The LIE We Live In!

This video defines and resumes everything we have failed to do as a society.

It is a wakeup call



Seeking Calm in the Middle of Chaos


“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – The version of the Serenity Prayer adopted by Alcoholics Anonymous.

“Do. Or do not do. There is no try.” – Yoda

A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth, both for those who wish it to be the truth because it fits their (programmed) mindset, and those who practice what I describe as ‘garbage in, garbage out’ non critical thinking. Setting aside the desire to expand upon the definition of ‘truth’, if the purpose of the lie (and the intent of the liar) is to shape reality via propaganda dissemination (basically to gain advantage) might not the lie also be directed towards those who know it to be a lie?

As silly as that statement may appear on the surface, it is reasonable to inquire exactly how a known or suspected lie may significantly shape the reality of those who at a minimum may not know the truth, but can smell a lie a mile away. The answer comes by way of how we react to the lie and not the lie itself.

If we are consumed by the lie, either by accepting it as ‘truth’ or by obsessively and forcibly exposing it, particularly to those who could care less or to those who are of like mind who need external affirmation of their alternative reality, we are effectively disempowered by the very lie we reject.

Most assume a lie is used primarily to hide the truth. And for this purpose it is most effective, particularly when it fits neatly within the overall controlling narrative. But the lie is also purposefully directed towards those who know a lie when they hear one. For among many of the disaffected and disillusioned, once the lie is materialized, great energy and time is expended towards discerning and understanding the lie as well as the hidden ‘truth’.

Thus, as is often the case within those who consider themselves awake and aware, space in our minds (and therefore our inner spirit and essence) is rented free of charge to those who promote the lie if we do not seek calm amongst the chaos and banish the obsessive need to denounce the lie and know the truth. There are two types of slaves in the world; those who are forced to succumb and those who willingly do so.

The unspoken and ignored ‘truth’ within the alternative community is simply that far too many so-called aware individuals are switching one addiction for another rather than addressing our core dependency, the need to control what is ultimately uncontrollable. The obsessive need to expose, then reject, the controlling external reality smothers all other more healthy and productive endeavors, rapidly becoming a debilitating time, mind and spirit sink.

calm in the chaos

This phenomenon often expresses as emotional fatigue or a sense of impending doom. When experiencing first light, that moment when we first begin to truly see beyond the facade, most become frightened and genuinely fear for their personal safety. The ‘solution’ many attempt to employ is either to pull back by swallowing the blue pill, or to dive straight down the rabbit hole in an obsessive search for truth and meaning.

Inevitably many reach a point where they begin to fully embody one overriding ‘truth’; the illusion is deeper and darker than even they feared and most of those whom they interact with on a daily basis have no wish to abandon their own naval gazing. This then often leads to depression and fatigue, with many declaring either ‘screw it, let it burn’ or ‘what’s the use’. Soon after, the mind enters a self affirming closed loop of negative thought and belief, thereby crushing our inner source of energy and creativity.

The Empire is not a ‘thing’ per se, but rather a widely shared belief in an explicit ‘reality’. This belief in turn shapes specific human behavior which reinforces, and builds upon, the belief. America is an Empire because people believe America is an Empire, thereby empowering America to be an ‘Empire’. Lately people have begun to question certain aspects of America as an Empire, thereby slowly disempowering America as an Empire. Just as ‘money’ is a widely shared concept, so is Empire.

This illusory Empire ‘defeats’ us by convincing us to lay down, and then turn over, the only effective weapon we posses, our immaculate and all powerful inner spiritual essence which is the food and energy source for those who wish to control our mind and body. The present day socioeconomic control system is powered by our relinquished personal sovereignty. We willingly concede our power to those who then use it against us. We concede our sanity to the insane and become insane ourselves.

There is a path back from the dark reaches, but one which can only be trespassed via conscious decision and deliberate action. One must reach for conscious calm within our self imposed chaos. We have not been defeated; rather we have defeated ourselves. By acknowledging and accepting this terrible truth we unlock the chains we have bound ourselves with and energize the way forward. In defeat we achieve victory, but only if we desire to embody the personal responsibility of walking into the pain rather than away. No one can fix me other than my ‘self’.

