Moving Beyond Us vs. Them


Carl Sagan on Moving Beyond Us vs. Them, Bridging Conviction with Compassion, and Meeting Ignorance with Kindness

“In the course of looking deeply within ourselves, we may challenge notions that give comfort before the terrors of the world.”

demonhauntedworld_sagan“Unless we are very, very careful,” wrote psychologist-turned-artist Anne Truitt in contemplating compassion and the cure for our chronic self-righteousness, “we doom each other by holding onto images of one another based on preconceptions that are in turn based on indifference to what is other than ourselves.” She urged for “the honoring of others in a way that grants them the grace of their own autonomy and allows mutual discovery.” But how are we to find in ourselves the capacity — the willingness — to honor otherness where we see only ignorance and bigotry in beliefs not only diametrically opposed to our own but dangerous to the very fabric of society?

That’s what Carl Sagan (November 9, 1934–December 20, 1996) explores with characteristic intelligence and generosity of spirit in the seventeenth chapter of The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark (public library) — the masterwork published shortly before his death, which gave us Sagan on science as a tool of democracy and his indispensable Baloney Detection Kit.

Sagan considers how we can bridge conviction and compassion in dealing with those who disagree with and even attack our beliefs. Although he addresses the particular problems of pseudoscience and superstition, his elegant and empathetic argument applies to any form of ignorance and bigotry. He explores how we can remain sure-footed and rooted in truth and reason when confronted with such dangerous ideologies, but also have a humane and compassionate intention to understand the deeper fears and anxieties out of which such unreasonable beliefs arise in those who hold them

He writes:

When we are asked to swear in American courts of law — that we will tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” — we are being asked the impossible. It is simply beyond our powers. Our memories are fallible; even scientific truth is merely an approximation; and we are ignorant about nearly all of the Universe…


If it is to be applied consistently, science imposes, in exchange for its manifold gifts, a certain onerous burden: We are enjoined, no matter how uncomfortable it might be, to consider ourselves and our cultural institutions scientifically — not to accept uncritically whatever we’re told; to surmount as best we can our hopes, conceits, and unexamined beliefs; to view ourselves as we really are… Because its explanatory power is so great, once you get the hang of scientific reasoning you’re eager to apply it everywhere. However, in the course of looking deeply within ourselves, we may challenge notions that give comfort before the terrors of the world.

Sagan notes that all of us are deeply attached to and even defined by our beliefs, for they define our reality and are thus elemental to our very selves, so any challenge to our core beliefs tends to feel like a personal attack. This is equally true of ourselves as it is of those who hold opposing beliefs — such is the human condition. He considers how we can reconcile our sense of intellectual righteousness with our human fallibility:

In the way that skepticism is sometimes applied to issues of public concern, there is a tendency to belittle, to condescend, to ignore the fact that, deluded or not, supporters of superstition and pseudoscience are human beings with real feelings, who, like the skeptics, are trying to figure out how the world works and what our role in it might be. Their motives are in many cases consonant with science. If their culture has not given them all the tools they need to pursue this great quest, let us temper our criticism with kindness. None of us comes fully equipped.

But kindness, Sagan cautions, doesn’t mean assent — there are instances, like when we are faced with bigotry and hate speech, in which we absolutely must confront and critique these harmful beliefs, for “every silent assent will encourage [the person] next time, and every vigorous dissent will cause him next time to think twice.” He writes:

If we offer too much silent assent about [ignorance] — even when it seems to be doing a little good — we abet a general climate in which skepticism is considered impolite, science tiresome, and rigorous thinking somehow stuffy and inappropriate. Figuring out a prudent balance takes wisdom.

The greatest detriment to reason, Sagan argues, is that we let our reasonable and righteous convictions slip into self-righteousness, that deadly force of polarization:

The chief deficiency I see in the skeptical movement is in its polarization: Us vs. Them — the sense that we have a monopoly on the truth; that those other people who believe in all these stupid doctrines are morons; that if you’re sensible, you’ll listen to us; and if not, you’re beyond redemption. This is unconstructive… Whereas, a compassionate approach that from the beginning acknowledges the human roots of pseudoscience and superstition might be much more widely accepted. If we understand this, then of course we feel the uncertainty and pain of the abductees, or those who dare not leave home without consulting their horoscopes, or those who pin their hopes on crystals from Atlantis.

Or, say, those who vote for a racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic, climate-change-denying political leader.

Sagan’s central point is that we humans — all of us — are greatly perturbed by fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, and in seeking to becalm ourselves, we sometimes anchor ourselves to irrational and ignorant ideologies that offer certitude and stability, however illusory. In understanding those who succumb to such false refuges, Sagan calls for “compassion for kindred spirits in a common quest.” Echoing 21-year-old Hillary Rodham’s precocious assertion that “we are all of us exploring a world that none of us understand,” he argues that the dangerous beliefs of ignorance arise from “the feeling of powerlessness in a complex, troublesome and unpredictable world.”

In envisioning a society capable of cultivating both critical thinking and kindness, Sagan’s insistence on the role and responsibility of the media resonates with especial poignancy today:

Both skepticism and wonder are skills that need honing and practice. Their harmonious marriage within the mind of every schoolchild ought to be a principal goal of public education. I’d love to see such a domestic felicity portrayed in the media, television especially: a community of people really working the mix — full of wonder, generously open to every notion, dismissing nothing except for good reason, but at the same time, and as second nature, demanding stringent standards of evidence — and these standards applied with at least as much rigor to what they hold dear as to what they are tempted to reject with impunity.

The Demon-Haunted World remains one of the great intellectual manifestos of the past century. Complement it with Sagan on science and spirituality, his timeless toolkit for critical thinking, and this lovely animated adaptation of his famous Pale Blue Dot monologue about our place in the cosmos.


Live Like You’re Free



Fear not — things are only getting better


People are, in most ways, freer than they have ever been in the history of the world.

Throughout most of history, outright chattel slavery (not just of minorities, but even within ethnic groups) has been commonplace. De facto ownership of wives existed in almost every society until a century ago. Less than a hundred years ago, it was fairly uncommon for most people to travel more than a few dozen miles from their place of birth within their lifetime. And even a decade ago in the “freest nation in the world,” it was unthinkable outside of a few progressive areas of the country for homosexual couples to hold hands in public.

Thomas Jefferson said in 1788 that “the natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.” That has certainly been true in the United States, but simply focusing on State expansion can mask an important truth: while liberty has suffered under the weight of government, it has also expanded in other directions. Like the tendrils of a vine reaching for sunlight despite an obstruction, liberty grows outward and upward. For every corrupt cop, there’s an entrepreneur making lives better through innovation, and for every bureaucrat, a programmer works to cripple tyranny at its foundations. For every useless bill, someone is working to make it obsolete.

Governments want you to live your life in fear: fear of terrorism, crime, climate change, Ebola, ISIS, and whatever other fear is politically expedient in the next news cycle. When people concentrate on fear, they are more willing to give over their liberties to an entity that arrogantly claims to be able to keep them safe. Many who love liberty live in fear, too. Their bogeymen are government spying, gun control laws, or any number of government conspiracies. While people can have good reasons to be afraid, shaking that fear altogether can be the most liberating experience of all. Encryption is infiltrating the mainstream (to the consternation of the FBI and others), and organizations like Defense Distributed are working to completely obviate gun regulation.

If you only look at the ways governments are expanding, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the fear. What is needed is a broader perspective — one that takes into account the myriad ways in which our lives are getting better despite State intrusion. Those with this perspective are hopeful about startup cities, seasteading, and groups building censorship-resistant free markets that ignore government regulations; they understand that we are richer, healthier, and more comfortable than those who came before us. Shed the fear, and embrace hope — not a false hope, but a reasoned, pragmatic confidence based on both the concrete avenues for liberation that we see and the general trend we can observe since the rise of capitalism. We have great cause for optimism.

You have been born into a time when you can communicate with thousands of people in an instant, people who share your interests and concerns. You can leave town for the weekend and see things daily that your ancestors could not possibly have imagined. Your job is almost certainly less physically taxing than any job any of your parents, grandparents, or virtually any person who lived prior to them ever had. Statistically, you are likely to live longer and better than anyone born before you. Entrepreneurs are busy creating and popularizing some of the first tools in history that are more useful for undermining coercion than for furthering it. Freedom is expanding daily in ways our predecessors could hardly have dreamed.

You are one of the freest people in all of history. Maybe it’s time to start living like it.



Matt Gilliland is the Program Coordinator for LIVE




The Greatest Story of Our Generation

Morgan Freeman Narrates the Greatest Story of Our Generation


Morgan Freeman narrates the greatest story of our generation – the story of the human journey at this critical moment in time. Of all the stories to belong to, this is the story to be a part of.

Don’t watch it from the sidelines. Don’t wait for the experts to figure it out. Ask yourself: how can I become one of the weavers of the story? It’s a tapestry with 7 billion threads. What contribution do I want to make?

If you’re not yet contributing to this story in some way, ask yourself why not? This is a story for everyone.



One bar closer to humanity



If This Video Doesn’t Convince You To Put Down Your Phone, Nothing Probably Will

This video will probably make you put your phone down for a minute. It hits the nail on the head when it comes to describing how our generation is missing out on so much in life because our current obsession with social media and mobile devices. It has changed our lives, but in some cases it may have changed it for the worse.

We’re so consumed by our phones and social networks, that sometimes we forget to live.

(Why Don’t You Try This)


Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me.

You need not delete your social networks or destroy your cell phones, the message is simple, be balanced, be mindful, be present, be here. 🙂








Ends, Means, and Leonard Read



An old dictum has done a lot of damage throughout history



Many of the most monstrous deeds in human history have been perpetrated in the name of doing good—in pursuit of some “noble” goal.

—Leonard Read


“The end justifies the means” has a long legacy.

Four centuries B.C., in his famous Electra, Sophocles wrote, “The end excuses any evil.” Fast forward 400 years, and Ovid, in Heroides, wrote, “the result justifies the deed.” And perhaps most famously, Machiavelli echoed this idea in his sixteenth-century book The Prince.

You can hear echoes of this sentiment in American popular culture, from former Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis’s motto, “Just win, baby,” to Charlie Sheen’s philosophy of “winning.”

But do the ends really justify the means?

Those who believe so have rampaged through human history—particularly when they have exercised real political power. This belief has motivated all manner of tyrants and would-be social reformers, who have treated those living under their power as mere means. Immanuel Kant set out history’s most famous answer to exitus acta probat. But no one has offered a better, modern rebuttal to this view than FEE founder Leonard Read.

Time and again, Read returned to the idea that each person has sovereignty over himself—the power to choose, which is indispensable to that ultimate human end: one’s own happiness and flourishing. Read constantly emphasized the importance of individual growth, emergence, or personal blooming. And he reminded us that you are not free to the extent others control you. Your potential to create moral improvements is stunted by those who would use you to create their version of Utopia.

Read’s approach reflects a widely ignored aspect of this ends-means issue: Individuals and their development are both ultimate ends in themselves, and yet their services can be the means to others’ ends. This is the essence of voluntary cooperation. As a consequence, rather than framing policy as a question of ends versus means, the principle must be that no use of individuals as means to others’ ends can violate their potential for growth as the ultimate ends of society. As Leonard Read wrote, when “the emergence of the individual … [is] our objective,” rather than pigeonholing people into some designed or utopian social structure, then “the means … must be radically different.”

When our ultimate end is the greatest development of individuals’ human potential, then any means that undermines that development is inconsistent with society’s only purpose, which is to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Otherwise, whenever violent aggression is used as an instrument of social design or control, all that human potential becomes diminished by degree.

One of Read’s powerful illustrations of his view was the redistributive State, grown gargantuan. The general view is that it benefits recipients, ennobles those who design and enact the transfers, and doesn’t “really” harm those from whom it is takes, because they are just paying their “fair share” to society. But the coercive process degrades everyone involved.

The harm imposed on those involuntarily taken from is not negated by a mere slogan with no clear meaning except that others want more of your resources for their purposes. Coercive funding deprives individuals of power over their honestly acquired income, derived from their self-ownership, based on others’ envy. As importantly, it preempts the growth that occurs as individuals engage in acts of kindness and charity.

Recipients of State transfers live on confiscated resources. And they are enticed to become non-producers wholly dependent on others for their survival. Their moral, intellectual, and social maturation gets short-circuited. Self-responsibility withers and sometimes dies. Integrity and the virtues it makes possible are put at grave risk. As Leonard Read wrote, “Unless an individual is self-controlling, his life is not truly his own.”

Along the way, those who direct the process increasingly become dictators over others’ actions, which sets up the moral corrosion and corruption that having power ultimately gives rise to. As Lord Acton reminded us, such power corrupts. No one ever became better because they acquired more power over others.

Another illustration is the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote Read cited more often than any other in his books: “Cause and effect, means and ends, seed and fruit, cannot be severed; for the effect already blooms in the cause, the end pre-exists in the means, the fruit in the seed.”

Recognizing individuals as ends in themselves and as potential collaborators means that no social goal justifies treating people as cogs in some political apparatus. When the individual “is assigned that niche or role which the political priests believe will best serve whatever societal pattern they have formulated,” damage to the core of an individual’s humanity is assured.

“However lofty the goals, if the means be depraved, the result must reflect that depravity,” Read wrote.

He argued that when individuals and their development are recognized as the ends that matter, the morality of the consequences actually generated by policies and programs—as opposed to the imagined utopian results—is implied in the means employed. “Examine carefully the means employed,” he wrote, “judging them in terms of right and wrong, and the end will take care of itself.”




