McDonalds caught funding truth jihad


Ronald expected to "come out" for 9/11 truth soon

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Treasonous deception has spread its dark shadow across the land. Some of America’s most beloved individuals and institutions have been deeply compromised.

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Our politicians and statesmen cannot be trusted.
So…who CAN we trust?

How about McDonalds, America’s iconic fast food chain?

Mac Islam

Ronald’s famous Golden Arches scream out “USA” with more worldwide recognition than any other symbol including the stars and stripes. From Akron to Albania, from Versailles to Vladivostok, from Tierra del Fuego to Timbuktu, the golden arches rise majestically, emblems of the imperial hegemony of American consumer culture and mass-produced hamburgers.So it is with a heavy heart that I report the disconcerting news: McDonalds is helping fund a radical Muslim plot to blow up America with a “truth bomb.”

I write these words from the McDonalds restaurant in Osceola, Iowa, where I am drinking their 65-cent “senior coffee” despite my tender young age of, shall we say, somewhat less than 65. A somewhat slightly little bit less, anyway.

By giving me such a cheap price on 16 ounces of their relatively drinkable cofee (relative to what’s available in nearby gas stations), and then letting me plug in my laptop and use their internet for hours on end, McDonalds is openly subsidizing my “Truth Jihad” in general – and my We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo book tour in particular.

I will be speaking this evening (Tuesday) in Kansas City’s biggest mosque. Then on Wednesday I will speak in the biggest mosque in St. Louis. I will be explaining to my fellow Muslims that January’s Charlie Hebdo PR stunt in Paris was just the latest in a series of false flag attacks perpetrated by the enemies of Islam, designed to smear Islam and trigger the mass murder of Muslims. And I will do my best to incite the Muslims of Kansas City, St. Louis, and everywhere else to rise up against the shameful Big Lie of the neocon-Zionist-fabricated “war on terror” and wage all-out truth jihad™.

And it’s all McDonalds’ fault.

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‘Bankruptcy closer every day, and you believe statistics?’


I was doing statistics…I always produced the best statistics…the ones that my bosses love to see? They loved it and I got good pay rise and rewards because of it!

This is a wise farmer…wiser than world leaders or any corporate bosses…he wouldn’t have accepted my statistics either…


John Kopiski April 16, 2015. British farmer John Kopiski, Russian citizen since 1997, during the annual Direct Line with Vladimir Putin special broadcast in the main studio of Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor exhibition hall (RIA Novosti / Alexey Druzhinin)


An expat Englishman, who runs a farm not far from Moscow, has grilled the Russian president and asked where Putin gets his statistics. The farmer said his farm and other dairy farmers were struggling to survive.

President Vladimir Putin held his 13th marathon Q&A on Thursday. More than 3 million people sent in questions, touching mainly on the economy and the situation in eastern Ukraine. Apart from questions that were sent in, Putin also answered live telephone calls, video feeds – and questions from the audience.

One such question came from an English expat John Kopiski, who owns a dairy farm in the Vladimir region not far from Moscow.

John’s tenure in Russia now stands at 23 years and counting. When he arrived in 1992 he probably had no idea of the turnaround life would present him. A coal and steel industry worker was on a business trip in Moscow when he met the love of his life, Nina. To win her heart, John moved to Russia and converted to Orthodox Christianity.

Despite the huge efforts put into the dairy farm, John Kopiski is yet to turn a major profit on his venture and this is largely due to unfavorable market conditions in the agriculture industry.

“I have 1,700 milk cows that each gives 10,000 liters of milk per year… I’m forced to sell them now because the cost price is higher than retail. I cannot expand my business because I’m not making profit after doing this for 15 years… Banks ask for 120 percent, sometimes 200 percent collateral on a loan,” Kopiski told Putin in Russian.

The farmer said he and his son would like to go on with the farm, but were fearful the business may go down the drain. He asked whether Putin thought the statistics the government used to develop its policies were accurate enough.

“I feel bankruptcy getting closer every day… You have the statistics and it might seem ok but I’m sorry to say – it is not so. Please forgive me if my question is blunt. I have five children and I love Russia. It’s their motherland and I want to ensure their future here, but it must be based on truth and facts. That’s why I’m asking: do you believe what you are shown? Or is the president being lied to because his subordinates are afraid to say the truth,” he said.

Putin, thrilled to meet a British national farming in Russia, said he trusted statistics, though figures may be questioned in any country. However, the statistics were “more right than wrong,” he said.

