The Reality Of The Physical World Does Not Exist – And Here’s The Truth


As we grow up we learn that our existence in the physical world is for a reason and totally logical- this could not be further than the truth! The world around us is a complete virtual reality, and the first revelations regarding this were brought to life in the early 20s.

The Copenhagen Interpretation did an experiment where it proved that the physical substances would not exist, if their measurements are not set. For instance, an atom of carbon would not exist as a solid particle until measurement happens.


When a double-slit experiment was conducted it showed that the sub-atomic particles were presented in two states: A probability distribution or a particle.

Measurement represents criteria needed for the particle to behave like one. Conclusively, all worlds’ matter exists in two different states- probability and particles. The main question is though, what defines probability distribution? And here, we get acquainted with the state of superposition.

If we take an electron which is circling a hydrogen atom, it will be seen that it exists in several locations at once. Here, the process of measurement enables the location to be seen in only one place. To explain measurement better, we need to explain simulation theories. Simulation enables the probability to be seen as information.

Furthermore, probability distribution is going to become a real archive of data. To acquire all information at once would be simply impossible. That is why the simulator follows the Laws of Information Conservation and gives out data that can be accessed.

Basically, this means that we live in pure rendering. Then, a bunch of information processes the output as the reality we see. Humans, like everything else are also part of this virtual reality. Through experiences we live our virtual reality and demonstrate those experiences.

One example that confirms this theory is how we experience reality via sensory model. The human has five main senses, all working on collecting experiences and sending them to the brain so they can be processed. Then, the brain presents a reality based on those experiences.

If we take the sigh as one of our senses we could present a good example by using light. The light goes through our eyes, inverts itself there and becomes two-dimensional. The light stimulated the rods and cones and here the process stops.

What is surprising is that the light does not pass through the optic nerve to the brain. This is actually a composition of signals which activate the optic nerve. When it reaches the brain, the occipital lobe now has to process the data and create a visual image. This happens by inverting 2D data and placing them in a 3D space.

All senses work in this manner. All outer influences of energy cease at the sensory cells and are turned into electrical signals which the brain processes.

If we close our eyes, the data flow stops and everything is just blank. Our basic perception of reality depends on the information we receive. The way we see reality is by rendering of the sensory data by the brain.

However, the explanation for this still remains unclear. Some research tried to use Plato and the Allegory of the Cave to analyze this. This was done because Plato tried to explain that what we see, feel, hear and smell is just partial experience of what there actually is.

Another such explanation came from Rene Descartes in the 16th century and his ‘Seat of the Soul’. His theories relate the entire matter with the pineal gland.

Descartes’ theory imagines the data processing in the brain as a small theater of performance. On the other hand, Danniel Dennet describes this by using the Multiple Drafts model. Moreover, Charles Sanders Pierce described this as the Phaneron, showing that the reality is directly dependent on our senses.

Plenty of other modern definitions are also given by Anthony Peake’s Bohmian IMAX or BIMAX and Donald Hoffman, describing the happening as an interface. All aforementioned individuals rely on the idea that the brain turns sensory data into an output presented to us as a reality, on which we act on later.

Among all these, the most accurate model is Donald Hoffman’s interface model. It explains that the mind simplifies the data received and facilitates the rendering process of presenting reality.

For instance, you see a door in your mind. This door is actually a reflection of another door seen in real life. However, it is not a real door. It is only interpretation of a door created by your mind. If you think about opening the door, your brain will start doing so by suggestion, and you will actually do it too.

Your hand wants to physically touch and open the door. You imagine a virtual hand trying to open the actual, real door. This is how you navigate your mind to actually do so. Still, it is significant to remember that you will never be sure of what the door represents, because your senses give you just the information you need, acquired though years of adaptive survival based evolution.

This shows how your reality is. It is not really virtual- what it is virtual, is how you experience it.

For further clearance, we’ll give you a second example. Here the virtual world is described through your work and everyday life, by sleeping and DREAMING. Think about your most realistic dreams. They are not a result of actual experiences. What the brain does is it imitates the physical world through dreaming.

The mind simulates the actual senses, by using exact physical sensory models.

What separates the dream world from your actual world is your perception of the world and how you perceive these two information systems. Dreams are somehow easier for us, since we ‘recognize’ the virtuality of it. We know these are only thoughts. Plato managed to analyze dreams amazingly and here is where we agree with him. What it takes to create virtuality is an information processing.

