The sphinx speaks when you have lost the need to express yourself as a lightworker


sphinxThe sphinx speaks when you have lost the need to express yourself as a lightworker

This is something that might surprise you, but when you lose the need to express yourself as a light worker you have reached a new level within.

When you have lost the need to express your loving kindness for all, you have reached a new level within.

Let us explain  a bit further, you are all still working on expression in the human level. How should I express myself? Especially how do I express myself as a lightworker?

I have to be love and feel love for myself and others, I have to be kind to myself and others, I have to forgive others and myself. It bothers me when others are not kind to me or to others, but I have to approach them lovingly and tell them I do not like it. I have to express myself as the love that is within me, within my God or Source self.

You express this as a human many times, in simple ways or more elaborate ways.

For example, ending your message with love and light, love to all, even many of the channeled messages have this ending, we love you all, and we send you our love.

You appreciate this; you are asking for this, it is not a message from a higher being if they do not express this to you.

It makes you feel loved in a way you do not yet love yourself within the human reality.

The human reality is still for most the way they express themselves, or for most they still express themselves from the human reality point of view, way of thinking and way of feeling.

For those of you that start to see and feel more of the spiritual realms, the bleed through in the physical realm is minimal at many times, and the physical realm is where you express yourself many times.

Words and thoughts are being expressed through the physical realm, as the spiritual realm does not work with words and thoughts.

This is limitation in a way, but going back to my beginning words, when you do not feel the need any more to express to others that love you feel as a human for all others, you have reached a new level of awareness.

A level where expression does not take place through words and actions in the physical reality.

This doesn’t mean that from a spiritual level you are sending love to all, you only express your own being on a spiritual level.

On the spiritual level there is no need for consciously sending love to others. It is expressed by being who you are within the spiritual realms.

Just being.

Many have used those words just being, yet within the human reality it is misunderstood as being able to just be who you are, but still you have the need to express who you are within the human.

When you can navigate through the human reality without the need of expressing or professing sometimes that you are a light worker on the human level, you will find that you have reached a level beyond the human reality and integrated this level within the human reality.

When you have lost the need to forgive yourself or others, you have reached a new level, as you know at that moment that there is really nothing to forgive.

When you have lost the need to love others and yourself, you know that you have reached a new level, as love is always present and does not need an explanation or expression, it just is.

You will have lost the need to express yourself as a light worker, as it is just a name for someone who works on awakening.

We know sometimes you get upset by harsh words, or even just small words that seem to judge, make you feel uncomfortable about yourself, how you express yourself, how you see yourself.

The moments those words have no meaning; you will know you have reached a new level within and integrated this level into your human awareness.

Allowing others to express within their own way and you navigating through this without feeling uncomfortable, without feeling you have lost something, or are losing something. Where you can stay within your own being, express your human self, your spiritual self in many ways without the feeling of losing control, losing yourself.

This is where you reach new levels within.

Expression in and through the human sometimes comes with words that are seen as not the lightworker way, not a loving way.

Yet, many times the love expressed behind the words is something that cannot be felt as many of you are still experiencing the words only.

This is also true for loving words though, as sometimes the feeling expressed behind the loving words are only the need, or the pressure felt within to express love in a way that is not really there within you yet.

Sometimes the control you are trying to put on yourself in many ways is and has become a limitation to allow expression of the many higher parts through the human self.

When we speak about balance, we do not speak about control within you and of the world around you.

We speak about you being able to navigate the spiritual world, but more importantly also the physical world without hesitation, without limitation and without the need to place many of these controls you have set for yourself upon the spiritual and physical world around you.

This is why we say, when you have lost the need to express yourself as a light worker, you will have reached a new level and integrated a new level of your “being”.

From one source to another
August 4, 2013
Petra Margolis



The Sphinx Speaks Three Wishes, Hope, Dreams and Creation




The Sphinx Speaks Three Wishes, Hope, Dreams and Creation.

sphinxToday we have a small story for you although it is one that many of you will find familiar.

The three wishes, you all have heard the children’s stories.

So once upon a time you receive three wishes and each wish is a ball of energy that you can use for your desire.

