Saudi TV reports a suicide bombing near the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, one of Islam’s holiest sites — Quartz

The chicken is coming home to roost

This is a developing story. We will update this post as new information becomes available. Saudi state television is reporting a suicide attack on a security center near the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, considered the second-holiest site in Islam after the Grand Mosque in nearby Mecca. Both are destinations for millions of Muslim pilgrims each…

via Saudi TV reports a suicide bombing near the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, one of Islam’s holiest sites — Quartz


Enough Already! It’s Time To Send The Despicable House Of Saud To The Dustbin Of History

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The attached column by Pat Buchanan could not be more spot on. It slices through the misbegotten assumption that Saudi Arabia is our ally and that the safety and security of the citizens of Lincoln NE, Spokane WA and Springfield MA have anything to do with the religious and political machinations of Riyadh and its conflicts with Iran and the rest of the Shiite world.

Nor is this only a recent development. In fact, for more than four decades Washington’s middle eastern policy has been dead wrong and increasingly counter-productive and destructive. The crisis provoked this past weekend by the 30-year old hot-headed Saudi prince, who is son of the King and heir to the throne, only clarified what has long been true.

That is, Washington’s Mideast policy is predicated on the assumption that the answer to high oil prices and energy security is deployment of the Fifth Fleet to the Persian Gulf. And that an associated alliance with one of the most corrupt, despotic, avaricious and benighted tyrannies in the modern world is the lynch pin to regional stability and US national security.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The House of Saud is a scourge on mankind that would have been eliminated decades ago, save for Imperial Washington’s deplorable coddling and massive transfer of arms and political support.

At the same time, the answer to high oil prices is high oil prices. Could anything not be more obvious than today when crude oil is hovering around $35 per barrel notwithstanding a near state of war in the Persian Gulf?

Here’s the thing. The planet was endowed by the geologic ages with a massive trove of stored energy in the form of buried hydrocarbons; and it is showered daily by even more energy in the form of the solar, tidal and wind systems which shroud the earth.

The only issue is price, the shape and slope of the supply curve and the rate at which technological progress and human ingenuity drives down the real cost of extraction and conversion.

On top of that, the vast resilient forces of the free market have silently, steadily and dramatically improved the energy efficiency of the US economy.

As shown in the long term chart below, energy consumption per dollar of GDP is only about 40% of the level which obtained when Washington’s politicians first started running around like Chicken Little, claiming that the energy sky was falling at the time of the so-called 1973 oil crisis.

U.S. Energy Intensity, Thousand BTU per Dollar of GDP*

Driven by the supply and demand curves of the ordinary processes of economic markets over the last four decades, therefore, the constant dollar price of oil has gone absolutely nowhere. The threat of high oil prices has been a giant myth all along.

The red line in the chart below expresses the world crude oil price in March 2015 dollars of purchasing power. At today’s $35 per barrel it is only marginally higher than it was in 1971 before Nixon slammed shut the gold window and inaugurated four decades of central bank fueled monetary inflation.

Inflation Adjusted Oil Price Chart

The truth is, the long era of the so-called oil crisis never happened. It was only a convenient Washington invention that was used to justify statist regulation and subsidization of energy domestically and interventionist political and military policies abroad.

Back in the late 1970s as a member of the House Energy Committee I argued that the solution to high oil prices was the free market; and that if politicians really wanted to cushion the purely short-term economic blow of a Persian Gulf supply interruption the easy and efficient answer was not aircraft carriers, price controls and alternative energy subsidies, but the Texas and Louisiana salt domes that could be easily filled as a strategic petroleum reserve (called SPRO).

During the Reagan era we unleashed the energy pricing mechanisms from the bipartisan regime of price and allocation controls which had arisen in the 1970s and began a determined campaign to fill the SPRO. Thirty-five years later we have a full SPRO and a domestic and world economy that is chock-a-block with cheap energy because the pricing mechanism has done its job.

In fact, OPEC is dead as a doornail, and the real truth has now come out. Namely, there never was a real oil cartel. It was just the House of Saud playing rope-a-dope with Washington, and its national oil company trying to do exactly what every other global oil major does.

