Bolivia Becomes First South American Country To Ban Rothschild Banks


Bolivia has become the latest country to kick the Rothschild banks out of their country, with President Evo Morales announcing that Bolivia will no longer respond to pressure or financial blackmail from the US government or Rothschild-controlled international banking institutions.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and US-dominated World Bank have been major players in the global economic landscape ever since their creation in 1944. These international banking organizations, which are privately controlled by the notorious Rothschild banking family, first pressure nations to deregulate their financial sector, allowing private banks to loot their economies.

Once the governments are forced to bail-out their deregulated financial sector, the IMF or World Bank sets up a loan package written in secret by central bankers and finance ministers that undermine their national sovereignty and force them to adopt policies of austerity that harm workers, families, and the environment.

Bolivia have become the first South American country to grow wise to the ruse. They have worked hard to gain financial independence and are now in the process of kicking the Rothschild controlled banks out of their country.

True Activist reports:

Before Evo Morales assumed the office of president, Bolivia was suffering from the effects of IMF/World Bank-imposed austerity and privatization that exploited its people and resources. It was also South America’s poorest nation. Though the Bolivian people, through strong showings of popular resistance over a period of years, were able to stop some of the worst privatization efforts – particularly the privatization of the nation’s water supply, many of the shackles imposed by these Rothschild-controlled institutions remained.

Rothschild banks Bolivia

Morales, who became Bolivia’s 80th president in 2006, was the first president to come from Bolivia’s majority indigenous Aymara population and has since focused on poverty reduction and combating the influence of the United States and multinational corporations in Bolivia. Ten years later, Morales, a Democratic socialist, has managed to transform Bolivia into the fastest growing South American economy all while maintaining a balanced budget and slashing its once-crippling government debt.

Bolivia’s newfound economic independence has now empowered Morales to reject the very same institutions that once preyed upon his country. Just a few weeks ago, Morales announced that Bolivia will no longer respond to the demands or blackmail of the United States, the World Bank, or the IMF.

During a visit to Tarija in Southern Bolivia, Morales said “Before, in order to obtain credit from the IMF, we were forced to give up a part of our country, but we have liberated ourselves economically and politically and we are no longer dependent on other countries or institutions.” Morales praised social movements and the people’s unity for the country’s ability to resist and reject privatization and foreign influence.

However, Bolivia has done much more under Morales’ leadership than ban international banking cartels from operating within it borders. Bolivia has kicked out numerous multi-corporations since Morales took office, including McDonalds and Coca Cola, while also refusing to cooperate with the US’ disastrous War on Drugs.

It is also devotes 14% of its national budget to education, the second most of any country in South America. In contrast, only 1.7% of the national budget goes to education in the US. Morales also forced foreign oil and gas companies to pay an astounding 82% of its profits to the Bolivian government, which is used to fund a variety of popular social programs benefiting the poor. Poverty in Bolivia has dropped significantly as a result. Bolivia’s transformation under Morales proves that any nation, no matter how impoverished, can throw off the shackles imposed by international bankers and return the power to the people.



G20 – A Gathering of Rothschild’s Servants

Benjamin Fulford

It is not over until we see the 911/311 perpetrators perp walked in front of the world’s TV cameras

There can be no doubt the Khazarian mafia is in a desperate situation and is about to lose power, as can be seen from multiple events we will mention below. However, it is also a fact that most off the so-called “leaders” paraded before the world at last weeks’ G20 conference still refuse to tell the truth about 911, 311, Malaysia Air Flight 370/17 and many other government acts of terrorism. Until we see leaders who will tell the truth, in public, about these crimes and then order the arrest of the perpetrators, the war to free humanity will not be over.

Take a look (starting at the 11 minutes and 30 second mark), at this G20 video and you can see German Chancellor Angela Merkel making her freemasonic eye sign.

She, the only member of the ruling Saxe-Gotha Rothschild family present, is once again telling those who have eyes to see that the G20, self-described as the world’s highest level economic forum, is just a gathering of Rothschild servants. Look at their garbled communique for yourself to see what a useless joke this group is.


They have met for 10 years in a row but still their final statement is full of phrases like “we will set up a task force,” and “we believe efforts could be made.” In fact though, they have yet again failed to reform the voting structure of the UN, the World Bank, the IMF or other so-called “international” organizations. They also talk about “green finance” while admitting there is no definition of what that means but that there should be “voluntary principles for green finance.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping, who spearheaded China’s well-choreographed hosting of this event, did call for “equitable and efficient global financial governance.”

However, that is not going to be accomplished in a cumbersome group hug forum of twenty high level slaves. The Chinese know this and are preparing alternatives, such as bitcoin, for when this system collapses, Asian secret society sources confirm.
Despite the inability of the G20 to make decisive collective decisions, there was some serious geopolitical horse trading going on before, during and after the G20.