The first wish, you “hope” for a perfect cloud in the sky, the ball of energy takes some time, as hope doesn’t work that fast, but in the end after some waiting, there it is. The perfect cloud in the sky, with only one problem.

You were hoping for a white cloud, not the dark cloud you see in the sky.

You have two more wishes though, so you decided to use the second wish, and poof the cloud disappears and you start over with the second wish.

The second wish you “dream”, all day all night you dream and dream up this perfect white cloud in the sky.

Again dreams are not that fast, but after some time dreaming, there it is, in the sky, with just one little problem, again it is a dark cloud, not the perfect white cloud you were dreaming of.

No worries, you still have one wish left, and this time you are not going to leave it up to just hope and dreams, you are going to create. Poof the dark cloud is gone, and you are going to use the power of creation to create the perfect white cloud in the sky.

The last and final wish, you hoped for it, you dreamed of it, and now it is time to create it. And there it is the perfect white cloud hanging in that clear blue sky.

You look at it, you feel so good about it, you are happy, and suddenly you see more of these white clouds appear. There is a whole group of people all creating their perfect white cloud, and the clouds together form a bigger cloud, becoming bigger and bigger.

And all of you look at each other saying “ we did it”, we created it, isn’t it perfect, aren’t you happy, and everyone is happy, they feel happy, they have created the perfect white cloud.

You look around you and see even more people join, they are not all looking that happy, and some are even crying. And you ask them, aren’t you happy we created the perfect white cloud for all of us, look at it in the sky, isn’t it beautiful?

The answer that comes back surprises you, it is a beautiful cloud, it is the most perfect white cloud, but it is not what we need, we need a dark cloud.

Look around you look at the earth, the animals, the crops, they are dying, they need rain, and they need a dark cloud, a cloud full of rain.

The end.

We hope you enjoyed our story and we know you will dream about this as your creational abilities become stronger.

Sometimes your hope and dreams are not what is to be created.

From one source to another
July 30, 2013
Petra Margolis


The sphinx speaks did we ruffle your feathers?


The sphinx speaks did we ruffle your feathers?

sphinxWe are not here to confirm or conform to all your belief systems that have given you solace time and time again.

Dearly beloveds, we are not here to hold you up into the light of your own divine self.

We are not here to put a roof over your head to protect you from the bad wolf that is out there, like many of your churches and belief systems have done.

As a matter of fact this will be the first and last time we will call you dearly beloveds, as we are all equally beloved within our own divine self.

The need that you have, to feel loved by others, is something that needs to be found within, so you can release the attachments of needing the love to be received through any other being but yourself.

Many of you are willing or trying to move beyond many of the belief systems, yet you require a belief system to move beyond into a vastly unknown reality.

The need to feel safe, whether you’re a man or woman stems from the mother’s womb and this is what you seek when you explore. The safety of a loving family, either in the physical or in the spiritual reality.

You seek answers that go beyond human understanding.

You try to find ways to merge the two worlds, the physical and spiritual, into one.

Bringing your belief of what the physical reality could be, should be, into the spiritual reality as a marker for what and who you should be and experience within the spiritual world.

The human emotions and feelings are projected into the spiritual world as measuring points for who you are within that spiritual world, and many times as measuring points as to what others are within that spiritual world.

You see the spiritual world full of light as you see the physical world as a darkness.

Many of you would like to see the spiritual world as filled with love, light, compassion and the beings that are within that spiritual world have to enact those same values to you, through you.

You like to hear about the spiritual world, from others that are there, and seem to have knowledge that you cannot understand yet, or are trying to understand with a human mind and heart.

The moment you start reading their messages you feel your energy being lifted up into a different state, mostly a state of love for any of these beings that are so willing to lift you up each time.

Yet, many fall back down and need another message to lift them up again into that state that they are looking for but have not yet found within themselves.

It is like an addict going for their daily fix, as they have no other way to find that daily fix within yet.

You idolize the ones that you think see more, hear more, know more about this amazing world that is there as they describe it to you.

The projection of the human physical planetary based values in to the spirit nature creates a pre-programming that disallows true exploration and true self- discovery.

This is called illusion.

And that is why we do not support you in those particular safety nets as we discussed.