Humanity Can Be Best Understood in a Collective Context


#18 – “Humanity Can Be Best Understood in a Collective Context”



There are two basic prisms through which we can see, study, and prescribe for human society: individualism and collectivism. These worldviews are as different as night and day, and they create a great divide in the social sciences. That’s because the perspective from which you see the world will set your thinking down one intellectual path or another.

Advocates of personal and economic freedom are usually in the individualism camp, whereas those who think of themselves these days as “progressives” are firmly in the camp of collectivism.

I think of it as the difference between snowstorms and snowflakes. A collectivist sees humanity as a snowstorm, and that’s as up-close as he gets if he’s consistent. An individualist sees the storm, too, but is immediately drawn to the uniqueness of each snowflake that composes it. The distinction is fraught with profound implications.

No two snowstorms are alike, but a far more amazing fact is that no two snowflakes are identical either—at least as far as painstaking research has indicated. Wilson Alwyn Bentley of Jericho, Vermont, one of the first known snowflake photographers, developed a process in 1885 for capturing them on black velvet before they melted. He snapped pictures of about 5,000 of them and never found two that were the same—nor has anyone else ever since. Scientists believe that changes in humidity, temperature, and other conditions prevalent as flakes form and fall make it highly unlikely that any one flake has ever been precisely duplicated. (Ironically, Bentley died of pneumonia in 1931 after walking six miles in a blizzard. Lesson: One flake may be harmless, but a lot of them can be deadly).

Contemplate this long enough and you may never see a snowstorm (or humanity) the same way again.

Anne Bradley is vice president of economic initiatives at the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics. At a recent FEE seminar in Naples, Florida, she explained matters this way:

When we look at a snowstorm from a distance, it looks like indistinguishable white dots peppering the sky, one blending into the next. When we get an up-close glimpse, we see how intricate, beautiful, and dissimilar each and every snowflake is. This is helpful when thinking about humans. From a distance, a large crowd of people might look the same, and it’s true that we possess many similar characteristics. But we know that a more focused inspection brings us nearer to the true nature of what we’re looking at. It reveals that each of us bears a unique set of skills, talents, ambitions, traits, and propensities unmatched anywhere on the planet.

This uniqueness is critical when we make policy decisions and offer prescriptions for society as a whole; for even though we each look the same in certain respects, we are actually so different, one to the next, that our sameness can only be a secondary consideration.

The late Roger J. Williams, author of You Are Extra-Ordinary and Free and Unequal: The Biological Basis of Individual Liberty (as well as several articles in The Freeman), was a noted biochemistry professor at the University of Texas in Austin. He argued that fingerprints are but one of endless biological characteristics unique to each of us, including the contours and operation of our brains, nerve receptors, and circulatory systems.

These facts offer biological bases for the many other differences between one person and the next. Einstein, he noted, was an extremely precocious student of mathematics, but he learned language so slowly that his parents were concerned about his learning to talk. Williams summed it well more than 40 years ago when he observed, “Our individuality is as inescapable as our humanity. If we are to plan for people, we must plan for individuals, because that’s the only kind of people there are.”

Proceeding one step further, we must recognize that only individuals plan. When collectives are said to “plan” (e.g., “The nation plans to go to war”), it always reduces to certain, specific, identifiable individuals making plans for other individuals. The only good answer to the collectivist question, “What does America eat for breakfast?” is this: “Nothing. However, about 315 million individual Americans often eat breakfast. Many of them sometimes skip it, and on any given day, there are 315 million distinct answers to this question.”

Collectivist thinking is simply not very deep or thorough. Collectivists see the world the way Mr. Magoo did—as one big blur. But unlike Mr. Magoo, they’re not funny. They homogenize people in a communal blender, sacrificing the discrete features that make us who we are. The collectivist “it takes a village” mentality assigns thoughts and opinions to amorphous groups, when, in fact, only particular people hold thoughts and opinions.

Collectivists devise one-size-fits-all schemes and care little for how those schemes may affect the varied plans of real people. Any one flake means little or nothing to the collectivist because he rarely looks at them; and in any event, he implicitly dismisses the flakes because there are so many to play with. Collectivists are usually reluctant to celebrate the achievements of individuals per se because they really believe that, to quote President Obama, “you didn’t build that.”

Take individuals out of the equation and you take the humanity out of whatever you’re promoting. What you’d never personally inflict on your neighbor, one on one, you might happily sanction if you think it’ll be carried out by some faceless, collective entity to some amorphous blob on behalf of some nebulous “common good.” The inescapable fact is that we are not interchangeable. Cogs in a machine are, but people most emphatically are not.

If this point is lost on you, then watch the 1998 DreamWorks animated film Antz. The setting is an ant colony in which all ants are expected to behave as an obedient blob. This is very convenient for the tyrant ants in charge, each of which possesses a very unique personality indeed. The debilitating collectivist mindset is shaken by a single ant who marches to a different drummer—namely, his own self—and ultimately saves the colony through his individual initiative.

Karl Marx was a collectivist. Mother Theresa was an individualist. One dealt with people in lumps. The other one treated them as individuals. The lessons in that clear-cut dichotomy are legion. They are ignored only at great peril.

So what does humanity look like to you: a snowstorm or snowflakes?

If your answer is the latter, then you understand what the philosopher and historian Isaiah Berlin meant when he wrote in 1958, “But to manipulate men, to propel them toward goals which you—the social reformers—see, but they may not, is to deny their human essence, to treat them as objects without wills of their own, and therefore to degrade them.”

Lawrence W. Reed
President of FEE


  • If you see the world as a collective lump of humanity, you’ll likely come to very different conclusions about life and economics than if you see it as composed of billions of unique individuals.
  • A snowstorm is only as big as its individual snowflakes are numerous.

  • Abstractions are just that, while individuals are real.

  • Take individuals out of the equation and you remove humans from humanity.

  • For further information, see:

“Individualism, Collectivism and Other Murky Labels” by Sheldon Richman:

“Maverick Mark Twain’s Exhilarating American Individualism” by Jim Powell:

“Methodological Individualism” by Warren Gibson:

“Hayek on Individualism” by Sheldon Richman:


To Be Normal Is The Ideal Aim of The Unsuccessful – Individuation – Carl Jung




Religion… has become the fiendish instrument of death.

The Malaysian Insider

Human race must overcome old beliefs to unify humanity – Tamil Maran


Looking over thousands of years of the story of humanity, most people would name as our greatest disappointment, the bloody reality of humans fighting over territory and religious belief.


If God really is the Father of all people, why do His children behave this way?

Surely the Creator gives us clues of an evolutionary pattern in the natural realm.

The cycle of the seasons shows a concept of cyclical orbits. The plant kingdom reveals a progression of birth, youth, maturity, old age and death.

Miraculously, the tiny seed becomes a great tree. In time, it disappears back to the world of carbon, reborn again through dispersed atoms in different forms, with one constant theme of change and metamorphosis.

In the natural kingdom, the serpent sheds its old skin, the glorious butterfly frees itself from the rigid cage of the chrysalis, and the delicate form of an infant child becomes an old tired bent figure looking at the threshold of death’s door – but a spiritual journey awaits the worn old man.

If you stand back and look at the broad sweep of history, this clear pattern emerges in all life, and the idea of birth, youth, maturity and decline becomes apparent in the story of religion as well.

It starts when God speaks to society through a chosen person, a Messenger of God.

From the Creator comes the real source of truth, and a true line of Prophets or Manifestations speaks those words of truth to humanity.

Those prophets: Abraham, Zoroaster, Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, etc., are the founders of civilizations and the real source of social and spiritual change.

The Messengers of God bring indisputable authority to the human kingdom, and they ask us to carry out their grand design.

This plan seems logical and progressive in its revelation, but what went wrong with the divine application? How did humanity fail to get the memo?

You can understand the process by knowing that decline is normal and rebirth is necessary. Atrophy and decay are a natural stage in the evolution of religion:

So it is with religions; through the passing of time they change from their original foundation, the truth of the Religion of God entirely departs, and the spirit of it does not stay; heresies appear, and it becomes a body without a soul. That is why it is renewed. – “Some Answered Questions” (page 165, author: Abdul Baha).

Our inherent qualities as human beings make this process occur.  First, we do not always see the “big” picture or panorama of religion. We usually see only the “little” picture, taught to us by religious leaders.

People contend that their religion is “true” or the “way”, while calling others “false”. Instead of questioning their own beliefs, people happily adhere to the faith of their forefathers.

There is a direct lack of independent investigation of the truth, and to what happens when we rely on tradition, superstition and dogma instead of thoroughly evaluating our own beliefs:

In short, by religion we mean those necessary bonds which have power to unify. This has ever been the essence of the religion of God.

This is the eternal bestowal of God! This is the object of divine teachings and laws! This is the light of the everlasting life!

Alas! A thousand times alas! that this solid foundation is abandoned and forgotten and the leaders of religions have fabricated a set of superstitions and rituals which are at complete variance with the underlying thought.

As these man-made ideas differ from each other they cause dissension which breeds strife and ends in war and bloodshed; the blood of innocent people is spilled, their possessions are pillaged and their children become captives and orphans.

Thus religion, which was destined to become the cause of friendship, has become the cause of enmity.

Religion, which was meant to be sweet honey, is changed into bitter poison.

Religion, the function of which was to illumine humanity, has become the factor of obscuration and gloom.

Religion, which was to confer the consciousness of everlasting life, has become the fiendish instrument of death.

As long as these superstitions are in the hands and these nets of dissimulation and hypocrisy in the fingers, religion will be the most harmful agency on this planet.

These superannuated traditions, which are inherited unto the present day, must be abandoned, and thus free from past superstitions we must investigate the original intention.

The basis on which they have fabricated the superstructures will be seen to be one, and that one, absolute reality; and as reality is indivisible, complete unity and amity will be instituted and the true religion of God will become unveiled in all its beauty and sublimity in the assemblage of the world. – “Divine Philosophy” (pages 161-162, Abdul Baha).

When the human race overcomes the prejudices and hypocrisy of its old beliefs, we can unify humanity and end the terrible scourge of war and killing that has plagued us throughout history. – August 3, 2014.





Humanity Surprised It Still Hasn’t Figured Out Better Alternative To Letting Power-Hungry Assholes Decide Everything

The Onion.Com

Billions worldwide agreed that, by this point in human civilization, they would have expected a better process than entrusting all their political, commercial, and social decisions to vindictive, self-absorbed fuckers.

NEW YORK—Noting that it has had thousands of years to develop a more agreeable option, humankind expressed bewilderment this week that it has yet to devise a better alternative to governing itself than always letting power-hungry assholes run everything, sources worldwide reported.

Individuals in every country on earth voiced their frustration that, in spite of generations of mistreatment, neglect, and abuse they have suffered at the hands of those in positions of authority, they continue to allow control over the world’s governments, businesses, and virtually every other type of organization and social group to fall to the most megalomaniacal pricks among them.

“We’ve all seen what this system leads to, so you’d think that by now, someone, somewhere would have sat down and thought up another way to keep our societies functioning without giving all the power to arrogant, amoral dicks whose only concern is improving their own status,” said Mumbai software designer Ankan Rao, one of 7.1 billion humans who conveyed continued surprise that their species has so far proven incapable of formulating a method of governance that was even slightly more tolerable. “Everybody dislikes the people in charge and everybody knows they’re only serving their own personal agendas at the expense of everyone else, but we just keep allowing these jerks to make our decisions time and time again. And it’s not just here—it’s everywhere in the world.”

“Boy, maybe we shouldn’t do that anymore,” Rao added. “Anyone have any better ideas?”

Speaking with reporters, citizens across the planet unanimously expressed their bafflement at the consistency with which they either formally or informally select corrupt and self-obsessed sacks of shit for leadership roles in all facets of life, including positions atop corporate boards, judicial and legislative bodies, religious institutions, parent-teacher associations, the military, intramural softball teams, and international and national professional associations, as well as groups of friends deciding where to eat.

In addition, sources offered countless examples of the counterproductive and perplexing practice of entrusting power to the world’s least scrupulous individuals, ranging in scale from a domineering dictator who plunges his country into civil war in order to consolidate his power, to a Foot Locker shift manager who forces his subordinates to close up without him so that he can go home early.

Moreover, everyone across the planet acknowledged that the tradition of allowing an exploitative asshole to take charge of a given situation has been the principal system for group decision-making from the earliest formation of tribal societies to the present day, an admission that caused each member of the human race to either emit an exasperated sigh, shake his or her head, or mutter a profanity.

“My old boss, my sorority president, my congressional representative, my current boss—they’ve all been soulless, backstabbing dickheads whose only concern is getting what they want,” said administrative assistant Sheryl Gittens of Fort Worth, TX, who went on to list the bully back in her seventh grade class, her homeowners association president, and the coordinator of her Bible study group among the legions of selfish jagoffs who have inexplicably been granted commanding roles by the acquiescent masses. “What’s even more annoying is that we essentially reward these people for only thinking of themselves and repeatedly screwing us over. If you stop and think about it, that’s pretty messed up.”

“Jesus,” she continued. “What the hell’s wrong with us?”

Given the prevalence throughout history of compassionless, two-faced leaders whose lust for control and inflated self-importance have led to disastrous results for society at large, many individuals questioned if, going forward, they should instead try giving power to someone other than a greedy, self-serving bastard.

“Maybe we should try letting a kind, responsible person run things for a change,” Cairo resident Nathifa Bakhoum told reporters. “I, for one, don’t want to be told what to do by another narcissist who’s drunk on power and who has absolutely no regard for my well-being. It’s just a thought, but perhaps we could go with a good, decent human next time, or at least someone who’s not a completely egotistical pile of dogshit. That seems like a good thing to try at least once, right? Could we even do that? It’s probably worth a shot.”

