for both groups – Financial Times
Shell bows to shareholder climate demands
Company draws fire with plans to push on with Arctic drilling this summer – Financial Times
Former Sal Oppenheim bankers found guilty
Breach of trust by guilty, including two aristocrats, is ‘deserving of punishment’ says judge – FT
McDonald’s struggles to maintain empire
New chief inherits a wide range of pressing challenges worldwide – FT
Shell earnings hit by plunging oil price
Energy group outlines plans to reduce spending by $15bn – FT
Asian central bankers take the low road
From battling inflation many countries are now dealing with collapsing prices and slower growth – FT

Breaking Bad! WTI Crude Oil Falls Below $44, Inflation Keeps Dropping

West Texas Intermediate Crude oil just fell below $44. And The Fed’s 5 year forward breakeven inflation rate keeps falling with WTI crude oil prices. Is this Walter White? Or Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen? – CONTRA CORNER

P&G hit by currency devaluations
Consumer goods company misses forecasts with 31% earnings drop – FT


Singapore loosens monetary policy
City-state’s dollar suffers biggest one-day fall since 2010 as central bank takes action – FT

The Central Banks’ Cheap Money Deflation Cycle: Iron Ore Supply Soaring, China Demand Faltering, Prices &Profits Collapsing

Despite 2014’s around 50 percent decline in iron ore prices, the big four producers — Vale, Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Fortescue – continue to expand production and other companies are also bringing projects on line this year, she said, forecasting Australian production will rise 6 percent this year, although that’s down from 2014’s 20 percent rise. – CONTRA CORNER

Record deflation in eurozone

Consumer prices in the eurozone fell by 0.6 percent in January due to lower energy prices and global uncertainty. It’s the biggest fall since the currency zone was established. – RT

…and there are many more where these came from






Evo Morales: RT is voice of developing countries, peoples of the world



RT has become the voice of revolutionaries and countries that the United States would like to silence, said Bolivian leader Evo Morales, commenting on remarks by the BBG chief who compared the challenge posed by RT with those of ISIS and Boko Haram.

READ MORE: Head of US state media put RT on same challenge list as ISIS, Boko Haram

Morales was responding to comments made by Andrew Lack, the new head of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), in which he compared RT to terrorist organizations.

“When the media turns into the voice of the people, especially in the voice of revolutionaries, there are those people and the media, who will judge them and falsify the truth,” Morales told RT. “This media is the voice of the developing countries, the voice of the peoples of the world, and it deserves our admiration.”

Despite smear campaigns, misrepresentation of facts, and pure lies, such media should continue their work to “give the microphone to the peoples of the world,” he added.

READ MORE: ‘Big Brother’ should not tell us what to watch – Jesse Ventura on RT-ISIS comparison

Earlier this week, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura told RT that Lack was effectively calling for censorship.

“There should be no Big Brother telling us what we can or cannot see,” Ventura said. “If someone desires to watch RT TV and takes the opinion they don’t like, well then they merely don’t have to put it to that station.”

Lack’s statements drew backlash online, under the hashtag #NewsIsNotTerror, prompting the US State Department to distance itself from the comments.

READ MORE: State Dept disagrees with head of US state media over equation of RT with ISIS

Downplaying the “threat” RT poses to US mainstream media, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland even said the channel should be allowed to stay within America’s “truthful” media space, which is “full of dynamic truthful opinion.”




World banks now broadcasting coming collapse of currencies

Gregory Mannarino

Mannarino: ‘World banks now broadcasting coming collapse of currencies’


Become your own central bank

(INTELLIHUB) — We all need to get out of currency and into another assets before it all falls.

“Not only do they continue to slash interest rates but they are going negative”, said Gregory Mannarino in his most recent video posted on YouTube.

So what does this tell us?

“They [central banks] are broadcasting to the world that their currency is becoming worth less. […] the currency that they are giving us is losing value.”, Mannarino said.

So at this point why would we want to hold that currency if the banks are telling us “straight out” that the currency has no “purchasing power”?

Get into “precious metals”, you will be “betting against the debt”, Mannarino urged, going on to talk about how the banks are actually “broadcasting what they are doing”.


David Stockman

Today’s “Dip” Is A Warning—-Get Out Of The Casino!

So last Thursday’s CHF massacre happened because it was not supposed to happen!  That is, financial markets are no longer honest, rational, stable or independent; they are merely gambling hall subsidiaries of the central banks where most of the punters still believe that the latter will not permit risk asset prices to fall for more than a day or two or funding costs to rise unexpectedly.

The reason that the casino has become so stupendously dangerous, therefore, is that the whole financial house of cards—including vastly over-valued asset prices of every kind and insanely extended leverage like the CHF currency speculations—all depend on maintenance of confidence in central bank competence and omnipotence.

Read more…





Malaysia – The dangers of naming God

The Malaysian Insider

The dangers of naming God – William Grimm


I wish I could remember the exact words and who it was who said them to the effect that while Christianity can be believed, some Christians are absolutely incredible.

The same can be said of Islam and some Muslims.

The biggest threats to Islam are not from non-Muslims. The threats come from within the community.

Terrorists who claim that Islam justifies and even mandates atrocious violence come to mind immediately, of course. Their actions reinforce prejudices against the religion, giving Islam a reputation for violence.
But it is not only the perpetrators of violence who undermine the image of Islam – even, I assume and even hope, among many Muslims.

There are people who claim to speak on behalf of Islam, making ridiculous statements and performing horrific acts, which can only make non-Muslims wonder on what it takes to be a Muslim. Of course, these individuals do not represent all Muslims.

In fairness, Catholics like those who get themselves nailed to crosses in the Philippines each Holy Week, or evangelical Christians in America who handle rattlesnakes, raise the same sort of questions about Christians. Lunacy in the name of religion is not a Muslim monopoly.

A couple of years ago, an Egyptian Muslim group declared that, “Eating tomatoes is forbidden because they are Christian.” The declaration was accompanied by a photo that showed that when a tomato is cut in half horizontally its core resembles a cross.

Eventually, ridicule of the commandment resulted in the group’s issuing a revision that allowed the eating of tomatoes so long as they were not cut in a particular way.

Now, a majority-Muslim nation is joining the parade of the brainless who seem intent on making Islam a laughing stock in the world.

The Malaysian justice system has upheld a ban on a Catholic newspaper’s use of the word “Allah” in its Bahasa Malaysia-language texts to refer to God. This is in spite of the fact that such use by Christians in Arabic-speaking lands predates the birth of the Prophet Mohammed.

Much of the religious vocabulary of Bahasa Malaysia, comes from Arabic. In fact, the word “Allah” is ultimately of pagan origin, as is the English word “god”.

Those disturbed by the ban on the centuries-old use of a single word in a single publication see it as a first step toward increased suppression of religious and ethnic minorities in Malaysia. They are probably right. In that case, the country will be seen as not simply ridiculous, but malevolent.

Are the Malaysian government agencies lately promoting tourism to that country ready to see that happen? Are most Malaysian Muslims happy to see yet one more event that increases perceptions of their religion and their country as not only tritely ridiculous, but potentially dangerous?

Christians and other minorities in Malaysia legitimately fear that proscribing the use of “Allah” in the Catholic newsweekly Herald will simply be the beginning of more persecution to come.

In the meantime, however, might this ban open new possibilities for Malaysian Catholics to broaden and deepen their relationship with God?

Of course. Persecution always provides that opportunity. But, on a less dramatic level, having to search for new vocabulary can be a blessing.

A priest in Cambodia who was engaged in translating Scripture, liturgy, the catechism and other texts into Khmer, the local language, said there is a value in not using common words.

The problem with commonly used words is that people think they know what they mean. And that meaning might not capture the richness of new thoughts. They have become stale and carry no more taste. They may even carry connotations that go against what we really hope to say.

A difficult or uncommon word can stop us and make us think: “I’m not sure what that word means. What might it mean?” Thought begins and insight can happen.

This can be especially true when we begin to think that a word can encompass the reality of God. In fact, the words we use can carry “linguistic DNA” that can infect that relationship.

For example, the English word “god” is of pagan Germanic origin. The Latin “deus”, related to the Greek Zeus via “theos”, does not speak of the one true God who is love.

Both the Germanic and Mediterranean words originally denoted a domineering warrior, though mythology does present Zeus as a rather promiscuous lover in a non-Christian sense of the word.

The search for an alternative that Malaysian authorities are imposing on the Herald may be a gift in disguise.

My personal recommendation is that Herald follow Jewish custom and simply say the Bahasa equivalent of “The Name”, which is “ha-shem” in Hebrew. That might even be worth considering for English use, a way of opening up new vistas for reflection and prayer. –, January 26, 2015.

* Maryknoll priest Fr William Grimm is a publisher of Ucanews, based in Tokyo.



Saying ‘all Malaysians are equal’, student group pushes for end to pro-Bumi policy, vernacular schools

The Malay Mail Online



Former Universiti Malaya student council president Fahmi Zainol is leader of the student group, Anak Muda Harapan Malaysia (AMHM). — File pic


KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 26 — In a strongly-worded open letter to the prime minister and federal lawmakers, a student group demanded today the abolishment of the special rights of the Malays and vernacular schools to pave the way forward towards a “better Malaysia”.

Calling themselves Anak Muda Harapan Malaysia (AMHM), the six-member group is led by student activists from Universiti Malaya including its former student council president Fahmi Zainol.

Professing itself to be “a new liberal and moderate movement that seeks to bring all Malaysians together”, AMHM asked Malaysians to be “less sensitive in discussing national matters publicly” before making its bid for meritocracy.

“We truly believe that all Malaysians are equal; Muslim or non-Muslim, Malay or non-Malay,” the group said.

Among its lengthy list of 15 recommendations, AMHM pushed for the establishment of “a neutral and transparent commission” to review the need for pro-Bumiputera policies and amendment of Article 153 of the Federal Constitution which grants the Yang di-Pertuan Agong the responsibility of safeguarding the special position of Malays and Sabah, Sarawak natives and “the legitimate interests of other communities”.

“AMHM strongly advocate the abolishment of pro-Bumiputera policies, to be replaced with need-based, without any reference to neither race nor ethnic [sic].

“Pro-Bumiputera policies have clearly failed in distributing wealth equally, as wealth disparity among Bumiputeras are too high despite many state-sponsored economic plans,” it wrote.

Pointing out the discrepancies in the measurement of Malay success, it said studies have shown that 30 per cent equity holding for Bumiputera has long been achieved but the government has rejected the findings.

Such policies also induce “second-class citizen” feeling among the non-Bumiputera, it added.

The group also said the dual-legal system; civil and Shariah creates complications as it discriminates against certain parties in cases of child custodial rights, when a parent converts into Islam or for Muslims seeking conversions.

AMHM called for the abolishment of the Shariah courts but said matters relating to divorce and inheritance for Muslims should be dealt with by a Shariah division within the civil courts.

“AMHM strongly believe that Malaysia is a secular state and the Government should publicly declare Malaysia as a secular state,” it said.

The group also said that there should be public discussions on the question of state-secession such as in Sabah and Sarawak, which is now outlawed.

“AMHM strongly urge the Parliament to amend Article 2 to enable any future secession of states in Malaysia, if approved by a referendum in the referred state.

“Malaysia has seen a precedent in state secession when Singapore formed a sovereign state of its own. However, it was not done through a plebiscite,” the group said.

AMHM also said unity in Malaysia can only persist if there is single-stream education system.

It added however the quality of national schools should be improved and a trilingual policy should be made compulsory for all students.

There is also the need for Article 152 of the Malaysian Federal Constitution to be reinforced as it has witnessed the erosion of the Malay language and even federal ministers are also found to be lacking in the proficiency of the national language, it said.

AMHM also called for the government to declare Malaysia as a secular state as backed by Paragraph 57, Constitutional Proposals 1957 and public statement of Malaysia’s founding fathers; Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Dr Ismail and Tun Hussein Onn.

Taking a leaf out of the US government’s book, the group said the Malaysian government should set up an official web site for petitions on issues and if the threshold of 100,000 online signatures is met, the government should be obligated to respond to the issue.

Apart from Fahmi, the other members making up the group are: Ganeshwaran Kana, Atyrah Hanim Razali, Lee Jin Yang, Zawani Syafiqah Zainal Bahrin and Adam Fistival Wilfrid.




12 Worst Ideas Religion Has Unleashed on the World


religionThese dubious concepts advocate conflict, cruelty and suffering.
By Valerie Tarico / AlterNet  January 21, 2015

Some of humanity’s technological innovations are things we would have been better off without: the medieval rack, the atomic bomb and powdered lead potions come to mind. Religions tend to invent ideas or concepts rather than technologies, but like every other creative human enterprise, they produce some really bad ones along with the good.

I’ve previously highlighted some of humanity’s best moral and spiritual concepts, our shared moral core. Here, by way of contrast, are some of the worst. These twelve dubious concepts promote conflict, cruelty, suffering and death rather than love and peace. To paraphrase Christopher Hitchens, they belong in the dustbin of history just as soon as we can get them there.

Chosen People – The term “Chosen People” typically refers to the Hebrew Bible and the ugly idea that God has given certain tribes a Promised Land (even though it is already occupied by other people). But in reality many sects endorse some version of this concept. The New Testament identifies Christians as the chosen ones. Calvinists talk about “God’s elect,” believing that they themselves are the special few who were chosen before the beginning of time. Jehovah’s witnesses believe that 144,000 souls will get a special place in the afterlife. In many cultures certain privileged and powerful bloodlines were thought to be descended directly from gods (in contrast to everyone else).

Religious sects are inherently tribal and divisive because they compete by making mutually exclusive truth claims and by promising blessings or afterlife rewards that no competing sect can offer. “Gang symbols” like special haircuts, attire, hand signals and jargon differentiate insiders from outsiders and subtly (or not so subtly) convey to both that insiders are inherently superior.

Heretics – Heretics, kafir, or infidels (to use the medieval Catholic term) are not just outsiders, they are morally suspect and often seen as less than fully human. In the Torah, slaves taken from among outsiders don’t merit the same protections as Hebrew slaves. Those who don’t believe in a god are corrupt, doers of abominable deeds. “There is none [among them] who does good,” says the Psalmist.

Islam teaches the concept of “dhimmitude” and provides special rules for the subjugation of religious minorities, with monotheists getting better treatment than polytheists. Christianity blurs together the concepts of unbeliever and evildoer. Ultimately, heretics are a threat that needs to be neutralized by conversion, conquest, isolation, domination, or—in worst cases—mass murder.