It is our view that you can rise from the net, and continue your exploration and discovery without the projection of the human need for safety onto your spiritualexperiences.

In this way, they can become ever new, ever new and refreshing,

With every conceivable experience and exploration available to you.

From one source to another

July 6, 2013

Petra Margolis `



The Sphinx speaks, the new way of manifestation and creation



The Sphinx speaks, the new way of manifestation and creation

sphinxYou have had many questions about this subject and we would like to give you more of an insight as to what the new way of manifestation and creating entails.

The old way of manifestation creation was more focused on one person; each person would set goals and try to reach these goals for them as a person.

The new way of manifestation and creation is not really about setting goals in that way for one person, but to set goals where others can join in and add their own goals, so to speak.

The new way is not really about specific goals, other than the goal, it has to be for the benefit of all.

This is a different way of thinking and working with manifestation and creation.

Many see manifestation and creation as something that is going to happen within their own life, their own reality, they are creating it for themselves.

There is great focus on the individual person, what is best for the individual person, each person does what is best for them, their ideals, their thought systems.

This runs through your entire society, it is how you leaders are chosen; it is how you choose within your own life. You take into consideration your family, but according to what you belief and what your belief system is that you know would be best for your family.

This is also how you approach manifestation and creation in the new world and in creating a new world.

Much of what you do is on an individual basis, many of the messages approach you on an individual basis and you receive them on an individual basis.

When a message tells you that you are all divine beings, the first thought is “ I am a divine being”, the second thought might be “we are all divine beings”.

When a message speaks about joy, you answer with I needed to feel joy, while the answer could be, why are we not all in joy.

Many will say messages are for each person to receive as they need it, but you are forgetting that only a small percentage of your population actually sees the message.

The biggest part of the human population is unaware of the many messages that you are receiving. This can be because either they are not awake, as you might call it, or because their belief systems are so different than from the ones who present the messages, they will not want to receive the message.

The old way of manifesting has worked for some, but not for many.

One of the reasons being that the manifestation was mostly directed and created to have an outcome of prosperity for one person. Yes if you create a company, you create prosperity in some way for others, but the way the prosperity is divided amongst all that work is not in proportion to what the one who created the company received.

The one thing that stands out amongst almost all humans is that they work, or say they work for the greater good, but they in fact are only working for their own greater good. No matter how you see it, even the so called green companies, groups, they say they are working for the greater good, but for their own greater good, their own belief systems, their own way of thinking how the world around them should be and in a way should think it should be.

This is happening amongst light workers as well, as we have pointed out many times.

We have talked about releasing attachments, in many ways, yet still many do not know how to release, how to move on beyond.

When we speak about attachments, we mostly speak about what you belief to be the truth within this moment.

This is the greatest attachment one has, what you belief to be the truth within this moment, the moment you are reading this message for example.

Many of you have a hard time moving beyond this attachment, as the focus is on the inner, you become so focused on the inner that the outer becomes in a way neglected.

You are focusing on all the ways you are supposed to be feeling, full of joy, compassion and love inside of you. Many times in need of a reminder to feel all this within you.

The reason you need it is because the outer world does not reflect what you want to feel in the inner world.

You are not able to stay within all these feelings as the outer world does not reflect these feelings back to you.

In this way you will continue to be in need of these outside messages confirming your beliefs, confirming  your state of being, confirming or supporting your state of being many times.

Once you can reach a state of not attachments, you will find that everything is within you, but the human needs to be in a flux of emotions, going up and down at times to stay within a state of being human, but also to learn to balance the human with the other spiritual parts of your being.

It is all about reaching a state of inner balance, inner balance between your human and every other part of your being.

This will allow for a more prolonged state of releasing attachment.

Now as we get back to manifestation and creation, this is a good state to start the manifestation and creation.

Free from attachment, a state of inner balance and no real focus on creating and manifesting a reality just for your own benefits.

Many will have already found that the old way of manifesting and creating is not in alignment with their being, and the new way of manifesting and creating is not clear to their own being.

For those who created a good life for themselves and say everything I earned I share with others, I give much of my money to charity.

