The Malevolent Trade Pacts (of Death)

What’s more delightful and heartening about this report is that it comes from non other than the cabal owned propaganda machine the Financial Times. The winds of change are blowing hard that even the MSMs are finding it difficult to keep their silence on the deadly agendas of their masters. Though this is specifically TTIP but it transposes the other pacts TPP and TISA just as well…and perfectly.



The transatlantic trade pact that risks more harm than good

As real incomes stagnate voters have concluded that economic gains benefit everyone but them


The British electorate rebelled against membership of the EU. The Italians may rebel against constitutional reforms in a referendum in November. The Germans, French, Austrians and Belgians, among others, are rebelling against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, otherwise known as TTIP.

President François Hollande of France said last week that he no longer sees an agreement on TTIP in time for ratification before President Barack Obama leaves the White House in January. Since neither of the candidates to succeed him — Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump — supports TTIP, there is a strong probability that it will fail…

TTIP is not a classic free trade agreement. It is largely about investment and the reduction of regulatory barriers. As such it is similar to the single European market though not nearly as comprehensive. It also constitutes an intrusion into national sovereignty over economic policy. While UK voters rebelled against the single European market, continental voters reject the single transatlantic market. This is no coincidence.

Proponents of TTIP are making the same mistake as the Remain supporters did ahead of the UK referendum on EU membership in June. They are exaggerating the economic impact of their case and running the equivalent of a Project Fear campaign. The Austrian government’s growing rejection of TTIP and a similar EU-Canada trade deal drew an angry response from Elmar Brok, head of the foreign affairs committee of the European Parliament and member of Ms Merkel’s Christian Democrats. Mr Brok attacked Christian Kern, Austria’s chancellor, as irresponsible and said his actions were not compatible with “serious politics”. A transatlantic free trade deal would, he says, bring economic advantages to Austria and Germany…

A more convincing argument is the one used by Mr Kern who says that TTIP would strengthen the power of multinational companies at the expense of elected politicians…

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