Let’s try to understand the information process better. For that reason we must ask these questions: What is the information we observe? Where does it come from? What is running the simulator? How is it programmed? How does this involve you? Have you ever had deja vu?

Have you ever had déjà vu of a dream? If you have, then you will understand that there is another form of dualism similar to particle-wave duality.

You are witnessing a relationship between dreams and the observable world through your personal experiences. This may be the answer of why some dreams come true.

You need to realize that dreams and the physical world are connected, since the both belong to the same system. What is programming reality is in fact the precognitive dream experience.

As unbelievable as it sounds, the data accepted by your brain later render out as an experience of reality. Your dreams somehow foresee the observable world’s outcome. In case you have experienced a dream-related déjà vu, you are actually remembering the tight relationship between dreams and reality.

What simulates the reality is actually the Universal Computer. Carl Jung managed to explain this even better through his collective unconscious.

Let’s now look the world for what it originally was, just a Universe, created by a big bang and brought to us as it is. Whether you believe in God or not, let’s just assume there IS an energy which created this all. This energy had the power to act and to think.

This energy and its thoughts formed a thinking feedback, which is today known to us as dreaming. This energy used dreaming to start self-evolution and create patterns. These dreams created thoughts which later reflected in, what we call the real world.

This demonstrates that a dream could not only be a dream, but that a part of its awareness is translated into the characters it dreams about. This language of dreaming self-awareness, used to communicate with its inner self, is known as OUR reality.

The thought of it manufactured the reality’s outlook and made immense number of virtual reality experiences for this energy. This is reason why some people who remember their dreams, can witness them being transferred into real future events.

All awareness is actually a thought. This thought turns into a lively dream simulation. As a conclusion, we are the energy, we are the dreamers and we are the makers of our reality. That is all there is to it.




Message from the Arcturians

from Suzanne Lie

We are in the process of shifting our reality. We say “we” for all dimensions, realities and worlds are shifting into a higher frequency of expression. As it is for the least, it is for the greatest.


Hence, as the third/fourth dimension releases itself from the shackles of the third dimensional reality of illusion and shifts into the fifth dimension of the light of cosmic truth, all the dimensions above the fifth also shift into their next higher dimensional expression.

As we make this transition, there is a release, a letting go, of what has been our predominant expression of self. For example, we Arcturians are expanding our baseline frequency from the eighth through tenth dimensions into the eleventh and twelfth dimensions.

In the same manner, your human baseline frequency will shift form the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension, which was once your higher expression of SELF. In the case of Earth, the third/fourth dimensions will gradually become less and less inhabitable.

You will find that just as it once took effort to consciously experience the fifth dimension, it will become increasingly difficult to consciously experience the third/fourth dimension. Even now, your consciousness may appear to be wandering off into what appears to be a trancelike state. This trancelike state feels so natural that you do not want to leave it.

Also, as this shift continually accelerates your consciousness, you will gain a new perspective on your physical world. This higher viewpoint will enable you to perceive your 3D reality from “up above it” rather than “stuck within it.” In other words, you will be able observe your ego from your Higher SELF.

Once your Multidimensional SELF is in charge, you will be able to make some important decisions that make YOU the creator of your life. You will also become aware of many of your higher dimensional, alternate or parallel realities.

While you are swimming in the illusion of the third dimension, you see only what surrounds you. However, as you regain a higher perspective of your life, many of your priorities will change. Your ego will no longer tell you to let go of your meditations and creative expression so that you can “get back to the business of your real life.”

With your Higher SELF at the helm, you will realize that what you have perceived as “just your imagination” is actually your real life. Then slowly, or quickly, you will want to “let go” of many of our your lower frequency chores, responsibilities and jobs.

In this manner, you can more easily remain in the unconditional light and love of the fifth dimension. Of course you will still “take care of 3D business,” but your priorities will greatly alter as your consciousness expands into the higher dimensions.

You may be thinking, “Do I dare believe that what appears to be my imagination is actually my real world? If I make that choice and switch my primary attachment to the feelings of my fifth dimensional imagination, does that mean that I die to the physical world?”

When you meditate or dream about being in a higher frequency reality, are you able to wake up or end your meditation? Of course, your physical reality does not disappear while you sleep or meditate, nor will it go away when your switch your primary identity from being your 3D physical self to being your 5D Lightbody SELF.

Even those who actually “die” to the third dimension often experience both their higher worlds and the third dimension until they are ready to release their lower expression of self. In the same manner, our light workers are being faced with the decision of “which reality is the real world?”