“Purchasing prices for milk today are lower than the prime cost, and this creates issues. This comes from statistics, by the way. I do not have grounds to mistrust it,” Putin said. “I don’t know your milk yields, but in Russia in general they are a bit low compared to other countries. The reality is clear.”

“You may think the government is not aware of what is going on – we are. Maybe, we have not taken enough measures, but we are working on that… The government decided to subsidize the farmers’ floating capital,” Putin assured Kopinski. “You said you’ve been doing this for 15 years. You should continue with what you are doing because if it didn’t work you wouldn’t have been able to keep it up for 15 years.”

He added that Belarus exports dehydrated milk to Russia and that too has the effect of lowering prices.


Mario Draghi attacked at ECB Press Conference

OMG! … This is fucking awesome let me tell you

The best thing thing that has ever happened on this planet!

HUGS & LOVE TO YOU Josephine!


Meet The Woman Who Attacked Mario Draghi: In Her Own Words

The biggest star of today’s ECB’s press conference was not Mario Draghi but 21-year-old German feminist, Josephine Witt, an ex-Femen activist who jumped on Draghi’s desk wearing an “ECB Dick-tatorship“, a slogan she repeatedly screamed as she was led away by security guards. She threw paper copies of her demands at Mr Draghi, while showering him with confetti that were created from her finely chopped up manifesto.

As Nordea analyst Heidi Schauman wryly observed after the conference: “All those expecting an uneventful ECB press conference were so wrong.”

Who is Josephine Witt and what is her message?

According to the Telegraph, “to gain access to the press conference, the ECB said Ms Witt “registered as a journalist for a news organisation she does not represent”. Ms Witt told The Telegraph that she ha d pretended to be working for Vice Media, knowing that they hire many young reporters. The central bank said that it is investigating the incident.”

Ms Witt said she would continue to engage in “hardcore activism” in response to what she believed was an “undemocratic” ECB. She added that recent protests in Frankfurt during the opening of the ECB’s new offices were a reaction to Mr Draghi’s leadership. “[He] never got a mandate, never got voted for or elected,” she said.

He imposes policies on these societies that are completely undemocratic,” she added. A friend of Ms Witt said she opposes what she describes as “European neo-liberalism”, and argued that the ECB cannot act “without a state of surveillance, of police and violence”.

The friend stated that Ms Witt wants “peace and happiness for our lives, for Greece, and for all countries around the Mediterranean sea.” Her aim is to introduce a new political order to replace the European Union, with “democracy, civil rights, solidarity, and no borders”, the friend said.

She criticized the ECB for believing itself to be “master of the universe”, warning that “you will hear our outcries louder, brighter, inside and outside your halls, everywhere, and you shall deserve no rest”. She nicknamed the letters “papillons”, in reference to the messages distributed by French resistance fighters during the Second World War. Papillon is French for butterfly.

As can be read in her manifesto (below) she said: “I do not expect this illegitimate institution to hear my voice, neither to understand my message.” Making reference to her “butterflies” she continued: “Today I’m just a butterfly sending you a sentence, but be afraid more are coming.” The activist was dragged from the ECB’s press room and taken to a police station in Frankfurt. She claims she was held for around two-and-a-half hours before being released without charge.

She extensively documented her 15 minutes of fame on Twitter, which as of this moment had a total of only 33 tweets, the first of which is from February 25. The majority detail her intrusion into the Frankfurt bank’s inner sanctum as follows:

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#MH370 – Don’t stop until the plane is found – Voice370



Closure to the suffering experienced by families , relatives and friends of those onboard flight MH370 can only be achieved if the investigation team determines what happened to the flight.

KUALA LUMPUR: The MH370 Family Support Group, Voice370 has called upon several groups to support and fund the search  of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Voice 370 in a media statement on Wednesday said that the appeal was made to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), the United Nations (UN), Aviation Industry Regulators,Commercial entities in the Aviation Industry, including Boeing and Airbus Aviation Industry Organisations and the three countries involved –  Malaysia, China and Australia.

This appeal is to enable investigation team to determine what happened to the flight, and in the interest of aviation safety ,support the development of remedial measures to prevent a recurrence of another similar tragedy.

They also believe it will only then bring about a closure to the suffering experienced by families , relatives and friends of those onboard flight MH370.

Flight MH370 dropped off the radar on March 8 last year as it flew from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew on board.

The Boeing 777 aircraft has yet to be found, even after an exhaustive search in the southern Indian Ocean where it is believed to have gone down after veering off course.

On Jan 29 this year, the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation announced that the misfortune was an accident based on international aviation rules and that all 239 people on board were deemed to have lost their lives.