That is, invest and produce at rates which are calculated to maximize the present value of its underground reserves.  And that includes producing upwards of 10 million barrels per day at present, even as the real price of oil has relapsed to 50 year ago levels.

What this also means is that Imperial Washington’s pro-Saudi foreign policy is a vestigial relic of the supreme economic ignorance that Henry Kissinger and his successors at the State Department and in the national security apparatus brought to the table decade after decade.

Had they understood the energy pricing mechanism and  the logic of SPRO, the Fifth Fleet would never have been deployed to the Persian Gulf. There also never would have been any Washington intervention in the petty 1990 squabble between Saddam Hussein and the Emir of Kuwait over directional drilling in the Rumaila oilfield that straddled their historically artificial borders.

Nor would there have been any “crusader” boots trampling the allegedly sacred lands of Arabia or subsequent conversion of Bin-Laden’s fanatical Sunni mujahedeen, which the CIA had trained and armed in Afghanistan, to the al-Qaeda terrorists who perpetrated 9/11.

Needless to say, the massive US “shock and awe” invasion thereafter which destroyed the tenuous Sunni-Shiite-Kurd coexistence under the Baathist secularism of Saddam Hussein would not have happened, either. Nor would the neocon war mongers have ever become such a dominant force in Imperial Washington and led it to the supreme insanity of regime change in Libya, Syria, Yemen and beyond.

In short, the massive blowback and episodic eruptions of jihadist terrorism in Europe and even America that plague the world today would not have occurred save for the foolish policy of Fifth Fleet based energy policy.

Still, there is an even more deleterious consequence of the Kissinger Error. Namely, it has allowed the House of Saud, along with Bibi Netanyahu’s political machine, to egregiously mis-define the sectarian and tribal conflicts which rage in today’s middle-east.

The fact is, there is no such thing as generic Islamic terrorism. The overwhelming share of the world’s 1.3 billion or so Sunni Muslims are not remotely interested in Jihaddism.

Likewise, the 200 million adherents of the Shiite Muslim confession are not terrorists in any religious or ideological sense. There are about 60 million Shiite in India and Pakistan and their quarrel, if any, is rooted in antagonisms with Hindu-India, not the West or the US.

Similarly, the 80 million Shiite domiciled in Iran, southern Iraq, southern Lebanon and the Alawite communities of Syria have been host to sporadic terrorist tactics. But these occurred overwhelmingly in response to efforts by outside powers to occupy Shiite communities and lands.

That is certainly the case with the 20-year Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon, which gave rise to Hezbollah defense forces. It is also true of the Shiite uprisings in Baghdad and southern Iraq, which gave rise to the various militias that opposed the US occupation.

Moreover, post-1979 Iran has never invaded anyone, nor have the Shiite communities of northern Yemen, who are now being bombarded by Saudi pilots driving US supplied war planes and drones.

In short, there has never been a Shiite-based ideological or religious attack on the West. The anti-Americanism of the Iranian theocracy is simply a form of crude patriotism that arose out of Washington’s support for the brutal and larcenous regime of the Shah—–and which was reinforced during Iraq’s US aided invasion of Iran during the 1980s.

By contrast, the real jihadi terrorism in the contemporary world arose almost exclusively from the barbaric fundamentalism of the Sunni-Wahhabi branch of Islam, which is home-based in Saudi Arabia.

Yet this benighted form of medieval religious fanaticism survives only because the Saudi regime enforces it by the sword of its legal system; showers its domestic clergy with the bounty of its oil earnings; and exports hundreds of millions to jihadists in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Turkey, Iran, Egypt  and numerous other hot spots in the greater middle east.

At the end of the day, the House of Saud is also the ultimate inspiration and financial benefactor of the Islamic State, as well. Had it not provided billions in weapons and aid to the Syrian rebels over the last five years, there would be no civil war in Syria today, nor would ISIS have been able to occupy the dusty, impoverished towns and villages of the Upper Euphrates Valley where it has established its blood-thirsty caliphate.