Holy War – If war can be holy, anything goes. The medieval Roman Catholic Church conducted a twenty year campaign of extermination against heretical Cathar Christians in the south of France, promising their land and possessions to real Christians who signed on as crusaders. Sunni and Shia Muslims have slaughtered each other for centuries. The Hebrew scriptures recount battle after battle in which their war God, Yahweh, helps them to not only defeat but also exterminate the shepherding cultures that occupy their “Promised Land.” As in later holy wars, like the modern rise of ISIS, divine sanction let them kill the elderly and children, burn orchards, and take virgin females as sexual slaves—all while retaining a sense of moral superiority.

Blasphemy – Blasphemy is the notion that some ideas are inviolable, off limits to criticism, satire, debate, or even question. By definition, criticism of these ideas is an outrage, and it is precisely this emotion–outrage–that the crime of blasphemy evokes in believers. The Bible prescribes death for blasphemers; the Quran does not, but death-to-blasphemers became part of Shariah during medieval times.

The idea that blasphemy must be prevented or avenged has caused millions of murders over the centuries and countless other horrors. As I write, blogger Raif Badawi awaits round after round of flogging in Saudi Arabia—1000 lashes in batches of 50—while his wife and children plead from Canada for the international community to do something.

Glorified suffering – Picture secret societies of monks flogging their own backs. The image that comes to mind is probably from Dan Brown’s novel, The Da Vinci Code, but the idea isn’t one he made up. A core premise of Christianity is that righteous torture—if it’s just intense and prolonged enough–can somehow fix the damage done by evil, sinful behavior. Millions of crucifixes litter the world as testaments to this belief. Shia Muslims beat themselves with lashes and chains during Aashura, a form of sanctified suffering called Matam that commemorates the death of the martyr Hussein. Self-denial in the form of asceticism and fasting is a part of both Eastern and Western religions, not only because deprivation induces altered states but also because people believe suffering somehow brings us closer to divinity.

Our ancestors lived in a world in which pain came unbidden, and people had very little power to control it. An aspirin or heating pad would have been a miracle to the writers of the Bible, Quran, or Gita. Faced with uncontrollable suffering, the best advice religion could offer was to lean in or make meaning of it. The problem, of course is that glorifying suffering—turning it into a spiritual good—has made people more willing to inflict it on not only themselves and their enemies but also those who are helpless, including the ill or dying (as in the case of Mother Teresa and the American Bishops) and children (as in the child beating Patriarchy movement).

Genital mutilation – Primitive people have used scarification and other body modifications to define tribal membership for as long as history records. But genital mutilation allowed our ancestors several additional perks—if you want to call them that. Infant circumcision in Judaism serves as a sign of tribal membership, but circumcision also serves to test the commitment of adult converts. In one Bible story, a chieftain agrees to convert and submit his clan to the procedure as a show of commitment to a peace treaty. (While the men lie incapacitated, the whole town is then slain by the Israelites.)

In Islam, painful male circumcision serves as a rite of passage into manhood, initiation into a powerful club. By contrast, in some Muslim cultures cutting away or burning the female clitoris and labia ritually establishes the submission of women by reducing sexual arousal and agency. An estimated 2 million girls annually are subjected to the procedure, with consequences including hemorrhage, infection, painful urination and death.

Blood sacrifice – In the list of religion’s worst ideas, this is the only one that appears to be in its final stages. Only Hindus continue to ritually hack and slaughter sacrificial animals on a mass scale. 

When our ancient ancestors slit the throats on humans and animals or cut out their hearts or sent the smoke of sacrifices heavenward, many believed that they were literally feeding supernatural beings. In time, in most religions, the rationale changed—the gods didn’t need feeding so much as they needed signs of devotion and penance. The residual child sacrifice in the Hebrew Bible (yes it is there) typically has this function. Christianity’s persistent focus on blood atonement—the notion of Jesus as the be-all-end-all lamb without blemish, the final “propitiation” for human sin—is hopefully the last iteration of humanity’s long fascination with blood sacrifice.

Hell – Whether we are talking about Christianity, Islam or Buddhism, an afterlife filled with demons, monsters, and eternal torture was the worst suffering the Iron Age minds could conceive and medieval minds could elaborate. Invented, perhaps, as a means to satisfy the human desire for justice, the concept of Hell quickly devolved into a tool for coercing behavior and belief.

Most Buddhists see hell as a metaphor, a journey into the evil inside the self, but the descriptions of torturing monsters and levels of hell can be quite explicit. Likewise, many Muslims and Christians hasten to assure that it is a real place, full of fire and the anguish of non-believers. Some Christians have gone so far as to insist that the screams of the damned can be heard from the center of the Earth or that observing their anguish from afar will be one of the pleasures of paradise.

Karma – Like hell, the concept of karma offers a selfish incentive for good behavior—it’ll come back at you later—but it has enormous costs. Chief among these is a tremendous weight of cultural passivity in the face of harm and suffering. Secondarily, the idea of karma sanctifies the broad human practice of blaming the victim. If what goes around comes around, then the disabled child or cancer patient or untouchable poor (or the hungry rabbit or mangy dog) must have done something in either this life or a past one to bring their position on themselves.

Eternal Life – To our weary and unwashed ancestors, the idea of gem encrusted walls, streets of gold, the fountain of youth, or an eternity of angelic chorus (or sex with virgins) may have seemed like sheer bliss. But it doesn’t take much analysis to realize how quickly eternal paradise would become hellish—an endless repetition of never changing groundhog days (because how could they change if they were perfect).

The real reason that the notion of eternal life is such a bad invention, though, is the degree to which it diminishes and degrades existence on this earthly plane. With eyes lifted heavenward, we can’t see the intricate beauty beneath our feet. Devout believers put their spiritual energy into preparing for a world to come rather than cherishing and stewarding the one wild and precious world we have been given.

Male Ownership of Female Fertility – The notion of women as brood mares or children as assets likely didn’t originate with religion, but the idea that women were created for this purpose, that if a woman should die of childbearing “she was made to do it,” most certainly did. Traditional religions variously assert that men have a god-ordained right to give women in marriage, take them in war, exclude them from heaven, and kill them if the origins of their offspring can’t be assured. Hence Catholicism’s maniacal obsession with the virginity of Mary and female martyrs.

As we approach the limits of our planetary life support system and stare dystopia in the face, defining women as breeders and children as assets becomes ever more costly. We now know that resource scarcity is a conflict trigger and that demand for water and arable land is growing even as both resources decline. And yet, a pope who claims to care about the desperate poor lectures them against contraception while Muslim leaders ban vasectomies in a drive to outbreed their enemies.

Bibliolatry (aka Book Worship) – Preliterate people handed down their best guesses about gods and goodness by way of oral tradition, and they made objects of stone and wood, idols, to channel their devotion. Their notions of what was good and what was Real and how to live in moral community with each other were free to evolve as culture and technology changed. But the advent of the written word changed that. As our Iron Age ancestors recorded and compiled their ideas into sacred texts, these texts allowed their understanding of gods and goodness to become static. The sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam forbid idol worship, but over time the texts themselves became idols, and many modern believers practice—essentially—book worship, also known as bibliolatry.

“Because the faith of Islam is perfect, it does not allow for any innovations to the religion,” says one young Muslim explaining his faith online. His statement betrays a naïve lack of information about the origins of his own dogmas. But more broadly, it sums up the challenge all religions face moving forward. Imagine if a physicist said, “Because our understanding of physics is perfect, it does not allow for any innovations to the field.”

Adherents who think their faith is perfect, are not just naïve or ill informed. They are developmentally arrested, and in the case of the world’s major religions, they are anchored to the Iron Age, a time of violence, slavery, desperation and early death.

Ironically, the mindset that our sacred texts are perfect betrays the very quest that drove our ancestors to write those texts. Each of the men who wrote part of the Bible, Quran, or Gita took his received tradition, revised it, and offered his own best articulation of what is good and real. We can honor the quest of our spiritual ancestors, or we can honor their answers, but we cannot do both.

Religious apologists often try to deny, minimize, or explain away the sins of scripture and the evils of religious history. “It wasn’t really slavery.” “That’s just the Old Testament.” “He didn’t mean it that way.” “You have to understand how bad their enemies were.” “Those people who did harm in the name of God weren’t real [Christians/Jews/Muslims].” Such platitudes may offer comfort, but denying problems doesn’t solve them. Quite the opposite, in fact. Change comes with introspection and insight, a willingness to acknowledge our faults and flaws while still embracing our strengths and potential for growth.

In a world that is teeming with humanity, armed with pipe bombs and machine guns and nuclear weapons and drones, we don’t need defenders of religion’s status quo—we need real reformation, as radical as that of the 16th Century and much, much broader. It is only by acknowledging religion’s worst ideas that we have any hope of embracing the best.


The Religious Extremism the Media Doesn’t Tell You About

belief…And therein lies the most dangerous root of religious extremism: obedience to the state. Christians, Jews, Muslims, and the non-relgious in many countries exercise a substantial amount of  fanaticism toward their governments, which claim to represent their nationalities. – Global Research







Malaysia – I will fight Islamic authorities till the end, vows Kassim Ahmad

The Malaysian Insider



Scholar Kassim Ahmad says his age is not an obstacle to his legal battle against the religious authorities. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Hasnoor Hussain, January 18, 2015.


Hounded by Islamic authorities and taken to court for having different religious views, Muslim scholar and activist Dr Kassim Ahmad, who is facing charges for allegedly insulting Islam, has vowed to fight to the end.

The 82-year-old Malay scholar’s slight, frail frame belies a tenacity to stand up for his views and beliefs. He believes that God willing, he will be the victor in court.

“I am an incorrigible optimist. I am a fighter. I won’t give up. You fight, you lose. You fight again and you lose again. Then you will win… like a child learning to walk has to fall down and get up again,” he told The Malaysian Insider recently at his home in Kulim.

He said his age was not an obstacle for him to continue his legal battle although going to court in Kuala Lumpur was tiring.

On January 6, Kassim lost his first appeal to challenge the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) that charged him with insulting Islam.

The Kuala Lumpur High Court ruled that his case fell under the Shariah Court, dismissing his judicial review application to challenge his arrest and prosecution in the Shariah Court for allegedly insulting Islam and disobeying the religious authorities over his participation at a seminar.

Kassim was first charged in March last year at a Shariah lower court in Putrajaya with insulting Islam and defying religious authorities at the seminar entitled “The Thoughts of Kassim Ahmad: A Review”, which was organised by the Perdana Leadership Foundation.

However, the prosecution later produced Kassim in the Shariah High Court. Kassim had pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Kassim had apparently accused some ulama (religious scholars) in Malaysia of imitating the “priesthood caste” system. He riled up Muslims on both sides of the divide when he questioned the use of hadith to interpret the Quran, and described Prophet Muhammad as “just a messenger of Allah”.

In his lecture titled “The nation’s direction in the next 30 years”, Kassim also questioned the hijab (Islamic headscarf) worn by Muslim women, saying that “the hair is not part of the aurat” (parts of the body which need to be covered, according to Islamic teachings).

Kassim said his lawyer had filed his appeal to the Shariah High Court and he would leave it to him to make the arguments in court.

“If I am younger, they (the authorities) would have gotten it from me… Without wanting to boast, I can take them on. I just have to use the Quran, the highest authority in Islam. History will vindicate me,” he said.

The former Malay Studies lecturer at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies lamented that people in Malaysia were losing their freedom to think and voice their views, and that the authorities were becoming more narrow-minded.

“From my experience, religious people in the country are narrow-minded. This was never in Prophet Muhammad’s nature. They are doing what the prophet never did in his life.

“It is as if they are talking on God’s behalf and nobody dares question them,” he said.

Kassim also asked if it was so wrong that he wrote a book that presented his interpretation of Islam, which was different from the mainstream interpretation prescribed by the authorities.

The book he referred to was the banned “Hadis: Satu Penilaian Semula” (Hadith: A Revaluation) published in 1986 which earned him the label “anti-hadith”.

The situation Kassim is facing now is rather similar to what he went through those years ago with the book.

“It was like the sky over Malaysia was crashing down at the time. There were daily debates about my book for two months. Half of the people supported me while the other half opposed me.

“I have no intention of inciting anybody, even when I spoke at the seminar. People might not believe me, but I have been studying the Quran since I was 17,” he said, adding that he has a collection of 23 Quranic “tafsir” (commentaries).

Kassim said that about four months ago, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, whom he had known for decades, asked him how he knew all those things about religion.

“I told him it was because I read books lah,” he said, laughing.

When he was attacked for his views following the seminar last year, Dr Mahathir – the patron of the foundation which organised the event – was the only prominent person who defended him against a barrage of criticism.

The elder statesman, known for his wit and unbending will, said Kassim was labelled “anti-hadith” because detractors failed to debate with him on religious issues.

As he faces his legal challenges, Kassim finds there are people who respect him for standing up for his views and even some who want to help him.

“My lawyer recently showed me a letter written by two doctors. I will not mention their names. One of them is American, whom I do not know personally.

“He said he did not think I will get justice in Malaysia and offered me and my family lodgings in Washington. He suggested that I seek asylum in the United States and he is willing to finance me.

“I was touched by the offer but I am not taking it. I will fight my case and I believe I will win, with God’s will,” he said.

In the meantime, Kassim is working on translating the Quran into Malay, a project he started in 1995 that is now half-finished.

He said he was also encouraged to write his autobiography by Tan Sri Dr Rais Yatim, the former Information, Communications and Culture minister, who phoned him about three months ago.

“He offered to finance the project. He also said if I want to get my old books republished, he could help, even for the banned ones that could be published overseas,” he said.

Kassim said he was planning to devote the next three years on his projects and then, if he was still alive after that, he wanted to enjoy the fruits of his labour.

“My writing is important,” said the man, who is also a poet. – January 18, 2015.


End of monopoly for the big energy companies


US energy: Off the grid

“When you’ve had a monopoly for a hundred years, and you’ve never seen change, change may seem like death to you.” – Lyndon Rive, chief executive of SolarCity

power plant

Ivanpah solar electric generating system in the Mojave desert, which opened last year to provide power to California


At 255-257 Pearl Street in lower Manhattan, there is only a discreet bronze plaque to honour one of the world’s most historic sites: the first commercial centralised power station. Thomas Edison opened his first plant here in 1882 to serve New York’s financial district, and the global spread of electrification, with all the enormous changes that has brought, has mostly followed his model. Until now.