While in your fifth dimensional state of consciousness, this question eventually evolves into, “Which of the many dimensions of reality do I choose as my primary expression of SELF?”

When you volunteered to enter your earth vessel, the physical world became your primary expression of SELF. While you are still draped within your earth vessel, you are inclined to believe that you only have the choice of one primary expression.

As you increasingly experience your multidimensional consciousness while you also perceive the third dimensional world, you may believe that you must choose a “primary reality.” This belief occurs because even though you are having a multidimensional experience, you are thinking in a third dimensional way.

Once you take more and more excursions into your fifth dimensional consciousness, you will begin to also think multidimensionally. Thus, the either/or choices that filled your 3D world are replaced by the realization that you can choose both and/or all.” It is then that you are beginning to understand the concept of multidimensional reality from a higher perspective.

Due to your evolved understanding of your Multidimensional SELF, you are remembering that you no longer need to choose. From the perspective of your fifth dimensional self, you know that you have myriad expressions of your SELF that are simultaneously being experienced on myriad dimensions and realities.

The difficult adaptation is for your fifth dimensional SELF to convince your third dimensional self to “Let GO” of the illusions of time and space. Your third dimensional expression is afraid to release that illusion because you unconsciously remember that that form of “letting go” meant death in many of your third dimensional incarnations.

It is very difficult to break the 3D indoctrinations of “one life per person,” and “one life at a time.” These rules further state that if you live a good life you go to Heaven, but if you live a bad life you go to Hell. The problem with good vs. bad is that the definition for good and bad are different according to your third dimensional indoctrination.

Because of the vast programming that many humans have received, as well as the fact that many of Gaia’s humans live on the edge of survival, the bulk of the process of shifting into higher frequencies of consciousness falls on the shoulders of the awakened light workers.


“Colossal Defeat” For Obama As Australia Joins China’s Regional Bank



Australia China

Having attacked its “closest ally” UK for “constant accomodation” with China, we suspect President Obama will be greatly displeased at yet another close-ally’s decision to partner up with the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). As The Australian reports, “make no mistake,” the decision by Australia’s Abbott government to sign on for negotiations to join China’s regional bank, foreshadowed by Tony Abbott at the weekend, “represents a colossal defeat for the Obama administration’s incompetent, distracted, ham-fisted dip­lomacy in Asia.”

As The Australian’s Greg Sheridan writes Op-Ed,

The decision by the Abbott government to sign on for negotiations to join China’s regional bank, foreshadowed by Tony Abbott at the weekend, represents another defeat for Barack Obama’s diplomacy in Asia.

The Abbott government is right to make this decision. It had well-founded concerns about the vague and unsatisfactory governance arrangements of the institution when Beijing first invited Canberra to join.

Those arrangements have ­improved since then and Australia is only signing on to negotiate terms of accession.

If the terms are no good, Australia will ultimately walk away.

Canberra’s move follows similar decisions by Britain, Singapore, India and New Zealand.

Make no mistake — all this represents a colossal defeat for the Obama administration’s incompetent, distracted, ham-fisted dip­lomacy in Asia.

The Obama administration didn’t want Australia to sign up for the China-led AIIB. The Abbott government rightly feels that it owes Obama nothing.

Obama went out of his way to embarrass the Prime Minister politically on climate change with a rogue speech at the G20 summit in Brisbane.

The speech had been billed as dealing with American leadership in Asia and instead was full of ­material designed to embarrass Abbott.

Since then, the Abbott government has felt absolutely zero subjective good will for Obama.

This is an outlook shared by many American allies.

It’s important to get all the distinctions right here.

The Abbott government operates foreign policy in Australia’s national interest.

That includes full fidelity to the American ­alliance and to supporting US strategic leadership.

But the Obama administration has neither the continuous presence, nor the tactical wherewithal nor the store of goodwill or personal relationships to carry Canberra, or other allies, on non-essential matters.

The Obama administration has tried to convince both its friends and ­allies not to join the China Bank.

This was probably a bad call in itself, but, as so often with the Obama administration, it was a bad call badly implemented.

The characteristically bad implementation has helped shred Obama’s diplomatic credibility.

The Chinese have been the US’s best friends in Asia, diplomatically. Their territorial aggressiveness in the East and South China Seas has driven Asia to embrace America’s security role more tightly than ever.

The American military are now the best American diplomats in Asia by far.