One big move was a Rothschild/Russian attack on the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller crime gang’s oil and energy interests in the Middle East. This appeared in the corporate news headlines in the form of an announcement of a deal between the US and Russia on Syria. What this means is that the Rothschilds and the Russians have agreed on how to split gas revenue coming out of the Middle East to the detriment of the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller faction.

The Pentagon and the Russians, for their part, are sticking to their agreement (as we have previously reported) to leave everything to the West of the Euphrates (including Israel) to the Russians while the US military control territory to the East of the river. This deal can now be confirmed in multiple corporate news announcements such as ones saying the Americans told their Kurdish allies to move to the East of the Euphrates.

The Rothschild/Russian deal is also affecting Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller gas interests in the Ukraine. This means the Nazi coup d’etat in the Ukraine may soon start to unravel, Pentagon sources say.

However, the real battleground remains the United States where the Khazarian mafia desperately clings to power amid growing popular anger. The people behind Hillary Clinton contacted the White Dragon Society again to say their new plan is to…read further


Lincoln v Rothschilds

Armstrong Economics


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  2. Is it true that Abraham Lincoln refused to finance the Union Army, with a loan with an excessive interest, from the Rothschild Banking House?.


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These type of history accounts are always twisted and fitted to a predetermined conclusion. Therefore, with respect to the various interpretations of Jackson shutting down the Bank of the United States and Lincoln v Rothschild, it is vital to remove the bias. Jackson shut down the Bank of the United States not because he was opposed to banks on some grand philosophical perspective. It was rather crude and simple. Bank of the United States funded his rivals and he blamed them for losing the election before. They were the Goldman Sachs of the day insofar as funding politics. Jackson was by no means against banks nor was he some gold bug to honor. He moved government funds to state banks and set off the Broken Banknote Era.
The Secret Service was born in 1865 because there was no single currency, one-third of the notes in circulation were said to have been counterfeit. The average person could not tell since every bank issued their own money. With a reported one third of the currency in circulation being counterfeit at the time, the Secret Service was created on July 5, 1865 in Washington, D.C., to suppress counterfeit currency. Chief William P. Wood was sworn in by Secretary of the Treasury Hugh McCulloch. Jackson created the financial Panic of 1837. Stated tried to bail out their banks, and in the process, this became the major Sovereign Debt Crisis of the 1840 that led to bloodshed and riots in the streets because of what Jackson had done.
186410compoundint-table-251x300Now as for the selective history that the Rothschilds v Lincoln, let’s get this clear. In times of war, every country in history has abandoned the gold standard. Yes, in time of war, there attaches to a loan “political” risk which is NORMAL. Interest rates rise during such periods. The Rothschild’s demanded a war premium to lend Lincoln gold. They did not do so because they wanted the North to lose. That is a total fabrication. When Lincoln turned and began to issue interest bearing currency, he at first created circulating bonds. The currency on the reverse had an interest schedule stating what the note was worth at specific times. They even issued compound interest notes.
Eventually, Lincoln began issuing paper currency that did not pay interest. These became known as legal tender note. They neither paid interest nor were they redeemable in gold. This is what became known as “greenbacks” for they were not backed by anything nor did they pay interest. So you flipped it over and there was no schedule, just green ink.
It was these “legal tender issues” that the London Times wrote about”
“If that mischievous policy, which had its origins in the North American Republic, should
become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of the civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed, or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”
Therefore, the Rothschilds did not demand high interest because they wanted the North to fail. This was simply a business deal. The entire claim of wanting to see the North lose was purely from the standpoint that they were not backed by anything.


90 Federal Police Officers Raided Edmond de Rothschild Bank! How Aabar Scandal Could Dwarf #1MDB…..

Sarawak Report


1mdb_rothschild2The Luxembourg newspaper Luxemburger Wort reported Thursday that it has emerged that at the end of June no less than 90 police, accompanied by prosecutors and a federal judge launched a massive raid on the headquarters of the private bank Edmond de Rothschild (BPERE).

The scale of the operation against a financial institution was unprecedented the paper explained and it was linked to the bank’s involvement in 1MDB, described as “possibly the largest money laundering operations ever uncovered in the Grand Duchy”.

It means that yet another of the world’s most prestigious and in this case oldest banks has been caught red-handed over its willingness to handle the proceeds of grand-scale corruption from countries like Malaysia.

Before the raid, the Chief Executive Arianne de Rothschild (see featured image) had brushed aside journalists and laughed smugly when assured by her associates that she and her bank were “untouchable”. It was caught on camera.