Spurred by falling costs and government incentives, US homes and businesses are producing more of their own power, a trend that threatens the business model of centralised generation that has dominated the industry, in the US and the world, for 130 years.

A paper for the Edison Electric Institute, the US industry association, has warned that electricity utilities were facing “disruptive challenges” comparable to the way the fixed-line telephone industry was shaken up by mobile. The utilities worry that as more businesses and households use solar, wind and other sources to generate their own power, they will lose customers and revenues, while still bearing the costs of running the grid. The utilities would then have to charge higher rates, losing more customers, worsening their position further. In the industry, they call it the “death spiral”.

So far, investors have generally shrugged off the threat from people producing their own power, which is known as distributed generation. The S&P 500 US utilities index has risen by a third since that EEI paper was published in 2013. The market share taken by distributed generation is small. But utility executives increasingly see it as a threat to the industry’s future.

“Up until recently, the industry thought there was no way it could happen to us,” says Leo Denault, chief executive of New Orleans-based utility Entergy. “The utility business model is still the cheapest, most reliable way to supply power. But now other things are being required of the system, and we don’t control those.”

It may not be a death spiral, says Lyndon Rive, chief executive of SolarCity, a solar company, but it is a “change spiral”. He adds: “When you’ve had a monopoly for a hundred years, and you’ve never seen change, change may seem like death to you.”

European utilities have already been battered by weak demand and the EU’s support for renewable energy, and they have lost hundreds of billions of euros in market capitalisation. US utilities are likely to have to make radical changes if they are to avoid a similar fate.

graphTo understand the revolution sweeping through the US electricity industry, look at the Brooklyn branch of Whole Foods, the upmarket grocery chain. The lighting in its car park is powered by renewable energy, from solar panels on the roofs of the carports and wind turbines on the lampposts, with batteries to store enough power for five days of still, overcast weather. The store is the acme of trendy retailing, with vinyl albums next to the whetstone for sharpening knives, but brand image is not the main rationale for the investment, says Nick Blitterswyk, chief executive of Urban Green Energy, the company that provided the system. Whole Foods has saved about 20 per cent of the cost of connecting the lights up to the local grid, he says, and is getting what every customer wants: “Cheaper electricity without any sacrifice.”

Continue reading





Malaysia – It’s now open season for Muslim-bashing


The Charlie Hebdo tragedy has sparked an outpouring of hate
within the Malaysian online community.

By Hafidz Baharom

charlie2I had never heard of Charlie Hebdo and I am pretty sure many Malaysians were also ignorant of the satirical magazine’s existence until things came to a boil recently in Paris.

However, the outpouring of hate, the siege mentality displayed by people of all beliefs and the politicisation of the event has been outstanding and, to me, hypocritical to the core.

While Muslims have been screaming out that what was done was not the Islam that they practice and preach, Malaysians of other faiths have been quick to say the religion is an instigator of violent behaviour everywhere, including Malaysia.

One such individual is Erik Paulsen, who heads Lawyers for Liberty. At this time of what can only be described as an open season for Muslim bashing, the lawyer took to Twitter to say that the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) has been equally responsible for instigating extremism every Friday.

One would think a lawyer would research his claims before such a snafu, but even more disappointing is that Malaysians were quick to back his claim.

The police are currently investigating Paulsen for his posting, but the Malaysian online community is showing the fractures already.

“Google ‘Jakim Friday sermon’ and read all the news about it. See, there is the proof!” some were quick to say on social media. They were not wrong. The search engine highlights each and every news piece from news portals which spoke of messages attacking Christians, Jews and even gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) Malaysians.

What many failed to notice were the dates of the news pieces or how frequent the media actually highlight these messages appearing in Friday sermons.

What many Malaysians failed to do was to open up Jakim’s web portal and read the sermons that have been delivered in federally funded mosques up to this day. There is an entire archive for everyone who wishes to read them and judge for themselves. (Link to online Jakim Friday sermon archive:

The archive goes as far back as January 1, 2003.

What many knee jerking Malaysians failed to do was to question Paulsen’s accusation and dig deeper to empirically prove that Jakim was in fact guilty of being a purveyor of extremist thought.

Let me raise a question: Is there even a correlation between Jakim’s sermons and a tendency towards extremism?

Since we have some 65 people arrested for trying to get out of the country to join the Islamic State (IS), why not ask them? Have Jakim’s Friday sermons encouraged them to take up arms against infidels and join the global cause to set up a new caliphate in Syria?

There are about 12 million Malaysian Malay Muslims in this country. How many of them actually go about being extreme due to Jakim’s sermons?

I do agree that there are times when Jakim suddenly gets harsh and has a tendency to go to the extreme, but these sermons appear, on average, once or twice out of 52 Fridays a year, unless something happens between Palestine and Israel or some random publication decides to host a Prophet ridiculing cartoon contest.

In fact, I won’t be surprised if this week’s sermon will chastise K-Pop listeners, like the sermon before the Putrajaya Youth Festival debacle a few years back.

I am not defending Jakim. I have a lot of disagreements with the religious authorities, particular the de facto Minister of Religion. And, of course, it does not help that they vilify me because of who or what I am, which I am sure some readers would understand if they go back to January 4, 2011.

However, I am trying to get Malaysians to make their arguments from a position of knowledge because that is what we need in this day and age. We need more Malaysians to be more intellectual in their arguments instead of being reactionary sheep who have nothing better to do than to gossip and instigate other citizens into a hate filled, rhetorical, political online argument of tit-for-tats going down the long, bloody history of Christians, Jews, Muslims and all other beliefs through the ages.

It takes away time better spent discussing solutions to problems that matter to Malaysian citizens — corruption, abuse of authority from those in power all the way down to resident associations in Cheras, collapsing green lungs, natural disaster mitigation, the increasing opaqueness of corporate Malaysia. The list is rather long.

And finally, I disagree with the use of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy as an excuse to keep the Sedition Act.

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A rejoinder to ‘Of Charlie Hebdo and Friday sermons’

“…there are times when Jakim suddenly gets harsh and has a tendency to go to the extreme, but these sermons appear, on average, (only) once or twice out of 52 Fridays a year.”  – The Malaysian Insider




Wikileaks 2.0 ? SLUR – You’re going to hate it

you're going to hate it

Slur is an open source, decentralized and anonymous marketplace for the selling of secret information in exchange for bitcoin. Slur is written in C and operates over the Tor network with bitcoin transactions through libbitcoin. Both buyers and sellers are fully anonymous and there are no restrictions on the data that is auctioned. There is no charge to buy or sell on the Slur marketplace except in the case of a dispute, where a token sum is paid to volunteers. –


The new Slur platform -an open source, decentralized marketplace for selling secret information for bitcoin – aims to protect whistleblowers by granting anonymity to both buyers and sellers, what WikiLeaks failed to do, the platform developer told RT





Malaysia – Malay leaders instill fear and a siege mentality in Malays?


…a very interesting observation by the former Deputy Prime Minister. Imho, it puts the ongoing racial wildfire into perspective. Its all about putting fear into the Malays…by the Malays (both by their political and religious leaders) themselves! I don’t hear the other races condemning and belittling the Malays (not out-rightly anyway), except that it derives from the very voices of their leaders, alleging so as coming from the other races. In truth, its the leaders who are in fear as they watch their own people turn away from them…that “the Malays are their own worst enemy” is now a irrefutable reality.

Musa: We are going through another May 13 run-up!


Former Deputy Prime Minister declares he’s a “liberal” and 
very proud of it in supporting the Group of 25.

MusaKUALA LUMPUR: Former Deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam, 80, entering the debate on the way forward for Malaysia in the face of political Islam competing with extremists of all shades, has declared that he’s a “liberal” and very proud of it.

“Only moderation and liberalism will allow us to survive,” said Musa in remarks carried in The Star and mainstream media. “But I don’t know what’s happening now.”

“I have always been a liberal and a moderate and am proud of it. My family, my parents, my elders brought me up that way, and in my more grown up days since I entered politics.”

He thinks that many Malay leaders were trying to instill fear and a siege mentality in Malays.

“They are also instilling a very serious inferiority complex among the Malays. This is misplaced,” added Musa. “So many Malays are capable, yet every day these groups are saying ‘You are inferior, you need protection’ and ‘Those superior people are attacking or threatening us’.”

Malays, he believes, should not continue to live in fear as they are well-equipped to face challenges and compete with anyone.

Musa’s declaration comes in the wake of a December 8 Open Letter by a Group of 25 Eminent Malays, former high-ranking civil servants.

Musa lauded the efforts of the Group.

“That was a very good symbolic statement made by them in that they triggered thinking, arguments and conversations,” noted Musa. “Then there were the responses (good), which I compliment also because they are not calling names. They are not arguing based on irrationality but arguing on an almost point-by-point basis. This was absent before.”

He deplored the use of racial and religious issues to play to the gallery and win political support. “It reminds us of the run-up to the May 13 race riots in 1969,” he warned.





#MH370 Families, Nine Months On: ‘I Still Have Hope, Maybe 1%’


His mother’s clothes still hang in the wardrobe; no one wants to move them. “We still hope she’ll be back and everything will be just like before,” says Steve Wang. “I still have hope. Maybe 1% – maybe half a per cent – but I still keep the hope.”

More than nine months after Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, the families of the 239 passengers and crew members on board are no closer to knowing what has become of their loved ones.

An analysis of satellite data led Malaysia to conclude in March that the flight had ended in the southern Indian Ocean, with the loss of all lives. Yet a massive search of the seabed has to date failed to find any trace of the wreckage. Still less have the exhaustive coverage and international investigation yielded any clues as to why it disappeared.

“When I lose my iPhone I can use GPS to find it. How can you lose a plane? It seems ridiculous,” says the 25-year-old Beijinger. “If it was a traffic accident or something, and we knew who caused it and knew everything, it would be sad, but not like this. We’re still wondering where they are, what has happened. It’s hard to imagine, if the plane was flying until the next morning, what happened in the last few hours.”

Wang’s 57-year-old mother, whom he prefers not to name, had retired as a chemistry professor and was using her newfound leisure to travel and indulge her love of photography. She was returning from a trip to Nepal when she boarded MH370.

“She likes to take photographs; she likes even small things – a bee, a flower,” he says. “It isn’t fair. She’s kind to everyone; her students, her colleagues. I think most of the people on the plane are nice guys. I don’t know why this happened to them.”

Though Wang at time struggles to keep his composure, he and other relatives are determined to keep talking about the tragedy. “I want to keep this sadness or pain private. But I want other people to keep paying attention to MH370,” he explains. “We are afraid that maybe later people will forget; that’s the thing we’re most afraid of. The search must go on until they find the plane, but if no one cares about it, they’ll have a reason to stop. The investigation takes time, takes money, takes people – but it’s their responsibility to keep it up.”

The confusion and chaos that surrounded the early days of the search, and the continuing mystery of the plane’s disappearance, have left most relatives deeply suspicious about even the limited information they have been offered. “I can’t trust anybody – I can’t trust the Malaysian government; I can’t trust Boeing; I can’t even trust the [satellite] data from Inmarsat – it could be changed or edited,” says Wang.

He does not believe another flight could vanish in the same way after the attention paid to MH370. But he argues that the disappearance raises questions about the industry’s priorities, urging airlines to spend more money on safety rather than entertainment systems.

Despite the families’ anguish, they know they must go on with life, he says: “For the first couple of days I could not sleep, eat, drink, sit. I was ill, maybe not physically, but mentally. But I can’t pass this on to my loved ones, so I have to be strong – I have to look strong, at least.”

Over the months, he has cycled through emotions: “Anger. Maybe disappointment. Sadness – everything.” Now he feels his life is returning to a kind of normality. “It doesn’t mean I don’t love my mum or don’t care about it or want to forget about it, but I want to put it in another place,” he says.

He had not cried since the age of five, but sometimes he finds himself weeping when he is driving and a song comes on. He struggles when he eats his mum’s favourite food; when he goes to a mall where she often shopped. He doesn’t want other people to see, he says.

What he does want them to know is that they should cherish their loved ones while they have them. When he heard this kind of advice in the past, he acknowledges, “I thought, oh, there’s still plenty of time.” Now he recalls all the unfulfilled promises: to take his mother to a favourite restaurant; to go to the US together. “Just take care of everybody,” he adds. “Just be kind.”

-The Guardian





Project fear: Queen’s ‘foreboding’ Scottish independence plea strategically crafted by Whitehall



Downing Street and senior civil servants were so fearful that Scotland’s independence referendum could have sparked the breakup of the UK that they requested the Queen to publicly intervene in the closing days of the campaign, a Whitehall source says.

The intervention by Queen Elizabeth II, 88, was scrupulously crafted by her private secretary and Britain’s chief civil servant, a Guardian report revealed Wednesday.

The delicately worded plea was constructed in the final phase of the Scottish independence campaign, as Downing Street faced what a senior Whitehall source told the paper was a “meltdown.” Fears ran high in Westminster as polls revealed amplifying support for the pro-independence camp, the source said.

Behind-the-scenes discussions between Britain’s Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood and the Queen’s private secretary Sir Christopher Geidt led to the Queen’s rare public plea, the Guardian reports.

Four days prior to the September 18 referendum, the influential Monarch pleaded with Scots to “think very carefully” on their way to the ballot box.

Britain’s cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood (R), and the Queen’s private secretary Sir Christopher Geidt (L) (AFP Photo)

Britain’s cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood (R), and the Queen’s private secretary Sir Christopher Geidt (L) (AFP Photo)


A high-level Whitehall source who spoke exclusively to the paper said the government hoped the tense negotiations that preceded the Queen’s cautionary words would serve as a warning to Scots they faced a decision “filled with foreboding.”

The Whitehall official’s disclosure echoed criticism directed at the British establishment regarding “Project Fear,” as it was dubbed by advocates of Scottish independence.

The strategic project was characterized by a ferocious media campaign, and relentless fearmongering stemming from the City of London and Westminster’s political elite. But few expected its tendrils to infiltrate Buckingham Palace.

As the Scottish independence campaign drew to a close, the Queen’s unusual disclosure came as a surprise to many who noted her mostly impartial 62-year reign.

Referencing the prospect of Scottish independence while addressing a well-wisher after Sunday service near her historic Balmoral estate in northwest Scotland, the Queen said: “Well, I hope people will think very carefully about the future.”

