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Malaysia – #Bersih4 Created History

The event may have closed (peacefully), but the collective intent and powerful energy created will now take over with inertia. The critical mass was achieved and the people have done a great job indeed!



Change is inevitable.

“No force is greater than an idea whose time has come” – Victor Hugo

The Malaysian Insider

We created history, says Bersih 4 organiser


The area around Dataran Merdeka is filled with Bersih 4 participants. The rally ends officially at midnight. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Najjua Zulkefli, August 30, 2015.


The Bersih 4 rally ended at the stroke of midnight with the singing of Negaraku and chants of “Merdeka” but Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) chairman Maria Chin Abdullah hopes that the two key messages from the rally would live on and become a reality.

Maria ChinThanking the hundreds of thousands of yellow-clad rally goers, Maria praised them for their courage to be present at Dataran Merdeka.

“Today, the people of Malaysia created history and we want clean elections and a clean government.

“We hope all these will help save our economy. Today, we reiterate our demands. We not only want the prime minister to step down but we want a reformation of the institutions.

“We hope the government and the prime minister (will) listen to the voice of the people. Independence is meaningless when we have leader who says wearing Bersih T-shirts is illegal,” she said in her closing address.

Maria said there were two key messages. “I hope every Malaysian will ask their members of parliament to have a motion for a vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“The second is we want you to discuss with your MPs after Najib steps down, the reformation of the corrupt institutions. I hope when we hold Bersih 5 it will be a celebration.”

Earlier, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s second visit to the rally this afternoon buoyed the spirits of rally goers.

The former prime minister arrived about 4.30pm at Central Market in Kuala Lumpur and was immediately swarmed by rally goers. Accompanying him were his wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, and former Umno minister Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim.

Dr Mahathir said he was not there for Bersih’s demands. “I am just here (to demand) for Najib’s resignation,” he said, reiterating his calls that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should step down.

The organisers said about 300,000 people had turned up for the second day of the rally. – August 31, 2015.

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See Epic drone shots of the Bersih 4 Rally

Bersih4 Aerial shot


Malaysia – I’d be damed if I ain’t at the #Bersih4!

I made a few arrangements with some friends to go and ended going with my dear wife and her colleagues. That’s how it is and meant to be.

The irony, or rather a pleasant surprise how the whole experience turned out for me is that, I was in the beginning fully charged with energy to participate in a collective to clean the mess Malaysia is currently in…ended up in just pure joy and fun.

The husband and wife couple are my wife’s colleagues and they are simply wonderful cheery kinda apolitical people. Walking from home towards the Sogo Point which is one of the five gathering spots, the lady colleague was in such high spirit and to her its just about participating for the first time, and kept saying its all for fun. And I thought surely she could be more serious than that, and when we arrived at the gathering the huge YELLOW cladded crowd was already there and suddenly I started to feel the ‘fun’


The energy there was so great and ecstatic. The seriousness and the so called cause of the event disappeared in me, and I was simply amazed looking at everyone. I see my fellow humans and everyone is greeting each other, talking to one another, touching and laughing! Wow it gave me goosebumps and I felt my vibrations rose and felt so so glad to be amongst people.

Bersih 4

Yes there is a cause in Bersih 4, yes people are gathering on pretty serious national issues and yes it is the prime objective of this event.

Bersih 4 Rally

The gathering is a great success and victory for the people. The objective is met.

And I gained much more than that, I get to be with people. I feel in touch with fellow beings!

I feel great, recharged and energized!

The event is still on while I’m writing this, and I will drop in again a bit later to see the closing…I’d be damned if I were to miss it!

More news and images of Bersih 4 :-

Bersih4 aerial view

Mahathir LRT











Malaysia – #Bersih4 with Obama


Dr M, Siti Hasmah attend Bersih rally

Mahathir at Bersih4 Rally

KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali joined the participants at Bersih 4 at Dataran Merdeka.

 The former prime minister and his wife made the surprise arrival at Dataran Merdeka at about 7.30pm and were greeted by hundreds of the protesters.

The couple arrived here from Johor where Dr Mahathir attended a dialogue.

More to come

The Star OnLine


For whatever its worth…whatever it means…

Its time O becomes useful sometimes….somewhere

As far as Malaysians are concerned TODAY is D-Day, August 29 – 30, 2015

Obama Bersih 4

Today Malaysians vote on the streets!


“No force is greater than an idea whose time has come” – Victor Hugo


Stop thinking Malaysians are stupid, Dr Mahathir tells Najib


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said in a blog post that nobody believes the huge sum in Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s private accounts was a donation. – The Malaysian Insider pic, August 26, 2015.


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak should stop trying to convince Malaysians that the RM2.6 billion he received in his private accounts was a donation as no one could believe it, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today.

In his latest salvo against Najib today, the retired statesman also said the prime minister should stop thinking that Malaysians were stupid to buy the excuses.

“No one believes or can believe such a huge sum of money can be donated by anyone to Dato’ Sri Najib or to anyone for whatever reason,” Dr Mahathir said in a blog post today.