That is another attachment that you will have to release. What is the world if others are dependent upon how much you give to charity? How does it make those others feel, they are reliant upon charity. They are not able to take care of themselves; others take care of them, most just because these others while they were creating were in fact only thinking about creating for themselves. With the thought in the back of their mind, if I have enough I will share it.

The problem lies within the thought, when I have enough I will share.

There is nothing wrong with sharing, but by putting out this thought together with creating prosperity, you create groups that will attach to this part of the consciousness and not create in their own way, but will wait for others to create for them.

What you are creating is reliance of others upon you.

Instead of finding new ways for many to create prosperity.

That is not how you create prosperity for all.

This way of thinking is changing, but the attachment still is that I want to create this for myself; if I have enough I will share.

Even the thought I am creating prosperity for all, creating the way I think it should be, I will share it with others so they can share within the prosperity as I see or know what and how this prosperity should be for all.

Thinking, the new world is already there and all I have to do is bring it here.

What new world?

The new world as far as how you think the new world should be for all?

What are you bringing in?

We will give you some time to think about this, think about new possibilities on how to create and manifest in a new way.

From one source to another
June 30, 2013

Petra Margolis

I was thinking about the many so called Galactics out there, their message is about prosperity for all. The way they do this is either Nesara, where a certain group of people will get the money and from there, these people will distribute the money to what “they” think are good causes.

The other one is where they bring all kinds of devices that will help people; they have this idea of assigning mentors to families to assist families in accepting and in fact giving themselves over to the idea of the Galactics taking care of them.

And some are about how the Galactics will create with us, but in a way more how the Galactics will tell us how to create, instead of us creating in our own way.


The Sphinx speaks how easy is it to fool you?


The Sphinx speaks how easy is it to fool you?

sphinxWe just wonder how easy it is, as you are living in this reality, to fool you, really fool you.

In many ways you have already been told you were fooled.

They have told you this reality is not real.

But what does it take you keep you fooled, what is it that makes you stay here?

There is so much anticipation happening amongst you, reality or not.

In so many ways you are and have been told things about your reality that do not come into fruition.

Many like being told that the change comes with them, they are the change, and change is actually already happening, you just can’t see it yet. Change the way you see the world, become the change you would like to see and it will be reflected in the world around you. Then they say, if you see change happening, realize it is not the world around you that is changing, it is you who is changing.

There are many ways you keep your hope up, and it’s a good one, but does it serve you in a way that it will actually bring change is the question.

Hope and change are the two biggest words that you can capitalize on in your reality.

It has worked for many, they used these same words to give you the hope that there would be a change, as long as you would go along with them, support them in every way you can.

Change comes not easy though, and much of the change is actually not what many thought was going to happen, or what they thought would happen. Or now that they see the change, it is not really what they wanted to happen.

Be the change, is another one, align yourself with the change you would like to see, they are already there in the parallel reality, or future reality, you just cannot see it yet, but belief us it is there.

Just look around you, everything that is happening and it is not bad, it just had to come out to show you and you can make choices now, to say what you want, to change what you want.

How do you do this?

Align yourself with how you would like the world to be.

For the ones who think they are going to be rescued by the galactics, they are being told, see, we told you so, all the bad stuff is coming out, that is what we are doing right now.

You love to read this stuff, even though you cannot see anything, don’t understand most of it, you love it when they give you hope and change.

The ones you love the most, are the ones where you are being told that the change is already happening, you cannot see it, but they use fancy words and come from these great places that you cannot see, they are your guides, they love you, they know what is happening, and they will tell you, they see it happening before their very eyes.

Yes, we know, you cannot see it, you will just have to trust us, trust that we see it happening, after all we love you all so much, you are doing such great work on earth, and you are all amazing divine beings.

Does it sound familiar?

How many messages have you read with these simple basics, hidden within the rest of the message, a lot of loving, compassionate and kind words that give you an explanation about why you cannot see, why you should do something because they say you should.

In reality each of these messages can be described with only two words, hope and change.

Now that we got that out of the way, is there really hope for change?

Of course there is, but it will not come through the fancy words that are describing this hope and change at this time.

Many are falling back into the hope and change they have listened to for years without seeing what real hope and change needs.

Does it need change from you, yes of course it does.

