The Directors of ExopoliticsTV met on Friday Dec. 19, 2014 and for the following reasons have decided to take all ExopoliticsTV interviews with Kevin Annett, sole spokesperson for ITCCS, offline until further notice.


  1. Kevin Annett has refused to make available George Dufort, the ITCCS personnel in charge of ITCCS available for interview to corroborate the statements made by Kevin Annett in interviews with ExopoliticsTV since Sept 14, 2011.  Because of the statement of ExopoliticsTV, Alfred Lambremont Webre [See below], there is probable cause to believe that fraudulent statements by Kevin Annett may appear throughout each of these interviews.  ExopoliticsTV does not have the resources to edit each video for possible such statements at this time.
  2. ExopoliticsTV does not wish to be responsible morally, ethically or financially for broadcasting false and misleading information about the topics that Kevin Annett is addressing in his interviews.
  3. Public Health & Welfare – The issues addressed in Kevin Annett’s interviews are paramount to public health and welfare, especially of children and our institutions.  AS soon as independent, corroborative evidence comes forward on the issues Kevin Annett has addressed, ExopoliticsTV will broadcast that evidence.

Vancouver, BC Dec. 19, 2014

Geri DeStefano-Webre, PhD

Alfred Lambremont Webre, Med, JD




I interviewed Kevin Annett as sole ITCCS spokesman for 3 years and I took on faith many statements he made because of my 10 year relationship with him at Vancouver Coop Radio.

On Oct. 28, 2014, a woman friend of mine came to me with a report that Annett had been simultaneously romancing and proposing marriage to several women in different parts of the planet. I had also noticed that young beautiful women would be appointed administrators by Annett of the ITCCS Facebook group [which I had founded] who then would become traveling companions to Annett across Canada and to Europe.

My friend told me that Annett was engaging in unethical interpersonal relationships with multiple women. By coincidence Annett was scheduled for an ExopoliticsTV interview in early Nov 2014 and I confronted him with what I had been told. Annett lied to me face to face as an ExopoliticsTV interviewer and Producer, saying he hardly knew my friend whereas they had been going out for 2 years. Annett then accused my friend, who runs a spiritual center, of being a government agent. At that moment as a broadcaster  I lost trust in Kevin Annett as I sensed he was deliberately lying for deceptive media purposes.
Within the past two weeks investigator Heather Martin published interviews with two women whom Annett was simultaneously romancing at the same time he was my friend and living a jet set international life style on proceeds he had obtained through breach of trust with yet another female ITCCS supporter who gave him a total of $150,000 for ITCCS that was misapplied to his personal lifestyle.

I decided that as a matter of due diligence I should request an independent interview with George Dufort who Annett indicated had functioned as a coordinator of ITCCS Brussels. Over the past several months I had received emails purportedly written by George Dufort. I also knew that some researchers had concluded that George Dufort, like Jeremiah Jourdain, were fictitious persons Annett had made up in an effort to make his organization real.
Upon my request of an interview with George Dufort, Annett escalated into a public hostile response indicating that I would be the target of a Tribunal and Grand Jury starting in January in Vancouver.

Hence I issued a Protective Order to protect my home and the 10 people in it including elementary and secondary aged students from being threatened by the Grand Jury and Republic of Kanata gang, mandating no contact and prohibiting them from coming within 100 meters of my house.

ExopoliticsTV has now developed and will be publishing evidence that Annett manipulated $150,000 from one such woman to support his lifestyle in the ITCCS, constituting fraud and breach of trust. has yet to receive verification that ITCCS Brussels personnel or the court exist. Moreover we have receive preliminary information impeaching one of Annett’s principal European witnesses.

In the course of following through on due diligence we have been attacked and distorted by Annett and followers.

Our articles exposing Annett’s breach of trust, compulsive lying, financial fraud, and shady involvement in child trafficking issues will be appearing in the coming weeks and months

Our working hypothesis is that one of the functions of ITCCS is to displace and discredit any genuine citizen offered in this field.

Alfred Lambremont Webre,

Dec. 19, 2014





  1. Many of the “awake” are still trusting that high profile people talking in opposition to the institutional establishment could not be wolves disguised as sheep, or they could not possibly be covert agents; yes, “under cover”!

    More importantly, more so now than ever, is that we emphasize the skill to remain intentionally focused on disclosing the facts to assist in creatively freeing the People on Earth and exercising personal sovereignty.
    In this light, prominent people like Annett, and Heather does not derail the grassroots movements and spontaneous self organizing communities.
    We are exposing them with their dark secrets that maintain control and simultaneously we are creatively implementing alternatives that removes our support of their dark destructive policies.

    There are good people who have donated money and have been harmed by the deceptions, and it is these people who need to hear our emphasis on remaining focused on truth, and creatively exercising personal sovereignty. Common Law courts, Peoples’ Grand Juries, Aware/social Media, Community Farms, Complementary Currencies, Free/Open source, P2P Networks, and so much more are our efforts to exercise personal sovereignty and create global prosperity.

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