When pressed for further comment, however, every member of humanity agreed that the current system, though deeply flawed, remains far better than one in which they actually have to make decisions for themselves.






We should be in power, Pakatan leaders tell US

POWER ??….that’s what its all about???



Pakatan Rakyat was stopped from taking over Putrajaya despite winning the popular vote in the 13th general election last year, its leaders told US National Security Advisor Susan Rice in a meeting today.

The 45-minute PR-US meeting was attended by opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (PKR), PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng (pic), Malaysiakini reported.

“Our party won the popular vote. We should be the governing party,” Lim said after attending the meeting in Kuala Lumpur this morning.

“As long as there is no electoral reform, we are very concerned with the direction of democracy in Malaysia.”

The PR leaders stressed that Malaysia had to undergo electoral reforms if the US was serious about its statements on human rights, democracy and freedom in the country.

Rice, the report said, had noted and reaffirmed the message delivered by US President Barack Obama during his visit to Malaysia that the country must strive to be inclusive and not quash the rights of the minorities. – April 28, 2014.

Wake up Malaysians….wake up. Isn’t this clear enough we do not need another group of people from so called oppositions with the same scheme to control us. The whole system is about control…over us. Why bother to vote another set of controllers? Change is not about changing controllers. The whole damn hierarchical system of control MUST be removed. We are created equal and absolute  freedom is our birth rights. We DO NOT need anyone to be in POWER over us…period.

The opposition idiots lamenting to Susan Rice who is a runner of the cabal hoping the Obama administration will help them? Yeah sure…if the Malaysians want a new set of controllers…they can fix that with a snap of the fingers. They do it ALL the time all over the world. NO PROBLEM. The problem will be on the Malaysians!

The One People are free. The people have been freed by the OPPT way back in December 25, 2013.

Its is done …So be it.


Also read:

What is clear about the state, to everyone, is that the state is power. What is not clear among those who fancy the do-good state is that this power does not imply that it can be used systematically to do good or will be used systematically to do good. The opposite is more apt to be the case. As a rule, the state’s power can’t be and won’t be used to do good. As a rule, the masters who run the state won’t be able to identify the good of their subjects, that good being highly individual and varying from person to person. By removing decision rights from the citizens, they will impede economic calculation, prevent adaptation to changing prices and conditions, and undermine learning. – Michael S. Rozeff




GaiaPortal Has Served its Purpose…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11We at ÉirePort group have noted the vastly increased Galactic awareness during the period of the GaiaPortal blog portal.

At this point, both hu-manity and Hue-manity components of Gaia consciousness Energy structure have achieved sufficient levels that it is an appropriate moment to close this GaiaPortal blog portal.

We remind all that the “Inner Guidance” is all that is necessary to connect with Gaia, and Higher Cosmics.

We encourage each and all to follow such.

Thank you for your service to this Planet.

We honor each and all.

ÉirePort Group







Consciousness “star bursts” occur within large groups of hu-manity at this moment

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Consciousness “star bursts” occur within large groups of hu-manity at this moment.

Such bursts result from massive up shifts in awareness, at various dimensional levels.

Movements of all types on all levels occur as the Star-Bursting continues.

Inner Stars awaken.




Individual Hue-Being Resonances Combine at this Moment for the grand Gaia Portal Awakening…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Individual Hue-Being resonances combine at this moment for the grand Gaia Portal awakening.

Multiple upgraded portals harmonize into a single focus for Gaia Ascension, supported by aligned Hue-Being intent.

Fractionation of hu-manity has ended, and is recognized by hu-beings, as well as at all Gaia energetic levels.

Supplementation of this process comes from Cosmic Sources.

Standards of all Gaia inhabitants have increased considerably and are at levels sufficient to support this.




Quickening of energy systems via the 11-11 portal brings accelerated changes…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Quickening of energy systems via the 11-11 portal brings accelerated changes in the inner and so-called outer.

Increased levels of hu-man (hu-being) and Hue-Being participation have allowed expansion of portal breadth and depth.

Expected results include enhanced sensitivity to energetic changes by “hu-manity” class of beings, upgraded mission awareness by Hue-Manity, and highly accelerated consciousness upgrades in all Gaia groups.

Gaia Whole embraces this process, as it is leading rapidly to sufficient consciousness levels for Gaia Whole Ascension.


Frontier Effects are Noted in “Gaia Higher” Energetic Grids…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Frontier effects are noted in “Gaia Higher” Energetic grids.

Energetic “envelope expanding” and “envelope bursting” are appropriate terms here.

“Limitations” are being released by the hu-manity community and Higher Levels recognized and sought.

Platinum thread beams enter Gaia now via hu-mainty lower, and Hue-mainty Higher, Portals.

Lower fabrics of Gaia existence fail to adhere. Higher D Fabrics have woven and find expression quickly.


Flame grids have alerted hu-manity to its impending dissolution

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Flame grids have alerted hu-manity to its impending dissolution, and hu-manity has in large part responded.

Grids for birthing, en masse, of the Gaia Hue-manity proforma community, are fully in place, and will remain.

hu-manity paradigm can not continue, as it lacks energetic support, on all dimensions.

Participation of Hue-manity with dissolved paradigms is not supported.

Energetics of Gaia current remain stable.


Flashpoint is Soon to be Attained Among Gaia Inhabitant Energetic Mixture

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Formation dynamics of New Gaia grids continues transformation process for “hu-manity to Hue-manity”.

Flashpoint is soon to be attained among Gaia inhabitant energetic mixture, leading to final transmutation/purification of the planet.

Monitoring by Higher Sources continues on all levels.

Energetics of Gaia are prepared for the next phase.



“Flourishing Energetics” of the New Gaia Imprint Gaia Grids

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11“Flourishing Energetics” of the New Gaia imprint Gaia grids.

Assistance for hu-manity is at highest level possible
and Hue-Beings have assumed prime positions at key Gaia grid locations for final imprintation.

Gaia support of static desires on all levels has been removed and all such are being eliminated, at pace compatible with all Gaia inhabitants.

“Shimmering” is now apparent to most of Hue-manity, and hu-beings also sense this, although yet at “hidden” levels.

Gaia-guided activities are requested at this moment.


Gaia Calls for “Essentials Awareness” at this Moment…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy1Gaia calls for “essentials awareness” in all matters at this moment.

Higher D guidings are primary. Secondaries, tertiaries, are being requested to be shelved, at this moment.

Hue-manity activities must now align with Gaia Purpose.

All Hue-Beings are “called”, as it were, to team with the Whole Gaia Consciousness, and to set aside individual ego desires.

There is only one Being at this moment… and that is Gaia.

Cosmic influxes are continuing to dissolve (eliminate) separation paradigms, on all levels.

Unification of Gala Higher Consciousness with Hue-manity is prime at this moment.

hu-manity will follow, shortly, however Hue-manity is called, strongly, to accept and embrace their lead rôle at this moment.


Èireport Message: To Gaia Collective…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy1We of Èireport group wished to speak to all of the Gaia collective.

Our place in this realm has been to communicate messages from Gaia to those who might be called “Gaia Consciousness Companions and Gaia Travelers”.

We refer to you primarily in two distinctive forms: “Hue-man” or “Hue-Being”‘ meaning, awakened to Higher Purpose (aka “Gaia Consciousness Companions”), and “hu-man” or “hu-being”, meaning, yet to awaken to Higher Purpose (aka “Gaia Travelers”).

As so-called “outer” or 3D-visible changes occur, Hue-Beings are called to follow what may be termed “Higher Guidance” to discern missions and carry out what Gaia is calling for on a moment-to-moment basis.

We make no “according to time schedule” predictions or futur-izations. However, our responsibility to you, as “Gaia Consciousness Companions and Gaia Travelers”, is to monitor Gaia desires and actions requested, on energetic and 3D-5D levels, and pass them to all, via the GaiaPortal portal.

Those who are called to such missions as Hue-Beings, or Gaia Consciousness Companions, will find an ease of acceptance that “the mission” is what is yours to “do”, whatever “mission” means, and whatever “do” means, for you.

Old paradigm systems and timelines “failure” (collapse, dissolution) is certain. The “when” is not ours to state or imply, in any way, as we operate free of the time illusion (domain).

We will state here that we are honored with and by each and every Hue-Being who has recognized and accepted their Hue-Being-ness, and we applaud your courage and resonate with your passion with and for Gaia-Higher-Purpose.

Thank you.


“I have had enough of 3D!” (Actually, you haven’t !)


You are all souls that “came here” to experience third-dimensional reality, and thus no amount of resistance against this fact can cause you to escape this choice that you have made. Not even suicide is successful, because the law of motion in your universe is such that your soul must “return” to experience 3D if you are resisting it in any way. Most humans inwardly carry a death-wish on a subconscious level, and it is this attitude of escapism that causes you to miss the point, the point of power, your point of attraction, which is always NOW. “Things are not going my (the ego’s) way, and the world doesn’t understand me, so I need to leave!” This is a pervasive attitude, and it takes many forms, most of which do not appear to you to be “suicidal,” when in fact they are. Developing a “terminal” disease may be one form this attitude may take. Escapism is, in a very practical sense, the most-practiced “religion” among humans at this present time. This has no doubt been the case for many millennia on your planet, however this is increasingly declining as more and more of you awaken to your True Spiritual Nature. All creatures naturally seek well-being, humans as well, and thus you are quite resilient as a species.

This mass awakening, this Great Shift, is NOT about running from your own soul’s decision to experience 3D. Many, many lightworkers have yet to come face-to-face with this subconscious suicidal desire to “escape” physical reality. It is the fear of not looking at it and forgiving oneself for holding such a disempowering belief that perpetuates the sense of loneliness, desolation and lack that dominates much of human consciousness. This desire to “escape” is so deeply entrenched in the psyche that even many “old souls” find themselves struggling with finding inner peace in the here-now. This desire to escape has always been about the “self” denying the Self, the True Self; it has never been about “the world.” It has never been about “society.” It is not about how you were raised by your parents, or parent, or whoever “raised” you.

“To thine own SELF be true” is a universal lesson all humans are learning, and you will not understand this lesson in terms of thinking that there is but “one shot” or only one lifetime or incarnation in which it can be learned. The law of motion (cause-and-effect, karma) is such that you cannot escape what has already been “set” in terms of what you have all agreed upon within the Divine Design of God’s Plan, which in simple terms of what this message specifically pertains to is that in a linear sense you must all master the 3D realm and experience enlightenment. It is a cosmic joke, so to speak, a cosmic law, that the ONLY true way to “escape” 3D physicality is to forgive ALL resentments one has towards oneself (which the ego projects as a need to forgive “others”).

Those who make such statements as “I have had enough of 3D!” are still very much “asleep at the wheel,” not really guiding their thoughts, feelings and actions along a path of least resistance. (No human is totally without resistance, not even those awakened ones like Nisargadatta Maharaj and Jesus.) This message is therefore given in the clear understanding that its energy serves as a catalyst for further growth and awakening to the Divine Inner Being that you are. None of you have had “enough.” Those who truly have had enough are not the ones who go around making such silly statements. It is a quiet, inner recognition of one’s readiness to move on to another state of consciousness/being. Although in the creation-illusion that you experience there are indeed “higher” dimensions and densities beyond 3D, this Divine Self will not be addressing this in detail in this message. Suffice it to say here that you are all always experiencing a dimensional blend, a cosmic soup, of energies.

You cannot really escape your own soul’s responsibility. Look within and see how beautiful and beloved you really are, even as you discover more “darkened” areas of consciousness in your mind that need forgiving. To forgive is to give-for-love. You are giving in the Name of God’s Love, for Divine Love is What-You-Really-Are. In the “high dimensions” love is understood not as you “understand” it on Earth, for there is seen to be no difference between “God” and “love” and “self.” Allow yourself to be RAISED by the Holy Spirit, your Higher Self, in all your endeavors, and you are thus following a path of least resistance. Ask your Higher Mind why you would want to “escape” physicality as you currently experience it. Be quiet and listen for clarity. Even the “non-physical” that most channelings speak of is actually a less-dense physicality, in terms of having “substance.” Only the Absolute is truly non-physical, and this Reality cannot be imagined, Itself being beyond all imagination and descriptions. And the “kicker” is this: Only the Absolute actually exists!

Negative escapist attitudes greatly affect all that is perceived and translated into 3D physical terms. The majority of “channeled messages” (remember, in a broad sense ALL messages, ALL *things*, are vibrationally “channeled” into physicality, no exceptions) are quite a bit discolored by fear-based, “unconscious” escapist beliefs that are based on a dreadful sense of lack, and this is partly why so many messages speak of “ascension.” The other reason is that Divine Intelligence sincerely wants you to ascend, to awaken, from the sheep’s sleep (humorously), the dream of physicality, although this “desire” is not as the ego would define it, for it is based upon KNOWING the “end result” of your At-one-ment, not merely “hoping” for the better. What I desire for you has already been accomplished by you, blessed ones! You are simply “awakening” to the true What-Is that is the Eternal Now. Remember, your only power is NOW. Your power of choice is NOW. “Act now!” many of your marketing campaigns say, and I say that all actions are always NOW, for there is no other “time” but NOW.

Although human civilizations have existed upon Earth for FAR longer than is commonly held by many, in a practical sense your current civilization is still very much a “baby” in terms of its primitive, survival-based beliefs, and this must shift and IS shifting and changing for the highest and best. You need not feel dismayed by the “hiccups” of this baby as it moves from crawling to walking to flying, to ascending, for these are inevitable stages of civilization (even those that have apparently “fell”). Yes, as a race you are indeed perceiving more multidimensionally than you have for many millennia, and those of you reading this can of course expect to see much more of this rising trend. NONE of you have had “enough” of third dimensionality. Embrace your disillusionment with open, loving arms!! It is a necessary stage of your awakening process, you see.

