Courtesy Notice

UPDATED 2/16/13: OPPT – Courtesy Notice And Instructions For Its Use

by American Kabuki

This document was created by Scott and Ken Bartle, Chris Hales with grateful assistance from Hope Girl, Lisa M Harrison and Bob Wright.  Altogether an awesome team effort!

“The tool… an energetic tool, multi-dimension…it reaches the multi-dimension area of everyone’s heart…its a practical 3D tool, and people will learn about its multi-dimensional energetic properties …everyone is already secured and registered across the planet no matter where you choose to domicil your body on the planet…your body is the “state” on the planet… a simple document which covers all the issues. Go in there and BE…refer to the OPPT filings and let their lawyers come in and rebutt with (the OPPT Trustees)….people don’t have to fight all that code and deception…
All you need to understand is that you BE.” ~ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf (On Freedom Central)
The guidelines for filing the form is below:
The actual form is below:

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