A seamless design

The strategic intervention was concocted by senior civil servants following Prime Minister David Cameron’s growing concerns the pro-independence Yes camp were gaining an ominous degree of ground in the final stretch of the campaign.

As the countdown to the referendum progressed, Whitehall figures allegedly told Buckingham Palace that a few careful words offered by the Queen would help matters.

Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron (RIA Novosti/Sergey Guneev)

Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron (RIA Novosti/Sergey Guneev)


As part of this plan, Geidt and Heywood are thought to have devised the phrase she later uttered. While shrouded in a veil of neutrality, the words ultimately indicate the Queen’s support for the union.

The Guardian’s Whitehall source told the paper the intervention was meticulously calibrated.

“She knew exactly what she was doing, which is, there are two possible responses on the referendum. Either one, you buy into this is a fantastic festival of democracy, or two, you suggest this is a decision filled with foreboding.”

“So by saying I hope people will think carefully you imply the second … Without her taking a side, it cast just the right element of doubt over the nature of the decision.”

Advocates of Scottish independence claim “Project Fear” was a scrupulously designed establishment scheme created to ensure the union remained intact.

Whether the Queen’s intervention was an explicit extension of this pro-union strategy is a matter of conjecture. But the possibility has not been ruled out.

The No campaign’s relentless forecasts of economic peril, dwindling national security, an EU membership in jeopardy, and ruptured NATO relations ultimately overpowered the pro-independence movement’s messages of positivity, hope and empowerment. Many argue “Project Fear” was central to this.

In the wake of a referendum that almost terminated a 307-year-old political union, Westminster still faces many challenges.

The Yes campaign’s vision of Scotland as a Scandinavian-style state characterized by inclusivity, egalitarianism, nuclear disarmament and clean energy has been denounced by critics as utopian. However, an appetite for independence remains rife across many parts of Scotland and is unlikely to wane.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on Geidt and Heywood’s alleged discussions concerning the Queen’s intervention.

A Cabinet Office spokeswoman also declined to comment, emphasizing the body does not publicly discuss correspondence “between the Queen’s private secretary and civil servants.”




Malaysia – The Umno-Baruputra Malay versus the ordinary Malay

Rebuilding Malaysia

by Mariam Mokhtar

baruputraIt is impossible to know what the hundreds of thousands of Malays truly want in the way of political reform. Most are reticent about presenting their real views. Others cannot articulate what they want without being emotional or illogical.

After being brainwashed by the likes of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad and other extremists, most Malays have no clue what constitutes a real democracy.

All they know is that they do not want to lose their exalted position.

When Mahathir warned the Malays that they would “lose their power” if Pakatan Rakyat were to come to power, he also labeled Pakatan leaders a bunch of self-serving, racist politicians.

The Malays were the target of Umno-Baru brainwashing. For the past 57 years, Umno-Baru frightened these Malays and then demoralised them.

They told the Malays that to vote Pakatan meant Malaysia would be “sold to the highest bidder”. In the opinion of the Ketuanan Melayu brigade, Malaysia would be sold to the Chinese.

Mahathir told the Malays that the nation should be rightfully called Tanah Melayu, that the Malay is “tuan” and that the constitution accords Malays “special rights and privileges”.

It is all about power. By exercising control over the Malay mind, the power is Umno-Baru’s.

It doesn’t matter if the message is from Mahathir, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, his deputy Muhyiddin Yassin, the Home Minister Zahid Hamidi or Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa.

Malays are kept in a hopeless and continually pessimistic state. The ministers give the Malay populace a low quality education but they send their own children overseas to be educated.

The policy of placing the Malay language at the forefront of education in the 1970s was ostensibly designed to unite the peoples of Malaysia, but also to control the access to thought and information of the Malay.

By placing limits to learning another language well, the government effectively blinkered the mind of the Malay so that it would become insular and regressive. How many Malay books or publications challenge the intellect or expand the mind?

Local Malays are told about the evils of Western democracy. They are not taught to be critical or think creatively. They are kept in the Felda settlements or rural areas as vote banks. Government and blue-collar jobs are easily theirs.

The only reason Umno-Baru wants to perpetuate the NEP is to benefit themselves. Najib may claim there is 1Malaysia, but in reality, there are 2Malays – the Umno-Baruputra Malay and the ordinary Malay who make up the rakyat.

How convenient then to attack the non-Malay as the root cause of the poverty and problems inflicting the majority of Malays.

Children of the Umno-Baru warlords may have access to superb education, but many of these children turned feral because this is what easy money from their parents’ corrupt lifestyle, does to them. Malay kids grow up to treat mat rempits as heroes or bully non-Malay children. This is the mindset moulded by Mahathir

The Umno-Baruputra adult goes drinking either in the KL clubs or abroad. He plays poker in his home with members of the judiciary or the police. He frequents casinos, for all night gambling sessions, when he is overseas.

At home, in Malaysia, he is the typical, hypocritical sanctimonious Malay/Muslim.

He toys around with women without getting into trouble whilst his lowly cousin, the ordinary Malay, is an easy target for the moral police. The ordinary Malay risks his life hiding from the khalwat squads by clinging onto ledges on high-rise buildings. If he is caught, he is fined, jailed and flogged.

In addition, can the ordinary Malay obtain licenses for big business? Can he buy expensive homes with big discounts? Will he have money to buy the shares that are allocated to Malays?

The answer to all the above is probably “no”.

How realistic is it for the ordinary Malay member of the rakyat to attempt to secure big projects worth several million ringgits?

Most of the small tenders (RM 500K-1 million or below) are transparent enough. However, there is no point in even trying for the “big ones”, without political clout.

In 2011, the advertising agency behind the award-winning “Malaysia, Truly Asia” tourism campaign claimed that it withdrew a bid to renew its contract with the Tourism Ministry after being asked for bribes in exchange for the deal.

That is a serious allegation and sadly it is a true reflection of what happens in government tenders.

Malay friends of mine have found so many abuses in the tender system that they too, shun government contracts. Bribes are openly sought especially for the tenders worth millions of ringgits.

There is no point trying for tenders up to RM1 million as the people who will get them have already been selected. The ministry goes through the pretence of calling a meeting to ‘discuss’ tender requirements. It is all just a sham.

For tenders worth under RM10,000, a donation of a few thousand ringgits, to the ministry’s “sports” body is often a requirement.

A friend who successfully won a bid to supply goods (worth up to RM80,000) to a ministry, was asked to discuss the finer details over lunch and was instructed to meet at a restaurant in KL. My colleague and his assistant ordered the set lunch at RM20 each.

The three people from the ministry ordered the most expensive items on the menu which cost RM250 each. The bill for a “supposed” work-lunch was RM800. And there was no discussion.

Perhaps this is where the junior officials cut their corrupt teeth before they progress to the bigger contracts where they fleece unsuspecting companies for bigger and more expensive items, and not just a lobster thermidor lunch.

Is this what Najib and Mahathir are proud of – a corruption of the Malay race where there are no morals, no pride and even less self-respect?




Dots to Disclosure – Torture report, MSM complicity, Cosby allegations, Guantanamo Bay and Vatican.

…if one thinks that change is not afoot, well…here are snippets of news ongoing on the planet. The dots are connected, and the Wind of Change is well well on the way…

…The official release of the torture report is extremely significant, and shows a massive sign of progress. The statement by Lagarde about the IMF seeking an alternative to US stonewalling the implementation of the new financial system (which is now a certainty with a Republican-controlled Congress) is also very significant. Also the drop in oil prices is overwhelmingly unexpected. – David Wilcock [Kauilapele]

The part about the Cosby story that people aren’t talking about yet is media complicity.- David Wilcock

benThe 500 page report of Bush era torture issued by the US Senate marks a major turning point in US power. While much of what is in the report is old news to most aware humans, the fact that it was issued by the US Senate Intelligence Committee and the fact that it was widely reported on in the corporate propaganda media is very important. For one thing it shows that Nazi faction of the cabal no longer controls the corporate media. It confirms information given to me earlier that the Cohen faction of the cabal had broken ranks with the Bush faction.

Even more important is that, according to establishment rules, once an incident is “in the news” then action must be taken. Since the United States is a signatory to the Geneva Conventions, it means their government is bound by law to prosecute war criminals. This means, just as we predicted last week, that George Bush Jr. and the entire Nazi (Neo-con) faction of the cabal, are headed for jail and possibly even the death penalty.

The release of this report comes as the British Crown Prince William was in Washington to “attend a World Bank conference.” Japanese government sources say that while in Washington, William signed treaties… – Benjamin Fulford

British intelligence officials want access to the non-public information and redacted items in the Senate’s CIA torture report. Malcolm Rifkind, chairman of the British parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, said he would request any of the torture report findings that are related to Britain. When asked on BBC radio if he thought he’d receive the intelligence, he responded “I do not say I would be confident.” Read more


While much of the world is still reeling from the disclosures contained in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report released last week, more damning evidence about the treatment of detainees could soon make its away to the surface.

According to recent reports, a federal judge in New York City is expected to hear from the United States government’s attorneys this week about why a cache of classified photographs shouldn’t see the light of the day. Read more


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (R) tours a section of the Vatican (Reuters / Pablo Martinez Monsivais / Pool)


President Barack Obama’s goal of closing the Guantanamo Bay prison complex in Cuba has met heavy resistance from lawmakers in Washington, and now the White House is turning to a higher authority for help: the Vatican.

During an hour-long meeting with Cardinal Pietro Parolin on Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry asked the Vatican to help the United States find “adequate humanitarian solutions” for inmates currently being held at Guantanamo. Pope Francis himself has stressed that all prisoners should be treated humanely and with dignity.


Navigating the opaque world of main stream media, it can be easy to get lost in the fray. With that in mind, RT offers part one of its roadmap to the major MSM players to help viewers see the final destination that each has in store for its viewers. Read more





War criminal George W. Bush cancels visit to Swiss charity gala over fears he could be arrested on torture charges

Mail Online logo


Change of plan: George W. Bush has cancelled a visit to Geneva for a charity gala over fears he could be arrested on torture charges

Former U.S. President George W. Bush has cancelled a visit to Switzerland over fears he could have been arrested on torture charges.

Mr Bush was due to be the keynote speaker at a Jewish charity gala in Geneva on February 12.

But pressure has been building on the Swiss government to arrest him and open a criminal investigation if he enters the country.

Criminal complaints against Mr Bush alleging torture have been lodged in Geneva, court officials said.

Human rights groups said they had intended to submit a 2,500-page case against him in the Swiss city tomorrow for alleged mistreatment of suspected militants at Guantanamo Bay.

Left-wing groups have also called for a protest on the day of his visit, leading organisers at Keren Hayesod’s annual dinner to cancel Mr Bush’s participation on security grounds.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch and International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) said the cancellation was linked to growing moves told him accountable for the use of torture, including waterboarding.

He had admitted in his memoirs and TV interviews to ordering the use of the interrogation technique which simulates drowning.

Reed Brody, a lawyer for Human Rights Watch, said: ‘He’s avoiding the handcuffs.’

Protest: Mr Bush was due to be keynote speaker at Keren Hayesod's annual charity dinner, but organisers pulled out over security concerns

Protest: Mr Bush was due to be keynote speaker at Keren Hayesod’s annual charity dinner, but organisers pulled out over security concerns


The action in Switzerland showed Mr Bush had reason to fear legal complaints against him if he travelled to countries that have ratified an international treaty banning torture, he said.

Mr Brody is a U.S.-trained lawyer who specialises in pursuing war crimes, including Chile’s late dictator Augusto Pinochet and Chad’s ousted president Hissene Habre.

Bush 2

Admission: Mr Bush defended the use of waterboarding in his memoir ‘Decision Points’ as key at avoiding a repeat of the September 11 attacks

Habre has been charged by Belgium with crimes against humanity and torture and is currently exiled in Senegal.

He said: ‘President Bush has admitted ordering waterboarding which everyone considers to be a form of torture under international law.

‘Under the Convention on Torture, authorities would have been obliged to open an investigation and either prosecute or extradite George Bush.’

Swiss judicial officials have said that the former president would still enjoy a certain diplomatic immunity as a former head of state.

Dominique Baettig, a member of the Swiss parliament from the People’s Party, wrote to the Swiss federal government last week calling for his arrest if he came to the neutral country.

In his ‘Decision Points’ memoirs, Mr Bush strongly defended the use of waterboarding as key to preventing a repeat of the September 11 attacks on the U.S.

Most human rights experts consider the practice a form of torture, banned by the Convention on Torture.

Switzerland and the U.S. are among 147 countries that have ratified the 1987 treaty.

Bush is also facing arrest after convicted of war crimes by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal




Malaysia: An Exclusive Club which no one wants to join – Mariam Mokhtar

by Mariam Mokhtar
sedition act
Some Malaysian women don’t mind being wife number two, three or four (or even a mistress), provided hubby provides a bungalow, two cars, a monthly allowance, overseas holidays and club membership.Yesterday, I celebrated the first anniversary of a special relationship with a man. He is a Tan Sri, an Umno-Baru man and very powerful. He probably thinks I am ‘a good catch’. He has promised me membership to an exclusive club, for which membership cannot be bought! You may know this man. He is IGP Khalid Abu Bakar. The exclusive club he mentioned is the Sedition Club of Malaysia.

This time last year, Khalid accused me of writing a “highly seditious” article called ‘One Ideology, Two Reactions’ which I have posted on my website ‘Rebuilding Malaysia’ ( Khalid should re-read the article. I am not responsible for his poor understanding of English.If Khalid wants to apportion blame, criticise the Education Ministry for Malaysia’s bog standard education. Today, Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin could make a change, but appears reluctant.

Under Najib’s orders, Khalid apprehended ordinary members of the rakyat and detained them under the Sedition Act. Umno-Baru is on borrowed time. Anyone who shows dissent will be forced to join this exclusive club.

The message in my write-up was simple, and to save time, Khalid could have engaged the services of a competent translator. A good one charges between RM200 and RM400 for a one-thousand word article, and he could pass the bill to the government. Other ministers allegedly charge hundreds of millions of ringgit, for less worthy causes.

Here are seven reasons why Khalid is wrong to suggest that the article was seditious.

First. I am a co-lum-nist, not a com-mu-nist. Three letters of the alphabet make all the difference. It is not that difficult to understand.

Second. My article ‘One Ideology, Two Reactions’ was a comparative study of two people. I did not praise the communists or communism.