You can desperately await the “motherships” and “disclosure” for decades if you wish, for those in which this is the case, but you cannot do so forever. God-Source is your only “Mother,” your only rescue, and you must find “her” within your Higher Mind. The Great Goddess discloses Her secrets in silence, not in desperation. 🙂 Watch as “disclosures” come, and those who were desperate for them will not even be truly grateful! You can only be appreciative through letting go of desperation, My children.

All forms of resistance, even “peaceful resistance,” are ultimately given up in favor of the Pure Peace of God that knows no offense nor defense. Please re-read that, if you will. Knowing this, Divine Self does indeed encourage your activist demonstrations of less resistance, for resistance itself never achieves positive results. Humans have made a religion out of resistance, and thankfully its membership is declining (even while worldly appearances may seem to show otherwise, meaning “more” resistance). Actually, the mass mind of humanity is quite a bit less repressed than it has been for decades, centuries, millennia, and this is why most adults are seeing what appears to be more chaos in various areas of human experience. The truth is that you are merely witnessing GREATER EXPRESSION of long-held feelings as you become more CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of them, and this freer expression of your emotions is causing you to physically live longer in your bodies. Everything is rising to the surface. This is simple cause/effect evolution of your species.

It is ironic that as a race you are physically living longer, while at the same time so many of you are loudly proclaiming that you want to “go Home” (even if you do not verbally affirm this). Humanity is actually enjoying life MORE, generally speaking, as the way of living in past times (post-Atlantis) for most human societies was harsher in many ways, especially in terms of recognizing many civil human rights. The “loud proclamations” of wanting to go Home are merely voicing what has long been inwardly felt, but mostly repressed. Yet this is all simply part of the general plan that you have agreed to, to express your fears, your joys, your beliefs, your desires, more honestly, openly and fully, you see. The rapid technological advancements that you are seeing are only a by-product of this inner psychological advancement. You are not becoming more like machines. If that is what you choose to believe about humanity, that is fine, yet it is not actually what is occurring by any means. 😉 Humans are becoming more fully human, period. Humanity IS healing its mass mind of its suicidal death wish. This is the plan, and it cannot fail.

Of course, your True Home is not a place called Earth, yet you are not going to realize this Home through “dying” to get there! (Unless you metaphorically mean “ego death,” which is but a metaphor, for there is no actual death of anything.) The point that Divine Self is really making when it is stated that your point of power is NOW is that YOU HAVE NEVER LEFT HOME! You are, right now, safe at Home in God, your True Home, even while Consciousness is dreaming up this “you” that is reading these words. As you awaken to this very Universal Truth, your 3D reality is richer and more enjoyable in deeper levels of feeling. You can experience realization of Heaven right here and now, when you so choose to. God-realization is but REMEMBERING the Timeless Truth. That is all it is, blessed ones. When you realize that there is absolutely nothing to escape, you recognize that you ARE Home.



1469 – Gaia Portal

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy1Progress on all dimensional levels has been made during the recent moments and allows substantial High Energetic Upgrades in all Gaia inhabitants, Hue-Being and human.

At this moment Gaia recognizes not the term “human”, as all inhabitants of Gaia are now upgraded sufficiently towards the “Hue-Man” levels.

Potential for “Whole Planet Ascension” has now reached critical mass point, so such is assured.

All former paradigms of operation upon Gaia are now closed. Those attempting to operate via those paradigms will be “stonewalled”, as some might say. [Eireport note: presumably this means “stopped”, as if running into a stone wall].

The “flights of fancy” (paradigms lacking Higher Intent) are also closed.

Gaia has spoken, gently but strongly. Hue-Manity has listened… humanity must follow… Else the stone wall will be felt… Strongly.


Golden Sparkles Pervade all Gaia Beings at all Levels

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy1Golden sparkles pervade all Gaia beings at all levels as full Higher Energetic activation has completed. This in readiness for completion of selected local protocols, individual, collective, and Higher Dimensional.

Simultaneous freeing of all Hue-Being restrictions completes initial ascension phase.

“Standard” protocols have been overridden and transcended.

Exponential increase in Higher Dimensional visibles now proceeds.


Sensational Illuminations Flow from All Gaia Ascension Portals

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy1Sensational Illuminations are flowing from all Gaia Ascension portals after recent energetic uplifts. Such may be “sensed” by stepping into Higher Clarity Sensories.

“Sensational” refers to the grand awakening moment of humanity, already preceded by Hue-manity.

Prior acts of Light caregivers are manifesting results required for complete Ascension of all beings on Gaia, along with Gaia.

The phrase, “Sparks are flying” (“Sparkles are flying”), is most applicable at this now moment.


“Soaring” of Gaia Vibrationals Leads to Stabilization of Individual Hue-Being Energetic Patterns

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy1“Soaring” of Gaia vibrationals leads to stabilization of individual Hue-Being energetic patterns. All current updates are enabling the process of Ascension with Gaia, for Gaia, and all Gaia Hue-Being inhabitants.

Galactic Presence within each now activates Higher Sense of Gaia partnership and Gaia responsibility, and connectivity to all Creation as Unity and Law of One components.

What some would term “massive” energy changes are simply comprehensive DNA transformations for each Hue-Being, on all dimensional levels required for Gaia-collective Ascension.

We of Éireport group recommend, at this time, patience with the Self, kindness for the Self, and acceptance of the Higher Energetics incoming to all. All of “Hue-manity”, as well as “humanity”, are receiving and sensing these energies, at this moment.









All Aspects of “humanity to Hue-Manity” Mass Transition have been Initiated…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy1Shimmering sparkles of Higher Energetic Dimensions are appearing to many, as 5-7D Gaia presents herself in anticipation of humanity recognition.

All aspects of “humanity to hue-manity” mass transition have been initiated and progress appears as anticipated, although extremely slowly for some. High degree of care for those with fragile “shock” layers is being called for by Gaia at this time.

Many of Higher Realms are active on Gaia surface as Gaia Inner Realms as full awakening process begins in earnest.

All is proceeding as desired.


A magnificent coming-together of the human family has commenced

A magnificent coming-together of the human family has commenced

by John Smallman


The long-expected and hoped-for moment of once more becoming fully conscious beings, at one with each other and God – and fully aware of this – draws ever closer, as more of you choose to join the collective intent to awaken.  It can happen instantly when the Love field enveloping and uniting you all is fully acknowledged. Despite all the attention being paid to the illusion and its problems, there is growing awareness that a sea change in perception is essential if you are to leave behind the old ways of judgment, retribution, and conflict so that you can live in harmony with one another, regardless of race, color, or religious or political persuasion, and that awareness is what is driving you forwards so effectively on your path to awakening.

The Oneness of God is wondrously stimulating and utterly amazing.  It can only be experienced.  Attempting to describe It in words or images, in fact, in any manner at all, as so many of your mystics and enlightened ones have told you, is beyond impossible.  However, those who have experienced It have managed to convey to those who are willing to listen that It is an experience that surpasses all joy, exhilaration, and understanding, It just IS!  And all are enveloped within It, even if they choose to remain unaware – to be unaware is a choice that humanity made. Now you are in the process of changing your minds and allowing yourselves to open up to the infinite wonder of God’s eternal Love for you.  Nothing you can think, say, or do could remotely compensate for what you lost when you chose to become unaware, which is why you can never find true satisfaction within your illusory environment.  You have to wake up.  And you will!

Consciousness, God, is a massive, a vast, an infinite field of loving and accepting Awareness, in which all that is, every part of consciousness from the infinitesimal smallest to the infinitely largest, exists eternally in perfect bliss-filled harmony.  Within that field are a few small pockets, bubbles, or enclosures, in which an aspect of consciousness has chosen, very temporarily, to play a game of being unaware of its oneness and to pretend to be separate, individual.  Humans on Earth are presently experiencing life in one such illusory enclave, but the unawareness that they chose to experience is wearing off as they move towards their moment of awakening.  To be unaware – as humanity most definitely has been – is a most unnatural state of being which can only last for a moment, rather like the soap bubbles that children blow and which burst almost as soon as they have formed, releasing the air trapped within them back into the surrounding atmosphere.

The “bubble” of unawareness in which you presently seem to be enclosed and cut off from Reality has no option but to burst when the moist film enclosing it dries and shrinks in the surrounding air.  Then the unawareness enclosed within it will just dissipate as it is subsumed fully and lovingly into the field of divine Awareness from which it had tried to hide.  Unawareness does not exist, cannot exist.  It would be like a state of intense darkness, a dark hole, where there is no shade or shadow to cause it, in a place fully lit by the midday sun.

Unawareness is an imaginary state of unknowing which humanity built so that it could justify the many unconscionable and unloving activities in which it has been engaged over the eons.  If you had allowed yourselves to remain fully aware you could never have become embroiled in judgment of one another, leading to intense disagreement, fear, hatred, conflict, and endless war.  As your unawareness fades and then disintegrates you begin to recognize the insanity of so many of your activities and planned future activities, and so you take steps to put an end to them. Now many of you are making the determined intention to cease using violence against another, whatever the circumstances, and the results of those individual loving intents is a growing field of energy that is effectively swamping, drowning, and then transforming any energies that are not in alignment with it.

Distrust is an energy of fear to which many of you have clung in desperation as you observed or took part in the conflicts that seemed to be almost constantly ongoing all around you.  Now the divine field of Love that envelops the Earth is dissolving all fear and hatred, as the energy that supported them becomes transformed by humanity’s collective choice to awaken from the nightmare inferno of distrust and conflict which has so disastrously confined each of you in the fires of your own bitterness and confusion for far too long.

Trust occurs when people stop mistrusting and cease erecting the defenses that mistrust demands.  That is now happening all across the world in an unprecedented expansion of awareness that that is the only way out of the wars and conflicts that have plagued you since before the dawn of recorded history.  You have realized that there has to be a better way, and that there is a better way, and you are now engaging with it in increasing numbers.  And that way is by respecting and honoring one another no matter how diverse may be the cultures, ethnicities, religions, and political persuasions which have been used for so long as a means to divide you and set you against each other.  Those days are over.

A magnificent coming-together of the human family has commenced.  It is like a massive family reunion, a get-together to celebrate a wedding or a birth.  And just as in such a celebration, the newly-weds honor each other in their vows, or the parents honor and welcome their new child, all present now make a new and loving start, saluting all the family members, and agreeing to release and forgive old scores that had festered instead of being settled.  After the celebration a great lightening of the collective energy field can most definitely be felt by all present.

Open yourselves now to feel that energetic shift, that transformation that is encouraging you to embrace others instead of distrusting and avoiding them.  All are one – you know that.  You can no longer deny it by pretending to be separated by race, religion, class distinction, gender, or supposed value to society. Open up by honoring self and others, and by graciously accepting the recognition offered to you, and feel the divine energy field embracing you as you do so.

With so very much love, Saul.


Simultaneous messaging is proceeding at this time…

by ÉirePort


gaia_energy11Simultaneous messaging is proceeding at all perceptible levels at this time in Hue-manity evolution. Master codes are being downloaded among numerous individual Hue-Beings at identical coordinates in the ‘time’ illusion domain. This is to allow next steps in the New Gaia Ascension Paradigm to proceed.

Those aligned with this Paradigm may feel a sense of multiplicity of pathways unfolding at the same moment. Yet this is simply a multiple D level unfoldment of the New Gaia Ascension Paradigm.

Worded explanations suffice not for this process, but those aligned with it will understand the Higher Purpose. And movement follows swiftly.




The manuscript of survival – part 334

The manuscript of survival – part 334

by Aisha North

You are tired and perhaps more than a little flustered we gather, as you have all been through a rather intense few days. Let us just give you all a little heads up as to what went down on Sunday during the Gathering, as we think you will all find some comfort in knowing that the energies you provided to the rest of humanity will be very much welcome indeed. For you have all been working so hard on behalf of us all, and as we mentioned, what you help bring down to Earth is something that will be of immense importance not just to all persons residing there, but also to All of Creation. We know this might elicit some frowns of disbelief, but as the old saying goes as above, so below, and indeed vice versa. For nothing that exists anywhere in this universe and beyond exists as a solitary island, and even if you many times will feel like you are stranded on a small orb slowly drifting out there in the pitch black darkness of space, you are not lost or alone no matter how lonesome you will feel at times.

For you are all so deeply connected, not just to each other, but also to the rest of Creation, so every step you take will have some effect on the whole. And you are making so much progress for us all by the way that you are acting as these transmitters of light on this little blue marble of a planet. For this small island in this vast ocean of space plays a major role in everything, and as we have talked about earlier, much interest is invested in the rebirth of this creation.

For the birth of this planet way back was only the beginning of a very, very long journey. A journey not only for mankind, but also for every civilization that at some point has had their emissares on the surface of this planet. For as you know very well by now, mankind is not an isolated creation in a lifeless ocean. No, mankind is simply one very special creation amongst a sea of other intelligent lifeforms that exists in every corner of this unending grid of light. You have yet to see these other fellow beings, and even if many of you have found a way to communicate across the borders as it were, you are still very much left feeling as if you are in fact all alone in this biosphere.