So this weekend’s execution of a Saudi Shiite cleric who never owned a gun or incited anything other than peaceful protest among the downtrodden Shiite communities of eastern Arabia is truly the final straw. It was a deliberate provocation by a reprehensible regime that has so thoroughly corrupted the War Party that it even managed to have Washington shill for its preposterous appointment to head of the UN Commission on Human Rights!

During the last several decades Washington has financed more than $100 billion of arms sales to the House of Saud. Accordingly, there is one simple way to clean the slate in the middle east and put an eventual end to Wahhabi Jihaddism.

That is, cut off arms sales entirely to the Saudi military, which would be grounded within months due to lack of spare parts and support services. Indeed, the mere announcement would send several thousand Saudi princes and their families scurrying for their 747s and escape to Switzerland, London, New York and other fleshpots of the West.

After an abdication by the House of Saud, the Wahhabi clerics would not long survive, and Iran and its Shiite Crescent allies, including Russia, would make short work of the ISIS caliphate.

And whatever government emerged on the Arabian peninsula, one thing is certain. It would need to produce all the oil it can, but at least the proceeds at even today’s $35 per barrel price would have a decent chance of benefiting the nation’s 30 million citizens rather than the unspeakable opulence and decadence of a few thousand princes.

That actually happened in Iran when the mullahs—as religiously rigid and backwards as they might be—–overthrew the megalomaniacal tyrant who sat on the Peacock Throne.

It’s time that the House of Saud found its way into the dustbin of history, as well.


By Pat Buchanan

The New Year’s execution by Saudi Arabia of the Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr was a deliberate provocation.

Its first purpose: Signal the new ruthlessness and resolve of the Saudi monarchy where the power behind the throne is the octogenarian King Salman’s son, the 30-year-old Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman.

Second, crystallize, widen and deepen a national-religious divide between Sunni and Shiite, Arab and Persian, Riyadh and Tehran.

Third, rupture the rapprochement between Iran and the United States and abort the Iranian nuclear deal.

The provocation succeeded in its near-term goal. An Iranian mob gutted and burned the Saudi embassy, causing diplomats to flee, and Riyadh to sever diplomatic ties.

From Baghdad to Bahrain, Shiites protested the execution of a cleric who, while a severe critic of Saudi despotism and a champion of Shiite rights, was not convicted of inciting revolution or terror.

In America, the reaction has been divided.

The Wall Street Journal rushed, sword in hand, to the side of the Saudi royals: “The U.S. should make clear to Iran and Russia that it will defend the Kingdom from Iranian attempts to destabilize or invade.”

The Washington Post was disgusted. In an editorial, “A Reckless Regime,” it called the execution risky, ruthless and unjustified.

Yet there is a lesson here.

Like every regime in the Middle East, the Saudis look out for their own national interests first. And their goals here are to first force us to choose between them and Iran, and then to conscript U.S. power on their side in the coming wars of the Middle East.

Thus the Saudis went AWOL from the battle against ISIS and al-Qaida in Iraq and Syria. Yet they persuaded us to help them crush the Houthi rebels in Yemen, though the Houthis never attacked us and would have exterminated al-Qaida.

Now that a Saudi coalition has driven the Houthis back toward their northern basecamp, ISIS and al-Qaida have moved into some of the vacated terrain. What kind of victory is that – for us?

In the economic realm, also, the Saudis are doing us no favors.

While Riyadh is keeping up oil production and steadily bringing down the world price on which Iranian and Russian prosperity hangs, the Saudis are also crippling the U.S. fracking industry they fear.

The Turks, too, look out for number one. The Turkish shoot-down of that Russian fighter-bomber, which may have intruded into its airspace for 17 seconds, was both a case in point and a dangerous and provocative act.

Had Vladimir Putin chosen to respond militarily against Turkey, a NATO ally, his justified retaliation could have produced demands from Ankara for the United States to come to its defense against Russia.

A military clash with our former Cold War adversary, which half a dozen U.S. presidents skillfully avoided, might well have been at hand.

These incidents raise some long-dormant but overdue questions.

What exactly is our vital interest in a permanent military alliance that obligates us to go to war on behalf of an autocratic ally as erratic and rash as Turkey’s Tayyip Recep Erdogan?