The first step is to seek inner calm in the midst of the chaos.

Calm is not the absence of chaos, but rather a deliberate conscious state of mind, body and spirit which exists wherever, and whenever, we wish it to exist. If we were to define calm as solely the absence of chaos, we would be conceding our power to create reality to those who wish to control our own. All they need do is to create chaos and our calm quickly vanishes, a wonderfully effective mind control tactic.

Healing, nourishing calm must first be recognized as desirable, and then deliberately and consciously created through directed effort and energy. It is most certainly not created via the absence of one thing or another. Calm is sought after, beloved, respected and revered, a tool used to further the inner exploration instead of an unquantifiable and nebulous absence within the growing storm.

Recognizing this fundamental self ‘truth’ empowers our spiritual and physical being in ways far beyond our present knowledge and understanding, for it energizes our inner knowledge and power. We do not know what we do not know unless we become willing to discard our ignorance and explore the one thing that frightens us the most……ourselves.

Go ahead and take a chance to live life to the fullest. Seek out calm with complete abandon and unbridled passion. Clear out a space within the chaos for the inner healing calm.


Malaysia … of truth, lies, crimes and punishment.

the truth

In the courts of Law, a person giving a testimony will have to undergo an oath taking ritual and made to utter – “I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God”

Upholding the Truth seems important and withholding it is perjurious and in Malaysia one could be charged under the Malaysian Penal Code

Outside the courts however, the Truth is not as popular and telling it is virtually an act of crime.

Lies and deceits abound especially so within the govern-ment, revealing or telling the truth is not encouraged, in fact forbidden and anyone who chooses to do so could end up in trouble with the authorities.

It is very very clear that the Truth is heavily discouraged for everyone to engage in as can be seen through the numerous enactments by the govern-ment:

The Sedition Act, Official Secrets Act, POTA, COTA , etc., etc…

Here comes the corny part. When a person is dragged into a court under these Acts for revealing the Truth, what does he do? He is now in the territory where the Truth is to be upheld…and he was charged for doing just that?

“When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent” –  Isaac Asmiov

Malaysian police looking for those behind leaked documents

Malaysian police said on Monday a special task force set up to probe reported transfers involving a state investment fund to Prime Minister Najib Razak is now itself under investigation to see if its members leaked classified information.

The Wall Street Journal reported on July 3 that investigators had discovered nearly $700 million had moved through government agencies, banks and companies linked to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) before ending up in Najib’s personal accounts.

The report created a storm of controversy in Malaysia with the prime minister dismissing the WSJ report as “political sabotage” and threatening possible legal action, while 1MDB denied any wrongdoing, saying it had not transferred any funds to the premier.

Police chief Khalid Abu Bakar in a statement released Monday said that after the publication of the report, on July 8, the Attorney-General instructed the police to launch an investigation into “the criminal act of leaking classified documents to foreign nationals.”

Read more…

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell


Alfred Webre with Lisa Harrison Nov 24-2014



Published on 25 Nov 2014

Alfred Webre joins Lisa Harrison to discuss the evidence of the positive timeline we are now on and his latest book ‘Omniverse’…

Alfred Webre: Positive Timeline, BRICS, Money, Putin & the Omniverse – TRUTH
By Alfred Lambremont Webre







Nothing matters

…if There is no truth...then Nothing Matters!

Blossom Goodchild and The Federation of Light – October 12, 2014


Hello dear friends. Well, last week’s channelling certainly caused a stir! I have tried to get my head around the ‘Nothing matters’ issue. Yet, I have to be honest … I don’t quite ‘Get it.’ I have received varied emails … some ‘Get it’ completely and have felt they knew this all along. Whereas, others, like myself, simply cannot grasp it fully. Can we continue on with this theme? Many of us need clarification. Thank you.