Such prestige as the US enjoys in Asia these days rests disproportionately on the shoulders of the US military.

Obama has neglected and mistreated allies and as a result Washington has much less influence than previously.

The saga of the China Bank is almost a textbook case of the failure of Obama’s foreign policy.
* * *

As we have detailed recently, Australia is in trouble economically and its pivot to China makes perfect self-preservation sense… as Sheridan notes:

Obama treats allies shabbily and as a result he loses influence with them and then seems perpetually surprised at this outcome.

The Asian professionals in Washington regard the Obama administration as particularly ineffective in Asia.

The consensus is that the Obama White House is insular, isolated, inward-looking, focused on the President’s personal image and ineffective in foreign policy.
* * *

De-dollarization continues… As Simon Black recently concluded, now we can see words are turning into action…

Britain and Australia might be too polite to tell the US straight up– “Look, you have $18.1 trillion in official debt, you have $42 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and you’re kind of a dick. I’m dumping you.”

So instead they’re going with the “it’s not you, it’s me” approach.

But to anyone paying attention, it’s pretty obvious where this trend is going.

It won’t be long before other western nations jump on the anti-dollar bandwagon with action and not just words.
* * *

Bottom line: this isn’t theory or conjecture anymore. Every shred of objective evidence suggests that the dollar’s dominance is coming to an end.


Save The Children said ‘Sorry’, but war criminal Blair keeps award

…a very convenient apology…and just like a circus, the farcical show goes on

… hoped that supporters would accept that organizations “make mistakes.” – Justin Forsyth, Chief Executive of Save the Children


Save the Children apologizes for handing Tony Blair legacy award

War criminal Blair

The charity which came under fire for presenting former Prime Minister Tony Blair with a global legacy award has apologized for upsetting staff and supporters.

Justin Forsyth, Chief Executive of Save the Children, said he was “very sorry” to staff and members of the public who were offended by the decision, saying the issue was an “unnecessary distraction.”

Forsyth, a former aide to Blair, told the BBC’s Today program: “I know that many of our supporters and volunteers were very upset and our staff, several of our staff too, and I’m very sorry for that.”

He said it was “wrong” to have given the former PM the award for his global work, rather than his action in Africa specifically.

The apology follows a widespread backlash against the decision, with an online petition garnering over 100,000 signatures. The petition called for the award to be rescinded, with over 500 staff at Save the Children backing that request.

Protesters were outraged that the charity had seemingly overlooked Blair’s decision to invade Iraq as part of the US-led offensive in 2003, which was responsible for the killing of thousands of civilians.

Forsyth said the decision to hand Blair the award was made by the charity’s “sister organization” in America, where Blair did not have as controversial a reputation.

He further said the award was only for his work in Africa.

Yes, it was a global legacy award. It was called that. But actually it was an award very, very specifically for Tony Blair’s efforts on Africa at two G8 summits at Birmingham and Gleneagles, not his wider legacy.”

And if it had been for his wider legacy I think it would be wrong, but it was for something quite specific that helped Africa and children,” Forsyth said.

“I‘m sorry it’s upset so many people. It’s not really what we do at Save the Children. What we’re really doing is on the ground in Syria with the Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone – that’s the work we do.

“This has been really an unnecessary distraction. I do apologize to those people that it’s upset,” he added.

Forsyth accepted that damage to the charity’s reputation had been caused “in part” by the row, but hoped that supporters would accept that organizations “make mistakes.”

Forsyth was recruited as an aide to Blair to help tackle poverty and climate change. A Save the Children biography says he was “one of the driving forces behind the Make Poverty History campaign.”

Before eventually joining Save the Children, he was a strategic communications and campaigns director for former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.




Malaysia – Sultan Pahang’s wife among HSBC’s RM360 bil Swiss leaks



Sultanah KalsomSultanah Kalsom, the wife of the Sultan of Pahang, has appeared on the controversial leaked list of Malaysians with accounts at HSBC’s Swiss bank, according to a report by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

The report, also referred to as Swiss Leaks, ranks Malaysia 87th among the countries with the largest dollar amounts in the leaked files on HSBC clients. The maximum amount associated with a client connected to Malaysia was US$67.7 million (RM242 million).

The Swiss Leaks, which has caused furore due to subsequent allegations against HSBC of abetting concealment and tax evasion, details 77 client accounts opened by Malaysians between 1982 and 2006 and linked to 201 bank accounts worth approximately US$174 million.