Do U.S.-Turkish interests really coincide today?

While Turkey’s half-million-man army could easily seal the Syrian border and keep ISIS fighters from entering or leaving, it has failed to do so. Instead, Turkey is using its army to crush the Kurdish PKK and threaten the Syrian Kurds who are helping us battle ISIS.

In Syria’s civil war – with the army of Bashar Assad battling ISIS and al-Qaida – it is Russia and Iran and even Hezbollah that seem to be more allies of the moment than the Turks, Saudis or Gulf Arabs.

“We have no permanent allies … no permanent enemies … only permanent interests” is a loose translation of the dictum of the 19th century British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston.

Turkey’s shoot-down of a Russian jet and the Saudi execution of a revered Shiite cleric, who threatened no one in prison, should cause the United States to undertake a cost-benefit analysis of the alliances and war guarantees we have outstanding, many of them dating back half a century.

Do all, do any, still serve U.S. vital national interests?

In the Middle East, where the crucial Western interest is oil, and every nation – Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Libya – has to sell it to survive – no nation should be able drag us into a war not of our own choosing.

In cases where we share a common enemy, we should follow the wise counsel of the Founding Fathers and entrust our security, if need be, to “temporary,” but not “permanent” or “entangling alliances.”

Moreover, given the myriad religious, national and tribal divisions between the nations of the Middle East, and within many of them, we should continue in the footsteps of our fathers, who kept us out of such wars when they bedeviled the European continent of the 19th century.

This hubristic Saudi blunder should be a wake-up call for us all.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War”: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World. To find out more about Patrick Buchanan and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Web page at

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Putin Declares ISIS On “Brink Of Total Defeat”, Warns NATO War Has Been “Total Lie”


By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A sobering report issued by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) states that in an address to Federation military commanders at the National Control Defense Center wartime government headquarters in Moscow earlier today, President Putin declared that Islamic State Forces (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) operating in the Levant War Zone are on the “brink of total defeat” and that the Western nations claims that they had been battling these modern day barbarians has now been exposed as a “total lie”.


According to this report, Aerospace Forces, which in the past 48 hours have destroyed 472 terrorist targets, and in the past 5 days have obliterated 1,000 of their oil tankers, and when combined with the nearly 3,000 air and cruise missiles strikes conducted by Russian military and naval forces against these terrorists since 30 September, have reduced ISIS to having only 34 operating bases—a number confirmed by Iraq’s al-Nakhil news agency.

Adding to the coming success in defeating Islamic State forces, this report continues, are the new airstrikes against these terrorists being launched from the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle under the control of Federation Aerospace Forces by order of President Putin after France broke with NATO and sided with Russia in this war.

Joining Russia and France too in battling ISIS, this report notes, is China, whose Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, earlier today stated “Russia’s large-scale activities are an important integral part of the international counter-terror actions… China supports Russia’s efforts to combat terrorism”.

Not just in words either is China supporting Russia in the Levant either, this report says, but in military forces too as an estimated 3,000 Chinese marine forces are now operating in Syria under Federation military command—and which the United States has dispatched its USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier strike force against with its commander, Captain Ryan Scholl, warning:

ISIS is not the only challenge that awaits the flotilla, which includes the cruiser Anzio, Carrier Wing Air 7, and destroyers Bulkeley, Gravely and Gonzalez. Russian, Chinese and Iranian marines have established their presence in Syria, and Russian warships from the Black Sea have relocated to the eastern Mediterranean to protect fighter jets conducting airstrikes in support of Syria’s Assad regime. In preparation, the strike group’s Composite Training Unit Exercise focused on adversaries that more closely resembled those of the Cold War.”


To if the United States led NATO will intervene to protect their Islamic State allies against total defeat and risk World War III with Russia and China, this report warns, is the greatest unanswered question now facing the Federation—a question made more complicated by official Washington’s many false narratives about Russia and Syria that have gotten so tangled that they have become a danger to the struggle against Sunni jihadist terrorism and conceivably a threat to the future of the planet.