Dearest Blossom and all who take part in these conversations … We join you in LOVE … for we CHOOSE to assist you in your Awakening. Each corner of your heart is being activated with each new concept we put forth. As you digest and rearrange thoughts, you allow that which you KNOW to be YOUR TRUTH to emerge.

We are aware that the opportunity to stretch the imagination may have caused conflict within the self. You ask HOW ‘nothing matters’ … when all around you are moments that definitely seem to matter! Yet … in the Grander picture … in the big scheme of things … they do not.

Why don’t they? It matters to us down on Earth how things are going and how people are acting out their play?


Because, we want to live in a world full of Love and Light … and right now there is a lot about it … that simply isn’t!

That is what you desire … correct?

Yes … So it matters to me.

IT matters to you …. Because you are assessing things from your view point.

Correct. So my view point matters to me. My view point is SOMETHING that matters TO ME. It is not ‘Nothing’ that matters to me.

Take a deep breath.

This entire source of Life … that which comes from the Highest … is LOVE.


This LOVE has CHOSEN to express itself THROUGH ALL THINGS … IN ALL WAYS … in order to KNOW itself.

It cannot KNOW itself in fullness … until every single possibility has played itself out … THROUGH LOVE.



Therefore, it matters not WHAT is played out … it has to be played out … in order for LOVE to be complete.

‘Does it matter’ … whether or not LOVE is complete?

It is not a question of it mattering … for it simply IS this way.

A few wrote in, simply not being able to understand that it does not matter about war, and how one treats another. I mean, how can the way one treats another … how can the fact that so many suffer through the hands of another’s choices … not matter?

Because … it is part of The Game.

It’s not a very pleasant one then!

Is it not? Are not your choices Blossom … THROUGH LOVE … allowing you to experience a pleasant side of ‘The Game’?

Yes … yet, I am not talking about me … I am talking about those who choose to destroy … and those who supposedly ‘choose’ to be the victims. The way one behaves towards another … how can this NOT MATTER?

Let us try and put this into a perspective in which you can see Light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m looking!  I’m looking!

As we spoke of …

All things came from LOVE …

All things are of LOVE …

All things shall return to the HIGHEST LOVE from which they derived.


That which is acted out … and upon … through thought … is simply an expression of self-awareness for each individual. They are in a game … whilst in the dimension of Earth reality.

Let’s talk about ‘The Game’ then. I have heard this mentioned many times … That we are in a game.

Perhaps express it differently?  You are in a game … yet, you are also PLAYING The Game. YOU make the moves … YOU move up the board.

When you play a game … perhaps of chess … a move that one may make … with a strategy in mind … depicts how one continues on for the rest of that game. If one plays a move that does not serve … IT DOES NOT MATTER … it simply means that one has to ‘find their way out of it’ in order to complete The Game.

The moves you make determine whether you win or lose …THAT particular game …



Yet, are we not all trying to return to THE HIGHEST PUREST LOVE THAT WE ARE? Doesn’t it matter that we FEEL we are doing the right thing to ‘get home’?

No. It doesn’t matter.

Yet, it does matter … TO ME. It matters to me how I behave and how I choose to ‘get there’. If nothing matters … why are you choosing to assist us with your messages? I mean … if nothing matters … why bother? I’m not having a go at you here … I’m just trying to ‘Get It’. You ‘Get that’ right?


Here is a key note …


Do you see the difference? That which you CHOOSE to do … makes all the difference as to how you FEEL and yet …


Yet, for each individual … being part of The Whole … the choices One makes can allow One to FEEL wonderful or to FEEL miserable … A choice. Yet, either choice …. DOESN’T MATTER … because whatever way one CHOOSES to FEEL … is part of the experience of LOVE /LIFE.

I have to persevere here … if I may?

By all means.

These choices we make … how can you say, for instance … that one soul killing another … or torturing another … doesn’t matter?

Because it is part of The Game. A game that you all agreed to take part in.

It has been said that this game is all an illusion … and not reality at all. I can’t get my head around that either, just quietly!

Because you are IN The Game. When you are out of The Game … you ‘see it’ for what it TRULY is.