The top 10 countries (according to value) in the Swiss Leaks of HSBC accounts are Switzerland (US$31.2 billion), United Kingdom (US$21.7 billion), Venezuela (US$14.8 billion), USA (US$13.4 billion), France (US$12.5 billion), Israel (US$10 billion), Italy (US$7.5 billion), Bahamas (US$7 billion), Brazil (US$7 billion) and Belgium (US$6.3 billion).

The 63-year-old Sultanah, listed by HSBC as a “housewife”, is linked to a numbered client account tagged “3678TE” from September 1994 to 1997. The leaked files did not reveal specifically the exact role she played with regards to the account or how much money was in it.

The other Malaysians in the HSBC Swiss Leaks have not been named. Sultanah Kalsom has not responded to ICIJ’s repeated requests for comment.

The ICIJ report also said that the “housewife” category accounts for more than the 7,300 clients listed by profession in HSBC’s files. The category outnumbered two other categories – “without profession” and “student” – adding up to fewer than 4,000 accounts.

The report also stated that it “ does not intend to suggest or imply that any persons, companies or other entities included in the ICIJ Swiss Leaks interactive application have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly.”

HSBCThe Swiss Leaks expose was initiated by Herve Falciani, a former HSBC employee who became a whistleblower by revealing HSBC clients’ confidential data to the French government in 2008, prompting an investigation by the tax authorities.

The tax authority data was subsequently obtained by French newspaper Le Monde, who then shared it with ICIJ. The data covers accounts of more than 100,000 clients (individuals and legal entities) from more than 200 countries.

The Swiss Leaks data covers three types of internal bank files from different time periods.

One reflects clients and their associated private accounts at the Swiss branch of HSBC mostly from 1988 to 2007. Another is a snapshot of the maximum amounts in the client accounts during 2006 and 2007. The third is of notes on clients and conversations with them made by HSBC employees during 2005.

The leaked HSBC files revealed a total of more than US$100 billion in the accounts, and include prominent and controversial figures such as US$12.6 billion held in the name of the Venezuelan government under the late former leader Hugh Chávez. The files also provided confidential information such as secretive offshore companies linked to some of the accounts.

After being dogged by allegations that its Swiss bank helped hundreds of clients in tax evasion practices, HSBC recently apologised to its customers and investors, admitting to certain failings in compliance and control.

It has also sparked a massive political debate in Britain, with many accusing HSBC of unsavoury banking practices. The Bank of England may also look into the allegations of tax evasion.

The scandal has recently claimed a high-profile victim. Former HSBC boss Stephen Green recently quit financial services lobby group TheCityUK’s advisory, presumably due to mounting pressure attributed to his links with the scandal. Green was HSBC’s chairman between 2006-2010 and subsequently appointed as the UK trade minister from 2011-2013.

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Malaysia – Computers And Servers All WIPED At debt ridden #1MDB

Sarawak Report


Concerned staff at 1MDB have confided that all computers and records at the troubled fund were recently called in and wiped. They say this includes not only personal computers belonging to staff, but also the mainframe servers as well!

The order came as a surprise move by management, according to sources and it happened just before Christmas. Staff were contacted directly by phone or in person and told to take their computers immediately to the IT section in order to be wiped.

None of the instructions were delivered by text or email, leaving little record of the blitz, which took place in the space of just a few hours.

The result is that there are few records left available to show what has been going on at the beleaguered fund and this is widely believed amongst staff to be the reason.

The excuse was they had ‘been hacked’
The excuse given to bewildered staff members was that there had been a systems hack.

One of them sent out this message on the day it happened, which was Friday 19th of December, a fortnight before the departure of the previous CEO Mohd Hazem Abdul Rahman:

“1MDB has been collecting employee laptops and company-issued handphones today. Staff were contacted in person or by phone call and informed to hand them in to IT. No emails or text messages were sent. On asking the reason for the hand-in staff were advised that there has been a hacking attempt and that therefore the company is collecting all laptops and handphones in order to wipe them (wipe the discs clean) before they are returned. Parallel to that the main servers are being wiped. If you try to email a 1MDB employee now the email will bounce back as undeliverable. Obviously the reason given is incredulous to say the least”

Experts have told Sarawak report that the excuse of a hacking attempt is indeed rarely a credible reason for wiping information from servers:

It makes absolutely no sense to wipe servers to protect against hacking or online attacks. Instead you would either take these severs offline altogether until the issue was resolved or step up security. When Sony was hacked recently they didn’t wipe all their servers.