And to how complicated the United States propaganda narrative about this war has become, this report notes, was evidenced this past week when one American news programme, PBS, actually showed their viewers a false report about the US Air Force bombing ISIS targets in Syria, but used in its entirety Russian Aerospace Forces videos posted on the MoD website.

To the “sick joke” perpetrated upon the peoples of the West about the war against the Islamic State, this report continues, was laid even more bare by President Putin when he told his commanders that evidence now proved that NATO member Turkey had supplied these terrorists with an estimated 100,000 fake passports enabling their travel to Europe and America.

Even worse, this report says, a former ISIS fighter told the American news magazine Newsweek that Turkey was allowing ISIS trucks from Raqqa to cross the border, through Turkey and then back across the border to attack Syrian Kurds in the city of Serekaniye in northern Syria in February and that ISIS militants would freely travel through Turkey in a convoy of trucks, and stop at safe houses along the way.

And with documents leaked in September 2014 showing that Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan had financed weapons shipments to ISIS through Turkey, and a clandestine plane from Germany delivered arms in the Etimesgut airport in Turkey and split into three containers, two of which were dispatched to ISIS, this report continues, the warning issued in December 2014 by Claudia Roth, deputy speaker of the German parliament, who expressed shock that NATO is allowing Turkey to harbour an ISIS camp in Istanbul and facilitate weapons transfers to Islamist militants through its borders tacitly support ISIS oil sales was ignored.

Also, this report notes, in his testimony before the US Senate Armed Services Committee in September 2014, General Martin Dempsey, then chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, when asked by Senator Lindsay Graham whether he knew of “any major Arab ally that embraces ISIL”? General Dempsey replied: “I know major Arab allies who fund them.” US allies that include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, and Kuwait in particular — all of whom, for the last four years at least, have funneled billions of dollars largely to ISIS.

The consistent transfers of CIA-Gulf-Turkish arms supplies to ISIS which have destroyed Syria and led to the rise of the Islamic State, this report further notes, has, also, been documented through analysis of weapons serial numbers by the UK-based Conflict Armament Research (CAR), whose database on the illicit weapons trade is funded by the EU and Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, and led, this past week, Professor David Graeber of London School of Economics stating the obvious:

Had Turkey placed the same kind of absolute blockade on Isis territories as they did on Kurdish-held parts of Syria… that blood-stained ‘caliphate’ would long since have collapsed — and arguably, the Paris attacks may never have happened. And if Turkey were to do the same today, Isis would probably collapse in a matter of months. Yet, has a single western leader called on Erdoğan to do this?”

And with Russia having long warned that Obama regime polices were aiding the Islamic State, this report says, new evidence is now emerging in the United States proving their military officials have been lying to their President, Congress and the American public about their fight against ISIS—and which this past week led the Pentagon’s Inspector General, who is in charge of the investigation, to seize a massive number of Central Command emails from US military computers, along with other documents, in an effort to uncover how deep this conspiracy goes.

While the US begins its charade to investigate this plot to plunge our world into total war, this report concludes, the truest facts behind this conspiracy remain untold to the West (and which we had reported on in our 14 November report Russia Warns Friday The 13th Paris Massacre Is Masonic Power Play For World War III), but which another “puzzle piece” is soon to be laid down when the secret archive that lists two million Freemason members is published for the world to begin to see how deep this plaque goes.


November 23, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.


Saudi Arabia, an ISIS That Has Made It


US is facing a “potential bloodbath” during next week’s Thanksgiving Holidays


Russia Warns America Facing Thanksgiving “Bloodbath” Next Week

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A grim Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today warns that the United States is facing a “potential bloodbath” during next weeks Thanksgiving Holiday period at the hands of Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terrorists—the leaders of whom are now being actively searched for after they were secreted into America by a top US Army General fired by President Obama just hours before the Friday the 13th Paris Massacre.

According to SVR intelligence analysts, and as we reported on in our report titled Only Jews Were Saved After France Ignores Russia-Israel Warning Of Paris Massacre, the Federation issued a 12 November warning bulletin to the French General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) that a terror attack was about to take place—a warning that was, shamefully, ignored.