The cause of the Luxembourg investigation lies with the banking transactions carried out by the bank CEO Marc Ambroisien on behalf of the now arrested former IPIC boss Khadem Al Qubaisi (KAQ).

As earlier exposed by Sarawak Report, Ambroisien, who has now been sacked, managed a web of private companies for KAQ, both during and after his role as Chief Executive of the bank, using off-shore secrecy to hide their activities. Ambroisien remained director of these companies and also a number of French property holding companies on KAQ’s behalf until just a few days ago.

Sarawak Report has demonstrated how through these companies stolen 1MDB money was used to fund multi-million dollar payments for the purchase of the Topaz super-yacht attributed to the Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mansour, but used by KAQ and his circle of friends, including Jho Low and Leo di Caprio.

Cash also flowed into the shareholder company which owns the Hakkasan entertainment chain, which observers believe has seen over a billion dollars worth of investment over the past four years.

Luxemburger Wort dug out the shareholding documents for Mondrion to reveal the 20 million euro investment

Another of the companies set up under KAQ’s Vasco Trust umbrella, managed by BPERE, was the Luxembourg-registered Mondrion, which bought a 25% share in the Italian Formula One racing team Scuderia Torro Rosso (STR) back in 2011.

That investment of 20 million euros took place not long after KAQ had made his first serious cash from “commissions” over the Barclays Bank bail out deal financed by IPIC, of which he was the CEO.  Statements show that between 2010 and 2012 almost $100 million was funnelled into Vasco by KAQ.

KAQ's personal investment - a 25% share of STR Formular One racing team

Luxemburger Wort then detailed how the sovereign wealth fund entrepreneur then apparently used his influence as the CEO of IPIC to channel money into sponsoring the team in which he held such a significant private stake.

IPIC subsidiaries used to sponsor STR included the Spanish oil giant CEPSA, Canada’s Nova Chemicals and Falcon Bank.

Indeed in 2013 speculation was rife that IPIC would buy up the whole team from majority owner Red Bull.

The IPIC involvement is led by it’s boss Khadem Al Qubaisi, who has been a regular fixture at Grands Prix in recent years and informed paddock opinion sees this group becoming shareholders in a team soon, perhaps Toro Rosso, depending on Red Bull’s long term strategy for its junior team” [F1 commentary]

Pattern of conflict of interest 

Analysis has shown that KAQ repeated this pattern, exhibiting a clear conflict of interest in his management of a number of the key companies he controlled within the IPIC group.  Put simply, he employed public money from the sovereign fund that he managed to back projects in which he had privately invested.

The Financial Times has already revealed, for example, how he located the CEPSA headquarters in a building he himself had leased, thereby ensuring a very good return.

The extent to which this selfishly orientated decision-making affected the well-being of the fund is now being examined by Khadem’s successors in Abu Dhabi, where he has finally been put under arrest.

After all, Aabar is believed to have lost at least $50 billion from its original $70 billion cash base and the fund, along with its parent company IPIC, is now being merged with the country’s other sovereign fund Mubadala.

Sarawak Report has further exposed how KAQ used Aabar to finance his own company’s bid to buy out Europe’s most expensive building, the Santander complex in Madrid, and also to back a number of property ventures by his Tasameem Real Estate Company in New York.  KAQ companies would take shares and Aabar would invest in the venture.

The KAQ obsession with fast cars, yachts, racing teams and other entertainments also appears to have featured as a major problem is this pattern of misappropriation

Richard Branson signs a major investment agreement partnership with Mohamed Badawy Al-Hussseiny, CEO of Aabar Investments of Abu Dhabi. July 28, 2009.

Indeed, one of the biggest loss-making enterprises into which Aabar poured hundreds of millions of dollars was Richard Branson’s Virgin Glactica project, which has collapsed after recent test-flight disasters.

Branson partied with KAQ in Cancun and was featured with one of his youthful friends at the resort on Facebook.

But the project went down in flames at enormous cost, as did so many of the other grandiose ventures.

In fact, the disastrous mismanagement of Aabar /IPIC and the arrest of its former boss KAQ amidst a developing multi-billion dollar scandal, may well turn into a key lesson for countries that are running sovereign wealth funds, which are headed by political figures and beset by weak corporate governance.  Such organisations are set up to be corrupted.

But all this was well into the future when the youthful Jho Low first approached Prime Minister Najib in 2009 with his suggestion for a similar Arab-style sovereign wealth fund for Malaysia.

Since 1MDB was immediately used to steal money, it is plain that his pitch had been that sovereign wealth funds are a proven method of diverting billions under the protective cover of ‘country to country’ joint ventures, diplomatic deals and top official oversight.

Once Najib took the bait, Jho Low was soon linking up with his pal from Aabar to join the plunder.