But it will have to be a change that takes place on the human level, and spiritual level in many ways not talked about in most messages.

It’s not about hope, in fact it is only about change, but real change doesn’t happen when you move into realities that you cannot see, or realities that only change you and not the world around you.

Real change is needed within your world and yes it is going to take longer than most of you might think.

But it doesn’t mean change is not going to happen.

Each person changes each day, within every moment you make new discoveries within yourself.

Does it change the world around you? Not as fast as you think it might, change is going to depend upon what you create for this world, how you move forward in this world, but with seeing the world, and not hiding in a world that is in many ways only within the mind of some.

It sounds however so much better doesn’t it?

If we would tell you the world will be a world of peace, love and compassion, it is already changing as the love can be felt everywhere and is imploding within your universe.

More and more will feel this love and react, change, and the world will become what you have always wanted it to be, and the place you really want it to be.

You do have to keep in mind the purpose of being on earth, the learning experience that many are still going through, and in fact many will choose to go through once you are gone.

Maybe in a different way, a faster way, but this is still one of the realms where duality is being taught in many ways.

The difference will be that the ones coming to earth, and the ones still upon earth, will not lose contact within, that is the one thing that you have working against you, and have had working against you for millions of years.

That is the purpose of earth, a reality where souls can experience and learn dimensions and duality in a safe way, instead of how you had to learn about it in many ways.

It is the connection within that makes the change that will teach others again how to connect within.

This will at the end remove all the veils for all and allow each soul to move back into their own being, move out of the control system of incarnation upon earth.

The change does not take place as a world that becomes a world full of love, peace and compassion. It becomes a world where it is safe to lower yourself into the reality of duality and still be able to move out of it once the lessons you chose have been learned.

A world where everyone once again is in full contact with their spirituality on every level.

This is where the change takes place, from a world where many souls have been stuck within their human body, lifetime after lifetime, to a world where souls can freely move up and back between the human experience and their spiritual experience.

From one source to another
June 25, 2013
Petra Margolis


The sphinx speaks about fear and more


The sphinx speaks about fear and more

I was watching TV this week and it was about a group of baboons and their way of life.

At one point it was showing the baboons in a time of plenty of fruit growing on the trees. They were not the only ones who liked the fruit; a whole herd of caribous was there as well.

These two groups, the baboons and caribous, had a mutual understanding while eating; they acknowledged each other and worked together as a group to watch out for predators.

Suddenly however, something went wrong and one of the baboons got hold of a small caribou and killed it. The baboon found out that the caribou was actually really good food.

From that moment on each caribou was afraid of a baboon, and this was implanted within their consciousness, their DNA and more.

Each caribou born after this incident was afraid of baboons and would never eat alongside them again.

Now as fear is something that also applies to us humans, I asked the sphinx to know more about how fear and the implementation within our consciousness works.

The Sphinx speaks about fear and more

sphinxFear cannot be assigned to just one part of the human, or just one energy or frequency.

Fear is sometimes needed, sometimes it is not.

There is a fear of certain animals; almost every human will have a fear of lions, if they would meet them in the wild. This is part of the fear implemented a long time ago, when there were less humans and an encounter with a lion would almost surely end with the death of the human.

At one point humans found ways to protect themselves against the lions, but the fear remained as the lion also learned how to bypass the protection humans made.

This is also why the fear and control system of fear is still prevalent within the human consciousness.

Once fear is being used to control humans, and this was done in many ways, the one implementing the fear will find ways to get past the protection humans make and still find ways to use the fear to control.

Fear has been used in many times and many ways, fear of death, fear of the underworld, fear of not being able to pass into the underworld. It has been used in every religion even the new age religion.

Fear of not being loving enough, not being compassionate enough, fear of if you don’t release fear you will not be able to get to certain parts of you, you will not be able to ascend.

The word fear is being assigned to many different energies and feelings as it has become a word that needs to be feared as well.

The moment you read the word fear, you will feel certain emotions rising up within you, and you sometimes deny these emotions access, as you have decided not to feel fear. Yet, these emotions and feelings are still present and you try using your mind to ignore them.

Some assign fear to being a victim, there are different types of victims and are you really a victim.