Third. The article questioned the counselling which was promised to Aishah (the Malay woman in the article) but was denied the Penan victims of rape. Both are bumiputeras, but two standards of care were displayed.

Fourth. My observation was that the Malaysian government was trying to act like a ‘hero’, and be seen as the saviour of the lost Malay girl who had embraced communism in London. This “offer” of help was done primarily to show the Malay community that Umno-Baru leaders wanted to give Aishah a grand homecoming and rehabilitation. In other words, make a freak show out of her, parade her as a reformed person.

Fifth. The Metropolitan Police had not leaked the name of the Malaysian girl when the story was first published. Malaysian Ministers tripped over themselves with offers to help. Khalid had released her name to milk as much publicity as he could.

Sixth. Aishah gave them the two-finger salute and told everyone to leave her alone.

Seventh. With mud in his eye, Khalid chose to warn me at a press conference about my “highly seditious” article.

The moral of the story is never to use others as scapegoats for your own failures.Talking about education, Najib Abdul Razak studied at Malvern College. His former school is probably wondering what went wrong with its former pupil. Some teachers are probably saying, “I predicted this, when I wrote his school report.”

We should not blame the British schools and universities. They are hard up for funding and take in foreigners because of the higher fees they have to pay. In England, as in Malaysia, money talks.

Khairy Jamaluddin is a product of Oxford University. One would have thought that his privileged education would have been put to good use, for the benefit of the country. Yesterday, he proved all of us wrong. Extremism appears to be a skill he is adept at.

Sedition is hanging like a dark cloud over Malaysia. If you happen to receive a knock on the door at midnight, take your cue from Zunar the cartoonist. Only give your name, address and IC number, and only speak in the presence of your lawyer.

When Zunar refused to answer any questions, the police had a fit of pique, and decided to target the people who bought his books instead. Invading people’s privacy should not be at the top of the police’s list of priorities. The police are trying to kill off Zunar’s livelihood and harass the rakyat.

Khalid should stop being a lapdog for Umno-Baru. Instead of deciding the next candidate for membership of this club, he should focus on solving crime.

The real reason behind the upsurge in sedition charges is fear. Najib’s incompetent government is losing its grip on the populace. It is afraid. Najib is frightened. Losing power will mean jail, when Pakatan gets to Putrajaya, and Najib and other alleged criminals are prosecuted.

Najib can buy a little time with this simple cure – just listen to the needs of the rakyat! Unfortunately, the smell of fear makes it difficult for the government to think straight.

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Learn to Enjoy Being Alone

10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Learn to Enjoy Being Alone


by Tony Robinson

Some people think of “being alone” as a bad thing. It either means you’re anti-social, or unwanted, neither of which are a good position to be in.

But actually, being alone isn’t’ necessarily a bad thing, as there are a handful of benefits that emerge once you learn to embrace solitude.

I’m not advocating you go all Tom Hanks in Cast Away, because no one can argue the benefits, and the joys, that come along with fulfilling relationships with other people.

But I am saying that once you learn to enjoy being alone, you’re going to grow as a person.

Below are ten amazing things that will happen in your life when you start to enjoy being alone.

1. You’ll get to recharge.

Often times when we’re surrounded by other people, we’re expending a lot of energy. Trying to keep others happy, make them laugh, soothe their egos, read their emotions, and all of the other rigors that come along with regular interaction.

It can be mentally draining if you’re constantly connected to other people. A little alone time lets you recharge and take a break from the emotionally and mentally taxing job of constant interaction.

2. You’ll reflect more often.

Your life is always moving at a crazy fast pace. So fast in fact, that it’s probably rare when you have a moment alone to sit and reflect on your life.

Being alone gives you the perfect opportunity for a little self reflection. Since you aren’t spending so much time processing the thoughts and feelings of others, it’s the best time to turn your focus inwards.

Solitude provides the perfect environment for reflection.

3. You’ll get in touch with your own emotions.

Again, when you’re surrounded by other people all the time, you’re constantly trying to read, and cater to, the other persons’s emotions. So much so, that you could end up losing touch with your own.

When you start to enjoy being alone, you’ll gain a greater perspective for your own emotions. You’ll create a deeper understanding of what makes you happy, what upsets you, and what saddens you.

With that knowledge, it’s then easier to regulate your emotions. But it all starts with understanding how you feel, and that comes from a little bit of solitude.

4. You’ll start doing things you actually enjoy.

When you’re constantly in the company of other people, you’re always making compromises in order to find solutions that the entire group can enjoy. And unfortunately, the things you want most, may not always line up with what the group wants.

So it’s easy to enjoy being alone once you realize that doing so gives you more freedom to do the things you actually want to do.

5. You’ll become more productive.

Being in the company of other people can be fun and entertaining, but it can also seriously affect your productivity. There are times when the company of other people acts as nothing more than a distraction from getting your work done.

Time spent alone can be some of the most productive time in your life—mostly because there are less distractions, and you can just put your head down and get to work.

6. You’ll enjoy your relationships even more.

When you spend time alone on a regular basis, and eventually start to enjoy being alone, you’ll come to find that you also enjoy your relationships with other people even more.

And that’s because the time spent alone gives you a greater appreciation for yourself.

But it also let’s you appreciate all the great things that come from your relationships with other people, most of which you were oblivious to before.

7. You’ll feel more independent.

Once you enjoy being alone, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to actually be alone. And that naturally leads to you feeling more independent.

You’ll no longer feel that anxiety, or burning desire for company, once you learn to enjoy being alone. You won’t feel the need for constant interaction with other people, or the anxiety associated with looking around and seeing no one but yourself.

8. You’ll get a break from constantly trying to keep other people happy.

Life is filled with relationships, and most relationships only last when both people are kept happy. And that can turn into a draining job depending who that relationship is with. Now, this does’t only apply to personal relationships, but every kind of relationship.

Once you’re alone, the only person’s happiness you have to worry about in that moment, is your own. You can treat yourself to thing that makes you happy, but may have upset someone else.

9. You won’t have to apologize for anything.

When you start to enjoy being alone, you’ll quickly see that solitude means you don’t have to keep apologizing for what you’ve done. So often, we do things that end up upsetting other people, or hurting someone else’s feelings, and then have to quickly apologize for it.

But when you’re alone, you don’t have to apologize for anything. And that takes a lot of pressure out of most situations. You get to stop second guessing everything you say, or every move you make because you’re afraid someone is going to be offended, or saddened, and angered.

10. You’ll stop looking for validation.

So often we feel we the need to get the “OK” from our friends and family before we take action. We constantly look to other people for advice on what we should do next.

Of course, there are times where it’s not only perfectly acceptable to ask for advice, but downright necessary. But there are also times where we’re perfectly capable of acting on our own, be we instead of looking to others for an answer.

When you start to spend more time alone, you’ll learn to trust your instincts and make decisions without any third party validation.




Thinkers Who Challenged the State

Mises Institute

December 13, 2014
lock and chainThis essay is adapted from David Gordon’s talk at the Costa Mesa Mises Circle. Click here to register for January’s Houston Mises Circle.

I’m glad to see so many people here who are open-minded to the notion of society without the state. Unfortunately, some people aren’t like you. These people will read about how bad the government is and may come to the conclusion that the government should be limited. But they reject out of hand the idea that we could do without the state altogether. They put one in mind of the man who read so much about how bad smoking is for your health that he gave up reading.

In a short talk, I can’t offer a comprehensive history of thought about society without the state. Instead, I will concentrate on a few highlights. I’d like to begin with what seems to me a curious paradox in the history of political thought. If you ask people today about society without the state, they will often respond, “it’s a nice idea, but it just wouldn’t work. It would be great if we could rely on peaceful cooperation to solve our problems, but it is unrealistic to think this is possible. We can’t get along without the state.”

The paradox that I mentioned is this: In ancient political thought, we sometimes find the opposite of this reaction: anarchism could work, but it wouldn’t be a good idea. Book II of Plato’s Republic, for example, describes a small society of people who produce goods and exchange what they produce with others. But this society is described in unflattering terms as the “City of Pigs.” The main problem with it is that people might get too greedy. We need a special guardian class to rein people in. With their superior reason, the guardians will prevent people from being dominated by their undue desire for wealth.

Aristotle and Plato often don’t agree, but in Book 1 of the Politics, Aristotle also describes a society that functions without a state. He talks about families who unite into a community for production and exchange. Like Plato, Aristotle doesn’t want to stop there. But unlike Plato, who says that we need the state to prevent people from getting out of hand, Aristotle has a different reason for bringing in the state. He says that the highest life for most people is to engage in public deliberation about the affairs of the city. The association of families engaged in production must be capped by a political regime, in which public deliberation can take place. He has a famous sentence about this: “man is a political animal.” Actually political deliberation isn’t the highest life absolutely. The highest life is the life of the philosopher, but this is available only to a few. For most people, political deliberation in the city is essential to the good life, and a community based on economic interest won’t provide this.

There were thinkers in antiquity who, unlike Plato and Aristotle, rejected the state. For example, the third century Stoic philosopher, Zeno of Citium, wrote an anti-statist book that is usually referred to as Zeno’s Republic. Unfortunately, the book hasn’t survived, and we know about what was in it only through quotations from others. But, once more, what I want to stress is that for Plato and Aristotle, anarchism might work, but it wouldn’t be a good idea.

I want to jump from Plato and Aristotle to a much later writer. I’m omitting all discussion of the Middle Ages and Renaissance: as I said before, this talk is not intended as a historical survey. The thinker I want to discuss is the great French classical liberal Frédéric Bastiat (1801–1850), who wrote a pamphlet, The Law, that was published in June, 1850, the year of his death. By the way, this book made a great impression on me when I read it in junior high more than fifty years ago, and it continues to impress me. Bastiat challenged the fundamental assumption behind the rejection of anarchism in ancient political thought. This is the notion that we need to have a class above the mass of the people, who need to be molded by those of superior wisdom. This is clear in Plato, with his class of guardians; but even in Aristotle, the citizens who deliberate on the good of the city rule over those in the city who aren’t citizens. Bastiat asked, why should we assume this? Where did the supposed superior class get its “wisdom” and what gives this class the right to rule over the rest of us?

Bastiat raised a point that could be taken in an anarchist direction, although he didn’t apply it that way himself: If we start with the premise that each person has the rights to life, liberty, and property, then any power that the state has can come only if people agree to give it this power. The crucial point Bastiat makes is that even if people agree to establish a state, it cannot acquire new rights that individuals don’t have. The state couldn’t acquire additional rights. The anarchist implication of this point is that if individuals don’t have the right to monopolize protective services in a given territory, neither does the state. The road to anarchism is clear.

Bastiat’s argument destroys the intellectual basis of the state. We don’t need to have a superior group of the wise rule over us, and such a group has no right to do so. But if we accept this argument, we then have to face the question: why do states exist?

I want to mention two thinkers who help us answer this question, Franz Oppenheimer (1863–1943) and his disciple Albert Jay Nock (1870–1945). Oppenheimer was a German sociologist who went into exile after Hitler came to power in 1933. He taught in the United States and died in Los Angeles, not very far away from where we are now. He wrote The State, which was published in 1908 and translated into English in 1915. Nock wrote Our Enemy the State in 1935.

Oppenheimer and Nock said that there were two ways to acquire wealth; one was peaceful production and trade. This they called the economic means. Unfortunately, there is another way as well to get wealth. This is to seize wealth from those who have produced it. They called this the political means. They define the state as the organization of the political means. On this view, the state is a predatory organization, a gang of robbers.

This is a very interesting theory, but how do we know it’s true? History isn’t an a priori discipline. We can’t deduce just by using logic that certain particular events had to occur. The only way to show that Oppenheimer and Nock were on the right track is through historical investigation.

This is just what Oppenheimer and Nock did: they provided historical examples to support their theory of the state.Oppenheimer made a careful study of anthropological literature. Every state he was able to find described in this literature began as a predatory group. He went through the ancient world as well, and carried his study through the Middle Ages down to his own time. The state always was predatory.

Nock in his book summarized Oppenheimer’s theory and applied it to American history. The American state, like all others, was predatory. Nock strongly supported the view of Charles A. Beard, in his famous book An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States (1913). According to Beard, the Constitution was written to advance the economic interests of a particular group of wealthy people. The American state was a predatory gang, just like all other states.

I want to make one point about the logical structure of Oppenheimer and Nock’s argument. When I discussed this argument in one of my online courses for the Mises Academy, a student raised an objection. He asked, haven’t there been historical examples of stateless societies? He was right: there certainly have been, but this doesn’t refute Oppenheimer and Nock. Their thesis is that every state is predatory. To refute this, you need to come up with a state that wasn’t predatory. It isn’t part of their thesis that every society has a state. Examples of societies without a state would be welcome news to Oppenheimer and Nock, because this would give us some reason to think that we could get along without a state as well.

Bastiat challenged the ancient teaching that people needed to be ruled by a superior elite. Oppenheimer and Nock showed that the state is a gang of robbers. The views of these thinkers are very helpful in combating what Nietzsche calls “that coldest of all cold monsters, the state.”


There is no such thing as a Do-Good State




Bring #MH17 debris back to Malaysia – Dr. Mahathir


MahathirKUALA LUMPUR: The debris of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Flight  MH17 should be brought back to Malaysia as it rightfully belongs to the national carrier, said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.He said, by right, Malaysia should be the one leading the investigation team on the tragedy, adding that the responsibility must be held by Malaysia because it was this country which is currently being sued by relatives of the victims.

“The aircraft belongs to Malaysia and the pilots, staff and quite a number of the passengers were Malaysians. Yet it seems that Malaysia is only grudgingly permitted to participate in the examination of the wrecks recovered. And they are not even brought back to Malaysia.

“Granted the highest number of the passengers who lost their lives were Dutch. But under what law is the aircraft the property of the Dutch?” Dr Mahathir asked in his latest blog posting titled ‘MH17’.

Malaysia, was the last country permitted by the Dutch National Public Prosecutor’s Office on Nov 28 to participate in the MH17 Joint Investigation Team, joining Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and Ukraine.

It was speculated earlier that Malaysia’s entrance into the investigation team was denied since Putrajaya had refused to point fingers at either Russia or Ukraine for being responsible for the tragedy without any concrete evidence.

Meanwhile, Dr Mahathir also questioned the relevance of the MH17’s black boxes being under the custody of the Dutch and British governments.

“As far as I know the black box (Cockpit Voice Recorder) contains a tape or electronic recording of the conversations and sounds some minutes before the crash. Can it be that Malaysians have no capacity to hear the records even? Are only the Dutch and the British capable of doing this?.