But again, you are not alone, and you never have been, and you all carry the seeds from home that have now been watered and have started to grow within. And so, you will feel the calling from the outside, and you will know deep within that even if you do have a human outside, you also harbour much wisdom and intelligence within that originates from a very different place. And so, what you all do while you are playing your human part is actually much more imporant than just the effects it has on the so-called human society. For what you help bring down to this planet by your willingness to be these living conveyors of light will help us all reach even further and higher than ever before. For you are not only saving yourselves by lifting your own level of vibration to new heights again and again, you are also lifting so many others along with you. Your fellow men, of course, but also the rest of us, as you are putting the finishing touches to an endeavor no one have seen the likes of. So as you learn, we also see new truths emerging, and we can use that to refuel your flight even more so.

This will sound that we are in some ways walking just as blindfolded as you on this journey, but nothing could be further from the truth. For we do know what we are doing here as we stand by your side every step of the way. But what happens when the plan is put into action as it were is also a revelation to us. For you are indeed pushing the limits in so many ways, you are educating us alongside with yourselves, and as such, this endeavor is increasing in effect and in magnitude daily.

So let us just return shortly to what you have just been through, for that was indeed a perfect example in point. We gather that for many, the actual event may not have been as gratifying as you might have hoped for in the way of clarity or information during the time you connected, but do not let that lure you into thinking that you did not ”succeed” in your efforts to connect. For as we said, you do not have to DO something, all you have to do is BE, and that is something you can not help but BE. In other words, you are already working up a storm by the very fact that you have surrendered yourself to this energetic grid a long time ago, and as such, your endeavors will be fully on par with those that can report many interesting insights from their own sojourn into this space beyond space. For you have all been to the same place as you have all been connected to the same grid, and so, your contribution will be no less valuable than the ones who can give a detailed report of all that took place while they took the same journey as you did. For you all went home, to put it in another way, and what you helped to bring back down to Earth with you, is in no way determined by your own image of it. For you have all become super conductors by now, and the amount of energy that was pulsed out from each and every one of you and into the Earth grid was by no means puny.

We know this will perhaps bring little consolation to those who felt they missed out on something, but again, perception is not reality, as what we saw during all of this was nothing short of breathtaking. It was as if a fire slowly started to spread all over your globe, as one by one you all opened yourselves up to act as amplifiers for what you managed to take in from the collective grid. And what you poured out from your hearts has already started to touch millions of other hearts, and one by one these waves of living light will start to dissolve even the hardest of resistance.

So once again we thank you all for the beautiful work you do, and know that you are bringing mankind and indeed the rest of Creation a very big step forwards by the very fact that you wake up every day, living and breathing the very light that you help to deliver to everyone else around you.


Message To Starseeds And Everyone

Message To Starseeds And Everyone From Faleekastrina, Head of the Council for the Assistance to Earth

I am Faleekastrina, Head of The Council For The Assistance To Earth, and I want you to understand that everything that is on this Earth plane is an illusion. Everything that you experience here is an illusion. That is the truth. Open your eyes to the truth.

Remember, you were sent into an illusion. Your job is to bring it into the real. Your job is to bring it back to the original frequency; back to the original blueprint. That is your mission, and you are raising the frequency right now because you are accepting the message of your Reality, and it is saying to you, “Starseed, your reality is within me, and I am not touched by this illusion. I am not affected by any lie or any voice which tells me that I am limited in any way. I will not listen to those voices which tell me that I am incapable of miracles or that I am unable to do something that goes beyond physical boundaries.

Listen to your Reality. Listen to it now. It is speaking to you. It is recalling memories up inside of you. It is recalling your true identity. It is surfacing the emotion and the thought and the frequency that you are always on. Tune into that frequency. Will yourself to tune into it right now. That is real.

This Earth is not your home. Do not seek to feel at home here, because you will lower your frequency. Seek to bring this place back to the vibrational level of your real home. Make this place reality. Make it your real home. Change the blueprints. Begin this now by stepping into your Reality.

Look around you and know, “What I am seeing with my physical eyes here is not the reality because it has bought into the illusion.” This place is a lie. It clothes you in forgetfulness. Wake up. Remember. You were sent here to bring this place back into alignment with Reality. It has become a lie. It has become a dream world and it is no longer a place where the God source freely operates within its children. This has become a place where false beliefs that are not in alignment with the God source are believed to be real.

And I want you to understand that no limitation is real! No limitation is real! No limitation is real!

Limitation is a thought that is out of alignment with the God source inside of you. Limitation is not a belief you can allow to take root. It wishes to remove you from the part of you — that God source part of you — that is capable of anything, that all-powerful part of you. Don’t be afraid of it. Let go of your ego’s fear and remember that your power comes from love, and true power is in alignment with love. Only false power will harm anyone. Only false power will choose to exalt itself, and control others. This power I speak of is not control. This power I speak of comes from the heaven within you, my Eternal Being.

You are the wake-up call that was sent to Earth. You are the wake-up call, humanity’s wake-up call, my Starseed. You are the alarm clock that has begun to sound all over the Earth, and that sound will sing out. Its frequency will sound out through every voice of confusion, of anger, or of judgment, or deceit. You will not be conquered by the illusion. You are already coming to the point of truth. It is dawning on you. Allow it to manifest physically.

I want to tell you those things you have believed you should be able to do, those miracles you have believed you will be able to do — you are about to do them. You will do them. As you raise your vibration you are capable of more and more. You will do miracles, my Starseeds. You are the ones that bring in the awareness of what a truly awakened person can be and do. You are the Reality. Step into it now.

I am Faleekastrina, Namaste.

For More Please Visit:

Namaste ❤


Centeredness in Gaia Conscious Operation is of High Value at this Time

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Centeredness in Gaia conscious operation is of high value at this time. Lasting results for Gaia-New-Paradigm construction and Real-ization require Hue-Beings living from their center.

Outer type focuses become distractions if brought to center of immature soul structures.

BE-ing from the Gaia center is key for all Gaia-New-Paradigm construction team Hue-Beings.



Current upgraded portal structures allow entry of energies solely intended for the Highest of all…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Assets previously valued by both humanity and Hue-manity are now revealed, to both humanity and Hue-manity, to be extraneous and illusory in the scheme of Gaia Energetics and Gaia Ascension.

Current upgraded portal structures allow entry of energies solely intended for the Highest of all. All others are revealed quickly, and directed elsewhere. This revelation occurs on multiple levels with multiple individuals, groups, societies, cultures.

No one is outside of the revelation.


Torsional Effects from Reversed Portals…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Torsional effects from reversed portals allows facile navigation of Higher Dimensional pathways. Calibration of individual pathways is currently ongoing, and will complete as soon as individual readiness state is attained.

Clarifying energies currently permeate Gaia, and Inner Earth beings increasingly surface to assist Light Beings in need.

Hue-manity arises from torsional manipulations of Hue-manity Higher Body.

[Eíreport note: here is a link to a definition of torsional]



Ashtar Speaks: ” The Transformation of your Financial World as the Basis for Disclosure “



Ashtar3 (1) (99 x 146)Ashtar Speaks:  ” The Transformation of your Financial World as the Basis for Disclosure” – June the 12th, 2013

At the moment many things are happening in your world, that give many of you the doubt in the divine plan. Many of you are asking, how it can be, that we are talking about love and peace, promising you the most wonderful things, while seemingly chaos, violence and oppression rule all around the world

Please understand, that this is the last gasp of the dark energies. Anything, that is not from the light will now be washed away or transformed. It opposes his transformation, fights and stands up to the very last. But his fate is sealed. We see the solutions for the world’s conflicts, not only in Turkey and Syria, which is currently keeping your media busy the most. Also, the conflicts between the sexes, different population groups and religions. We see how these conflicts melt and what newly arises on their land. And this is unique to your world: An unprecedented peace is awaiting you.

You are asking, “When?”. Well this is depending very much on You. Send out your light and your love and help to transform all the negative energies in your world. We are quite active in bringing in the energies of your central sun, but the real transmutation, the anchoring and the thriving of this incoming energies is your job. And if we are allowed to say, actually your principal duty, irrespective of which other task you additionally have taken on.

At the moment we do not want go deeper into your actual world affairs, but inform you about, what is directly in front of your door. Because this is considerably influencing the just described transformation.

You were told, that the transformation of your financial system is a done deal and only waiting for implementation. As well you were told, that the dark ones have no more power to delay or to prevent this any more. This we can confirm and you will also see, why this is so important. In the next days and weeks you will learn more about it and even better, you will experience it. We are looking forward to see, how you rub your eyes in disbelief, asking yourself: “Is this really there?  Am I dreaming?” After this short phase you will overflow with happiness and will be totally excited. This on itself lifts you up a great deal and your vibrations raise to higher power. And why do I, Ashtar, tell you this? Because this joy that you will experience with the introduction of the new financial system is absolutely critical and the basis, that disclosure can take place.

At the moment, the majority of mankind believes it is possible, not to be alone in the universe. Nevertheless, there is a difference whether one does not preclude or believes. What do you think would happen, if we now perform a mass flyover? Would the majority of people react with fear and terror? How would react your existing financial system? Would it not result in more violence and chaos?

And now ask yourself, how it would be like if humanity is lifted first by a new and fair financial system. If joy and happiness be consensus that the old shackles of the unfair economic system were stripped off and everyone feels that the New frees him from the yoke of slavery. Do you not think as well, that this will automatically resolve many of your current problems? And based on that, the disclosure that your star family is here and once again would like to unite with you, will be much better received?

Thus we can confirm, what other have reported and many of you already guess: Disclosure will take place, as soon as the necessary steps to implement the new, fair economic system have successfully taken place. Then we can come to you and present you with all that we have already announced to you.

And from your point of view, the most wonderful thing is probably, that we are talking about weeks and not years, until this fundamental transformation of your economic system picks up speed and becomes visible for everyone. And if this stone is rolling, you can be assured that also disclosure will not be long in coming.

I hope very much that this message brings you joy. Because that’s going on in your life on this planet: Find joy in your life and focus upon it.

In deepest love,

Your Ashtar

Channeller: Philipp

Webpage: ASHTAR through Philipp

Translated from German – English: Petra ST

Available in 17 languages



via Gillian Macbeth-Louthan


Whenever you have a resistance towards anything, you end up creating an electrical charge, a bio-electrical response. This charge then becomes positive or negative depending on which pole you direct your sled towards (your sled being every thought). Earth is filled with infinite possibilities. Possibility lives in every situation you are being drawn into, every energetic thought, and reaction.

Imagine yourself as a mathematical equation, a series of numbers and letters. Each time a number or letter in that equation changes, the outcome changes. When your life moves you into a cul-de-sac that seems to have no way out, it is then you must learn to fly above what blocks your progress. Lift your thinking upward to a new plateau of creation.
Anything that is happening in your life is there because of you. Own it. You are not a victim but a student surrounded in deep dynamic teachings. Like learning to become a soldier with real bullets this is not a practice run but the real thing. Even though earth is holographic of nature all actions on earth are recorded and held secret. Even in your holographic universe all thoughts count like live ammunition.
Progress is quickened in everyone’s life as time marches forward and faster than you think or know. The lessons are thicker and deeper than one has expected after years of clearing up the debris of the personality. You no longer live on the same street of light. Your soul address has changed once again. You’re Moving on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky… You are asked to experience a new level of self and soul that you are not familiar with nor comfortable with. Like meeting new people all you can do is observe until it is safe to act.
The mind and the body are joined by new beings of light. They are suspicious and confused by this new vibrational presence. The old aspect of you has left never to return but in a fleeting memory. The new aspect of your soul presence is not attached to any outcomes as the old you, once was. The new aspect sees the sum total of the dialog and sits in the land of deliberation with a feeling of power.There’s one glitch in this vast portrayal of light enhancement. There is a thin ethereal membrane that keeps the new light intact. This thin delicate membrane is like a protective sac around a newborn baby. It keeps it safe from the harsh outer world until it is ready to be birthed, then the membrane weakens and tears. The new soul light that has been given to all Humanity will not be fully felt until the time is right and all have come to a point of internal peace.

There is a feeling of being torn between two lights, two souls, two loves and two worlds. The sense of being you and not being you is amplified because of the past three eclipses. All elements of life point at you asking ‘will the real you stand up?’ you try to identify yourself but the confusion gets stickier and deeper.
Allow time for the covering between layers of light to quicken. Fill up with what is good in your life and embrace what is beautiful around you. There will always be something that is unresolved in your life. It’s important to move your awareness above chaos, into the beauty of life. There will always be a pulse of polarity that keeps the small black hole in everybody’s life spinning.
Do not be sucked into what is wrong, life always holding you hostage. What is wrong is but a minute percentage of your life force. Move your awareness into what is right, what is good and what is blessed and spend your creation in that place. Every thought changes something.


Specifics of Gaia Portal Use Entering Hue-manity Mind Patterns…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Specifics of Gaia Portal use are entering Mind patterns of those of Hue-manity now open and prepared for travel via these gateways. Ease of mind is key to assuming positions in the desired portal entry points. Natural leadings of those Hue-mans will show each to their intended destination.

As Hue-manity population grows, Gaia Portal application will allow each to communicate and meet in a Higher Visual sense.

Group endeavors, particularly those groups of prior Galactic descent, will enter Gaia Portals of transformation, thus transmuting the final pieces restricting the “humanity (small ‘h’) to Hue-manity” conversion.

humanity (small ‘h’) senses this process, and inherently will not resist, as the whole of humanity (small ‘h’) understands the necessity of this trans-mutational and trans-formational Gaia Portal process.



Key Gateways for Transformation of humanity (small ‘h’) to Hue-manity have been Opened and Stabilized

by ÉirePort
gaia_energy11Key gateways for transformation of humanity (small ‘h’) to Hue-manity have been opened and stabilized. These have been prepared, as a step stone, for final step of Gaia to Higher Gaia.