Anyone got a parachute? … I’m outta here! … Then why does it FEEL so real?

Because it is a GAME OF EXPERIENCE.

How could it be played, if it did not FEEL real? How could you experience, if it did not FEEL real?

So, are my FEELINGS real?

To you at this time … in this illusion. Let us speak more of this.

Please, be my guest!

 Look up the word ‘Illusion’ if you would.

‘An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. Though illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people.’


So, are you saying that although it FEELS real to us … … Because it is an illusion … our FEELINGS are distorted from our TRUE reality … whatever that may be … if there is no one Truth!!! Anyone got a spade so I can dig myself in deeper … or indeed out?

Yes we are! You say that it is different for us, in the realms we reside … and we do not understand how it is to be living in your dimension. In many ways, this is correct. Our FEELINGS are real … for we are not in The Game.

Your FEELONGS are as REAL as you are able to perceive them … within this ‘illusional reality.

So … do you go by ‘nothing matters’ in YOUR reality?


LOVE matters … TO ME … LOVE matters.


That matters!

How can we help you to ‘Get it’?

Keep trying! I just don’t ‘Get it’… that LOVE doesn’t matter.

Yet, EVERYTHING … as we said … IS LOVE … How IT chooses to act out … in all ITS different scenarios, does not take away the fact that it is STILL LOVE.

Yet … if nothing matters … one could say … I can do anything I like …  kill … maim … rape … and it simply doesn’t matter … IT DOES!

To YOU in YOUR reality.

Does it not matter to YOU that people do this then?

Not when you can see the WHOLE PICTURE … which you are unable to do!


Yes, I get that bit …

Therefore … in ALL its forms … it is BEING ITSELF.

EVERYTHING IS LOVE … and it MATTERS NOT how it chooses to appear … because IT IS ALL LOVE.

Now then … here’s the clincher … Doesn’t LOVE matter then?


That is the only answer we can offer you to that question.

Well, I don’t know if we have actually progressed here … I’ll absorb today’s information and see where it leads me. Mind you … it doesn’t really matter!!

Thanks Guys for ‘trying’ …. I’ll get there. Some already have … I never was at the top of the class!

That doesn’t matter.

Further down the rabbit hole we go! In Love and thanks. Until next time …

Always, we are in Love with you.

Later that day, I found myself in a particularly bad mood … A rarity for me … and I didn’t like it! Not really succeeding in trying to calm my thoughts, I said in my head ‘Being in this bad mood DOES MATTER … TO ME’ … and the immediate reply/thought was,  ‘Because you are CHOOSING to let it matter!’.
The penny dropped for me! Well , maybe a halfpenny! So I said … ‘I CHOOSE to not let this matter’ … and all I can say is … that a wave of Love came over me … and I ‘Got it’. Well, that bit!
I realized that by CHOOSING to let go and really accepting it ‘didn’t matter’ that I was in a bad mood … I got out of the way … and … how do I put this?… It allowed for LOVE to take over. That’s the only way I can describe it. So, I then applied that, to thinking about war and hunger etc … said the same thing to myself … ‘I CHOOSE not to let it matter’ … and had the SAME FEELING of LOVE … TAKING OVER … this time, on a global scale. In that moment … I GOT IT. Not sure I still have it … yet, thought I’d share, in the TRUSTING it may assist those who are on the same page as me … to GET IT.




There is no truth

Blossom Goodchild and The Federation of Light – October 5, 2014


Good morning. Trusting today will bring about another wonderful message from you.

Good morning to you all also. We sincerely accept your TRUSTING and as always do our upmost to bring forth wisdom to assist … be it in small quantities or large.

May we continue on from last week? We were talking about the word ‘God’.

We Truthfully FEEL that this word has been taken from its original context and yet, each individual soul must find their own TRUTH regarding it. The fact is … it is not about ‘words’ … it is about FEELING.

As we have expressed over and over … GOD IS LOVE.