“Malaysia seems unduly grateful for being allowed to participate in examining the wreckage in Holland. What is there to be grateful for?” he asked further.

The Boeing 777-200ER aircraft was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17 as it was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

All 298 passengers and crew, including 44 Malaysians, were killed.




A short update on the energies

“Know simply that everything that happens now, does so for a reason, and the reason is all about completing everything that needs to be completed in the short time remaining before take off is announced.”

aisha north

The times they are a’changing, and for so many of you, these are no longer words devoid of meaning. For not only the time, but everything about you has started to change now at such a rapid rate, you would be hard pressed to keep up with it all. So again we say that no matter what happens in this upcoming period, try not to try at all when it comes to hanging on. In other words, allow the flow – or perhaps we should use the word flood – to take you with it, for the more you resist the harder the pressure will become. So once again the optimum option is to desist resisting and to allow the magic to unfold at its designated pace, no matter how fast paced it may be. And believe us when we say that at times, everything around you and indeed about…

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Benjamin Fulford Update – Dec. 8th, 2014

bfThe satanic cabal is suffering a series of catastrophic defeats. Like a snowball gradually turning larger, the removal of a few cabalists is now turning into an avalanche of losses for the cabal. The removal of Pope Maledict and the abdication of a several European royals is now being followed with the removal of key cabal power brokers in the United States.

The low IQ, and easy to manipulate, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has been replaced with Ashton Carter, a polymath with a PHD in theoretical physics. Under cabal rule, meritocrats like Carter ran into a glass ceiling. The fact that such a man is now in the top post is a good sign but, Carter will have to show with his actions that he is on the right side. The early omens are good. The US military industrial complex is out to oust mass murdering psychopath Benyamin Netanyahu had have already managed to overthrow his government. The evidence presented in a British court that Netanyahu was one of the key planners of the 311 tsunami and nuclear mass murder attack was a key reason for his loss of support inside the military industrial complex as well as in the Israeli government, Mossad sources say.

As soon as the US move to oust Netanyahu was reported in Israeli newspapers, US President Barack Obama was sent to a top military hospital for “acid reflux.” MI5 sources say it was likely he was poisoned by people close to Netanyahu. What the people close to Netanyahu fail to realize is that even if they had killed Obama it would have made no difference because he is just a spokesperson for the military industrial complex. The military industrial complex has a lot more men with guns than the cabal could ever dream of defeating even with their usual tool of targeted assassinations.

The other big sign that it is not business as usual in Washington is the fact the US Congress passed legislation that amounted to a declaration of war against Russia

but this was ignored by both the military and the media. It means the cabal-bribed fools in Congress have been removed from any real power.

The next thing the Joint Chiefs of Staff must do is to start rounding up and putting in jail the members of murderous Bush clan, starting with George Bush Sr.

In China as well, there was a very big move last week with the arrest of former top Security Chief Zhou Yongkang.

According to Chinese government sources, the removal of Zhou was part of an ongoing purge of Maoists. Mao was a cabal stooge who took his orders from Nazionists. Take a look at the pictures near the bottom of this link to see some of Mao’s handlers.

The Chinese say that the removal of Zhou, following the removal last year of politburo heavyweight Bo Xilai, is aimed at purging all cabal influence from China’s power structure. Zhou was close to the Bush clan, the sources say.

There have also been some very interesting developments in Japan. The government of Shinzo Abe and the Bank of Japan have been caught laundering stolen gold, according to Japanese right wing sources.

Gold stolen from the IMF (2800 tons), from Germany (370 tons), from the Ukraine (42 tons) from South Africa (300 tons)

etc. is apparently being sold to the Bank of Japan and the money produced is being laundered to top cabalists via the Japanese stock market. Take a look at this chart

and note the Nikkei stock index started moving in exact (but reverse) tandem with the gold price immediately after Abe took power. Gold is sold, the price falls and then, slightly later, Nikkei is bought and the stock index rises. The money is then sent overseas and the Japanese yen falls. Remember Abe was put in power via an election stolen using Musashi Engineering vote counting machines. A paper trail of ownership of Musashi led to the Rockefeller controlled Council on Foreign Relations. Japan’s listed companies are all under effective control of cabalists like the Rockefellers, Bushes and Rothschilds so we can see that so-called Abenomics is just a giant cabal money laundering operation. Japan’s GDP is plunging (annualized minus 7.1% in the second quarter and minus 1.9% in the third quarter) because Japan is being looted to keep the cabal from bankruptcy.

Abe is now being told he will have to resign after the coming election even if his party wins, the right wingers say. No decision has been made yet over who will succeed him, the sources say. However, the new regime will be fundamentally different and the looting of Japan will be stopped, they promise.

A back of the envelope calculation shows that if the Japanese took back the shares illegally acquired by cabalists, there would be enough money to give the yen equivalent of $100,000 to each man woman and child in Japan. If the Americans did the same thing an even bigger bonanza would be possible in the US too.

There was also a major geopolitical tectonic plate shift in the Middle East last week when Turkey and Russia announced a gas pipeline would be built through the Black Sea connecting these two countries. There was also a major nuclear power deal announced. What this means is that a NATO member country, with the most powerful military in the Middle East, just broke ranks with the cabal. The Turks are also on very friendly terms with the Iranians.

The gulf oil monarchies and Israel are now circling the wagons and making their secret alliance not so secret but, that will not save them.

The Anglo Saxon military industrial complex is going to ally itself with the Russians, Turks and Iranians to help create a moderate Sufi based Muslim confederation in order to put a permanent end to the Saudi financed Salafist extremists. The new Israeli government due to take power in March of next year will have to come to terms with this in order to attain true peace in the Middle East.

Finally, take note of the fact that somebody has given new marching orders to UN head (and cabal stooge) Ban Ki Moon. He is now saying the UN’s new agenda involves “ending poverty, achieving shared prosperity and protecting our planet.”

This is exactly what the awakening citizens of the planet have been asking for. It is finally happening.




Malaysia summons US envoy over rights criticism



Malaysia has summoned the US ambassador after both he and US Vice President Joe Biden questioned a government decision to retain and strengthen a controversial law limiting free speech, despite earlier pledging to abolish it.

US envoy Joseph Yun was summoned Wednesday, the foreign ministry said, following his comments on the Sedition Act, which Prime Minister Najib Razak promised in 2012 would be binned.

US embassy

The US Embassy In Kuala Lumpur


Under intense pressure from ruling-party conservatives, however, Najib sparked an outcry late last month by saying it would be retained and even broadened.

The law is used overwhelmingly against opposition politicians and other regime critics.

“Malaysia is disappointed that the US Ambassador has chosen to highlight his unwarranted comments on the decisions of the government,” the ministry said in a statement late Wednesday.

“Malaysia calls on the US government to respect the internal affairs of the country.”

Yun told a Malaysian news portal in an interview this week that the United States was “a little bit puzzled” by the reversal, saying Washington was “clearly paying attention to it”.

The United States and Malaysia are seeking to bolster already solid ties, but Biden tweeted last week that the Malaysian government’s use of the “legal system & Sedition Act to stifle opposition raises rule of law concerns”.

Critics accuse Malaysia’s ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) of the calculated use of sedition charges to cripple the opposition, whose unprecedented recent electoral gains have shaken UMNO’s 57-year hold on power.

The British colonial-era law bans speech deemed to incite unrest, racial or religious tensions, or insult Muslim-majority Malaysia’s ceremonial Islamic royalty. It carries a jail term of up to three years.

Rights groups say the law allows virtually anything to be declared seditious, and have harshly criticised recent cases. Around three dozen people have been investigated, charged or convicted for sedition this year.

The embassy in October criticised the clampdown as threatening “rule of law and human rights”.

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Malaysia – ‘We are secular, not Islamic’



Despite growing talks of a federalised Syariah Court, Malaysia is still a secular state, says former chairperson of the Bar Council Kuthubul Zaman Bukhari.

Speaking at the Human Rights Day 2014 public forum last night in Petaling Jaya, he said, “As far as I am concerned, this country is governed by a secular constitution and not an Islamic constitution.”


Kuthubul (above) was responding to a question on whether Malaysia would, in future, be governed by civil or syariah law.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom had said last month that the government is contemplating establishing a Federal Syariah Court.

This will be a tribunal that will bear similar powers to those of the Federal Court.

Also present at the forum was Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, CEO of Global Movement of Moderates.

‘Need to uphold current constitution’

While Saifuddin expressed his wish to see a 100-percent Islamic constitution, he also admitted that the constitution is secular and problems might arise if it behaved as if “it is an Islamic constitution”.

ambigaFormer Bar Council president Datuk S Ambiga (left), who was also present, stressed the need to make do with the constitution without destroying the fundamentals on which it was built.

When asked to comment on the PM’s decision to retain the Sedition Act, Saifuddin proposed that provisions of the Harmony Act be adopted by the new Sedition Act, which he ventures will “probably make it better”.

From the perspective of the United Nations, Resident Coordinator for Malaysia Michelle Gyles-McDonnough said that the Act restricts the rakyat’s freedom of expression and the UN will continue to keep a watchful eye on the matter.




Russian billionaire’s act of kindness


Russian billionaire buys Nobel medal of ostracized DNA scientist… to hand it back

Nobel prize

This image released by the Christie’s auction house in New York, shows the Nobel Prize medal auctioned by Christie’s on December 3, 2014.(AFP Photo / Christie’s Images)


Russia’s richest man Alisher Usmanov has bought the auctioned Nobel Prize medal of publicly-shunned American geneticist James Watson. He says he plans to return the medal to its owner.

READ MORE: ‘I am an unperson’: ‘Racist’ DNA discoverer forced to sell Nobel Prize medal

Usmanov’s bid of $4.1 million won the medal at the auction, USM Holdings group, of which the billionaire is the largest shareholder, said on Tuesday.

“In my opinion, a situation in which an outstanding scientist sells a medal recognizing his achievements is unacceptable,” Usmanov said in the statement. “Dr. Watson’s work contributed to cancer research, the illness from which my father died. It is important for me that the money that I spent on this medal will go to supporting scientific research, and the medal will stay with the person who deserved it.”

The auction took place on December 4 at Christie’s in New York.

The medal was awarded to Watson in 1962 for discovering the structure of DNA. However, the scientist claims he was forced to auction off the prize after being ostracized for seven years, following his public comments about black African IQ in 2007, which were widely deemed racist.


American geneticist James Dewey Watson (AFP Photo)


In October 2007, Watson told the Sunday Times in an interview that he was “gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours, whereas all the testing says not really.”

Since then, Watson has not been invited to give public lectures.

“Because I was an ‘unperson’ I was fired from the boards of companies, so I have no income, apart from my academic income,” he explained before auctioning off his Nobel Prize.

Watson said he had plans to donate some of the proceeds of the sale of the medal to the “institutions that have looked after me,” including the Universities of Chicago and Cambridge.

Usmanov is worth $15.8 billion, according to Forbes magazine. He is also a major shareholder in Arsenal Football Club. The Sunday Times named him the second-richest man in Britain in 2014.


Alisher Usmanov. (Reuters/Maxim Shemetov)





Netherlands rejects #MH17 relatives’ request for UN investigation


MH17 wreakage

Trucks carrying wreckage from Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 arrive at a Dutch airforce base in the southern town of Gilze-Rijen December 9, 2014. (Reuters/Michael Kooren)


The Netherlands has rejected a demand to allow the UN to replace Dutch experts at the helm of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 investigation. The proposal was made by relatives of the plane’s passengers.

The law firm that represents 20 relatives from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and the US filed a letter request for “the UN to appoint a special envoy to take over” the inquiries on Friday, Reuters reported.

“The investigation by the Dutch Safety Board is being carried out not only by Dutch investigators,” Dick Schoof, a senior justice ministry official, wrote in a reply to the law firm.

Schoof then provided a list of 11 countries which have already contributed to the investigation team – including Malaysia, Ukraine, and Russia.

The relatives behind the demand accuse the Netherlands of “completely botching” the investigation and the legal framework of the case.

They base their accusations on the fact that Dutch experts have been unable to access the crash site in eastern Ukraine, which is engulfed by internal conflict between the Kiev government and the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

The letter also blames investigators for failing to meet international requirements to secure evidence, as well as their inability to build a legal case to prosecute those responsible.

READ MORE: Families of MH17 victims ‘demand UN takes over Dutch investigation’

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed in southeastern Ukraine on July 17, killing all 298 people on board.

The victims came from 10 nations, though the majority of the passengers were citizens of the Netherlands.

Probes by the Dutch Safety Board and an international investigation team are still underway, with Kiev and local militias blaming each other for the tragedy.

The Boeing 777 was allegedly shot down, but it remains unclear whether it was downed by a surface-to-air missile or a military plane.

Also on Tuesday, the Safety Board said it will reconstruct the Boeing from the wreckage that was delivered to the Netherlands.

The Dutch experts said they will piece together the remains of the Boeing on a frame to determine exactly the cause of the crash.

Although some parts of the jet are missing and others were destroyed by fire, Safety Board head Tjibbe Joustra said that will not be a problem.

According to Joustra, the reconstruction will take months and a final report on the reason for the crash is not expected until mid-2015.




Malaysia – ‘Amno’ think-tank platform to create alpha Malays

YAHOO | The Malay Mail Online

On heels of 25 prominent Malays, Zaid launches ‘Amno’ to create alpha Malays


KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 9 — Former Umno minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has revealed plans to launch a new platform to create “alpha Malays”, a movement he said will provide an avenue for outspoken Malay youths to debate and deepen their understanding of issues like religion, politics and economics.

Called the “Alpha Malays National Organisation” or Amno, which is a clear play on the name for ruling party Umno, which stands for “United Malays National Organisation”, Zaid said the movement is a non-political one, and will first kick off with an application and a news portal.

“There’s no space here. By engaging in religious talk, you’re violating a fatwa of some sort,” Zaid, who was also the founder of the KITA political party, told Malay Mail Online yesterday.

“You criminalise discourse in this country. We have no space. The country cannot go on like that,” added the former de facto law minister who frequently writes critical pieces on Islamisation in Malaysia.

Zaid’s “Amno” comes on the heels of an open letter published Monday by a group of 25 prominent Malays, mostly retired high-ranking civil servants, who called for open debates on Islamic laws in Malaysia

In their letter, the 25 influential Malays said such discourse should not be seen as insulting Islam or the religious authorities.