Now that both of these flamboyant, party-loving looters have come a cropper, Malaysia has perhaps just one thing to be thankful of, which is that 1MDB’s $7 billion missing is far less than what is now missing from Aabar.


Malaysian PM Najib Razak indicted in multi-billion dollar embezzlement scandal, is seeking immunity in exchange for testimony against the Rothschilds


By Benjamin Fulford

July 30, 2016

CIA sources in East Asia alerted us to the fact the US Justice Department has indicted Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak for embezzling over $1 billion from a fund meant to be used for Malaysian economic development.

The indictment is calling for the seizure of all the profits from the Hollywood hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street, because it was financed with embezzled funds. The indictment also mentions Saudi Arabian royals, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank Privee Edmond de Rothschild.


The CIA sources source say Najib has asked for immunity and placement for him and his family in the witness protection program in exchange for testifying about the links between the embezzlement scandal, the Rothschild family and missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370. If so, this could be the case that finally brings down the Rothschild dynasty. The Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton branch of the Khazarian mafia is already being brought down in the US so if the Rothschilds are also brought down, this will mean liberation for humanity for the horrors of Babylonian debt slavery.
The indictment can be read here:

More details will be made available in the Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis report due out on Monday, August 1st, 2016.

Latest report (01-08-16) is now out!

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Malaysian PM Najib On Way Out, Report Says

Veteran UMNO politician Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is said to be brokering the negotiations because Najib trusts him to swing immunity for him, Asia Sentinel was told separately.


$100 Million Bounty For The Arrest Of The Rothschilds/Bauers

Benjamin Fulford

bfThe end of Khazarian mafia tyranny on the planet earth is getting very close indeed. The Rothschilds and other top Khazarian Mafiosi families like the Borgia, the Medici, the Del Banco (Warburg) the Rockefellers (including the Clintons) the Bushes (Pecce) have been given until July 10th to reach a peace agreement with the people of the planet. After that a bounty of $100 million each, payable in gold, will be handed over to anybody who can arrest, and if they resist arrest, kill, members of these genocidal families.

We are hearing there is vicious infighting and arguing going on within the “family,” about what to do about this situation. As this newsletter was about to go online, we were contacted by one faction of the Rothschilds and a meeting with a White Dragon Society representative is now being arranged for this week. The meeting will discuss how to create a financial system that is good for both humanity and nature. It will also discuss creating a new meritocratic, democratic and transparent system for planning the future of our species and this planet.

To remind these families of what is at stake here is a message sent to them by a senior Pentagon official:

“I have been told from multiple sources that there is a multitude of people, (men and women) who are waiting for the RKM (Rothchilds/Bauers) to not cooperate, these people are eager to end the lives of the RKM criminals at every level. You may want to let the representative know, that this is for real and they cannot run or hide, their time is up. It is time to fold or they will all die, including their families, to the furthest distant cousins; effectively ending the evil bloodlines who have bedeviled mankind for so long. Again good luck with the negotiations. If they renege there will be consequences, major ones. That being said, have a great day.”

In the past week, the Chinese government has also contacted the leaders of other Asian countries as well as the heads of the G20 group of nations to inform them that they expect a deal to be reached between the White Dragon Society and the Rothschild family group. The Chinese are too polite to make threats but this is a statement issued by the Chinese Freemasons:

“We will cooperate with any religion, any society, any faction, any political party or any country that agrees with the principles of co-existence and co-prosperity and world peace. However, we will cut off relations with anyone who fails to agree on the goal of world peace.”

Yet another group, claiming to represent a coalition of 172 sovereign nations, also threw in its support last week for a new, inclusive financial system.

Pentagon sources are saying that German Chancellor Angela Merkel (a member of the Saxe Gotha Rothschild family) already reached a deal with the Chinese when she visited China on June 13th. According to that deal Merkel promised to ….

Benjamin Fulford July 4th 2016


The #Brexit razzmatazz

The Brexit fraud hollow drama.
Britain is NOT in the EU.
They are still using the English pound sterling (£) … or don’t you notice?
Westminster is still spewing English laws.
And the “CITY” financiers are negotiating?
haah! … They’re the bank$ter$ from the “City of London” (Corporation), which is a Rothschild state and NOT part of the greater Britain!
Come on!

Paris prepares red carpet for British bankers threatened by Brexit

French capital launches campaign to woo City financiers in case Britain votes to leave the EU

“We will be rolling out the red carpet,” said Jean-Louis Missika, a deputy mayor of Paris, at the launch of a campaign on Wednesday to attract financiers to the city in the event of a Brexit.

Such a gesture might seem unusual for a country that tends to have an ambivalent relationship with high finance. President François Hollande declared it his “enemy” in 2012 as he proposed soaking the rich with a 75 per cent tax rate.


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