Ancestral Lineages of the Malays

Apparently, the Malai (Malay) race of the Mala Land (Malaya) is a mixed race of ancestral lineages that are linked to Turkic Israelite’s race (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘R’); Formosan (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘O’), Micronesian (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘K’) and Polynesian (Y-DNA haplogroup ‘C’’) of south- east and east Asian race.


Malay is a Race recognizable in Malayunesia (or Malay Archipelago) and found dominance in Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

Indonesian Javanese (ancestral lineage of 88.6% Formosan, 1.9% Polynesian, 1.9% Micronesian, 3.8% Turkic, Others 6.8%)

Filipino (ancestral lineage of 82.1% Formosan, 10.3% Polynesian, 2.6% Micronesian, 2.6% Turkic, Others 2.6%)

Malaysian Malay (ancestral lineage of 66.7% Formosan, 11.1% Polynesian, 11.1% Micronesian, 5.6% Turkic, 5.6% Others)

Malays find and owe their ancestral lineages to Formosan (Taiwanese Aborigines), as well as Polynesian, Micronesian and Turkic. That Melayunesia, Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia together form Austronesia that covers about half of the entire global area, sea included.

A typical Malay Race carries Formosan lineage (Y-DNA Haplogroup O) of between 66.7% (Malaysian Malay) to 88.6% (Indonesian Javanese), Polynesian lineage (Y-DNA Haplogroup C) of between 1.9% (Indonesian Javanese) to 11.1% (Malaysian Malay), Micronesian lineage (Y-DNA Haplogroup K) of between 1.9% (Indonesian Javanese) to 11.1% (Malaysian Malay), and Turkic lineage…

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