For Amno, Zaid told Malay Mail Online that he plans to design an instant messaging application, or app for short, with a 40-second recording function, similar to WhatsApp, to promote discussion among Malay students especially on various issues.

He said the app would take two to three months to complete.

“Not everyone likes to read news portals. If we design our own app, people can be interactive,” he said.

The ex-politician said he was also planning to launch a news portal next month that will collate articles posted on Facebook, blogs or on other news websites, 70 per cent of which will be in Bahasa Malaysia.

“It’s not necessarily about politics. For example, if there’s a point of view that music is ‘haram’, then you can have a contrary article,” said Zaid, adding that articles written in English will be translated into Bahasa Malaysia on the news portal.

Zaid said Malays are generally reluctant to be seen as critical, but noted that their reticence could also be due to the lack of a platform for debate and discussion.

“If we allow these spaces, maybe we’ll see the real Melayu,” he said.

When pointed out that young people could use social media to express their views, Zaid said his movement was hoping to enhance interaction by providing feedback to opinions.
“For example, whether we need a Shariah Federal Court. Why? You’ll probably want the Shariah Court to have the same dignity as the civil court.

“So we’ll ask him or her how does having another layer enable parity of powers, when in the Constitution, it’s not. Perhaps by that process, you get people to understand a bit more,” said Zaid.

The Bar Council said last month that the Federal Constitution does not permit for a Shariah equivalent of the Federal Court, in response to the Malaysian Islamic Development Department saying that Putrajaya was planning to upgrade the current three-tier Shariah court system to a five-tier system, with the proposed highest court ― called the Shariah Appeal Council ― on par with the civil Federal Court.

Zaid said he hoped to recruit some Islamic scholars, possibly from neighbouring countries, adding that non-Malays are also free to contribute their opinions in the Amno movement.
On why the word “Alpha” was chosen for the name of the movement, Zaid said: “We just want to have a foreign word that depicts being independent, assertive, dominant”.

Malaysiakini reports

‘Eminent Malay’ lashes out at Perkasa, Isma


One of the 25 top former civil servants, who recently issued an open letter calling for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to show leadership in the face of intolerant right wing groups, has launched a barrage of scathing criticism against Perkasa and Isma.





Malaysia – Let’s have a ‘white’ PM next, says Dr Mahathir over new MAS boss

YAHOO | The Malaysian Insider


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today proposed that a “white man” could be the next Malaysian prime minister following the surprise appointment of a German to take over the ailing Malaysia Airlines.

In his trademark sarcasm, the former prime minister said since Putrajaya had appointed Christoph Mueller as CEO-designate of the national carrier under its restructuring plan, perhaps the nation was ready to have a Caucasian as its PM.

“I am worried, if we do not believe in ourselves, one day when we need a prime minister, we can get a white man because he is ‘smarter’ than us,” he was quoted as saying by Malaysiakini.

“If people want to get angry (with my comments), so be it. That’s my opinion.”
Dr Mahathir had first taken a dig at Mueller’s appointment last Saturday when he said that Purajaya had resorted to hiring the out going Aer Lingus chief because “Malaysians were stupid”.

“Malaysians are stupid. They don’t know how to manage aviation,” Dr Mahathir was reported as saying.

Commenting further on the issue, Dr Mahathir expressed worry of an increasing distrust towards local expertise in important positions.

According to a Bernama report, Malaysia had many talents which needed to be polished.
“We have many talents in this country. But if they want consultants, they call foreigners. Even directors are foreigners,” he said.

Dr Mahathir said the country became prosperous after gaining independence because of the efforts of local leaders.

“I don’t think Malaysians are stupid. During the British occupation, we were a backward country and poor. We became rich and developed after independence, led by Malaysians,” he said.

Dr Mahathir is not the only one to criticise Mueller’s appointment to MAS, which will be effective January 1.

Umno supreme council member Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican said that although Mueller might be the “best expert” in the airline industry, he could have been appointed as a consultant instead of the CEO.

He said that local energy and expertise should be given priority in heading government-linked agencies or companies and also government subsidiaries as the trust given was a “national responsibility”.

Malaysian Volunteer Lawyers Association (SukaGuam) chairman Datuk Khairul Anwar Rahmat said Putrajaya should have given locals a chance to helm MAS as it involved the dignity and security of the nation.

Elsewhere, former MAS managing director Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman said the appointment of a foreigner was a form of wastage as Malaysia had better local candidates for the job.

However, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said that Mueller’s appointment was important in laying a strong foundation for the future success of MAS.

Mueller had headed Aer Lingus, the Irish national airline since 2009 and has more than 25 years of experience in the airline, logistics and tourism industries. – December 8, 2014.


Global corruption index

The Independent

Global corruption index: Australia drops out of top 10 countries and Britain is ‘not good enough’

world map index

Click image for inter-active map


Britain’s score improved to rank 14 but analysts said more should be done


Australia has dropped out of the top 10 least corrupt countries in the world as it slips down the rankings for the second year in a row, according to a survey.

Transparency International found that scandals over note printing and the country’s own corruption probes had worsened perceptions and pushed it down to number 11 out of 175 countries – four positions lower than 2012.

But that is still three places above Britain, languishing at number 14 with a score of 78, where 0 is highly corrupt and 100 very clean.

A spokesperson for Transparency International said the organisation recognised the UK’s “gradual progress” in recent years, particularly the Bribery Act, by raising its score by two points.

“But there is more to do, the UK should be in the top 10,” he added. “The result next year may depend on the government’s upcoming anti-corruption action plan and whether the new government, post-May, sticks to commitments made within it.”

Malaysia index

See full results at Transparency.Org

Denmark came top of the 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index, which is based on expert analysis of public sector sleaze, followed by New Zealand, Finland and Sweden.

North Korea and Somalia were ranked last with just eight points and the situation is worsening in several conflict-torn countries, including Iraq and Syria.

The decline of Australia, which came third behind New Zealand and Singapore in the Asia Pacific region with a score of 80, was put down to denial creating delays investigating corruption.

Read more: The corruption of Britain: UK’s key institutions infiltrated
Corruption takes $1trn a year from the world’s poorest countries
China’s anti-corruption purge

Professor A.J. Brown, the director of Transparency International in Australia, said a stronger national anti-corruption agency was needed as part of an overhauled strategy.

“Most of the federal public sector continues to lack effective independent oversight,” he told The Australian.

kim north korea

North Korea was the joint-worst country


“Questions about the effectiveness of our accountability institutions continue to mount at the federal level.

“New revelations of links between some unions and organised crime add to concerns about the real capacity of federal and state governments to keep on top of corruption, such as revealed at the Australian Wheat Board, the Reserve Bank companies, Customs and other agencies long presumed to be above reproach.”

The biggest decline was seen in Turkey, despite its economic growth, down five points to 45.

Transparency International’s report said endemic corruption had been revealed at the “highest levels of business and Government”, with “images of gold bars and millions of dollars stuffed in shoeboxes, coupled with incriminating videos, the firing or resignation of government ministers, multiple arrests and sadly, a number of suicides”.

Xi China

Xi Jinping, who became president last year, is accused of taking China backwards

Turkey was also slated for the Government’s crackdown on political enemies, the firing of police officers and prosecutions and the harsh response to anti-corruption protests.

China’s score also fell by four points, despite a well-publicised crackdown on corrupt “tigers” and “flies” in public administration.

José Ugaz, the chairman of Transparency International, said the index demonstrated that economic growth is undermined if efforts to combat corruption fade.

“Corrupt officials smuggle ill-gotten assets into safe havens through offshore companies with absolute impunity,” he added. “Countries at the bottom need to adopt radical anti-corruption measures in favour of their people. Countries at the top of the index should make sure they don’t export corrupt practices to underdeveloped countries.”

The biggest improvers were deemed to be Côte d´Ivoire, Egypt, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, adding five points, and Afghanistan, Jordan, Mali and Swaziland rising four.

Transparency International is running a campaign called Unmask the Corrupt, urging European Union, United States and G20 countries to follow Denmark’s lead and create public registers that would make clear who really controls, every company and make it harder for criminals to hide behind other names.

The 20 ‘least corrupt’ countries in the world


1 Denmark 92

2 New Zealand 91

3 Finland 89

4 Sweden 87

5 Norway 86

5 Switzerland 86

7 Singapore 84

8 Netherlands 83

9 Luxembourg 82

10 Canada 81

11 Australia 80

12 Germany 79

12 Iceland 79

14 United Kingdom 78

15 Belgium 76

15 Japan 76

17 Barbados 74

17 Hong Kong 74

17 Ireland 74

17 United States 74


The 20 ‘most corrupt’ countries in the world


156 Cambodia 21

156 Myanmar 21

156 Zimbabwe 21

159 Burundi 20

159 Syria 20

161 Angola 19

161 Guinea-Bissau 19

161 Haiti 19

161 Venezuela 19

161 Yemen 19

166 Eritrea 18

166 Libya 18

166 Uzbekistan 18

169 Turkmenistan 17

170 Iraq 16

171 South Sudan 15

172 Afghanistan 12

173 Sudan 11

174 Korea (North)8

174 Somalia 8

Rankings  and scores by Transparency International




Southeast Asia: Democracy Under Siege


Democracy is in retreat across Southeast Asia. The U.S. pivot to Asia is one reason why. Joshua Kurlantzick explains.

By Joshua Kurlantzick


Throughout much of the 1990s and early 2000s, Southeast Asia was one of the world’s bright spots for democracy. Even Myanmar, long one of the most repressive nations in the world, seemed to be changing. In 2010 and 2011, the xenophobic leadership of the Myanmar army, which had ruled the country since 1962, began a transition to civilian government by holding elections that ultimately helped create a partially civilian parliament. The country seemed poised for free elections in 2015 that would solidify its democratic change

Since the early 2010s, however, Southeast Asia’s democratization has stalled and, in some of the region’s most economically and strategically important nations, it has even reversed. Over the past decade, Thailand has undergone a rapid and severe democratic regression and Malaysia’s democratic institutions and culture have regressed as well. While less drastic, there have also been troubling developments in a number of other countries.

In Malaysia, the long-ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition has cracked down on dissent and tried to destroy what had been an emerging, and increasingly stable, two-party system. However, this has changed since Malaysia’s BN government won a narrow victory in the 2013 election in large part because of its strong support from the most conservative and anti-opposition ethnic Malays. Following the election, the government has “rewarded” these loyal constituents by proposing a raft of new legislation that aims to suppress the opposition  and entrench economic and political preferences for ethnic Malays, disempowering ethnic Indians and Chinese, who together represent about one-third of the country’s population For example, the government essentially reinstated the despised Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows Malaysia’s government to detain people without trial indefinitely, often on vague charges.

See: The PM is a false democrat

Things have been just as bleak in Thailand, which has been mired in political crisis since 2006, when the Thai military launched a coup while then-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was abroad. Since that time, Thailand has been plagued by repeated cycles of street protests and counterprotests, rising street violence and political instability, short-lived governments brought down through extra-constitutional means, and the return of harsh crackdowns on dissent. Thai institutions have become increasingly polarized and politicized, and few Thais now trust the integrity of the judiciary, the civil service, or other national institutions. Even the king, once so revered that Thais worshipped him like a god, has had his impartiality questioned by many Thais.

…Democratic regression is harming America’s long-term interests in Southeast Asia in other ways as well. For starters, it is likely to make the region more unstable. Overall, numerous studies of political regimes and conflict have shown that hybrid or authoritarian governments are more likely than democracies to face prolonged internal conflict or even civil war…

By boosting ties with authoritarian states in Southeast Asia in the name of the pivot, the Obama administration is undermining its own claims to be supporting democracy in the region…

With more than two years left in Barack Obama’s presidency, the White House still has time to reconfigure its Southeast Asian policy to bring it more in line with American values and long-term interests in Asia. Although shifting the pivot would, in someways, require an admission that some aspects of the current Southeast Asia policy were mistaken, it would ultimately achieve the goal of establishing a more effective strategy for American engagement with Southeast Asia.

Read more at The Diplomat




Malaysia Airlines – London Mayor tries to calm down ‘off his head’ passenger during dramatic mid-air scuffle

The Mirror

The Mayor of London was on a flight back to Heathrow when the unruly passenger kicked off

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has been caught up in a dramatic air-rage incident – trying to calm down an abusive and violent passenger who was ‘off his head’ on an international flight from Kuala Lumpur to London.

The London Mayor helped flight attendants try to diffuse the situation after trouble erupted at 35,000ft.

The man was described as “off his head” by one of Mr Johnson’s delegation.

The delegate, Eileen Burbridge, posted a picture on Twitter of the flight crew restraining the man on the Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur.

She said she was “impressed” with the crews handling of the passenger.

“The Mayor along with a number of other passengers and members of the cabin crew did make several attempts to calm the gentleman concerned but to no avail,” the Mayor’s office said in a statement.

The man was detained by police when he arrived at Heathrow.

Mr Johnson was returning to London from a tour of the Far East.


London Mayor flies Malaysian Airlines




London Mayor flies Malaysian Airlines!


Boris flies with disaster-struck airline


Troubled Malaysia Airlines received a vote of confidence from Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who chose the carrier for his return flight from Kuala Lumpur to the UK.

He said: “I am delighted to be flying home from my six-day trade mission across South East Asia on Malaysia Airlines, and I am looking forward to experiencing their famous Malaysian hospitality on board the KL to London A380.”

The charismatic Mayor was met with all round cheer and big smiles from guests and crew as he entered the Business Class cabin on the A380’s Upper Deck.

Malaysia Airlines has recently lost two aircraft; flight MH370 which went missing as it travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and flight MH17 which was shot down over Ukraine en route from KL to Amsterdam.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

…Thank you Mayor Johnson!





A short update on the energies

…this (to me) is an elaboration to Gaia Portal’s “Sterilizations” of lower energetics is now underway

aisha north

Once more the time seems to have speeded up, and rightly so, for now things have indeed been set into motion that will have an effect far and wide. Let us explain. As we have already mentioned, the last week’s events did indeed put into place a whole new set of coordinates into this gargantuan “machine”, and as such, we have been able to proceed at a much higher speed, and so, these events will continue to unfold in ways and in numbers that may take more than a few of you by surprise. You see, now there is no longer any reason for any of us to sit around and wait for any laggers, for now, so much has been set into motion it will indeed serve to pull the majority along with it in its wake.