There are victims of rape, they have fear of being raped again, and this is a very real fear that can stay throughout an entire lifetime.

Many have fear of death, even though they say they welcome death sometimes, at the moment of dying, consciously dying, most will have the emotions and feelings of fear and more come into their experience at that time.

Many consider themselves victims of the control system of fear; this is in a way different, as it is not really fear connected to being a victim of the control system.

It is more a dissatisfaction with life in general, as life in general is influenced by the control system.

The control system is not just fear, it has more feelings, energies and emotions that are being used to control than just fear. The control system can use every human emotion to control you in many ways. This included the ones that you would call good emotions.

The emotions attached to the control system are in many ways more based upon the dissatisfaction of how humans are being controlled then actual fear.

The emotions and feelings related to the control system are not just fear; fear is only a small part of these emotions related to any control systems.

Fear is a basic human emotion that is within the human consciousness and is used to in some ways keep you alive. Just think of yourself being out in nature, there are many things that can hurt you, a natural amount of fear is needed for you to start thinking and preventing those things from hurting you as humans.

A natural amount of fear for example, thinking twice before you cross a street and watch to see if there are any cars coming. This is usually not experienced as fear, but as logical thinking, yet the emotion, feeling of fear is the basis for this logical thinking.

This is why fear is present at this moment within all of you, and cannot be eradicated on all levels, as some levels of the human need the basic emotion of fear as guidance.

Fear will not prevent you from moving deeper within; it is the logical thinking of the mind that prevents you from moving deeper within. It is the logical thinking of the human mind that prevents you from more than fear can do by itself.

As we move from fear to the so called victim consciousness, the part where you have decided that you are a victim of the surrounding circumstances, fear is only a small part, dissatisfaction is the greatest part.

Dissatisfaction with life, something you try to get past by using your mind and understanding of the reality around you, and the spiritual reality within you.

Many try to convince the mind that the reality around you is not real, there are realities out there that are better than this one, and you have seen them, felt them.

Others will completely immerse themselves in this feeling of dissatisfaction and from there hope for a better place, a better reality to come into place, or others to come help them to get out of the reality they are in right now.

There is so much more to emotions, feelings, and the way humans think and feel, that it is a hard subject to explain in human words, as much of it is based upon experiencing more than explaining.

Every energy, every emotion, every feeling has multiple layers; they can include every emotion, every feeling and every thought. You cannot assign a certain frequency to certain emotions as they are all present within all human frequencies, feelings and emotions.

The human consciousness runs through several layers of your being, not just the human layer, and even though those spiritual parts of you might understand feelings and emotions different than the human part, the emotions, feelings and thinking are present in some of those layers or parts of your being as well.

This means the emotion of fear, in its many facets, is present within those layers, those parts of your spiritual being as well.

The human consciousness connects in a way with the spiritual consciousness within the higher spiritual parts of your being, in this way you connect and communicate with those parts. In this way you also affect in some way those higher parts of your spiritual being. The effect will be less and less once you move deeper within or connect deeper within to the so called higher spiritual parts. Yet, the human consciousness is still present as this is what is used to experience those higher and deeper parts of your being.

This is part of the communication and connection process, as everything is translated within the human consciousness and the human mind.

You see, every part of your being is needed to connect within; you cannot just eradicate or ignore certain parts of the human to connect fully, as every part of your being is needed to bring the connection with those deeper parts into the human experience.

In many ways every emotion and feeling is needed to understand the connection within, and to connect with the many spiritual parts of your being, as you explore greater worlds beyond the human reality.

Do not be afraid of certain emotions and feeling, as they are many times guidelines for how to connect and move deeper within.

Yes, fear is present when connecting within to deeper or so called higher parts within, and they represent a world, sometimes not explored before, not known by the human, and some will have some fear, and fear is human and needed. Just as it is a guiding system for you as a human, it is a guiding system in the spiritual realms.

A healthy amount of fear or apprehension is needed to come to a full understanding of other spiritual realms.

Just like with every day human life, some experiences within those realms are not what you would expect, and life within some of those realms is in many ways similar to the earth reality.

The ones going to the realms of divine love and divine presence, realize that once you go beyond a certain point, some of you create those experiences or realities to satisfy in some way the human understanding that there are better places.