Interesting though, how different religions FEEL differently about how GOD operates!  Someone wrote in recently to ask me what I will do , when I pass over … arrive at ‘them pearly gates’ … and GOD refuses me, because I have been speaking with you … and you are not TRUTH … Like … ???? Hello …???!!! How do souls not see that ‘GOD’ is a FEELING of LOVE … all ‘we’ are doing here, is spreading the good news of LOVE. How can people possibly think that GOD would be displeased with us? Nothing within ‘your’ teachings fills me with fear … yet, those who study certain large books are telling me I am bad! They don’t seem to understand that GOD does not judge … can we speak about this kind of thing?

We would sincerely state that each soul walking their path has the FREEDOM OF CHOICE to think how they CHOOSE to think … about anything.  From our knowledge … there is no judgement, no condemnation … for how can LOVE be this way?

Yet, LOVE is in all things … You say Everything is LOVE, just on different vibrations of itself .Yet … here, we are speaking of the HIGHEST purest vibrational LOVE. I KNOW that there is no judgment, only compassion and understanding.

LOVE gave you this freedom. … To discover yourselves for yourselves. We too find it ‘odd’ that those who say they KNOW God … consider the possibility of this ‘invention’ of hell.

You think what you create. If for you, you think you deserve to go to hell … then your mind pattern can create that scenario for you. If you KNOW there is no hell … how can you go there?

Yet, I have also seen a documentary about a child who had the most wonderful experience with the man called Jesus. She came back from ‘the dead’, so to speak, to warn people what will happen if you do not KNOW God. She was shown heaven and hell. She was only 12. Her story seemed authentic (to her ) and what she experienced was way beyond her years. She was cleary shown hell. I don’t believe in hell … so was she just experiencing ‘her truth’ with Jesus?

A long pause …

The reason for the delay in reply … is trying to find words that will help you to understand.

This BEING that you are … this aspect of your soul down here on Earth, has the opportunity to discover their Truth. What may appear to suit one … does not always suit another.

The plain fact is … is that …



In that … TRUTH is different for each individual … and THAT TRUTH depicts how they CHOOSE to travel on their journey.

I know we talked long ago about TRUTH changing, and I got confused, thinking there had to be the ONE ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Yet, there is not.

Well, wouldn’t you say that LOVE IS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH?

It would depend on what vibration it is playing itself out on.

So carry on explaining if you will …

TRUTH can be interpreted into a FEELING for each One. If one’s TRUTH is different from another … does that make one wrong and one right?

Well … if one is living in harmony and sending LOVE and trying to be the best they can, and another is blowing up a shopping mall full of people … I would imagine the majority would say the one giving LOVE was right … how could blowing up people be right?

In YOUR eyes. In YOUR TRUTH. Those that blow up a shopping centre, do so, because in ‘their eyes’ this is what they believe to be the right thing to do. It is, therefore … THEIR TRUTH … at the time.

You see … LOVE cannot lie … so all things are TRUTH.

Whoa! … This is doing my head in. People lie  … People are from LOVE.

Yet, within that lie that is told, they are living their TRUTH! They are choosing to tell lies … because for them at that time … they are living their Truth.

I sort of get what you are saying … sort of … yet, maybe not!

Again … again … again … you are experiencing your thoughts and understanding … from within a confined space. You are unable to understand that which we are saying from the HIGHEST BIGGER PICTURE.

How would you feel about us saying ‘Nothing matters?’


Yet … in ALL OUR TRUTH … it doesn’t!

FAR OUT! Surely EVERYTHING matters! … How we behave … How we treat another … How can you say THIS doesn’t matter?

Because … as we told you when we first linked up with you … you are an experiment.

Many take umbrage to this. Yet I get that. In MY TRUTH, NOW!

This experiment was devised to see how an individual could conduct itself through LOVE. At the beginning of the creation of YOU, each One … those that created … did not know how this would ‘act out’ … Yet, there was to be no interference … no sudden aborting of the experiment should it go wrong.


How Earth and all its inhabitants ‘turns out’ TO BE … is how it turns out to be. Through your choices.

This may sound cold and callous … yet, it is important that you KNOW that the most important part of this experiment … this experience … is for each one to find themselves. To discover WHO THEY ARE … and …

Who they are is LOVE.