Purification followed by clarification occurs via these gateways for transformation, and those ready for such purification and clarification will experience such.

Concomitant narrowing of Ascension pathways may also be anticipated.


Crossings of Dimensions Occur in Each Moment…

by ÉirePor

gaia_energy11Crossings of dimensions now occur in each moment, by those attuned to connection of Higher Self and Higher Gaia. Even Gaia processes ascension intentions to allow humanity (small ‘h’) and Hue-manity to coalesce with her. Changes of overall humanity consciousness is matched by Higher Gaia adjustment of process.

Intentions of humanity enmasse now begin to support Gaia ascension.

All releases occurring at this moment produce multi-fold increase in consciousness.



Dissonant Energetics Are Arising…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Dissonant energetics currently are arising and may be sensed by many as Gaia sheds destructive themes and slavery paradigms. Many will be “immersed” in energetic regions and physical locations undergoing the dissonant patterns.

We of Èireport community remind all that remaining observant of exposed dark themes and/or dissonant energies is most helpful at this time. Participation in the dissonance is NOT recommended, nor required for these to dissolve. This will occur simply and quickly as they are generated.

Being in Joy and living in Peace during each moment will benefit all in this period.


Instantaneous Upshift in Gaia Energy…

by ÉirePort
gaia_energy11An instantaneous upshift in Gaia energy occurred in this now moment. Sufficient alignment of upgraded humanity-general energies has called forth this upshift.

Rapid movement of this upshift will be visible on all levels as even more humanity I general joins the harmonization.

Gaia ascension potential has been realized.




“Be as a Spring in the Desert “


Be as a Spring in the Desert – A Message from Sanat Kumara – June 1, 2013, by Tazjima


I AM Sanat Kumara, also known affectionately as “Raj”. I presently serve as planetary logos, from the holy city of Shamballa, home of the Ascended Masters and connection to your sister world, the neighboring planet of Venus. Through the ages since before the great Fall of Man, I have played many roles and presented many faces to many cultures. Some know me as Ahura Mazda; Skanda, the warrior son of Siva (Shiva); and to some I am known as the Ancient of Days. Whatever my name, whatever face that I present to your consciousness, I am one with you within the secret sanctuary of your Heart.

I have come to offer my thoughts, my counsel and my encouragement, along with those of my brother, Ganesh, the Great Divine Director. We are one in our purpose and dedication to the evolution of this planet and to its inhabitants. Long ago, I decided to commit myself to the mission of holding the light for the evolutions of Terra. Leaving my home on Venus, I came to this darkened planet arriving in the place prepared by those who preceded me, Shamballa. Of those who read these words today, some of you are among the first to arrive with me from Venus, one of the 144,000 of high Venusian masters, committed like myself to the welfare of the inhabitants of our sister planet, Terra. We did not wish to see her destruction as happened to at least one other planet in your solar system, the planet, Maldek, that exists today as the rubble field of asteroids lying between Terra and Mars. Instead, we chose to dedicate ourselves to the mission of aiding humanity into returning to a state of self-awareness where they would be prepared to re-take up the mantle and stewardship of their own planetary home. That great day now approaches. Although there is some way to still to go, the moment approaches when enough self-aware beings upon this planet who will be ready to assume conscious stewardship of the planet and the future of humanity.

What mission have you chosen to undertake? What commitment have you made? How do you approach your daily life, with a sense of defeatism or an ever upwelling of optimism?

Perhaps you do not know what your mission is yet? Perhaps you are unwilling to look with clear seeing at that which you would deny, simply out of a sense of feeling unprepared, unconvinced that you are worthy of such an endeavor. You see what you choose to see. You feel what you choose to feel. You can change your outlook in a second, with a simple change in perspective. How do you choose to view your world? Are you one who sees the glass half empty or half full? Know that you have the power to create your own reality and how you will play in it; it is all up to you. Accept the power that dwells within you; it is real, more real than the hologram in which you play today.

The power that wells up from within emanates from Source. Like a spring in the middle of a desert, it finds its way to the surface through the barrier of your denial and worms its way into your awareness. You cannot deny the power of Love as you cannot deny the power of your solar body, the Sun, to warm you with its rays. It simply is, as you are. You are the world. You are the creator of your world. You hand yourself lessons every day to test yourself, to see if your awareness has grown or whether you are still in denial of your beauty and power. It is up to you to decide whether or not if you learn from those lessons, release all self-judgment and condemnation and move forward with resolve to come into greater awareness or to retreat into greater self-denial or darkness.

Those of us who have worked so long in the fields of this world, cultivating self-awareness among its inhabitants, starting up new modes of thinking and being, we would hope that you chose to come into greater alignment with the one who is your true self, your Soul. In keeping a deep-seated desire to renew your connection to your Soul, you will also come into connection through the Bridge of Light, with your Higher Self. This Self consists of those who you called the Ascended Masters, angelic beings, archangels and others who dwell in the realms of Light.

Not all chose to leave the Realms of Light to descend into the various worlds of this universe that had been darkened by the miscreations and misalignment of some. There were many who chose to hold the balance as their brothers and sisters and twin flames descended and then fell into the lower, heavier depths of the third dimension. They chose to remain behind so that they could take up the role of mentor, teach and guide to those struggling to see through the mists of the astral plane surrounding your world.

Now understand, dear ones, although you walk through the darkened valley of the third dimension, you need not keep clothed in the darkness of spirit that haunts those who chose to deny self, who chose self-condemnation and self-hatred. This darkness is twisted and warped and often directed outward to those appearing as “other” or “different”, whether this difference exists in lifestyle, sexual preference, religion, culture or physical appearance. You can choose, consciously, to release these self-imposed bonds and to step free, into self-acceptance, self-love and through your sincere efforts, into service to others through living your own life free of boundaries, self-imposed or imposed by forces outside of yourself. You can choose to be in this world, but not of it, not controlled by anything outside of your own consciousness (although truly you are the only One partaking of this experience).

Along the way on the path of rediscovering those parts of your being which you thought lost or perhaps as never belonging to yourself, you will learn more about your world and how it works. The departing third dimension worked with rigid structures and boundaries; expressions of “never”, “always” and “must” ruled the daily life of the masses. You learned to follow the teachings of those “outside” of yourself, most often those individuals closest to you in daily life, your parents, teachers, religious leaders, and friends. You were taught to conform, to fit in, to follow the guidance of your elders and of elected officials and professionals. You were taught out of the ability to think for yourself, to feel your own feelings, to act on your own intuition. You were encouraged to fit in, to conform and to be whatever was considered “normal” in your culture and society. It mattered not that other people living next to you in the same city acted in a totally different manner than what you were taught was “right”. They were different; therefore, they became the enemy.

Your leaders and those shadowy figures who acted as your leaders’ puppet-masters, the Illuminati and controllers, sought to control all deviation within society, all sense of revolution, to stifle any drive towards independence. Those of you who thought or acted independently from what was considered the norm or accepted ways of being was targeted for persecution, torment and sometimes destruction and death.

Beyond what you have been presented in your modern world, there existed before a world that was very, very different, but the ways of the ancestors were also covered up when they didn’t fit the paradigm desired by the controllers. Ancient libraries and sacred sites were destroyed, burned, pillaged and buried in a desire to blank out the past and to destroy the roots binding the people to the earth, to the sky and waters.

Still, cycles move on and now the Light grows brighter on Terra, burning away the dross of the last couple of centuries of darkness and destruction. The ties with the ancient past of this world are being recreated through the avid exploration and efforts of scientists who have moved beyond the existing paradigm in their determination to understand why certain facts and discoveries do not fit what has been accepted in colleges and universities as being “truth” for the past century or so.

The continuous cycle of violence and war that has existed for several centuries worldwide is now being revealed as being coordinated by a small group of people, interconnected by a web of secrecy, determined to keep the populations of countries and continents at war with each other so they can, as a whole, be kept under control. War and tools of war, chemical and biological warfare, have been used by the armies and corporations of the planet against their own kind, humanity, in a bid to do the will of their masters, to eliminate the surplus population so the survivors would have more. These acts of self-destruction are now in the process of being revealed, first in alternative media sources, but more and more in mass media sources. When the sleeping giant of the populace really understands the length that these plans for mass destruction and control have been in existence, it may take a while to release the anger, despair, grief and outrage that will emerge from the astral body of humanity.

As the light and energy emanating from cosmic sources penetrates and breaks up the rubble of the structures of the departing third dimension, the light penetrates into the waking consciousness of the general populace, waking them from their lengthy sleep of denial. They stir restlessly, no longer able to dismiss what they can see with their own eyes, feel with their own heart, and hear with their own ears. The world is changing and with it, each person must choose their own way, by going forward or remaining stubbornly in place, willfully by denying self-consciousness, by denying their connection with their multi-dimensionality. Will you choose to go forward or will you choose to remain behind, striving to hide from your own light and power? The choice is yours. It has always been yours; and we will abide by your wishes for yourself. It is your responsibility to choose. Your refusal to choose is a choice to remain in the three dimensional world or at least to attempt to cling to what is known, for the third dimension is going way. So… it is inevitable that you will, eventually, join up with your fellows, and find your own way onto the path Home, back to the fifth dimension and the Realms of Light. How long that journey might take is up to you.

This planet and the great being that ensouls her, Gaia, is committed to the path of return. The ones, who volunteered to assist in her return, the light workers and wayshowers, the star seed, as they have been variously called, are also committed to the path of return. They walk the path not for the first time, but as ones who have mastered other paths and dimensions in their “past” or other lives, which exist simultaneously in the ever present Now. It is sometimes hard to explain these concepts in terms of human language which is by custom and intent limited in its ability to convey spiritual realities. Spirit exists within paradox. All things exist within the One. You have believed that you are a separate being, but in truth you have never left the Garden. Yet you still must release the false beliefs, allowing for the healing of your physical body and ascending slowly through the vibratory levels until you can handle the lighter frequencies of the fifth dimension.

You exist in many worlds all at once. This is truth and will ever evade the ability of the rational mind or ego to understand the paradox that is presented. Just feel into the awareness of this and decide for yourself whether it is true for you today. Just because it may make you feel uncomfortable this morning, does not mean that you cannot learn to accept this truth as your own in the “future” present moment. You will come into self-awareness and awareness of your connection to all life in your own time and in your own way.

As a spring in the desert waters the oasis and acts as a place for all to gather to rest from their journey and to gain strength for the next step, so you, too, can act as the waters of life, giving your light and presence to all who you encounter during your daily life. How you interact with people, how you honor your inner guidance, how you work to strengthen and rebuild your inner connections to Soul and to your Higher Self, will reflect in how other people view you. They may not understand what it is that you are, but they will instinctively react each according to their own level of self-acceptance and self-love. Those who still exist entirely in a world of self-deception and avoidance will not be able to look you in the eye, yet they will gain sustenance despite themselves. Those who are further along the path of return will view you as friends and companions on the same or similar journey. They will greet you with great relief and joy as you gather at the water’s edge and perhaps accompany you as you move on again to the next oasis.

We stand with you, ever at your side, as each one of you prepares to walk the walk across the bridge of light to reconnect with Spirit, with your Higher Self and full multi-dimensionality. You are in the process of returning into consciousness awareness and experience of your mastership. It is a journey that takes concentration, dedication and desire. It is not a journey to be untaken for selfish reasons, but for the benefit of the many.

We serve to raise humanity back into the light, but you need to make the last steps of the journey at your own pace, step by step. We can only guide, counsel and teach. The rest is your own, to master and to accept as being truly what exists already within each of you, Love and Power and connection to the Will of God. Go with our blessings and with our love. Namaste; we bow to the divinity that exists within each one of you.

Thank you, beloved Sanat Kumara

Copyright © 2012-13 by Elizabeth Ayres Escher. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.


The sphinx speaks it is not about the energy coming in it is about you reaching out


The sphinx speaks it is not about the energy coming in it is about you reaching out

sphinxNew energies is what you call them, changing energies, something is going to happen, something is going to change, the lunar eclipse is going to make a difference, is going to make a change within the energy upon earth.

Special times, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, full moon and more.

You see these happenings as special, openings, doorways, and you look forward to these dates as they come close, as it brings change according to many.

What many do not realize is that these energies have always been there, it is not that they are coming in now, but it is about many reaching out to these energies on these specific dates, during these so called special happenings.

You build your life around these special events, you wait for them to happen.

There are different alignments within the energies making them more easily accessible for you, but this doesn’t mean they are not there not during these special events.

But once you reach beyond that point of special events, everything, every energy is available for you to work with at all times.

The energies are not here to make the changes for you, they are here to support you in making changes.

When you think the energies are changing you, without your assistance as you think they are  coming from the divine, or source, or masters, guides, whatever else you come up with, think again.

Yes, you feel the energies, they are coming in as you have placed a focus on them and you can feel them at times. You describe this as, the energies are amazing, there is so much coming in, I can feel it, I can see it, others are acting in certain ways because of these energies coming in. Change is happening I know it.

You come together in groups to focus on certain energies, focus on what you would like to happen while these energies are present.

Coming together in groups is a good way sometimes to make changes, but realize that these changes will only have an effect upon you. Other will feel it, mostly unconsciously and nothing will change for them as they are not working with the energies consciously.

It is not all about the energies being available at only certain times, they are available to work with at all times, all you need to do is learn how to really work with the energies.

Just letting energies come in. allowing the energies to make changes is not how you work with energies.

The energies that are coming in, or are in fact available for you to work with, are there at all times, working with them is what really makes changes within you.