Causing this extraordinary warning to be issued to be issued by the SVR to the DGSE, this report explains, was the tracking of movement and communications of Islamic State terrorists known to be planning attacks—4 of whom were secretly transported from Syria to the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey where they then boarded a US Army cargo flight bound for Joint Base Andrews located near Washington D.C.

Authorizing the transport of these Islamic State terrorists to America, this report continues, was US Army Lieutenant General Ron Lewis—who aside from being the top Pentagon aide to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, had also been the main liaison between the Pentagon and France last week for a massive terror exercise that took place the morning of the Friday the 13th Paris Massacre.

Hours before the beginning of this mass-shooter exercise in Paris the morning of 13 November, this report says it’s important to note, the 4 Islamic terrorist leaders who were secreted out of Syria to Washington D.C. were brought to the Pentagon to meet with General Lewis (who himself had just returned from Paris) immediately after which Defense Secretary Carter fired him, the man just a month ago he had praised by stating: “It’s my privilege, also, to work closely with some of the terrific soldiers, and I want to take a moment to recognize some of them who are right around me every day, starting with my senior military assistant, Lt. Gen. Ron Lewis. Time after time, whenever I’ve needed Ron’s counsel and vision, I’ve been able to count on him. Thanks, my friend.”

As to the whereabouts of the 4 Islamic State terrorists General Lewis secreted into America immediately before his firing, this report says, it is not know at this time—but a secret internal US police bulletin for them has been issued, which was subsequently made public after this grave notice was leaked by “unnamed/unknown” sources to WTTG-TV reporter Emily Miller.


The SVR, however, in their tracking of these 4 Islamic State terrorists since they last appeared on camera at the Pentagon metro station, this report continues, shows them traveling to the Boston, Massachusetts, region where, “coincidentally”, a US Army armory was reported to have been broken into where a substantial amount of weapons and explosives were stolen.

Combined with these 4 Islamic State terror leaders now in the United States, this report further notes, continuing reports of Syrian terrorists entering into America continue to flood in—including the 8 Syrian terrorists captured on the Texas border and another 5 arrested in Honduras caught traveling to the US using stolen Greek passports.

Not to the captured Islamic State terrorists entering into America is the SVR concerned about either, this report states, but rather it is those terrorists that haven’t been caught—such as the Islamic terrorists invading the US found residing in Kentucky last year after they entered into the United States via their refugee programme.


As to why the United States is preparing to attack itself again in yet another false flag “event”, this report says, was best articulated earlier today by Foreign Minister Lavrov who said: “NATO is now actively looking for an enemy, because it has once again started searching the purpose of its existence after the Afghan campaign failed.”

And not just looking for an enemy either, this report explains, but actually creating one as many world experts are wondering why the United States still hasn’t cut off the Islamic States funding sources—and which President Putin warned about this week in his noting that these terrorists are being funded by 40 nations, including those belonging to the G-20.

Not playing the United States “game” with these Islamic State terrorists though, this report continues, now includes China after these barbarians executed one of their citizens they had previously put up for sale.


With the Friday the 13th Paris Massacre, also, now being confirmed to have been Western led and directed, this report says, French President Hollande has now broken with the United States telling President Obama his nation won’t wait for America’s lead in fighting these Islamic State terrorists—a stance that was quickly welcomed by the Federation and causing President Putin to issue orders telling the Russian Navy to work with their French counterparts in conducting this war.

And now with the Federation, France and China devoted to waging total war against the Islamic State, this report grimly warns, all that remains is for the United States to suffer a crippling attack like Paris—which SVR analysts note could occur as soon as next week during that nations Thanksgiving holiday, which will, undoubtedly, plunge the Americans into further terror.

But to the greatest concern of the SVR, this report concludes, is that by the Islamic State expanding this war by acts of terror may seem like a self-destructive move—it is squarely in keeping with what these barbarians advertise as its overriding, apocalyptic mission: to lure the world’s unbelievers into Syria for a final, Armageddon-like battle.


November 19, 2015 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.