This snap decision to expunge all past records and emails from all staff computers and handheld devices as well as the organisations mainframe computers will inevitably raise questions about whether management were trying to conceal potentially embarrassing information before the handover.

Numerous questions have been asked for several months from all quarters about the hundreds of missing millions from the fund, which were raised from public borrowing.

servers wiped

Everything Wiped – what are they trying to hide?

There have been few proper answers forth-coming from 1MDB and now it appears there may be no evidence to be had either!

Were outgoing team deliberately covering up evidence and if so what, people are inevitably left wondering?

Just in September, Sarawak Report, for example, had disclosed that it has been given access to emails, which indicated the extent of the involvement of tycoon Jho Low in 1MDB’s decision-making processes. Was this the reason for the attempt to wipe anything that could corroborate such information from 1MDB?

An emailed directive was later sent out to all staff confirming the situation that all data pre-19DEC2014 is no longer retrievable. “It is an internal email” one staff member told Sarawak Report. “It says that as part of the wipe all 1MDB HQ emails have been re-configured. All emails prior to 19DEC14 are permanently wiped”.

It is generally acknowledged that 1MDB has become the single biggest threat facing the Malaysian economy, according to observers with borrowings now standing at over $USD40billion and a number of assets widely believed to have been highly inflated in value.

There is also a mysterious black hole at the centre of the fund, which its managers have found impossible to account for. This is an alleged billion dollars, which it is claimed is resting in a redeemable Cayman Islands account, having been allegedly repaid to the fund by the company PetroSaudi, which originally received the loan.

The former CEO of 1MDB had claimed at the end of last year that this money was being ‘repatriated’ to help fund pressing debt repayments to Malaysian banks on the billions borrowed. When he took over the job in January the new CEO was first quoted as saying that all the money had indeed been returned.

Ananda KrishnanHowever, it is now admitted that this is not the case and the current excuse is that the low level of the dollar makes it a bad time to try and return the money.

Instead, business tycoon Ananda Krishnan is being pressured to stump up RM2billion to prevent 1MDB defaulting on its loans on Feb 18th next week, which would plunge the Malaysian economy into crisis.

Krishnan has been resisting extradition to India in connection with a corruption case and it is understood that Malaysia may stop protecting the businessman unless he cooperates.

It is an ugly stand off. And the escalating crisis has led to an increasingly poisonous atmosphere politically. The man with full responsibility for the fund is its Chairman, who is also the Finance Minister and Prime Minister, Najib Razak.

Both opposition politicians and increasingly leaders from Najib’s own UMNO party are demanding accountability and an explanation as to how such a vast debt could have accumulated out of borrowings in just five years?



Nunn the wiser

Old Holborn


As readers will know, I am an avid supporter of both Liberty and Free Speech, something others have laid down their lives to ensure we are free to enjoy. As a somewhat regular visitor to Twitter (my 36th account is @holbornlolz), the case of Peter Nunn’s arrest interested me. He’s just been sent down for 18 weeks at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for a series of retweets, account changes and loosely veiled “threats” against both Stella Creasy MP and the hysterical moonbat, Caroline Criado-Perez. Coupled with other various outpourings on youtube videos and general ranting, it is quite clear to me that Peter Nunn has a problem with women.

Firstly, I am free to spout my nonsense because I stay within what is a quite well defined legal space – it has always been the case that you cannot threaten or incite violence upon anyone and not expect a knock on the door – but also because (as I was told by the Police) I run a successful blog and half of Fleet Street follows me on twitter.

I certainly don’t condone the rantings of Peter Nunn and the law is quite clear that you may not target individuals (harassment) but I do wonder just how political a sentence of 18 weeks in our overcrowded Prison can be justified. Had Peter Nunn had the right to a trial by Jury (as was once the basis of a free and fair judicial system), I am in no doubt he would have been found not guilty by his peers. As it was, a Magistrate decided his fate and in my opinion, hung him out to dry – for words on a screen – and most intriguingly, simply retweeting another user – something also done with the same “rogue” tweets by both of the Claimants.

So the show trial to define what may and may not be said on social media has alas been postponed, and today, yet another authoritarian Home Secretary has decided that people can also be prosecuted for “extremist” views, even if they haven’t broken any law. Designed to save us all from head chopping terrorists under our beds, it won’t be long before the usual Political mission creep sets in and er… the likes of Peter Nunn find themselves in er…prison. Interesting times, indeed.