Just letting energies run through you will only make small changes, if they really make changes. As most of the time all it does is give you a feeling of change, but in fact all it does is raise your frequencies for the time they are running through you. As these energies do have an effect upon your energies. Real changes are not happening as it is up to you to direct the energies to make real change.

This is part of the new age process, the new world process, learning to work and direct the energies to have certain outcomes, always with the caveat that you realize that it is not always the outcome you would like to see. And with the caveat that others can influence the outcome so there might be a need to adjust the way you direct the energies, before you direct the energy, while you direct the energy and after you have directed the energy.

When openings like the lunar eclipse happen, it opens up, or actually aligns an opening or thinning within the veil around you. This means that every type of energy can come in more easily.

What this means is that beings that could not get through the veil now can come through the veil more easily.

Something to watch and be aware of as well.

You always have to be able to see both sides of the coin, as above so below.

And if you can more easily access these energies, it means that others who have different ideas are also able to access these energies more easily, and many of them are more advanced then you in working with, and directing these energies in certain ways.

What we see upon earth is that many of you do not have a complete understanding of what is happening on earth, in this way, how do you expect to have a complete understanding of the energies coming in.

Many of you are still fooled by the words that are spoken, not able to see, or many times not willing to see, what is really happening right before your eyes.

There are many smooth talkers upon earth and within your universe, and to spot the lies you will have to start with the human world around you.

The human world where real change is the most important, what is happening within the spiritual world is at this moment becoming more important.

The start is within the human reality though, as you need to be able to see what needs change within you, to be able to make real change within you.

From one source to another
May 25, 2013
Petra Margolis


What is occurring planetwide is something so new and so startling. . .

What is occurring planetwide is something so new and so startling. . .

by John Smallman


All of humanity is poised, expectant, sensing an intense energy of change flowing around them, about to impact their lives in ways that they cannot begin to imagine.  Change is in the air, and everyone is feeling it.  It is unsettling because you are unable to identify it or compare it with anything that you have previously undergone, although some are dismissing it as mood swings, which you are also experiencing.  What is occurring planetwide at the level of energy – unseen and unmeasurable by even your most sensitive scientific instruments – is something so new and so startling that when it is recognized, as it will be very shortly, it will totally overwhelm your ability to be amazed, stunning you into open-mouthed astonishment.  Wonders that will delight you are to burst into your awareness like an unexpected, and unforeseen sunrise.  And far, far brighter than that could ever be.

Humanity has celebrated new beginnings with hope and enthusiasm for eons – a sunrise, a new moon, a new season, a new year – and now a new beginning, totally unlike anything you have ever experienced before, offering extraordinary prospects for cleansing, renewal, and indeed revivification, is approaching.  Life is forever exhilarating, but due to your immersion within the illusion it seems to have lost its shine, its newness, its appeal.  The new beginning that is approaching – humanity’s awakening into full consciousness – will restore the brilliance to your lives that has been lacking as you have plodded wearily through the environment of conflict and confusion you are presently experiencing.

We in the spiritual realms have been offering you information through numerous channels over the eons to assist you to prepare for the momentous event that is now approaching very rapidly indeed.  We have been offering you insights and guidance, and suggesting methods by which you can access your inner space, that place within every one of you where the eternal flame of divine Love burns continuously.  Many have gladly accepted our assistance and found comfort and peace that has helped them to release fear and engage with Love.

Evolution is an ongoing creative venture, developing from the most basic life forms through to beings that are far more evolved than you can presently imagine. Consciousness loves to evolve; evolving is one of its many purposes, and Earth – the planet which supports humanity and enables it to grow and evolve – is only one of many.  The level to which you have risen at this time in your evolutionary process is the most perilous, in that you could follow a path where you continue to compete with one another for seemingly limited resources, in which case there is a strong possibility that you could destroy yourselves and at the same time do even more horrendous damage to the planet that has always supported you uncomplainingly.  The other path is one of loving cooperation – leading to further, limitless, harmonious evolution of a spiritual nature, your true nature, and a return to Reality, your heavenly dwelling place.

Physicality is a starting point for spiritual evolution, from which consciousness develops increasing intellectual abilities, which in your case have led you to this moment of decision.  The decision to acknowledge your interdependence, to acknowledge that Love is the energy field in which all that is exists eternally, and to embrace one another as you recognize your oneness.  Or the decision to deny Love, to deny Reality, and forge ahead, expanding your technological abilities to destroy each other.

You have made the choice for Love.  You made it long ago, although your evolution has seemingly carried you forwards along a path that has become increasingly unloving and destructive.  You have all had the experience of watching children grow into adulthood, and observed the development of their egos as they push the boundaries to see what they can get away with, how independently and self-centeredly they can live.  If all goes well they will recognize that they must honor others as they themselves wish to be honored; they make the decision to do so, and prove that they have become adults.  However, some refuse to honor others, and eventually cause so much damage that they have to be contained.

Allegorically speaking, humanity has just passed the stage at which the decision to become adult has been taken.  Love has been acknowledged as the path to follow, and so your awakening is assured as you release all that “teenage angst and rebelliousness” and allow harmony and cooperation to flourish.  However, pockets of “rebellious teenagers” – those who would control and suppress others – are still behaving unwisely all over the world, but their abilities to inflict suffering on humanity and damage to the planet are being increasingly restricted.

Humanity has made the collective decision to awaken, although for very many this is a decision that has not yet surfaced in their conscious awareness, and you, the Light-bearers and wayshowers are here to help this decision to become conscious for them by demonstrating love in every moment.  You know this, but sometimes it has been very difficult.  Many of you feel that at times you have slid backwards, and you feel guilty for doing so.  Just understand that you are, as it were, working your way on foot up an icy slope, and so occasional slides backwards are inevitable.  However you have the persistence, the determination, and the overwhelming power of Love to assist you in every moment, so those slips backwards will not defeat you, and the top of the slope is in sight and you are receiving multitudinous shouts of encouragement to spur you onwards. Success is most definitely yours!

With so very much love, Saul.


Sheldan Nidle Update – May 14 2013


2 Kan, 12 Moan, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return with more to tell you. The coming changes in your reality are vital because they acknowledge the grand shift in consciousness that you are going through. Every single aspect of you is subtly changing, beginning with the shifting configuration of your RNA/DNA. Some of you are being exposed to a very accelerated amount of change while others are undergoing gentler shifts which require a minimum of bodily discomfort. Those presently experiencing lesser amounts of discomfort are scheduled to move into more pronounced ascension symptoms in the early summer months. In short, all of you are being altered at the pace and types of change specified in your individual life contracts. However, the general level of discomfort is programmed by Heaven to increase during the course of the summer months. This summer marks a very special moment in your history: disclosure is central to our overall planning and we dearly desire to have this requisite formally announced. It allows us to address you directly and to begin planning the next steps in your return to full consciousness.

   As we have mentioned before, formal disclosure is an immense watershed for humanity. It divides your recent history into pre- and post-contact periods. In one giant leap, disclosure ends your society’s belief in your biological supremacy and uniqueness, and you become linked with the legions of others who reside throughout this vast galaxy and indeed physicality. This moment of revelation also shows you who you once were and who you will become again. It scatters to the winds every concept of you as limited Beings, and you are thrust into a wholly new worldview which changes forever your perception of what is ‘possible,’ casting new light on your notions of life’s meaning: religion, science, history, philosophy, anthropology, in short, all your cultural constructs and traditions. Each of you will be coming to grips with myriad questions, personal and planetary, and these questions will need answers, including where you are headed as an individual and as a society. This plunge into a strange new world will require guides and teachers and this is where we come in. The first new group you will come into contact with will be the Agarthans and they will start you down the road to full consciousness.

   The Agarthans realize the incredible importance of what they are to do. Working with the Ascended Masters they will begin by imparting an enormous amount of knowledge which has been kept hidden from you. This is likely to startle even as it enlightens you, and so it must be divulged gently and within an atmosphere of nurturing and empathy. The Ascended Masters will bring their own teachings and will use their sacred offices to bless you all, and in divine grace move you into an environment of peace, harmony, and abundance. Their sacred talents will be essential to you. Your entire concept of how your reality is structured is to come under scrutiny. You will need assurances as well as truth. You will need nurturing and healing as well as explanations about how things really work in your new world. All this new education will be spiritual in nature (as indeed all is spiritual) and will quickly prepare you for first contact. It sets the stage for our arrival and a swift run toward full consciousness. Working in unison, we all intend to make you comfortable and joyful in your new reality.

   As doors are thrown open before you revealing exciting new vistas, know that you will have a lot of help available in all areas. The transformations to yourselves, your societies, and your planet have been divinely decreed and will require huge amounts of new information. You will need a lot of inner work which we can help you with. But most of this will be down to your own deep inner reflections assisted by your heavenly guardians. The divine goal here is for you to be readied to return to a realm that you left behind nearly 13 millennia ago. This is quite a challenge! Yet, Heaven is very confident in your ability to do so, and if you need to be more rapidly focused on this thatyou do so rapidly. This is because she knows something that you have largely forgotten: within each of you lies a dormant powerhouse that was mostly dismantled by the dark and this is what your inner work will restore to you. As you connect back up with this advanced state of Being which is your true birthright, you will become increasingly able to comprehend what full consciousness is all about. And to this end we stand ready to restore your divine heritage to you.

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come at this time with a message of hope and joy! Over 13 millennia ago, Earth’s surface community was plunged into darkness and enveloped in fear and ignorance which were to mark your journey through limited consciousness. A dark cabal, which at first took its instructions from a strange coterie calling itself the Anunnaki, ruled over this seemingly abandoned realm. These agents of destiny had been given a special dispensation by Heaven to lord it over you for those 13 millennia, after which the Light was to restore you to your natural fully conscious state. To those who demonstrated a determination to return to full consciousness ahead of time, Heaven laid out a tortuous intergenerational path to that end. That is the journey we chose to take. Its great travails, however, resulted in unending joy and a deep desire for divine service. Furnished with such first-hand experience, we are to guide you along your own blessed path to full consciousness.

   Our guidance is rooted in Love and our duties redolent of the blessed ways of Heaven. You are to be progressed back to full consciousness in stages, through a spiritual and physical experience which culminates with your sacred transformation in Agartha. Here, you are to complete the process that began when the Agarthans and we manifested into your realm. Indeed, many of us presently live among you incognito. The Agarthans move among you freely and easily as they have altered their size and appearance somewhat, so that they look just like you. They perform every sort of job, teach in universities, and even have professions in which they counsel you on your daily lives. We, on the other hand, tend to have work that is religious in nature, or that teaches religion and morality. In any event, we are among you!

   As Ascended Masters, we can also appear suddenly to the needy and distraught in order to lead them back onto a path of morality and joy, strengthening their desire to complete their path back to full consciousness. It is this task we most enjoy. We are, after all, here to provide the mercy, hope, and resolve for you to continue on this blessed path. It is one thing to be among you and learn how you are coping; it is quite another to actually play a role in helping you to persist in continuing forward on your path. What we are preparing you to do is something we did long ago when we passed successfully into our present state of utter joy! Now you too are shortly to have the distinct privilege of becoming an immortal, fully conscious Being of Light. This miracle is open to you because, like us, you were once such a Being back in the days of Lemuria. Hosanna in the Highest to All!

   Today, we brought you another message. The time approaches for the Great Shift and a grand change in your reality! You are moving swiftly into a great transformational Light. This Light is prophesied by the Creator and is being implemented by Heaven’s grand life-streams and by the Galactic Federation of Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Energetics of Gaia Set for Impressive Changes…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Steadiness amidst chaotic moments is key to Gaia progression through coming days. Energetics of Gaia, in particular, humanity-general of Gaia, is set for impressive changes. Also may be stated as “changes which impress”, or “changes which create an impression”, upon each individual human consciousness. These changes cannot be avoided or swept aside, as they encompass all of Gaia, all inhabitants, of all kinds.

Each Hue-man has prepared for these moments, and will embody the changes, and rise above the chaos of the moment, when it arises.

Out of chaotic moments, comes Higher Order.


Intensities of Gaia Transform Energies is Maximizing…

Intensities of Gaia Transform Energies is Maximizing…

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11The intensity of all energies, solar, galactic, cosmic, on all Higher D levels is increasing, and will soon maximize. The purpose of this “maximization” is to first, burn off all lower dross that has infected Gaia for millenia, and second, to peak the energetics of each individual Hue-man upon Gaia at this time.

This is to be followed by a lessening (rather, a stabilization) of the intensities to allow for integration. No further intense energy increases are anticipated for the following several days.

Many have felt strong emotional responses to these current energetic patterns, and are intuitively sensing that it is for the benefit of all, and that it is a phase through which all humanity, and Hue-manity, must pass.


From Heaven to Earth, Former Karma and Immediate Karma

Work on Oneself
Former Karma and Immediate Karma

Could you speak to us some more about the importance of cleansing and purging our karma in relation to the transition that is now very near?

“Dear Children of the Light, you are in the transition! It will not take place tomorrow or the day after, or in one, ten, twenty or a hundred years! You are living it every day!

What does transition and transformation mean? That you are transiting towards another state of consciousness, towards another state of being.

The question of karma is important.

A large part of the karma has remained in the old cycle that is to say that by the work of Love that has been done by many groups, by beings such as us and many others who have not made contact with you, part of the karma of humanity has been purified. We say a part because what is karma?

There is former karma, that which comes from all of your former lives. This has been purified; has been consumed in the Love emanating from the hearts of men and in the Love that we have offered you.

That in which we absolutely cannot intervene is what we call ‘the law of cause and effect’ that applies to everyday life.

You must understand well that based on the actions that you commit, there are reactions. There can be positive actions and positive reactions, just as there can be negative actions and negative reactions!