Are they real? Some are, some aren’t. In a way they are all real and not real, it all depends upon your belief systems, and what you want to experience and belief in those other realms of the spiritual world.

Always understand that you are experiencing and understanding from the human point of view and the human consciousness.

At the deepest levels of your being, these human experiences, human emotions, are not present, and what you experience there cannot be explained through human words no matter how hard you try.

It is a world of energy, a world where there is no need for explanations, as it just is what it is. Thought is something that is present within you as a human; thought is not present within the deepest or highest levels of your being.

Any experience you have on those levels is translated through the human mind into something that the human understands, or what the human understands it to be. This understanding can be different for each person. And will in fact always be different from the real experience on those levels.

Allow yourself to be human as well as a spiritual being as the combination of both is what will ascend you.

From one source to another
June 19, 2013
Petra Margolis


The Sphinx speaks, why the dark cabal is still in control and not worried about lightworkers


The Sphinx speaks, why the dark cabal is still in control and not worried about lightworkers

sphinxA subject many will have to think about as you have become the ones supposed to be creating the new world changes.

Why is the dark cabal still in control, or the ones you call the dark cabal.

Many of you have different beliefs, but none of the beliefs you have are in fact threatening to the dark cabal.

If there is one group they are not worried about it is the lightworkers community.

Why, you should ask.

Many of you have beliefs that go beyond this reality, yet many of those beliefs are about realities that are better than this one. The main belief is that it is going to be that way, this amazing reality is already here, it will just have to manifest.
Others haven’t made up their mind and do not know who are the good or bad ones, they belief that the higher ups everywhere will be forced by the good ones to start doing the right thing.
Even though they have not seen any proof, except for a handful of people giving them messages about what is happening behind the scene, none of it provable, none of it has manifested, for years they have been waiting. Yes, waiting for years and each time they are told something is going to happen they perk up and wait, get their hopes up.
Yet, each time they are disillusioned by nothing happening and a world that only seems to get worse.

The perfect group for the dark cabal, the ones that belief and wait.

We have some other groups amongst lightworkers, the ones that are the love and light filled ones, they seem to flock to the messages about love and light.
As a light worker the common knowledge is that you are love and light, yet, it seems you need a reminder of this each day, great if it is several times a day. A message from someone out there, telling you how much great work you have done, how much more love you have become, how much more light you have become, and yes, you are changing your reality.

Many of these group are not even aware of the reality outside of them, they like to focus on their own light worker community/group, or just their own inner reality.

They love the reminders they get everyday, about how to be love, how to express love and light, and just remember themselves they are love and light and all will be well in the world.

This group is mostly unaware of much of the world around them as many say they cannot watch TV, see the news, as it interferes with their energy, their state of mind.

Yet another group the cabal doesn’t need to worry about, as this group is so usurped with their own love and light, they are no threat to anyone.

The next group is the one that is convinced that the galactics are going to save them, they are flocking to the messages about how the galactics are coming and save them, all will be well, once it is announced there are aliens out there, beings that can help.
This group knows there are aliens upon earth, working with them to make this happen.
This group is also a bit more outward towards non-believers and they try to convince, or at least explain to many non-believers that there is hope, somewhere out there though, the hope has not arrived on earth yet. But they are coming, you should believe them.
Yet, another group the dark cabal doesn’t worry about as this group is waiting for some galactics/aliens to show up and save them. Another groups that beliefs and waits.

Then we have the groups walking the earth, providing clearings, going to special sites, clearing special sites from all the dark energies, interference energies, activating these sites again. Year after year they have done this, the sites become more active, yes they do. But what do we see in the world around them, is there really something happening in the world that can be assigned to these sites becoming more active?

What history should tell you is that sacred places can be used for good or bad, opening up sacred places doesn’t mean they can only be used by the so called good people, the so called bad people can use these energies as well.

This has been one of the many reasons these sacred places have become inactive.
The other thing you have to ask yourself is, has it changed anything upon earth.
What do you see happening all around you?

New groups are starting up everyday, groups that fight against certain governments, control governments, yet once the new government gets into place all they have achieved is more control in many ways.