#ParisMassacre – France and the Cabal are very worried about the alternative media

Intellectual terrorism is at boiling point not only in France but across the world. The current Syrian refugee crisis is really a form of “engineered migration” for civil wars in ‘hosting’ countries by global financial capitalists. A policy of divide and conquer to destabilize society. The Paris massacre false flag is, but another drama staged in pursuance of the cabalists’ agenda.



conspiracy theories


Putin Orders Military Draft Of 150,000 As Russian Air Fury Pounds Syria

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that yesterday’s decree signed by President Putin for the autumn conscription campaign of an additional 150,000 troops will ensure the continued combat viability of Federation Military Forces as it faces not only Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) terrorists, but the growing threat of war between Russia and the West.

According to this report, even though Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated about President Putin’s conscription decree that “this… is a regular document which the president signs twice a year. It is not related to Syria in any way, of course, this situation does not concern the draftees in any way”, the propagandist lies being disseminated by the Obama regime about the Federation now border on the perverse.

Fueling the Obama regimes anger against Russia, this report continues, was President Putin, yesterday, requesting, and then receiving, a Declaration of War against ISIS/ISIL forces operating in Syria—immediately after which he ordered combat operations to begin.

Immediately prior to Russian combat operations against ISIS/ISIL forces in Syria beginning, this report states, Russia’s top military commander in the Middle East presented to the Americans at their embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, a legal démarche demanding that the United States cease all operations in Syria as it was in clear violation of United Nations and international law by its unprovoked attacks against the sovereignty of a foreign nation—a crucial point expounded on by former US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and US State Department analyst Larry Johnson who said:

Under international law, Russia holds all of the cards in Syria. It has been invited into Syria by the Government of Bashir Assad. The Syrians want the Russians on the ground and in the fight. The United States, by contrast, is the law breaker. We are committing an act of war against the Government of Syria by conducting unauthorized air strikes and inserting U.S. Special Operations forces on the ground.”

And of the greatest worries to Russian combat commanders in Syria requesting that this démarche be issued to the Americans , this report warns, are for those US Special Forces operating illegally in Syria who “insanely” have been ordered by the Obama regime to wear a combat designation patch on their uniforms that is nearly identical to that worn by ISIS/ISIL troops thus putting their lives in grave danger.

USSF patch

US Special Forces Patch (left) ISIS/ISIL Patch (right)


With the Obama regime having now been issued this démarche, this report says, Russia is now no longer legally responsible should these US Special Forces be killed by Federation airstrikes (or other such combat methods) and, even more dangerously, American aircraft illegally operating in Syrian airspace are likewise able to be targeted and downed too.

Important to note too, MoD analysts in this report state, the Federation, prior to yesterdays combat, attempted to forestall war when, back in August, all of the Syrian opposition groups were invited to Moscow to mediate and end to this conflict.

However, this report continues, with the Obama regime blocking all avenues of peace, Russia was left with no choice but to declare war on ISIS/ISIL thus causing President Putin to shame these Western warmongers by stating earlier this week at the United Nations:

Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster — and nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life, I cannot help asking those who have forced that situation: Do you realize what you have done?

And to what exactly these Western warmongers have done, this report details, is to unleash the fury of over 50 Russian Aerospace Forces warplanes and helicopters that have begun to pulverize ISIS/ISIL forces in Syria.

Russian jetfighters

With the Obama regimes backed media propaganda against the Federations war on ISIS/ISIL becoming more absurd and outlandish by the hour, this report says, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was forced to advise American reporters to stop listening to the Pentagon and, instead, get the truth directly from the MoD.

In just one example of this Obama regime propaganda, this report notes, was the accusation that Russian forces were killing children—which was immediately proved to be a lie when the picture used by the American media to support this allegation turned out to be a complete fabrication as it was taken five days prior to any Federation combat operations. .

civilian casualties

And as these 150,000 new Russian troops begin reporting to their training bases, this report concludes, though they will, most likely, not have to fight in Syria, the same cannot be said about the West—especially when viewed in the light of the United Kingdom’s top military officer calling on his nation to prepare for war with Russia.

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Russian Report States Total Defeat Of US Military Would Take 3 Weeks

Obama In Ecstasy As “Nuclear Tsunami” Ignites Islamic End Times Fears

Russia Begins September War, Issues Dire Warning To Britain

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