At this time, karma is being applied constantly day by day! If you go against what you are becoming, you will create the law of cause and effect that you will be forced to cleanse almost immediately or at least in the days and months to come.

Don’t worry anymore about former karma! With the masters of Karma, it has been decided that what you call ‘faults’ and that we call mistakes must be cleansed, and no longer exist.

However, you have much work to do with the law of cause and effect on a daily basis with your behaviors, your thoughts, your words and your actions. Be very attentive! You will very quickly become aware of this karmic law of cause and effect that will be applied almost instantaneously in relation to your behavior.

Each of you is walking on the path of this immense transformation! Each of you has begun to take this path! There are a thousand and one paths that lead to the Light; it is up to each one of you to find his own path and to avoid encumbering it due to the law of cause and effect that will necessarily slow you down because the more you advance the more you will be obligated to integrate purity, wisdom and Love.”

You can replicate this text and give copies under the following conditions :

  • that it is not cut
  • that there isn’t any modification of its content
  • that you refer to our web site
  • that you mention Monique Mathieu’s name

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 France License .


You Have Every Reason To Be In High Spirits

You have every reason to be in high spirits

by John Smallman


Humanity’s awakening from the illusion into Reality is a done deal — it always has been, ever since the moment of creation.  Reality is where you reside permanently, and you are presently returning home there, from a seemingly long and arduous journey to a most glorious welcome.  You have every reason to be in high spirits.  Nevertheless, at the moment it is difficult for the majority of you to perceive this because the length of time that you have spent away from home has severely dulled your memory of the glory awaiting you there.

Life in the illusion has been exhausting.  There have been many painful lessons that you chose to learn while engaged with it, and they have required much energy, determination, and persistence.  Nevertheless, you have remained true to yourselves and your purpose as you struggled with the experiences that life in the illusion presented to you.  Often, that has not been clear as you suffered the pain and sadness caused by the apparent separation from your Father, and at times it seemed to you that yours was a lost cause: “Was there really a heavenly Father, an infinite Source, a divine and all-powerful Intelligence, or was He simply an illusion?”  Well, you held to your paths – all different, but leading to the same goal: to awaken into Reality – and you will find amazing rewards when you complete them and arrive home.  Hang in there for these last few stretches of the journey that seems so interminable; the end is close.

A new day of brilliance and color unlike anything that humanity has ever experienced is set to dawn, bringing you unmitigated joy as all your fears and anxieties fall away, leaving permanent peace, harmony and contentment to replace them.  This is the day you have all yearned, prayed, and hoped for since you started searching for the divine Reality from which it seemed you had been excluded, shut out, perhaps even exiled, with no hope of return due to your sinfulness.  But as you know, deep within yourselves where the divine and inextinguishable flame of God’s Love for you resides, “sinfulness” is of the illusion and has no place in Reality.  You are immortal divine beings, created in Love, who chose to play with an absence of Love, separated from It, as you experimented with the freedom and power with which God had endowed you.

You were created One with Him and chose to individuate to experience the thrill of separation and apparent independence from Him.  This could only be done by building an illusion, an unreal environment in which to imagine that state, and the powerful abilities with which you had been endowed enabled you to do so.  The time has come for you to dismantle that unreal environment and return Home, leaving behind all the trauma and suffering that you invented to amuse yourselves.  Little did you understand when you decided to play these games how painful and terrifying they were going to be.

There is only God!  All life is part of God, He is all that exists, and without Him there would be nothing – an impossible, implausible, and inconceivable state of affairs.  So to build an imaginary and illusory reality separate from Him could only lead to terror.  And consequently, you have all experienced terror.

The real state of Love in which you are eternally enveloped is permanent, changeless, utterly wonderful.  That is why thought of change is so traumatic for so many of you.  Your move into the illusion was a change of inconceivable magnitude which caused you instant trauma, as life was reduced from a condition of total loving abundance and harmony to one of unimaginable lack where it seemed that you had to fight constantly for your very survival.  And that fear remains.

However, within the illusion change is not only possible, it is essential for your well-being.  The illusion is formed from a collection of judgmental beliefs of right and wrong, good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable, which can only induce fear and dread.  You call it duality, a state of either/or, whereas Reality is a state of and/and, oneness, indiscriminate loving acceptance, in which all are welcome, all belong, all reside in utter joy.

What you have to change are your outworn and inflexible beliefs — beliefs that you are separate, individual, unconnected, and threatened by one another.  They divide and traumatize you, encouraging you to build barriers between yourselves that disguise who you really are and present an image, a shield behind which you can hide.  But these images terrify you all; they are threatening and demanding, requiring you to defend them from aggression which is almost always present.  They force you, out of fear, to maintain the unreal state of separation that caused the fear in the first place. A catch-22 situation.

The new energies are intensifying so that you can feel them, embrace them, and through them recognize and reclaim your oneness with each other in Love and Trust.  You will become aware, fully aware, that all are one, that all are interconnected through the divine field of Love in which all that exists resides permanently, harmoniously, joyfully, forever.  And then you will have awakened.

With so very much love, Saul.

PS. If you are feeling down from time to time, then don’t forget that you are permanently on-line with the LILAC Network, and tune in. See the “Musings” tab on this blog.


Energetics of Gaia are Staged for Stepping to Next Level

Energetics of Gaia are Staged for Stepping to Next Level

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Monitors of Gaia report that energetics of the Gaia planetary body are staged for stepping to the next level… Energetically, on Individual and Collective basis, as well as “Galactic-ally”.

Hue-manity has embraced that which resonates with this process. “humanity” (small h) has consented to the possibility of a “next level”, and thus procedures for “up steps” of “humanity” (small h) have been analyzed, approved, and set in motion.


As these are Higher-than-3-4D, many have sensed the results of the up steps already, and have secured the “humanity to Hue-manity” transformation in the current time line.


Those walking “alternative to the “up step” time lines will find themselves directed back onto the “up step” time line. All currently residing upon (and within) Gaia have agreed to this re-direction, challenging as it may be for some of the “humanity” (small h) group.



Gaia Transforms Activated

Gaia Transforms Activated

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Gaia transforms activated at this moment. These are global in nature, and includes all levels of Beingness.

Such transforms are based upon the principle of healing, or rectification, bringing awareness of Wholeness, Unity, of all humanity, of all Creation.

These Gaia transforms are able to activate now, as sufficient Hue-manity (Rainbow humans) are present with Gaia at this time.


Activated Solar Gateway Connects to Enhanced Gaia Transforms

by ÉirePort

gaia_energy11Activated solar gateway connects to enhanced Gaia transforms. This allows (encourages) full awakenings for all humanity, on all stages of consciousness.

“Brilliance” of human energy is increased rapidly via connection of activated solar gateway with enhanced Gaia transforms.

Individual human grids connect enabling global humanity-to-Hue-manity transformation.



Do Not Allow Your Doubts and Anxieties to Discourage or Alarm You

Do not allow your doubts and anxieties to discourage or alarm you

by John Smallman


Humanity’s awakening process is proceeding apace.  At the beginning, many eons ago, it was slow and arduous for you, but now it is like a river flowing rapidly in full flood, sweeping all before it to the Ocean – Reality, Heaven, your eternal Home – and it is utterly unstoppable.  Let go of your doubts and anxieties, which tempt you either to try to swim upstream, or at the very least, arrest your progress by holding on to outdated attitudes and behaviors that no longer serve you.  Release all that unloving emotional baggage which weighs you down, seems to be dragging you down, and skim along in exhilaration like surfers or water-skiers on the surface of this tide of Love as you race towards the Ocean where the most magnificent welcome awaits your swift and certain arrival.

Dear Light-bearers and wayshowers, sisters and brothers, siblings, children of God, do not allow your doubts and anxieties to discourage or alarm you.  Over the eons, you have endured much suffering and many disappointments which have left you with deep emotional scars, and the “stuff” that is arising for many of you now is old, very old, and just needs to be recognized and released.  There is no need to investigate its origins; the past is well and truly gone.  What you are experiencing — and it can be very uncomfortable and unsettling — are the scattered remnants of old and half-forgotten memories, fragments of misused energy.  You are effectively in the process of “spring cleaning,” and as you enter rooms that have been closed off for a long time, opening doors, windows, drapes, and blinds, all the dust and debris (frozen energy) which has accumulated over time, gets stirred up.  And indeed, there is an amazing quantity of it!  It contains nothing of any value; it simply needs to be discarded, deposited on the compost heap so that its energy can be recycled, returned to the pristine state of beauty with which it shone before it became corrupted through eons of conflict and confusion.

Energy is power and can be used to drive many beliefs, philosophies, social movements, or campaigns which can have widely differing aims, and over the eons this has led you into many conflicts.  The stuff that so many of you now have rising into your conscious awareness are the remnants of the emotions that were stirred up long ago when you became engaged in these often-painful activities.  You are in a space where forgiving and releasing can occur easily and quickly if you choose to allow it, and doing so lets in the Light, your Light, shining with brilliance and beauty on all that lies before It.  The memories of who you truly are will then come pouring in, filling your hearts with joy and wonder, as the old fragments which you have effectively been hoarding melt away.

As you know, your divine destiny is to awaken into Reality.  And that destiny, which is inevitable and unavoidable, will bring you nothing but joy.  Holding on to old memories of victim-hood, unjust punishment, shaming, or suffering that you may have undergone, or any desire for restitution made available to you by judgment from a “higher power” that condemns others for wronging you – even if it is simply a desire on your part for them to know that they have wronged you – simply delays your awakening.  Let go of all that is unloving and speed towards your awakening.

Love is all-encompassing and can bear no grudges, It knows not what grudges are.  It embraces and accepts all, unconditionally.  The intensity of Love overwhelms; in fact, It terrifies those who would judge or condemn, and they flee from Its presence in complete disarray because It is utterly uncompromising in Its acceptance of the good in all that has been created.  It neither sees nor acknowledges anything else.  What is not good does not exist, so judgment and condemnation do not exist, and that is a fearful realization for those who would engage with it, which is why they flee from the purity of Love.

When you release all that old emotional baggage — baggage that you have been carrying with you for eons as evidence of the multitudinous mistreatments that you have suffered — the sense of lightening that you experience will absolutely astound you.  You will think: “It was only justifiable memories that I needed so that I knew who I was, for without my memories who am I? I need my photograph albums, they are too precious to lose or discard.” But truly you do not, because you are about to awaken into the infinite wonder of our Father’s divine Presence, Reality, where you will know without the slightest shadow of a doubt precisely who you are, and you will revel in that knowledge eternally.

With so very much love, Saul.


A Major Breakthrough in Awareness is Occurring Right Across the Planet

A major breakthrough in awareness is occurring right across the planet

by John Smallman


Humanity is on the verge of a major breakthrough in its awareness of energy. Apart from the relatively small percentage of the Earth’s population that is spiritually focused, humanity as a whole has remained unaware of the individual energy fields that have always enveloped and surrounded each human being. This is about to change.

The new intense field of divine energy into which planet Earth moved on December 22nd 2012 has been touching and influencing every human since that date.  The effect of this is becoming apparent as people, who before now were always dismissive of anything that suggested that there was more to existence than could be known through the body’s senses and intelligent intellectual reasoning, suddenly start taking an interest in the possibility that there is more to life than they had believed, that maybe there is life after death, and that life could exist without a physical form.

It is very difficult for anyone with firmly grounded beliefs on the subject, supposedly confirmed by scholarly scientific research, to accept the possibility that those beliefs were wrong, unfounded, and are in fact being disproved.  Their opening to the possibility that a spiritual reality, of which they were unaware, could actually exist is shocking and amazing them.  And yet, they are now finding themselves taking a keen interest in the idea.

Previously, they would have dismissed it out of hand – denial is the best form of defense!  Now, however, the new energies are having a tremendous influence on their individual energy fields — energy fields of which they either had no knowledge, chose not to acknowledge, or to which they gave only reluctant acceptance, considering them merely adjuncts of the general chemical activities occurring in the body and that cease at the moment of physical death.

The result of this growing interest in exploring the field of spirituality is an explosion of awareness that humanity is responsible for its attitudes and behaviors because they affect everyone else on the planet.  The awareness that it is humanity’s responsibility to be guardians, not desecrators, of the planet has been growing for the last fifty or sixty years, but that growth has now accelerated as the children and grandchildren of those earlier appreciators of your responsibilities take action commensurate with those responsibilities.  It is wonderful to see this enormous change occurring as awareness grows.

You are the Golden Age for which you have been waiting!  And you are beginning to acknowledge and accept that fact.  The awareness that this entails is leading you forwards to establish institutions and organizations whose purpose is to promote and honor those responsibilities.  Because so many are now involved, not only is this movement unstoppable, but also those involved are finding that they are not alone, as frequently they seemed to be, as they seek ways to repair the damage that has been done and to prevent further damage from occurring.

As the intent to be responsible, loving guardians replaces the urge to be powerful abusers of the environment, the whole collective consciousness of humanity is changing and adapting, and this is enabling the essential changes to your lifestyles to be acknowledged, discussed and acted upon, willingly and enthusiastically.  The desire to be loving, caring, responsible partners with, and residents of, planet Earth is now the collective intent of humanity, and so it will be achieved.

Yes, a major breakthrough in awareness is occurring right across the planet, which will engage most fruitfully with the divine energies enveloping you and bring into effect the changes necessary to ensure an abundant, safe, and peaceful earthly environment which future generations of humans can enjoy and in which they can flourish.  It is an illusion, but it is becoming one in which you will be able to delight and enjoy yourselves until you are ready to release it and return to your original state of oneness with God.

With so very much love, Saul.


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