Each day more freedom is lost in almost every country, each day more people are getting upset, yet the control system is setup in a way that being upset makes them choose in such a way that they think more freedom will come, yet more freedom will be taken away.

What to do as lightworkers but to shut your eyes most times, or belief in a divine creator, a divine being that is in charge, or belief that you are the creator. Dabbling around in realities not manifested upon earth, places where you can feel you are the creator, you are divine, you are pure love, you are all one etc..

You see the control system has been setup in a way that control is all around you in ways you cannot imagine.

You are being controlled from the bottom up and the top down.

The one most powerful group that could actually be of danger to the dark cabal is too busy with either their own illusionary reality, or they are waiting for the good aliens/galactics, or they are dabbling in realities that are in no way applying to what is happening on earth, or just too much in love with themselves that they cannot see truth for fiction anyway.

Yes, we might have missed some groups that fall in between the ones we have mentioned.

But think of this, you are a light worker, you are all convinced that you are love, divine, all one.
Yet, each day you want to see a reminder of this, that one message that tells you, be the love now, you are so much love, you are deeply loved, you are divine.

What is it in you that needs this confirmation each day, what is it in you that feels it needs this confirmation each day.

Then the ones waiting each day for a message from the galactics on how they are progressing on convincing the governments to give up control. They are getting closer each day, they have been getting closer each day for some years now. Each time they give you something to hope for, something to hold on to.

Nothing has really happened, but you still hope.

Like the ones saying, I don’t know if it is true, but I hope it is.

Waiting each day for that little bit of either confirmation that you are this divine, loving creator being, or waiting each day for the hope that they give you to keep on going.

Now we would like to mention that there is nothing wrong with exploring different realities, but the exploration is and has to be about finding more truth, not about finding you more in love with yourself and these realities. It is about applying what you find within those realities to what is happening on and within the earth reality right now.

Finding what can really change this reality, and yet not many have found ways to do this, but they have found small ways to apply this to their own reality. Resulting mostly in shutting their eyes from the real outside world and focusing on their own view of what they would like to see as their perfect reality for them.

It seems many of you are waiting for a step by step process that you can follow to change the earth reality. Do you not realize that we are here to only assist you in finding that step by step process?

How can you be a creator if you are told what and how to create?

How can you express yourself, your real self, if we tell you how to and what you should express?

You have to come to a realization that what you have been doing so far is not working, it might be working for your own inner reality, but there is no real change in the outer reality.

But you keep on waiting for assistance, help, no matter if you belief the galactic are coming to save you or that some other beings are going to tell you what to do now. And of course the group that sees it all manifested already, they are waiting for that reality to manifest.

You are all waiting. No matter which group you fall in.

In the meantime, you do some work on yourself, some inner work, but in fact you are waiting.

You explore, yet the exploration is slow, sometimes you have a break through, but what does it all mean, how can you apply it to being a creator on earth.

Many will answer that you do this by expressing what you are already in spirit, yet is that creation, or just self-expression and is it making a real change?

We have said so much in all our previous messages, the guidance on how to make real change happen, how to become the change, how to become the creators.

In a way, we have been doing this through all our messages, we can only guide as where to find your answers. What would an answer be if it would not come from within you?

It would be just another control system if we would tell you how to act, what to do.

You have to find your own way of creating, but you also have to see where you are not creating anything but a facsimile of what can be done.

The truth has always been hidden within you, but if you let yourself be distracted by all that we have talked about in this message, the answers will never be found.

Think of it this way, if you were your full source being expressing through the human, would you be walking around saying “ I am divine, I am love, I am oneness”.

No, you would not express this in anyway, you would be walking around doing what needs to be done as a creator being, not interfered by what is love, what is divine, what is oneness.

Many would not even know you are expressing your source being, or know you are a source being, as this is not the nature of your source being.

It is not here to tell everyone how divine and loving it is.

It is here to make changes, not to be on the forefront, but to stay hidden in the back and do what is needed.

Your source being is not looking for confirmation of how loving and divine it is, it already knows it is everything and doesn’t divide itself in how much love, how much divine it is.

From one source to another
June 15, 2013
Petra Margolis