Who they are is GOD. The seed of LOVE from which you were created. That very important ingredient … is there for you to discover … to discover GOD within you.

For the KNOWING that whatever takes place on the planet … in One’s life span … over many lives … To have that KNOWING that YOU ARE GOD … is all that is necessary to KNOW … in order to find the TRUTH.

Yet … you said there is no TRUTH!

There isn’t!

Then, what in heaven’s name … to put it politely!! You are making this quite tricky to follow, my friends. Surely GOD /LOVE IS TRUTH.

Yet … there are many versions and understandings and representations of GOD/LOVE … which one is TRUTH for YOU?

One who studies the bible and says you are at fault for not doing so? … This is ‘Their TRUTH’ …

One who studies another religion … and takes away the lives of many in the understanding of THEIR TRUTH? … This is TRUTH for them.

Yet, they all KNOW for themselves that this is how ‘they’ choose to think and behave in the name of GOD/LOVE.

Yet, in the case of one believing God wants to get rid of a certain race … or that a certain religion MUST take over the world … is that GOD /LOVE?

In ‘Their’ TRUTH … Yes, it is.

What does GOD/LOVE have to say about that?

Nothing. For GOD/LOVE is an expression of ALL THAT IS.

Yet, I just cannot grasp how … for someone to do this, that it can be an ACCEPTABLE TRUTH.

For you! Earlier, you spoke of someone expressing the fact that God would not be pleased with you for spreading these messages, when they are not coming from God … You felt they judged you … and God wouldn’t judge. Yet, is this not exactly what you are doing here regarding another’s choices of GOD?

Yes, I suppose it is … although I don’t feel I judge … I just accept that I don’t understand where they are coming from … I do not FEEL that ‘GOD/LOVE will send them to a place called hell … and as you have spoken before … not one soul ‘gets away’ with an action of hate towards another … For what is given out … comes back and can be felt a thousand fold … working both ways of course in goodness and that which is of a lower giving. Can we get back to ‘nothing matters’ this intrigues me.

In the beginning there was NOTHING.


Here is the biggest question of ALL then … Gulp … so how did LOVE start?

Because … It happened.

Who created it?

Itself … from nothing. We appreciate how difficult this is … both to put across … and to accept. Yet, we shall continue …

This Entirety … this Absolutely EVERYTHING … derived from nothing.

It is LOVE …

Which happened …

Which will always happen …

Will there ever be nothing again?

No. It is infinite from the moment of its creation …

From nothing!

Therefore, it shall always continue to create …

Yet, surely it matters ‘what’ we create?

Only to the individual.

Not to The Whole?

That individual is part of The Whole.

My point exactly! So, how one behaves affects The Whole …

Indeed … Yet, it is ‘part’ of the journey OF ALL.



And in doing so … this creates the next moment of THAT WHICH IS.

It doesn’t matter what that next moment is … it doesn’t matter! It is simply life … experiencing life.

This is so confusing … because … are we not supposed to moving into a Higher Dimension Through/As/ In / Of Love? So surely our behaviour matters? … Because we cannot do that … when many are choosing hatred and war and greed!

You are putting ‘time’ into this frame of experience. We do not.

LOVE does not.


Everything you come from is Love … of the Highest Purest Vibration … You shall all find your way home. May we suggest to liken it with a little homing devise … planted within you?

You shall ALL find your way home … and setting aside ‘time’ from the equation … you are free to ‘play’ in whichever way you CHOOSE before returning there.

There is so much to think about and absorb here … I feel we should leave it for now as the hour is up. I’ll have a ponder and we’ll take it from here next week …

In OUR Truth … this is most welcome.

Funny that … it is in mine also. Thanks so much for this … it lead somewhere quite mind blowing.

As always … In LOVE and Thanks to you for your ‘time’.

As always … In LOVE and Thanks to you … for this BEING together NOW.

* The Federation Of Light speak of LOVE.




There are many a truth said in a jest (or satire)


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