“Stop thinking that Malaysians are stupid.” Read more


“The Banksters Did It”: The Central Banks Have Engineered This Financial Collapse

Global Research


moneyGood news, everybody! The markets are rebounding! Yes, we just a hit a minor bump in the road there, but don’t worry, everything is back to normal now. Let’s forget about the tail end of last week and this week’s Black Monday, shall we? Pay no mind to the uncomfortable low lights of the global stock rout:

Nope, nothing to see here. And now that this dead cat bounce is underway, surely there will be no more commodity deflation or global economic slowdown or worldwide currency war orhistorically unprecedented bond bubbles to worry about, right?

dead cat bounceOK, enough sarcasm. Readers of this column will know by now that the phony baloney stock markets, manipulated as they are from top to bottom and juiced as they are on the Fed’s QE heroin, are no longer reflective of economic reality. The only question is how far this particular dead cat market will bounce, and whether it will be helped along with more heroin from the Fed.

But there is already one vitally important take away from these events that the independent media must articulate now, before it’s too late. Namely: This crisis was engineered by the central banks. It is their fault.

Let me repeat that again in case you missed it: This crisis was engineered by the central banks.

This point is not even controversial. It has been the universal consensus of institutions ranging from the Bank for International Settlements to the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, and from OECD officials toformer Fed Governors and even Alan “Bubbles” Greenspan himself.

In fact, analyst after analyst and pundit after pundit–including the most mainstream of mainstream publications–have been sounding the alarm on the stock market bubble for much of the past year.

This tells us two things: the current market mayhem was perfectly predictable (and predicted), and the central banks not only stayed the course but actually doubled down with more and more QE injections.

It is the central banks that have created this mess, and what’s more they have created this mess in the full knowledge that their actions would lead to disaster. And now, one can be sure, the same central bankers and their political puppet mouthpieces will use this crisis to continue the construction of the “New World Order” that they called for in the wake of the 2008 collapse.

Anyone who can’t see the endgame now–global government by the bankers, of the bankers and for the bankers–is either blind or wilfully ignorant.

It is especially important to state these obvious truths now, because we can already see a false narrative underway. This narrative has two main thrusts: one is to paint China as the culprit for the global downturn and the other is to assume that only central banks can save the day (with even greater liquidity injections and even deeper rate cuts).

The China-as-economic-villain narrative ranges from the subdued (“China’s ‘Black Monday’ sends markets reeling across the globe“) to the blatant (“Chinese Economy Causes Markets to Fall“) to the silly (“Don Yuan Causes Heartbreak“), but they all convey the same message: China has brought this on the world all by itself. It’s not that China is reacting to a global monetary environment created by the Fed and fostered by other central banks, or a global economic slowdown that is biting into a heavily export-driven economy, or the conflicting pressures on the country as it tries to navigate its way toward global reserve currency status. Nope, it’s just a bull in a china shop (or is that a China in a bull market?) knocking things over and causing mayhem (Trump was right!).

Time MagazineThe only-central-banks-can-save-us narrative is even more infantile, but also more dangerous. We are told that the crash came because China’s central bank failed to act. We are told that it’s now up to Turkey’s central bank to bolster the flagging lira. We are told that the Lehman collapse occurred because of too little central bank intervention. We are told that only the European Central Bank is capable of “riding to the rescue” and preventing a market rout.

In other words the very same institutions that engineered this crisis are the only ones that can save us.

It is the height of insanity that anyone would believe this nonsense, but then again the world fell for it after Lehman, and they’re likely to fall for it again. Unless we spread the word.

The banksters did it. And unless we derail their agenda, they’re going to do it again.


WHOA! British Official Warning Public: Stock up on food, water, canned goods & cash – enough to survive 1 month – Banks may CLOSE(Stock meltdown)

Investment Watch


The “Independent” Newspaper in London has published a stunning story today that an aid to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown is warning the public to:
1) Have cash money in your possession as banks may close and credit cards may not work

2) Have plenty of canned Goods and water to survive ONE MONTH in your house.

3) Agree with your family on a meeting place in case communications go down and you have to leave ! ! ! !


Folks here in the USA should take this advice RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait. If you wait and other folks don’t, they will strip the stores bare before you ever get there.

It’s not just him saying it though:

The former special adviser added that financial levers, such as cutting interest rates and Quantitative Easing (QE), which the Government was able to use in 2008, are no longer available – a view that has been echoed by other market critics.

Alistair George, chief strategist at Edison Investment Research, said: “By keeping rates so low policymakers took the risk that they would face a crisis without having room to cut rates, and their bluff has been called as markets demand yet another round of QE. This is unfortunately where the world has got to by keeping ultra-loose monetary policy in place for far too long after the crisis of 2008, in our view.”

Alongside fears of a slowdown in Chinese growth and demand, investors are also spooked by fears over elections in Europe’s debt-laden countries Greece, Spain and Portugal.


Global Crash: What They’re NOT Telling You

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2015 September Emergency Prep Review

“A heart well prepared for adversity in bad times hopes, and in good times fears for a change in fortune.” – Horace

Ronmamita's Blog

Emergency Preparedness Checklist
No fear.
Be prepared, as in forecasting the approaching Hurricane storm or volcano eruption or martial law.

“Fortune favors the preparedmind.” – Louis Pasteur

None of these steps will have long-term consequences if a devastating calamity doesn’t occur.
I imagine our survival and not a doom scenario.
However, preparations and a clear thought of where your immediate assets, supplies and exits are, in case of power grid failure, flooding, atmosphere contamination, bank closures (All digital money stops), and traffic congestion could make the difference to you and your family’s survival in the event of a major emergency.

“No-one saw this coming.”


Every community and family need to have a emergency/crisis discussion and plan.
In a scenario where the power grid fails, power at home is an issue easily addressed with batteries, candles, backup generators, and more. Obviously internet access could be disrupted, thus radio and shortwave access…

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