Let us explain. As you may already be aware, there is…

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Are you feeling down? OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down

I promise you this will put a smile on your face and lift you up!


OK Go 2

The Interview

Published on 27 Oct 2014

Check out the interactive version of the video at
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From the album Hungry Ghosts, out now in North America on iTunes:

…AWESOME innit?



Malaysia – Coke, McDonald’s, Cadbury, politics and religion.

Coke and McDonald's

More and more people around the world are awakening from the slavery system which they are under. People’s uprisings are not only against tyrannical governments, but also against corporations, which they have realized who own and control the governments.

Monsanto is an example which is currently under heavy scrutiny by the awakened people for its nefarious GMO program. Through the years many hazardous GMO ingredients, which are linked to cancer and other diseases have quietly seeped into the food industry unnoticed. Checks and investigations by concerned citizens and consumer organizations have found that almost all the processed food and drinks on the supermarket shelves contain the nasty GMO stuffs. A comprehensive list of GMO products have been compiled and you can find it at Shift Frequency. The food industry is under pressure by NGOs, some governments and consumer associations to label their products, and many countries like Russia, India and some South American countries have banned GMO food.

While all these are going on around the world, ignorant Malaysians are unperturbed by these global happenings and are being kept narrowly focused on racial, local politics and religious issues drinking Coke and munching Big Macs while at it.

Recently, the Malays being Muslims briefly boycotted big uncle McDonald’s because of their anger over the Gaza killings by Zionist Israel. With shortened memories they’re back to Big Mac munching as the killings subsided. Read The Anti-Israel Protesters and The Elephant in the room.

Malaysian Muslims’ concerns about food are limited only to religious and not to health aspects. So what can you expect? Very little. The famous chocolate manufacturer Cadbury was targeted by the Malays lately for allegedly using porcine DNA in their products. Who and how they determined this is anyone’s guess but created great furors among the Malays that the National religious authority JAKIM was put to task to solve the issue “religiously” at the same time causing confusion amongst the Islamic scholars.

Dr. Asri

Dr. Asri, Former Perlis mufti saw some of the Muslims’ reaction as an overreaction and said that they should be more concerned with bigger crimes such as corruption.


Cutting the silly story short, the issue is finally resolved and Cadbury is now on an all out campaign to restore its credibility as a responsible corporation (if ever there’s one)

Today more than ever, the world’s food resources are being hijacked by giant corporations that are turning farms into factories and replacing natural resources with genetically modified “food-like” substances. – F. William Engdahl [Seeds of destruction]

As the people of the world face life-threatening issues such as wars and struggle for freedom….slumbering Malaysians remain a happy contending lot as long as they can have their daily dose of halal Cadbury….oh yes, halal Coke and halal Big Macs too…GMO or not it doesn’t matter as long as its HALAL! … and leave everything else to god, or their trusted government (?)




#MH370 News: Call To Passenger’s Phone Gets Through



A family member of a passenger onboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 cries as she gathers with others to pray at Yonghegong Lama Temple in Beijing September 8, 2014, on the six-month anniversary of the disappearance of the plane. The Boeing 777 aircraft carrying 239 passengers and crew, disappeared on March 8 after taking off from Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, bound for Beijing. About two thirds of those on board were from China.


A mother was shock when her call to her son’s phone got through eight months after he disappeared aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. She said she had been calling her son’s phone since the very first day that he went missing, but this was the first time that her call was connected.

“I call my son every day. It is a comfort for us, even if we cannot be connected,” the mother told China‘s news portal However, her call finally got through one day and she found herself speaking to a woman from Changsha, Central China‘s Hunan province.

Upon investigation, was able to speak with an agent from the telecom service provider, Unicom. The agent said that on Nov 24, a young teacher had bought a phone card from the company. The phone card’s number is ending in 7789.  Days after her purchase, the young teacher went back to complain that she had been receiving calls from people identifying themselves as relatives of one of the passengers of the missing MH370.

At first, the agent who attended to the teacher doubted her stories. The agent then used the phone card on his own phone. He then got calls from people in Britain and other countries.

The agent, whom had spoken to, said that the phone number might be reactivated after being suspended for so long.  The teacher is currently seeking a solution about the problem. There were no further reports if the mother will seek explanation from the telecom provider after the incident.

A similar event had already happened a few days after the loss of MH370. In March, several relatives of MH370 passengers said that the mobile phones of their loved ones were still ringing when they tried to call them. They demanded for the authorities to use the Global Positioning System coordinates of the phones to locate the missing aircraft. A representative from Malaysia Airlines tried calling the mobile phones of the plane’s crew and all phones rung too, The Strait Times reported. Other relatives said they also saw that the accounts of their loved ones were still online on a Chinese instant messenger service called QQ.

MH370 went missing on March 8. Their relatives reported that their loved ones’ phones were still ringing on March 10. However, technology industry analyst Jeff Kagan said that there is nothing about the phones still ringing.

“So, they’re hearing ringing and they’re assuming it’s connecting to their loved ones, but it’s not. It’s the network sending a signal to the phone letting them know it’s looking for them,” Kagan told CNN.




Earth is on a Positive Timeline

Creating a Positive Future: Time Science Shows Our Earth is on a Positive Timeline in our Time Space Hologram


By Alfred Lambremont Webre*

  • “It’s time science, not rocket science that Earth is on a positive timeline.”
  • Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness


Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness

A key discovery promulgated in this paper is that (1) a critical mass of humanity is (2) co-creating a positive future, through conscious acknowledgement that (3) we are synergistically traveling along a positive timeline (4) in Unity consciousness.

The Positive Future equation has supplanted and overcome an outdated Matrix Elite formula that is no longer effective:

Problem + Reaction = Solution

Positive Future equation

The Positive Future equation is:

Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness

The Positive Future equation suggests that in the synergy between the Positive Timeline and Unity consciousness, a critical mass of humanity is collectively and individually activated for some or more of these suggested actions and policies for a positive future, and synchronistically resources and actors are brought together in multi-dimensional universe processes to manifest a desirable result.

Positive Paradox

The “Progress Paradox” or “Positive Paradox” of our current era is that, although our Earth dimension is on a positive time line, Earth’s current bloodline Elites, Negative dimensional entities, Matrix institutions (Governmental forms, Religions; Central Banks), and War & Addiction industries are acting out operational plans that seem based on a false negative timeline, or an actual catastrophic timeline that is occurring in some other dimensional timeline than the positive timeline Earth is demonstrably on.

Although humanity has every objective reason to be optimistic about the future, large segments of humanity still reflect this Matric power focus on a false catastrophic timeline.

According to an April 14, 2014 Ipsos survey, In the West, 42% vs. 34% people feel pessimistic about the future, despite the objective scientific reality that humanity is on a positive timeline. China, India, Brazil, Turkey and Russia are more optimistic than pessimistic for their young – but all other countries are more likely to think things will be worse rather than better.[1]

Yet time science demonstrates that our Earth civilization is traveling on a positive timeline within our time space hologram. And time cosmology analysis demonstrates that Unity consciousness (“We are One”) is the dominant universal consciousness frequency broadcast, as of December 21, 2012, through the singularity – interdimensional portal – at the core of the specific Universe in which we are based.

Catastrophic duality consciousness (“I win, You Lose”) fostered by these Matrix Elites, Negative dimensional entities, and Matrix institutions can no longer can control and thrive on our current positive timeline, as a matter of density and dimensional frequency and time science. Duality consciousness is “Service to Self” and cannot survive in our new Universe consciousness density frequencies.

It is now “time” for the positive timeline to be acknowledged as a scientific reality, and for our individual and collective to transform consciously as a critical mass of ethical humans awaken to the reality of the positive timeline.

Positive timeline in synergy with Unity Consciousness

If you resonate with the positive timeline in synergy with Unity consciousness, you are encouraged to share these insights with others privately and publicly, your family, friends, networks.

Together we can build that critical mass of awakened humanity that acknowledges and collective shifts to being in a reality of a positive timeline Unity consciousness (“We are One”) as the new norm.

All you have to do and all we have to do is change our minds, and the positive timeline follows, as a matter of science.

Time Space Hologram & Time Lines

One of the early key discoveries of time science is that our own universe of time, space, energy and matter contains, and is composed of time-space holograms, and may be considered itself a time-space hologram, created by a higher intelligence and composed of parallel time lines.

“Our universe includes a time-space hologram, within which our Earth human civilization exists, that is an artificial environment created by a higher intelligence. The higher intelligence that created and maintains our universe, including the time-space hologram that we inhabit, is the spiritual dimension that itself is composed of God/ Source, the intelligent civilizations of souls that incarnate in the time-space hologram, and the intelligent civilization of spiritual beings. In “Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram: A ten-dimensional theory of gravity makes the same predictions as standard quantum physics in fewer dimensions,” Ron Cowen writes, ‘At a black hole, Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity apparently clashes with quantum physics, but that conflict could be solved if the Universe were a holographic projection.’

“The time-space hologram we inhabit as Earthling humans is composed of multiple timelines. Time travel and teleportation are methods by which intelligent civilizations navigate the dimensional ecology of both the Exopolitical dimensions (the multiverse) and the spiritual dimensions of the Omniverse. Teleportation consists of point-to-point movement across a single timeline. Time travel consists of movement across more than one timeline.”[2]

Timelines = Parallel lanes in a multi-lane highway

Humanity is based inside a virtual reality composed of multiple, parallel timelines.[3]  In simple 3D-3rd density terms, one can visualize timelines in a time-space hologram as parallel lanes of a multi-lane highway.

As a collective consciousness, humanity can find itself on a changed  timeline from a more catastrophic lane (global coastal flooding event) to a more positive lane (landing a Utopia on Earth). Catastrophic timelines (lanes in the highway) that may have been foreseen through technological time travel (chronovision), scientific remote viewing, or psychic remote viewing can fail to materialize as humanity finds itself on a positive timeline.

continue reading at

Watch video Alfred Webre expound the Positive Timeline



Alfred Webre with Lisa Harrison Nov 24-2014



Published on 25 Nov 2014

Alfred Webre joins Lisa Harrison to discuss the evidence of the positive timeline we are now on and his latest book ‘Omniverse’…

Alfred Webre: Positive Timeline, BRICS, Money, Putin & the Omniverse – TRUTH
By Alfred Lambremont Webre







The Downing of Flight #MH17: Why is Malaysia Not Part of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT)?


Why is Malaysia not in the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) probing the MH 17 crash of July 17 2014?


Aren’t there guidelines that spell out which parties should constitute the probe team in the event of a disaster of the magnitude of MH 17? As the owner of MH 17 it is logical and sensible that Malaysia is part of the probe. Malaysia has more rights to be in the JIT than some of its present members. One can understand why Ukraine is in the team since that is where the plane was shot from the sky. We can understand the Netherlands’ membership of the JIT since the flight originated from Amsterdam. But why is Belgium in the JIT? Is it because Brussels is the administrative capital of the European Union and the EU may have some aviation responsibilities over commercial flights in the continent? If that is the case, then it is the EU, not Belgium, which should have a place in the team. What about Australia? Is it a member of the probe because a large number of Australians were killed in that tragedy? If that is the consideration, then Malaysia should also be in the JIT since 43 of our citizens were killed, the second largest number after the Dutch, 193 of whom perished in the calamity. Perhaps the Unites States should also be included since Boeing is the manufacturer of the aircraft.

It is alleged that Malaysia has been excluded from the JIT because we have not pointed a finger at Russia as the cause of the MH 17 disaster as the four members of the JIT have done. Malaysia refuses to heap blame on Russia or pro-Russia rebels in Eastern Ukraine, or anyone else for that matter, without hard, incontrovertible evidence. Neither the Ukraine government nor the US Administration has been able to offer such evidence to the public. Comprehensive military data from satellite images of the incident would have convinced a lot of people.

Instead, right from the outset, the Ukraine, the US and a number of their allies have constructed a narrative about how pro-Russia rebels in Eastern Ukraine shot down MH 17 with a Buk system supplied by Russia — a narrative which has been widely disseminated through a biased global media that has raised no questions about the motives behind such an action or who would have benefitted from it. In the meantime, the anger generated by this mass murder in the skies especially in Europe has enabled certain parties to expand and reinforce their economic sanctions against Russia.

Given this situation, Malaysia is absolutely right in adopting a principled position on MH 17 which refrains from condemning any party until all the investigations have been completed. This is why we are insisting upon total access to the crash site to enable investigators to collect all relevant evidence. Malaysia is also demanding that it be given a seat in the JIT.

It is a demand that undoubtedly has the support of the entire nation. One hopes that the UMNO general assembly — the annual meeting of the party that is the backbone of the government — which will take place from 25 to 29 November 2014, adopts a resolution that endorses this demand. Since the Malaysian Parliament is also in session, it should lend its weight to a demand which is at the heart of our integrity and sovereignty as a nation.

Most of all, ours is a just demand. It is just not only because MH 17 is ours. It is just because we have a fair and balanced approach to the tragedy and its probe. We want the entire truth to be known. Our participation in the investigation will at least help to check any attempt to conceal or camouflage the real story behind one of the most heinous crimes in recent times.

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar is prominent Malaysian scholar and author, President of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST).



Conniving News Network (CNN)


CNN’s Amanpour show edits out criticism by visiting RT host

Anissa, come on; you've lost me, babe. Thank you very much.
Thank you very much indeed. I really appreciate it. I'm sorry; 
I thought we could have an adult discussion. And we can't. 
Thank you so much. Alright. Now I have to pretend to thank you.
- Amanpour


Last week, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour invited RT’s Anissa Naouai to discuss what the US channel called ‘a heated propaganda war’ by the Russian government. But it never showed viewers Naouai’s criticism of Amanpour’s own propaganda exercises.

Naouai, host of RT’sIn The Now, was invited to speak along with Mikhail Kasyanov, a former Russian prime minister and a fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin’s policies.

RT offers a complete video of the discussion, as well as full transcript below.

In the Now host Anissa Naouai was invited to discuss Media coverage and the situation in Ukraine on Amanpour with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. The version that aired on CNN was only a small portion of the actual discussion. A clumsy and visible video edit job is what audiences saw. Titled as “WAR OF WORDS” but the real debate was cut. CNN did publish what they called a full transcript on their website. But RT recorded ALL of Anissa’s answers. And it seems there were certain things they didn’t want their audience to hear. This video contains FULL answers given by Anissa Naouai to CNN on Thursday November 20 2014.

Continue reading the transcript